Voxel Turf is a block based urban sandbox. Build cities, blow up buildings, complete missions or fight for territory. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice!
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Sep 13, 2017

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April 13

Patch 1.5.3 News: Military Base Update! Achievements! Custom Roads! MP Server Reset and More!

1.5.3 Update
Hotfix 1.5.3 fixes some graphics artefacts (colour bleeding at distances) + improves smoothness of the game + fixes minor bugs. It also adds a setting to set a target Frame Rate. See changes at the bottom for details.
EDIT: 2019/04/19 - Released a hotfix to the hotfix that fixes and issue that caused the draw distance to be drastically reduced.
EDIT EDIT: - Another hotfix^3 to fix shaders on intel integrated graphics

Military Base Control Point

The often requested Military Base is finally here! This lot initially appears as an abandoned lot, but when you reach level 12 a mission appears to unlock it. If you are playing on an existing map you can construct it once you reach level 15.

Its a control point, giving +1 Base Attack Limit, +1 Base Attack Limit Cap and a slight economic boost in the form of +2 Industry Desirability. But more importantly its a spawn point for tanks! Tanks that spawn here will be loyal to their controller and will defend against enemy attack.

The defenders are very strong - they start at garrison level 6 (same strength as the first dungeon)

Due to the nature of tanks appearing in a Control Point, I've modified tanks so that they can capture lots if driven by the AI or driven by a player.

Custom Road Lots
Quite a few mods have custom road lots, so I decided to make the functionality to make it official. You can now mark LotPack items as ROAD or CANAL and have them appear in a new "Build Manual Road" screen. By setting a ROADFLAGS parameter you can tell the AI if the direction of the road. See lots/packs/vanilla.txt for implementation details.
I've added a few roads lots to the base game - a 4 way intersection with traffic lights and a 3 way intersection with traffic lights, so that Turf Zero/Build/Strat Zero maps can have traffic lights!

Road lots are not symmetric so I also added the FORCEROT option. This forces a lot to face a direction when being placed. You can also specify an id for lot for the clicker to switch to when the player right clicks. Try the 3 way intersection to see how it works.

QoL Changes
Civilians in buildings now have a 75% chance to duck when there is combat in a building, as opposed to just running around flailing. Some civilians still do that, but its a lot less caotic now.

When you first engage the CDF a window now appears explaining the mechanics of CDF escaping as well as a couple of pointers on how to escape (such as running to the hills, or hiding in a friendly base). Like with controls, you can press "I" to bring the window up.

Finally I added an in-game timer. This is useful for the speed-running achievements, but its also just a nice thing to have. It'll display the hours and minutes you've been playing. Strategic pause will pause the timer (and pause it for achievements)

New Achievements
This patch adds 19 new achievements, bringing the total to 72! I've added a lot of stuff since launch, but haven't kept up with achievements.

Some of these are purely catch up achievements, such as achievements for taking out each of the dungeons, and for completing some of the missions added after achievements were programmed (such as the Cop missions). Others are fun stuff, such as winning a race with an Ambulance or stealing the Speedy Car. I've also added some speedrunning achievements. There's a Space Race achievement (get the space program within 8 hours) and a Speed Run achievement for people who are true masochists.

Some of the achievements will require a new game to work (the dungeon ones do, and the speedrun ones will need a new map too).

Lets Build Server Reset
Finally, the Lets Build Server has been reset, the new map is another massive archipelago map

Change Log
- [Bugfix] - Fixed FrameTimeOffset running away to infinity. Its now hard capped at 20ms, and decays twice as fast when it hits 15ms
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a minor issue with the texture atlas
- [Misc] - Rearranged chunk rendering order to net a 0-5% FPS increase.
- [Misc] - FrameTimeOffset now applies to entities too (should reduce entity stuttering in MP)

VERSION 1.5.2 - 18/04/2019
- [Feature] - You can now set a target FPS in the Graphics Settings menu
- [Misc] - The game now shows a splash screen when starting up (this solves the "hanging" when steam starts up the game. Steam for some reason likes to take forever to start up the game sometimes, this seems to have something to do with workshop mods installed).
- [Misc] - Linux versions of the game now have an icon for the window/task bar
- [Misc] - Dynamic Draw Distance and FrameTimeOffset is now shown in the F3 menu
- [Misc] - If you are rendering a new chunk the draw distance will go back slightly to give the game some frametime to upload it (and hopefully avoid frame skips)
- [Misc] - The modloader won't look inside LotPacks for textures and sound effects. This should speed up loading on installs with heaps of lotpacks installed
- [Misc] - The default texture atlas is now 4k (up from 2k)
- [Misc] - Soldiers in military bases now have silver weapons. At garrison level 9, they get upgraded to gold.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed the Anarchist taking 50k from you when he tells you about the military base
- [Bugfix] - Fixed MSAA causing texture bleeding in the distance (only fixed in Shaders-ON mode!)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed colour bleeding around billboard blocks (grass, flowers, wheat, barbed wire)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed FPS counter being very wrong, and that causing dynamic draw distance to not be effective at stopping lag
- [Misc] - The client will now try to compensate for drifts between client and server clocks (by applying a FrameTimeOffset)

VERSION: 1.5.0 - 13/04/2019
- [Feature] - Added a Military Base
- The military base can be constructed by any player who reaches level 15
- The military base starts at fortification level 6 and progresses to level 10
- This spawns 4 tanks in 4 random locations above the surface and 2 locations underground
- [Feature] - Added placeable manual road lots
- Lots can be placed into a ROAD or CANAL categories and now appear in a new "ROADS" category in the build lot GUI. ROAD category lots will appear as road lots on the map
- Added 5 manual road pieces, a 4 way intersection and 4 variants of a T intersection, all with traffic lights
- Lots can now be marked with the ROADFLAGS option, see lots/packs/vanilla.txt for details. You can mark a lot as N/S/E/W/NH/SH/EH/WH/TL to tell AI vehicles which directions the road goes. Note that vehicle AI behaviour is undefined for lots that are not 1x1 (with the exception of ramps).
- Lots can also be marked with the FORCEROT option, see lots/packs/vanilla.txt for details. This makes a lot only placeable in a specified rotation. It also allows you to specify a lot to switch to for when the player right clicks to rotate a lot. Said lot must be in the same lotpack
- [Misc] - Civilians in buildings are now likely to crouch when gunfire is nearby (as opposed to running around)
- [Misc] - Tanks can lay siege to lots if they are driven by a player or a soldier
- [Misc] - Tanks at y < 4 will not target players 2m or more above them
- [Mics] - Added a MILITARY spawnloc for MobEntities, this makes them soldiers.
- [Misc] - CDF Icon guide is now a GUI that appears when the I button is pressed. This guide also now explains base escapes and hiding in hills
- [Misc] - Added a "/lot stripspawners" command to remove all the spawners (barrels, flags and single-spawners) from a lot
- [Misc] - Added a "winmissions" cheat to win any missions you are currently involved in
- [Feature] - You can now see your RL playtime in the Inventory screen
- [Feature] - Added 19 new achievements
- [Bugfix] - Fixed tanks not disengaging players after killing them (contrary to what appears in the 1.5 Video)
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January 11

Patch Notes 1.4.3 - Performance Improvements, QoL + UI Improvements, New Walls + More

I've done some work to boost the game's performance, particularly on big maps, and I've also made some QoL improvements

Big Map Performance Improvements
Two things were causing slowdown with very big maps. On the client (the renderer, vtclient.exe), the main thing slowing it down was runaway chunk counts, on the server it was out of control entity counts.

I fixed runaway chunk counts on the client and runaway entity counts on both the client + server, resulting in *massive* performance gains for playing on big maps. It seems like there's been perf gains in Singleplayer too, but I haven't benchmarked them.

Chunk Unloader Optimisation (Details)
While the client did unload out-of-range chunks, it was nowhere near aggressive enough, resulting in situations where the chunk loader was running faster than the chunk unloader. This could mean that after flying around the world you could have 20k chunks loaded!

I improved this by making the chunk unloader act quadratically more aggressive once your chunk count reaches 1000+drawDistance^2/256. For every 2000 chunks above this count the chunk unloader will take 2x the amount of cpu time it normally does (4x at 4000, 8x at 6000, etc) - the rationale being that if you're dropping frames due to large chunk counts then we can afford to spend more time getting rid of excess chunks. The "unload" distance has been changed from unrenderDistance*4 to (1000 + unrenderDistance - nChunksOverThreshold/20), again meaning very high chunk counts means more aggressive chunk culling.

Entity Count Optimisation (Details)
While entities that are out of player range were put to sleep (AI and physics disabled), they still seemed to take quite a bit of cpu time (must be some O(N^2) or worse stuff happening under the hood). On the client, all entities (mobs, vehicles, etc) that are 1000m from the client are locally despawned. On the server, if the entity count exceeds 100 any bandits that are 1000m from the player are despawned, and if the entity count exceeds 160 base defenders will also get despawned. Any entity that is less than 1000m from any playeris exempt from despawning, and any entity involved in a base attack or base/bandit base that is under attack or a mission is likewise exempt.

UI Improvements
The build lot screen now scales with your monitor size, making it much bigger, but not overwhelmingly so in most cases. Also water source blocks are now rendered in the preview.

Water Walls
I've made some wall variants that have water on one or both sides

Plane Runways
Lots that spawn Light Planes now have double blast resistance at level 10 when colliding with an aircraft. This means that runways are much more durable and take-off/landing damage at airports is much less likely.

Repair Improvements
You can now repair *racketeered* buildings! Repairing a control point now despawns the defenders there, fixing a defender-duplication bug.

Server Diagnostics
You can now enter the "/status" command and the server will tell you its chunk and entity counts. It will also give profiler info if the server is under non-trivial load (if it just says "Total XXms" that means the server is under capacity). This command is not considered a cheat and is able to be used by all players

Balance Changes
Banks now spawn 33% more loot, Jewellery and Gun Shops now spawn 50% more loot.

Change Log

VERSION: 1.4.3 - 12/01/2019
- [Misc] - Made the loading screen appear faster when you first start the game
- [Misc] - vtclient chunk aggressive chunk unloading threshold raised to 1000 + drawDistance^2/(256) chunks
- [Misc] - Restored the "Extreme" graphics preset
- [Misc] - You can now repair racketeered buildings
- [Misc] - Lots with an "Light Plane/CDF Light Plane Spawning Zone" now have double blast resistance at level 10 for the purpose of aircraft/tarmac collisions
- [Bugfix] - Repairing a control point now despawns any defenders (prevents defender duplication)

VERSION: 1.4.2 - 12/01/2019
- [Misc] - vtclient is much more aggressive in unloading chunks if there are more than 1000 chunks loaded clientside. This gets even more aggressive for each 2000 chunks loaded. Fixes the client having 20k chunks loaded when you fly around the world because the chunk loader is running faster than the chunk unloader
- [Misc] - vtclient will despawn any clientside mobs that are more than 10000m from the player
- [Misc] - If the server's entity count is above 100, it will despawn any bandits (not in missions or base attacks, as either attacker or defender) that are more than 1000m from any player
- [Misc] - If the server's entity count is above 160, it will also despawn any base defenders more than 1000m from any player (again not involved in missions or base attackers, as either attacker or defender).

VERSION: 1.4.1 - 10/01/2019
- [Feature] - Added 6 Wall lot variants that have water to one side or both
- [Feature] - Added the /status command, shows details of the server's status
- [Misc] - Water is now rendered in the lot preview
- [Misc] - The "Build Lot" UI now scales with window size (gets bigger if x resolution > 1200 to a maximum of 2x size)
- [Misc] - City Gen will try to plonk 2 more 1x1 commercial lots (12 now, 10 before).
- [Misc] - Jewellery shops now buy and sell precious metal ingots
- [Misc] - Loot in Jewellery shops and Gun Shops has been increased by 50%. Bank loot has been increased by 33%.
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About This Game

Voxel Turf is a block based city builder/action adventure game. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.

- Have you ever played an open world game and thought "if only I could build something here?"
- Or a city builder and wanted to drive around and interact with your creation?
- Or even a building game and thought "if only these buildings would come to life?"
If so then Voxel Turf is the game for you!

Live in a City of Your Own Creation
- Build sprawling cities with either the over 50 prebuilt buildings, or build your own in-game!
- Make amazing structures with over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories.
- Or live in and modify a procedurally generated city

Get Rich or Die Trying
- Earn cash from either completing missions, crime, or managing a real estate empire.
- Establish protection rackets to make money
Some of the missions revolve around:
- Being a hired revolutionary who fights the local authorities for cash
- Participating in street races for money
- Making a career though stealing vehicles for profit
- Eliminating bandits and protecting civilians from bandit attacks
- Be a specialist architect who draws an income from making custom buildings

Unleash Chaos
- Destroy and vandalise areas with explosives, weapons and tanks.
- Ride a wide range of vehicles including cars, a tank, helicopters and even a rideable shopping trolley!

Enjoy Multiplayer
- Multiplayer over LAN or Internet
- Most missions can be done in Co-Op
- Cooperate with friends to build a city, or compete and undercut each other

Fight For Territory
- Explore and raid bandit bases for loot
- Fight Turf Wars against other factions and players to gain control over parts of the city
- Build bases and defend your territory from attack
- Engage in diplomacy with other factions in order to gain power or undermine others

Unleash Creativity
- The entire world is block based, so you can create and destroy everything.
- Decorate blocks with paint and decals
- Various non-cube construction blocks, including ramps, stairs, steps, allowing you to build things like pitched roofs and ultimately more realistic looking buildings.
- Build intricate contraptions using switches, mechanisms and circuits
- Custom player-built buildings can be saved as templates, and be placed like normal buildings
- Templates can be synced across a network

Character Customisation
- Over 50 player skins
- Support for custom player skins
- 10 hats for your character to wear, also wearable body armour.
- Weapons are customisable too! Attach weapon mods to weapons to change their appearance and behaviour. Make shotguns explosive, make your pistol armour piercing or your SMG scoped!

Modding Support
- Steam Workshop integration
- Lua Scripting for easy moddability with a C++ scratch-coded base game engine for performance

Game Modes

  • Turf: Start in a procedurally generated city, and do what you want. Build, do missions, do crime, do whatever!
  • Build: Start on a blank map and build whatever you want with unlimited blocks.
  • Turf Zero: Start on a blank map and build a city from scratch. Scavenge resources from bandit bases.
  • Strategy: Start in a procedurally generated city with 16 warring factions. Use diplomacy and warfare to gain control over the entire city!

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 17.1
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD

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