Voxel Turf is a block based urban sandbox. Build cities, blow up buildings, complete missions or fight for territory. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice!
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Sep 13, 2017

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July 25

Patch Notes: 1.3.3 - Gunplay Improvements + Dungeons!

Today's update adds Gunplay changes, most importantly weapon recoil, as well as a brand new dungeon system!

EDIT: Small patch 1.3.2 released, scroll down for changelog. Allows you to shoot out glass, adds a master enable/disable setting for gamepad support.
EDIT EDIT: Patch 1.3.3 fixes some small bugs.

Video Of Changes
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Gunplay Changes
Weapon recoil has been added, as compensation the spread of all weapons has been reduced, in most cases halved. Firing a weapon introduces weapon kick which recovers over time.

Weapon mods effect recoil kick. Explosive and Extra Shot mods increase it (and this stacks), Silencer mods reduce it.

Bandits Wear Armour
As a bit of added challenge, bandits in fortification level 3 bandit bases or stronger now have a chance to wear body armour.

Dungeons are mid-late game content that consist of large networks of rooms in the hills. They are initially hidden on the map and must be discovered. Entrances to dungeons are marked as fortification level 1 bandit bases and can be found as giant stone spires in the world, and individual dungeon rooms are disguised as hills lots.

Bandits in dungeons are stronger than the bandit base inhabitants you're used too. They start at fortification level 6, and progress to level 10. The number of dungeons on the map is dependent on the number of hills lots on the map with a maximum of 5 spawning, space permitting. Each dungeon is progressively bigger than the last.

You can enter the spire at any time, but to be able to capture dungeon rooms you need a relevant key to disable the shields between rooms. To get the key for the first dungeon, the Blue Dungeon Key, you can do one of three things:
1. You can take the "Dungeon Debts" mission and pay the Schemer $50k for one. This mission will spawn once you reach level 10.
2. You can take the Griever's mission to kill Blasty McSurprise, Blasty himself drops a Blue Dungeon Key when he dies.
3. Blue Dungeon Keys are rare loot spawns in Bandit Bases.

In each dungeon there is a Bandit King who functions as the boss, who drops a lot of valuable items + a key to the next dungeon, and perhaps more importantly, they drop a crown you can wear! If you are playing in multiplayer then they'll drop multiple keys.

While in a dungeon you cannot tele-buy items, so stock up on healing items first! I firmly recommend that you level up a bit first (level 10 is a good guide for the first one), and get a few combat perks + silver or gold tier weapons and mods.

Finally dungeon rooms are moddable with the lotpack system, see /lots/packs/vanilla.txt for details. Blank dungeon pieces are provided in /lots/packs/vanilla (for example dungeon_22.lot, dungeon_21.lot)

Hotfix Patch: 1.3.1
Fixes the fourth dungeon boss (level 9 dungeon) not dropping the key for the last dungeon

VERSION: 1.3.3 - 03/08/2018
- [Bugfix] - Fixed APPLY spam when a peace deal is done
- [Misc] - Whenever a Mob is spoken to they will no longer walk around and bounce on furniture

VERSION: 1.3.2 - 01/08/2018
- [Misc] - You can now shoot out glass windows and doors! By editing db/material_costs.txt, you can enable the shooting out of other blocks too!
- [Misc/Bugfix] - Gamepad support is now disabled by default to prevent esoteric driver/virtual gamepad issues. You can manually enable/disable gamepad support in the Control Settings menu, or enable/disable it by editing settings/control_settings_1005.txt
- [Bugfix] - Fixed Mega Health Packs not spawning

VERSION: 1.3.1 - 27/07/2018
- [Misc] - Doubled the HP of item drops to 200.
- [Bugfix] - The level 9 dungeon boss now drops the purple dungeon key

VERSION: 1.3.0 - 25/07/2018
- [Major Feature] - Added Dungeons
- Dungeons spawn in hills lots. There are a maximum of 4 that spawn on the map
- Dungeons are now HIDDEN on the map! You need to find them via exploration, or by clever analysis of the map. Dungeon Entrances appear as Bandit Bases, dungeon pieces appear as hills
- Dungeons can be found by finding a massive obelisk that sticks out of the hill.
- Discovering a dungeon enterance (by using the lift) reveals the dungeon entrance on the map
- Discovered dungeons are visible to all players
- Capturing a dungeon room reveals adjacent dungeon rooms on the map
- Dungeons are comprised of a network pieces (lots), and these pieces can be modified with the lotpack system. See lots/packs/vanilla.txt. Some blank dungeon pieces are in lots/packs/vanilla too.
- Added 18 dungeon pieces
- Dungeon rooms have forcefields around all the exits. To progress to adjacent rooms you must clear the room of enemies and have the relevent dungeon key in your inventory
- Dungeons will not spawn under hills-lakes unless there are no other options for expansion
- If a dungeon spawns below a Hills-lake then any blocks at or below y=6 will be filled in
- Dungeons require Dungeon Disruption Keys to enter. You can get the first one from the Schemer (mission Dungeon Debt, appears once you reach level 10), or by killing Blasty McSurprise as a drop item, or as a rare bandit base loot item.
- Dungeon Keys also sell for a fair bit of dosh
- Bandits in dungeons start with the strength of what-would-be Bandit Base level 6.
- Dungeons spawn in levels, starting at level 6, ending at level 10, getting bigger every time
- Up to 5 dungeon networks spawn on a map, depending on map size (and the abundance of hills)
- Dungeon doorways that aren't connected to anything are filled in with stone
- You can't tele-buy items while in a dungeon, you must come prepared!
- Capturing a dungeon piece has a "disabling shields" screen. If you don't have a key then a "can't capture" screen appears.
- There is a SFX for capturing a dungeon piece
- Dungeon Entrances auto-repair if damaged and there are no players within 128 of them
- All dungeon pieces are abandonded and auto-repaired if there are no players in dungeons
- Blocks at level y=6 in dungeons have +50% blast resistance (like blocks at y=0)
- Killing the bandit king insta-captures the boss room
- You can't abandon-occupation dungeon rooms (to prevent farming the boss)
- [Major Change] - Gunplay improvements:
- All weapons have "kickback" animations, and sway animations for when you look up/down/left/right
- All weapons base spread HALVED
- Crosshairs now have circle arcs to indicate true accuracy when recoiling
- Firing a weapon introduces recoil, which makes successive firings more inaccurate. This is indicated by the crosshairs moving outwards
- If the current "recoil" value is greater than 8 degrees then it will recover at twice the rate
- Silencer Mods now reduce recoil by half and camera jerk further by 1/3rd.
- Extra Shot Mods now increase recoil by 40%, and camera jerk further by 40%.
- Explosive Mods now increase recoil by 30%, and camera jerk further by 30%.
- When a weapon is reloaded, it hangs in the air a little longer so the final round recoil animation can play (max 150ms)
- When a weapon is reloaded, the recoil value is *set* to half a round's recoil
- When a weapon is switched in, the recoil value is set to the max of the current recoil value or half a round's recoil. This is to prevent wiping recoil be switching weapons
- Weapon kicks values are displayed when you mouse-over a weapon in the inventory
- [Feature] - Made a "/giveinf" command to give an infinite stack of an item
- [Feature] - Bandits have a chance to wear armour, in Bandit Bases/Control Points at level 3 or above.
- [Misc] - Added Crowns. They can't be bought, but do sell for ~$5k
- [Misc] - Communication Centre Control Point has been buffed slightly, now gives +1 Attack and +1 Acumen in addition to its existing bonuses.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed custom lots being treated as special buildings ("already built!")
- [Bugfix] - Fixed crash when simultaneously placing a block in a chunk that is being repaired
- [Bugfix] - Any player joining or leaving a factions will now trigger a flag update for all players (fixes faction flag being displayed in the world after leaving a faction instead of player flag)
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June 24

MAJOR UPDATE: Patch 1.2.3 - Factions, Flags, New Map Gen Options and Control Points

The Factions and Flags patch is finally live!

EDIT: Added a hotfix patch 1.2.1, 1.2.2 & 1.2.3. Scroll to the end for details

Player Factions
Factions are clans that players can form in multiplayer.

There are two kinds of factions - Unified Factions and Bloc Factions. In a Unified Factions all investment income goes into a pool and is split amongst the online players. In a Bloc factions individuals keep their money.

Individuals that are part of a faction are no longer independent and can no longer engage in diplomacy. Joining a faction will void any alliances, guarantees and warnings that you have. Instead, the faction itself can ally/guarantee/warn outside forces.

Factions have 3 tiers of membership. Normal members (can't do diplomacy), trustees (can do diplomacy), and leaders (can make trustees and more leaders, and can disband the faction).

Finally, faction members can do all the stuff that allies can do. So they can heal/respawn at friendly bases, do Co-Op missions together.

When you're playing a game with a lot of Gangs it can get confusing as to who is who. So I've added a Flag system to the game. When you first join a game you will be assigned a random flag.

In most places where your name is displayed your flag will be displayed alongside it. To make diplomacy easier I've made it so that when you click on a flag icon on the map it'll open up the relevant player's diplomacy screen.

The game has a full on flag editor. You can add up to 32 layers with lots of flag elements and emblems to chose. You can recolour and reposition them to your liking. You can also mark elements as "always vertical" so they don't get rotated when the flag is rotated and you can even enable "left canton mode", so the flag is flipped when its hanged vertically, so flags like the US Flag can be hanged correctly.

Flags are moddable up the wazoo. You can add more flag layers/emblems by defining a mods/YOUR_MOD/textures/flags/flaglayers.txt file and throwing in some textures. This won't change the client's checksum, multiplayer clients with different mod-flags are able to play together (uninstalled flag parts won't be visible, but MP sessions will work). If players have the same mod-flag-parts installed they will able to see them.

Finally I've added a heap of decorative flag blocks for you to place around your bases and other holdings.

Control Points
Control Points were earmarked for this patch, but I released it early (a month ago). For the uninitiated, Control Points are a cross between Bandit Bases and Special (Reward) Buildings. If you can capture one, you get bonuses. A crucial change in this update is that if a player who is a member of faction captures a Control Point, then the Control Point becomes owned by the faction itself, and ALL members get the bonus.

Full Dev Diary for Control Points:

Map Generator Changes
As a last minute change to the map generator I've added an option to make maps islands and 2 sliders to adjust the amount of water and hills areas on the map. Below is an example of a map with the water cranked right up

Lets Build A City Server
This has definitely been the best city-building server the game has seen, but its time to move onto a new map. I'll be shortly replacing the server with a larger, archipelago map

Patch 1.2.3
This patch adds a "Mod Enable/Disable" screen to the main menu and fixes some MP issues.

VERSION: 1.2.3 - 06/07/18
- [Feature] - Added a "Mod Picker" screen to the main menu.
- The client will autodetect a preview image for installed mods. First MOD_PATH/thumbnail.tga/png/jpg is looked up, then MOD_PATH/preview.tga/png/jpg are loaded, then the first image file in the MOD_PATH/preview/ directory, then the first image in the MOD_PATH/thumbnail/ directory, then the first image in the MOD_PATH/ directory.
- [Bugfix] - If a server requests you rejoin it should now make you rejoin the right port (in the case that there are multiple servers on the same machine).
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some clientside frame rate dependent physics and graphics issues in multiplayer (ie, the Helicopters not flying bug, Helicopter blades acceleration no longer dependent on framerate, adjustments to Hovercrafts and Boats)

Hotfix 1.2.2
VERSION: 1.2.2 - 03/07/18
- [Bugfix] - Speculative bugfix for reported CTD on mission selection
- [Bugfix] - Internal realignment of std::atomic<bool>'s to work around GCC bug. (all instances of std::atomic<bool> replaced with alignas(16) std::atomic<bool> to prevent crashes)
- [Bugfix] - Async Geometry Upload has been disabled and the option removed

Hotfix 1.2.1
Fixes some faction related issues, and a couple of lot flags for modders adds a QoL improvement: you get an estimate of how many customers a commercial lot is going to have before you place it.

VERSION: 1.2.1 - 26/06/18
- [Feature] - When placing a commercial lot, an estimate of the number of customers is displayed. If a lot is expected to have under 33% customers then a warning appears
- [Feature/Modding] - Added a PLAYER_UNIQUE and a MAP_UNIQUE flag for lots. Limits 1 instance of a lot per player or map respectively
- [Misc] - You can now attach roads to other faction member's roads (and members of allied factions)
- [Misc] - The start and end tiles of a road construction may now connect to any player's road
- [Bugfix] - Fixed mangled player list screen
- [Bugfix] - Fixed members of allied factions now count as allies properly
- [Bugfix] - Fixed base name alignment
- [Bugfix] - You can no longer accept a faction invite if you are already in a faction
- [Bugfix] - If a faction is disbanded or a player is eliminated and warnings and protections that they are receiving should now be eliminated
- [Bugfix] - Any treaties with non-existant players or factions are removed on game load
- [Bugfix] - You can no longer disband a faction while at war

Full Changelog

VERSION: 1.2.0 - 24/06/18
- [Feature] - Added an "island" option to the map generator - makes the borders of the map water, making the map an island
- [Feature] - Added an "water mod" option to the map generator - lets you pick the amount of water on the map
- [Feature] - Added an "hills mod" option to the map generator - lets you pick the amount of hills on the map

VERSION: 1.2.0-Beta2 - 23/06/18
- [Bugfix] - You can now repair faction owned lots
- [Bugfix] - Stat bonuses due to faction owned control points are now correctly applied
- [Bugfix] - Removed the OP_ALLIANCE_DEL console message
- [Bugfix] - Control Point Goons now speak to faction members if the control point is owned by the faction

VERSION: 1.2.0-Beta1 - 23/06/18
- [Major Feature] - Added Player Factions
- Flags have their own flag and colour, any members will use the faction's colour and flag.
- There are 2 kinds of factions: Bloc Factions (basically a big alliance), and Unified Factions (big alliance that shares all net investment income).
- Factions are a seperate political entity. If you join a faction you are no longer independent - the faction is responsible for your diplomacy. If you are a leader or trustee of the faction you can engage in diplomacy on behalf of the faction
- Factions have 3 ranks - members, trustees and leaders.
- Members cannot engage in diplomacy, except to vote on peace deals, send money or show respect.
- Trustees can engage in diplomacy, edit the flag, invite/kick members.
- Leaders can appoint Trustees and more Leaders. Leaders can also kick trustees
- Joining a faction voids any alliances you currently have, as well as protections and warnings.
- Factions can have allies, protect players, issue warnings, etc, just like normal players can.
- Members of a faction are like allies, and can do all the stuff that allies can do (such as co-op missions, respawning on bases, storing vehicles in bases, etc)
- Showing Respect increases the AI opinion of your faction, allowing you to form alliances between the AI and your faction
- A Factions reputation is equal to the reputation of the member with the highest reputation - if a faction has two members, one with 25 rep and one with 5 rep then the faction will have 25 rep.
- A Factions aggression is equal to the aggression of the member with the highest aggression - if a faction has two members, one with 25 aggr and one with 5 aggr then the faction will have 25 aggr.
- Factions will have the yesman cheat enabled if any of the constituant players have yesman enabled
- AI factions will only join player factions if you have yesman enabled. They will do thier normal AI behaviour if part of a faction.
- If you capture a control point, then it comes under control of the faction and all faction members get the bonuses
- [Misc] - You can no longer invite offline players into alliances
- [Misc] - Fixed some issues with the flag editor, added a bit of polish
- [Bugfix] - Fixed flag not appearing for a player that has just hotjoined onto a server
- [Bugfix] - Fixed equipment (hats, armour) not appearing for a player that has just hotjoined onto a server

VERSION: 1.1.7
- [Misc] - If textures are set to high, then flags will be rasterised at double resolution (400x240).
- [Misc] - Doubled flag element resolution for several elements (mainly emblems with stars + layers with diagonal pieces)

VERSION: 1.1.6
- [Major Feature] - Added Flags!
- Players and AI factions now have flags. These appear on the map when you select a lot they control and these are displayed next to player names in chat, popup banners and the player list.
- Your "spawn flag" in your bases will now display your flag
- You can now place a variety of flags decoratively in the world. The flag that is displayed will change to whoever occupies the lot and will change if a lot changes hands
- Flags you can place: 2 hanging banner types that can be used on streetlight poles
- 1x2 hanging, 2x3 hanging, 4x6 hanging
- 1x1 horizontal, 2x1.5 horizontal, 3x2 horizontal, 6x4 horizontal
- [Feature] - Added a Flag Generator. You can make flags by placing different elements and emblems as layers ontop of a background
- Have 41 elements to choose from, as well as 25 emblems
- Flag Layers can be moved around and coloured
- Flags can appear either hoizontally or hanging vertically.
- Emblems on the flag can individually be set to always be vertical when the flag is hanging
- Flags can be hanged in "left-canton" mode, for situations where you want to correctly hang the flag (eg US Flag, Aus/Nz flags, etc)
- Players & AI Factions are assigned a random flag when the game is started
- This is moddable up the wazzo. You can add more flag layers/emblems by defining a mods/YOUR_MOD/textures/flags/flaglayers.txt and throwing in some textures. This won't change the client's checksum, multiplayer clients with different mod-flags are able to play together (uninstalled flag parts won't be visible, but MP sessions will work). If players have the same mod-flag-parts installed they will able to see them.
- [Misc] - Added a "Sending money does not increase relations" message to the "send money" screen
- [Misc] - Near Radius is now shown with a yellow line (for industrial lots with *_NEAR settings, such as the Sawmill, etc)
- [Misc] - Commercial Radius is now shown with a yellow line (for Commercial Lots)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed many instances of blocks dropping the wrong items.
- [Bugfix] - Removing a multi-block block should now give the drop item if you are removing it from not the multiblock's origin block.
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About This Game

Voxel Turf is a block based city builder/action adventure game. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.

- Have you ever played an open world game and thought "if only I could build something here?"
- Or a city builder and wanted to drive around and interact with your creation?
- Or even a building game and thought "if only these buildings would come to life?"
If so then Voxel Turf is the game for you!

Live in a City of Your Own Creation
- Build sprawling cities with either the over 50 prebuilt buildings, or build your own in-game!
- Make amazing structures with over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories.
- Or live in and modify a procedurally generated city

Get Rich or Die Trying
- Earn cash from either completing missions, crime, or managing a real estate empire.
- Establish protection rackets to make money
Some of the missions revolve around:
- Being a hired revolutionary who fights the local authorities for cash
- Participating in street races for money
- Making a career though stealing vehicles for profit
- Eliminating bandits and protecting civilians from bandit attacks
- Be a specialist architect who draws an income from making custom buildings

Unleash Chaos
- Destroy and vandalise areas with explosives, weapons and tanks.
- Ride a wide range of vehicles including cars, a tank, helicopters and even a rideable shopping trolley!

Enjoy Multiplayer
- Multiplayer over LAN or Internet
- Most missions can be done in Co-Op
- Cooperate with friends to build a city, or compete and undercut each other

Fight For Territory
- Explore and raid bandit bases for loot
- Fight Turf Wars against other factions and players to gain control over parts of the city
- Build bases and defend your territory from attack
- Engage in diplomacy with other factions in order to gain power or undermine others

Unleash Creativity
- The entire world is block based, so you can create and destroy everything.
- Decorate blocks with paint and decals
- Various non-cube construction blocks, including ramps, stairs, steps, allowing you to build things like pitched roofs and ultimately more realistic looking buildings.
- Build intricate contraptions using switches, mechanisms and circuits
- Custom player-built buildings can be saved as templates, and be placed like normal buildings
- Templates can be synced across a network

Character Customisation
- Over 50 player skins
- Support for custom player skins
- 10 hats for your character to wear, also wearable body armour.
- Weapons are customisable too! Attach weapon mods to weapons to change their appearance and behaviour. Make shotguns explosive, make your pistol armour piercing or your SMG scoped!

Modding Support
- Steam Workshop integration
- Lua Scripting for easy moddability with a C++ scratch-coded base game engine for performance

Game Modes

  • Turf: Start in a procedurally generated city, and do what you want. Build, do missions, do crime, do whatever!
  • Build: Start on a blank map and build whatever you want with unlimited blocks.
  • Turf Zero: Start on a blank map and build a city from scratch. Scavenge resources from bandit bases.
  • Strategy: Start in a procedurally generated city with 16 warring factions. Use diplomacy and warfare to gain control over the entire city!

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 17.1
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD

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