Space exploration adventure RPG where you command a crew in a story driven sandbox universe. Work to destroy the sensor network and reach the heavily guarded planet before Shavala corporation goons hunt you down, or just go exploring.
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11 фев. 2016

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Игра в раннем доступе

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Примечание: Данная игра в раннем доступе находится на стадии разработки. Она может измениться в будущем, а может остаться в текущем состоянии, так что, если вам не по вкусу то, что игра может предложить сейчас, рекомендуем дождаться её дальнейшего развития. Узнать больше

Сообщение от разработчиков

Почему ранний доступ?

“We're a 3 person dev team with no publisher working on this project full time. Without the support of our community through Kickstarter and early access this game wouldn't exist at all. That essentially means people are paying us for an unfinished game because they like us and they believe we will make the game they want to play. We also want to play that game so we're doing everything we can to prove them right.”

Сколько примерно эта игра будет в раннем доступе?

“The planned final version of this game is pretty ambitious and we expect to go through many iterations before completing the single player story and having the game world in a state we consider to be complete. We also want to be able to evolve the game over time in response to feedback so we are expecting early access will last more than a year.”

Чем планируемая полная версия будет отличаться от версии в раннем доступе?

“Expect massive changes on a regular basis as we add features and new types of depth to the engine and the game world.

Our initial early access release represents multiple years of work put into getting the bare minimum framework of the engine and persistent world working as intended. During early access we plan to have many iterations where game-wide features are added, and then content using those features can be integrated into the game world. That means major updates will contain game-changing features and new content such as new zones, new factions, new story arcs, new world generations, new item types, new interface elements, and new game mechanics.

An example of something we plan to add in the future is the ability for EVA activities which will allow entering and exiting ships without using an airlock. It should drastically change how salvaging activities play out and will probably change how you interact with the entire game world.”

Каково текущее состояние версии в раннем доступе?

“The game has an open persistent world with various space biomes for the player to explore. Each biome will have a different set of enemies and challenges in the form of enemy encounters, space-complexes to explore, and hidden treasures to unlock. The story driven elements are incomplete and more will be added with every patch, but for now the game is mostly a sandbox with some introductory story and setting lore.”

Изменится ли цена игры после выхода из раннего доступа?

“The game might be slightly cheaper during early access. However if you want the best value for your money you are probably already avoiding early access games and we respect that.

We're here because we need income to continue development and if money were no object we would probably hide in our developer caves until the game was finished. The core benefit of buying into early access is participating in the development process and being part of the community that shapes the Zero Falls story and universe. This is not a "get the game for less money because it sucks" sort of deal, it is a "I think these guys deserve to feed themselves while developing their game" sort of deal, and we appreciate your support.”

Как вы планируете вовлекать сообщество в разработку игры?

“We have open discussion on our forums and we respond very quickly to feedback and bug reports. I once found, fixed, and uploaded a patch for a bug before the end of a live streaming event where the bug was revealed. We have backers who are designing ships to be put into the single player campaign, and we have been discussing modding tools with the community from day 1. We also sometimes host community ship design tournaments in order to stir up conversations and feedback about balance and game mechanics.

The truth is we're making a big open sandbox game with enough space for a lot of unique game play ideas and elements, and we want to put in every type of kitchen sink. Our time is probably split evenly between 3 tasks:

1. core engine development
2. core story and content implementation
3. tweaks, edits, and additions in response to feedback”
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18 июня

Research, Optimizations, Stability

Similar to our last blog update, this isn't an announcement for the next patch's release date. However I will admit we just released that one to our internal tester group. We're here to talk about more upcoming quality of life changes, this time with regards to research and frame rates.

Research changes

One of the biggest and most consistent complaints we have heard on the forums has been the RNG grind of trying to unlock all of the little uninteresting research items such as minor hallway connections and other things such as doors. Who doesn't want to grind for days trying to unlock a door? Well it turns out most of you don't. Fine, so we've got a new idea in the works.

The new thing is that we've gathered up all the less interesting research items including the tiny hallway pieces and the doors and the bendy hallway bits and everything between, and now we give them all to you once you've unlocked a certain number of items from a specific research tier. There is even a fancy looking progress bar that shows you how close you are to a milestone and what you will get when you reach the milestone. Research tier 1 items to fill the tier 1 bar, and once you've completed enough items you will unlock all of the tier 1 filler pieces and you can call yourself a tier 1 research master...or whatever.

This feature is part of our new research screen overhaul, and it looks something like this.


There were some serious optimization issues fixed recently which make the game feel like a completely different game.

Terrain is one of the systems that takes a lot of resources. Our engine allows per-pixel collision with a map of terrain objects that is honestly enormous. We have really large sectors and in addition to filling those sectors with really big lists of terrain items, we also render terrain items from other nearby sectors. We allow both AI and bullets to interact with those terrain entities on a per-pixel basis, and so we need to poll the list of terrain items many many times per update. As you can imagine, that means we need to have a really fast way to access terrain from a specific area without touching every terrain item in the list.

As it turns out our system was broken at its core and the system we used to reduce the number of terrain items accessed each time we were checking was actually increasing the number and referencing duplicates. The result was that every call to check collision in a small region that should have contained at most one or two items, was often checking tens to hundreds of items, and rendering all items on screen when there were hundreds of items in view was actually rendering multiple thousands of items. Our system was returning duplicate entries with every call. The result of this fix has changed the number of items rendered in the best case from something like 1300 down to something like 10, and in the worst case we were rendering around 5000-7000 items when we should have been rendering 300-500. Suffice to say, this is a massive fix for frame rate and overall feel of the game, and it will hit hardest on any graphics card that was having trouble running the game due to overdraw issues. It will also fix numerous AI related fps drops that happened when there was a gunfight near some terrain.

In addition, sounds and animations were playing for ships and crew in other sectors. Many people don't realize that sound can be a serious source of slow-down, but playing audio represents a significant source of data that needs to be moved around in memory. By fixing obvious issues of extra sounds and animations we have further increased the framerate and made audio work slightly better overall. The game really does play like a different game, and in play-testing I have found the experience overall much more pleasant.


We have crash logs now.

However it isn't just crash logs that we've added. The same system that makes crash logs, also tries to recover your game and save progress. In most cases, we have found that bugs which once crashed the game, will now remember your progress up to the exact moment of the crash. Maybe loading back into the save will revisit the crash again, however the addition of a crash log means that now we can actually hunt down the source of the crash and fix it, allowing you to pick up your progress exactly where you left off once a patch is released. We have the game in closed testing right now, and we are already seeing the benefits of this system.

In addition, all character progress is written when your character changes, and all quest progress is written when quests change. This makes it much more difficult to lose progress from bugs or from smashing your computer into bits during a game session. Maybe it will also open up a world of new bugs which arise from crashing the game in creative and uniquely abusive ways however overall the new save philosophy is designed to write more important stuff more often, which always makes recovery easier.

With framerate stability, crash recovery, and less grindy research, this patch is taking many of the unpleasant edges off of gameplay.
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3 июня

Design screen overhaul

This is not the blog post you were hoping it would be. That one is coming soon. The patch should go out to testing very early this week, with many bugs that will need to be squashed before it can be pushed for general consumption.

Speaking of testing, one of the things that needs immediate testing, and which we hope you guys will help with repeatedly breaking, is our new ship design screen. We have completely overhauled, polished, upgraded, twisted, bopped, and shaken the design screen. Lets endure a blog post about what new features are coming.


That's not just me making space ship noises in my head, you can actually zoom in and out on the design screen now. It was one of the more frequently requested features, and now it's here. It also fully supports all the other features I'm about to list, which is nice.

Circuit inspector

Hovering your mouse over any power circuit now highlights all connected modules. From any given reactor to any given power using module you can see at a glance if your power network will reach. This should also help with teaching the player how power traverses different types of connections.

Also hover over bridge modules to see which devices are wired to that bridge.

Conduit improvements

Drawing conduits sucks 250% less now as you can get end-to-end connections without having to carefully move your mouse over every tile and constantly fix missed tiles. The new system does end to end path-finding to draw the entire route at once, and it has a fancy animation so you know what you're going to get. Shift click to draw routes.

On top of that, we've also added the ability for more than one type of conduit to exist. You know what that means, some day there might be an improved version of conduits to unlock via research.

Global ship stats

A number of useful statistics for your ship are now summarized in the top right where we used to only show ship mass and crew count.

Color picker tool

Just like in an image editor, we now have a color picker tool. It allows you to select a tile on your design and immediately set your brush to the color under the cursor...except instead of a color your brush is actually a module...which in our code is actually a color since your design is an image...Yay color picker!

Selection tool

Ever wanted to select a group of modules and copy paste them? It even works with mirroring.

Beam alchemy overview


Lighting mode toggle for design rendering, support for the new feature: Core Nodes, a codex with helpful explanations of some confusing mechanics, history of placed modules, and overall beter visual presentation of all aspects are the remaining items on the list that I could remember when writing this. There's even more than that probably!

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Об этой игре

Our goal was to make a game simulating space combat between large capital ships at extreme detail on the scale of individual crew members. We've spent multiple years building a custom in-house engine capable highly detailed ship interior simulations while still supporting real time combat between large numbers of ships in an open persistent world.

The result is a massive open world where any ship, station, asteroid, artifact, or wreckage can be entered by the player and controlled in real-time. Space battles are epic and immersive because there are no hit points, instead you have to try and survive as pieces of your ship are physically destroyed and ships can be cut in half or filled full of holes. Play as a renegade shooting up neutral supply convoys and scooping the cargo that falls out, or disable and board enemy ships to take back to your hideout. Research technology and upgrade designs to make your favorite ship into the ultimate war machine. The universe is full of loot and enemies and things to explore, and your character will have all the tools needed to design the ultimate ship and put together the ultimate crew.

We also look at progression from the perspective of RPG mechanics. Even though the game is a deep and detailed simulation, we want gameplay to have progression, customization, and specialization much like a character based roleplaying game. Instead of unlocking talent points you will find crew members that add unique utility to your ship as a whole, or you might find module blueprints that allow you to customize portions of your ship's design to suit your play style.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows Vista or later 64 bit os
    • Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.60GHz
    • Оперативная память: 3 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Версии 10
    • Место на диске: 700 MB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectX compatible on-board
    • Дополнительно: makes extensive use of multi-threading and 64 bit features
    • ОС: Microsoft Windows 7 x64
    • Процессор: AMD Phenom II x6 or Intel i7
    • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Версии 10
    • Место на диске: 1 GB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectX compatible on-board
    • Дополнительно: makes extensive use of multi-threading and 64 bit features
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