Cash_Out is a top down shooter with stealth and action in mind, where the goal of the game is to raid the building and steal cash. Levels are procedurally generated, with randomized weapons as well. There are many different items, clothing sets and skills that you can use to give you the edge while raiding.
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Mostly Positive (38) - 78% of the 38 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
May 27, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Cash_Out has a lot of content, and with that comes bugs and unbalance. I want the game to release in a pristine state. The best way to do that is to allow people to play the game during the early access period. Along with that, suggestions and concerns will be taken into account to ensure the game is great.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Until it is released, I'm about maybe 98% done right now.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“I'm planning several features not currently in the game. I don't really want to talk about them in case something goes wrong and they can't be added. Something I can say is that a lot of content will be added in the Early Access period.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Functional, if not partially buggy.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will be cheaper during early access, if you are interested in buying the game, this would be the best time.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I'll be taking suggestions and criticism into account during this period, if you don't like something, feel free to post on the discussions tab and I'll try to get it fixed.”
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Update Notes

LATEST UPDATE - - 10/05/2020


  • Indexed asset names on compile, when calling assets, the game no longer compares strings on runtime. (Calling and comparing strings was around 8x slower than comparing indexes, overall this is a large boost to more complicated level packs.)
  • Note: Due to the way that assets are loaded, the order in which the ModSystem file is loaded will likely be wrong for previous mods, the Authoring Tools has been updated to fix this.

  • Added the following commands.
    • then(createlist,index) - Creates a list data system that can be interacted with.
    • then(addlist,index,value) - Adds a value to the list.
    • then(setlist,index,position,value) - Changes a value to the list.
    • then(deletelist,index,value) - Deletes the value in the list at that position.
    • then(sortlist,index,"ascending ,descending ,shuffle") - Sorts the list.
    • then(creategrid,index,width,height) - Creates a grid data system that can be interacted with.
    • then(setgrid,index,position x,position y, value) - Changes a value in the grid.
    • then(functiontarget) - Performs the next function for every entity on the target list. To be used with the "target" subcommand.
    • then(createhitsplat,x,y,type, amount) - Creates a hitsplat at the position.
    • then(createtext,x,y,text) - Creates a text popup similar to when you pick up an item.

  • Added the following subcommands
    • list(index, position) - Returns the value in the list at that position.
    • grid(index,x position, y position) - Returns the value in the grid at that position.
    • targetvar(variable) - To be used with the "functiontarget" function in place of variables.
    • damage() - Returns the amount of health lost between frames.

  • Added the following options for the playervar/targetvar subcommand.
    • xrel - X position relative to the block.
    • yrel - Y position relative to the block.
    • speed - Speed value.

  • Rooms now have a value to determine how common the room is. The higher the value, the more common.
  • Setting particle life to 0 will now make them live infinetly.
  • Fixed an issue with ELSE blocks.
  • Fixed comments in code breaking everything.


  • You can now copy and delete career mode files. Copied files will be automatically made hardcore.
  • Added a buffer for switching weapons and picking up weapons. Trying to switch or pick up a weapon when firing will now buffer it to pick it up after the weapon is fired. (To make picking weapons up smoother.)
  • Added a new weapon modifier - bullet velocity (V).
  • Added a simple pseudo-in raid progression system with weapon drops. Having a better weapon will result in better weapons dropping. This is to both gate off extremely powerful weapons early on and to make weapon progression more noticable.
  • Added some more clothing particle effects. They now only spawn on hats as well. (Having two pieces of clothing with the same particle effect was very unlikely.)
  • Added the currently equipped clothing to the inventory screen.
  • New Hat - Graduation Cap - When equipped, the level of your hat and pants equipped will be increased by 2. (Similar to a max upgraded piece of clothing in career mode.)
  • New Hat - Paper Bag - When equipped, the range for picking up enemies and dropped items is doubled.
  • Changed the Mushroom Cap. Now is a Plague Mask that sounds an acid rain cloud that circles around the player.


  • Reduced the turning speed suffered when frozen.
  • Made rotating lock puzzles harder to solve.
  • Enemy weapon will no longer determine how far they can see.
  • Items in co-op are now valued based on their rarity.
  • Clothing generated at the start of a career is now levelled appropriately.
  • Reduced the amount of health gained from tiny healthkits.
  • Tweaked enemy aim speed.
  • Tweaked weapon kickback formula.
  • Tweaked enemy damage.
  • "Golden" now increases all weapon stats by 5% instead of 2%.
  • Changed the functionality of the cash lockboxes. Bronze lockboxes now give health and ammo. Silver lockboxes now give items and weapons. All 3 lockboxes will now drop clothing and loot on a seperate roll.
  • Improved turret tracking.
  • Killing guards now allows overdose/overheat to drain.
  • The amount of shots you get from precision skills is now based on the weapon speed rather than the weapon damage.
  • Tweaked the price of clothing in career mode.
  • Enemy leaders will now alert squad mates when they start to panic.
  • Tweaked enemy HP again. (Enemies will have more health at lower levels, but MUCH less health at higher levels.)
  • Uncommon hats are now less common.
  • Altered the way that levels are generated slightly, to give larger control on how big levels can be.
  • Leader enemies now have less health. (From a 40% health bonus to a 25% health bonus.)

  • Perk Balance
    • Sabateour - Now reduces the rate in which enemies drain your stealth points by 80%.
    • Spy - Increased the amount of stealth point % you get from dealing damage.
    • Assassin - Stealth killing now resets all stealth skill cooldowns.
    • Marksman - Now prevents combo points from naturally dropping past 8.
    • Doctor - Reduced the amount of overheal removed on damage dealt.
    • Strongman - Reduced the healing on hit.

  • Weapon Balance
    • Plasma Cannon - Increased ammo count from 30 to 60 and reduced firing speed.
    • Marauder - Reduced speed, increased damage.
    • The Dissolver - Increased damage dealt.
    • Triple Cross - Greatly reduced bolt damage. Bolt spread is now consistent with other weapons.
    • Electric Prod/Salazar - Increased damage.
    • The Slugger - Player grenades now turn into baseballs as well.
    • Baseball Bat/Slugger - Grenades hit now turn into player grenades. Firing speed increased, damage reduced.
    • Overkill - New mechanic. Now deals less damage, but is faster. Enemies who are hit by the bullet are pushed back along with it and frozen.
    • AWP/Overkill - Increased firing speed.
    • Haymaker - Changed charge mechanics.
    • Hockey Stick/The Goon - Changed charge mechanics.
    • Icicle/Brainfreeze - Increased damage.
    • Boxing Gloves/Haymaker - Increased damage.
    • Stake/The Vampire - New mechanic. Now does increased damage, but damages you for some of the damage done on hit. (The Vampire still has the same mechanic as well.)

  • Clothing Balance
    • Neutron - Reduced range.
    • Headwound - Reduced normal healing penalty.
    • Mechanic's Shirt - Reduced damage bonus.
    • Sombrero - Increased speed and damage.
    • Flower Headband - Changed bonus, now increases turret distance.
    • Tye Dye Set - Tweaked the healing scale.
    • Fire Pants - Tweaked the healing scale.
    • Dress Pants/Baseball Pants/Leather Pants - Tweaked the scale.
    • Tracksuit - Increased bonus from levels.

  • Skill Balance
    • Reinforcements - Now can be used 3 times before box doesn't spawn anything, reducing the amount of items in the box by 1 each time.
    • Bullet Time - Now reduces bullet speed too.
    • Project Voice - No longer stuns if enemies were targetting you beforehand.
    • Stance of Rock - Increased rate in which rocks spawn.
    • Stance of Decay - Halved the amount of healing you recieve.
    • Stance of Fire - Explosions now spawn slower, but burn.
    • Stance of Toxin - Reduced the size of boils.
    • Stance of Boost - Now gives beta blockers during the offensive boost, and caffiene pills during the defensive boost.
    • Stance of Wind - Now properly increases movement speed.
    • Grappling Hook - Increased speed.
    • Chain Link - Increased speed, should get stuck on walls less.
    • Voodoo - Changed the way in which shots are oriented.
    • Shadow Agent - Increased duration.
    • Smokescreen - New mechanic. When active, enemies cannot be woken up, even when enemies have spotted you.
    • Laser Turret - Increased damage. Reduced overheat.
    • Shield Turret - Increased overheat per damage reduced.
    • Rocket Turret - Reduced overheat.
    • Sniper Turret - Now more accurate. Increased damage. Slowed down. Damage now scales up properly.
    • Flame Turret - Increased overheat.
    • Buff Turret - Reduced range, reduced overheat.
    • Railgun Turret - Reduced overheat.
    • Cryo Turret - Increased damage.
    • Ramming Turret - Increased fire speed.
    • Juggernaut - Added a shockwave impact after you collide.
    • Energy Explusion - Reduced time, increased damage reduction.
    • Healing Shot - Reduced healing.
    • Ghostly Shot - Works with projectiles now.
    • Critical Shot - Works with melee weapons now.
    • Shadow Shot - Shots are now actually silent.
    • Bad Medicine - Increased cooldown.
    • Outbreak - Changed mechanics up slightly.
    • Vaccination - Now protects against freeze.
    • Self Sacrifice - Self damage is now based on the number of cooldowns.
    • Eagle Eye - Now reduces kickback as well.
    • Iron Skin - Now prevents kickback from damage taken.
    • Braced - Changed mechanics up slightly.
    • Backup - Reduced time until helpers disappear.

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled the Discord RPC. It was causing crashes. I don't even know if it worked properly.
  • Fixed an unavoidable (and frankly common) crash related to the new blood system.
  • Fixed a crash with the grenade launcher. (And probably the rocket launcher too.)
  • Fixed a crash caused by entering the getaway car with a prosthetic hook launched.
  • Fixed some localization related issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the "mastermind" puzzle.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would try and walk through tables to get to a player.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Mind Bender.
  • Opening a lockbox now uses up the keycard.
  • Fixed an issue where frozen players with items didnt appear frozen.
  • Fixed a large amount of problems related to dropping clothing in quickplay and career mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing the new blood system to not even save on performance.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to upgrade weapons past maximum level in career mode.
  • Scopes can no longer damage "brainfreeze" statues. Brainfreeze no longer creates ice blood as well.
  • When moving up a floor, the game will no longer run very poorly while selecting a perk.
  • Fixed a glitch related to the juggernaut charge where you could clip through walls. (This has been in the game for a while honestly.)
  • Changed the way files are read. This is all backend stuff, but there was a (probably rare as I only encountered it once) issue where certain configs could not start the game due to an issue with the old system.
  • Hats can no longer spawn with a glitched effect when spawned from a chest.
  • Fixed a crash with the flare gun and tesla gun.
  • Fixed a crash caused by completing a raid with the knight helmet on.
  • Fixed a problem causing precision skills to not work right.
  • Fixed a crash with C4.
  • Fixed a crash with the executioner's hood.
  • Hats can no longer appear in clothing store boxes that aren't gold.
  • You can no longer break square shark tanks.
  • Fixed a potential error causing the leather chaps and overalls to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed many hats not showing up ever in the career store.
  • Fixed a bug where swing weapons could spawn with the bullet velocity bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies in arcade mode at very easy would be unkillable.
  • Leaving a room with backup helpers now makes them disappear.

  • Co-Op Related
    • While this isn't verified, steamworks now throttles bandwith coming in and out. As a result, playing in steamworks was nearly impossible. A makeshift system was put in place to make 2 player coop with steamworks at least POSSIBLE. The network at the moment is EXTREMELY unoptimized and will be improved in a coming patch.
    • Fixed a crash caused by dropping a weapon.
    • Clients now properly drop weapons.
    • Fixed a crash caused by leaving the server in steamworks.
    • Fixed client names/avatar not loading properly.

Other Changes

  • Changed the way the "shader detail" option handles optimization. It now disables the dropshadow instead of the shaders at the lowest setting. The shader really wasn't making a gigantic impact to the framerate in the long run and disabling it disabled other important options. For consistency, this should be better in the long run.
  • Bitmaps can no longer be used for the mod image.
  • Optimized the lighting backend when it comes to detection of how bright the area in which you were standing was. This was (potentially) causing major framerate issues (in one instance around 50% of the work the engine was doing was dedicated solely to this) on less powerful computers, hopefully this should help.
  • Altered the physics of the flaregun.
  • You can no longer spam pause, this was causing some issues.
  • Clicking off the inventory/puzzle/continue screen will no longer cause you to fire.

Free Quickplay Demo

Want to try out Cash_Out before you buy? This demo includes a short raid in singleplayer and multiplayer, and a small selection of loot, skills, weapons and items you can find in the full game!

About This Game

Cash_Out is a randomly generated top down shooter that blends stealth and action to keep the gameplay moving. Build up your character with career mode, or jump right into the game with quickplay. Choose your class, stats and skills to customize your character to your playstyle. While in raids pick up items, weapons and clothing to give yourself the edge while raiding!

  • over 90 Skills Across 6 Unique Classes.
  • Over 45 unique and randomized weapons to suit your playstyle.
  • Over 54 pieces of clothing with interesting bonuses applied!
  • Over 19 items to find and use in raids!
  • 18 perks that can change how you play instantly!
  • 3 game modes that change the way you progress!
  • Scripting system allows you to make level sets, workshop support included!
  • Play together with up to 4 players with the co-op mode.

Cash_Out currently features a scripting system to allow you to make and upload unique room sets to the steam workshop, bundled with development tools to help you make levels. Along with that, the scripting language included allows you to go beyond basic level design, and add logic to your levels!

Co-Op for Cash_Out is currently in beta! Join up with up to 4 different players though TCP connection or through stream to raid a building together! It won't be easy though, the more players, the harder the raid is, so build up a character with 4 new class types to help you in the raid!

Cash_Out will be cheaper during early access, so if you're interested, now would be the best time to try it!

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Mild pixelated gore.

System Requirements

    • Memory: 200 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 60 MB available space
    • Memory: 500 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 60 MB available space

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