The Repopulation is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in a science fiction setting built heavily upon social aspects, sandbox driven gameplay and in depth crafting systems. CURRENTLY IN ALPHA BUILDS.
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Dec 19, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access gives players a chance to participate in the development of the game when we are still in a state where active changes are being made regularly. It provides the players with a chance to give their feedback and for us to take that feedback into account as we continue to refine features. Early Access also includes lifetime Membership post-launch and is similar to a one time box price.

That having been said, we want to make it perfectly clear that this is an Alpha test. You will undoubtedly encounter bugs and annoyances that may affect your gameplay experience. You may crash a lot and may be stuck with technical issues for a while. Some features of the game are still being implemented or refined, some graphics, animations, sounds, and much of the interface are placeholders and slated for revision prior to launch. Some parts of the world are still a work a progress.While our support team and community actively assists players in resolving these type of issues, If you are easily frustrated by these types of things, then Early Access is probably not for you and we would recommend waiting until the game launches or hits Open Beta.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“It’s difficult to give firm dates when developing an MMORPG because many of the delays are reactionary. Players, through the community, will be a part of the decision on when the game moves into Beta and when it launches.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We think it is best to talk about additions, features, and overall scope we would like to achieve, but not to make specific promises about future events (e.g. when the game will be finished, exactly what the finished state of the game would be, or that planned future additions will definitely happen).

We have a break down of existing features vs upcoming features available in the main section below. Many features are currently implemented, but a few key features are still remaining including the Hardcore Ruleset and some Sieging and Nation functionality.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is currently in a new Early Alpha with a new development team, Idea Fabrik Studios (IFS). Patching has been put on hold until the core of the old code has been overhauled, optimized and fixed.

There will be a complete server wipe, including player data, at release and another one is planned for when we need to check the economy, most likely midway during Beta. Other wipes between now and then are not planned, but that is subject to change if necessary.

A lot of the main functionalities are already in, the servers are up full time and GMs are already at hand helping the player base. You are able to access housing, combat, pvp, entertainment and many other variations of play.

While the world is almost all available for exploration, there are some locations which have little to no content currently. The hardcore ruleset is not yet available, and sieges are currently disabled. There are also many areas of gameplay which are not yet optimized. You will encounter bugs, crashes, and many models do not yet have LOD (Level of Detail) which negatively affects performance. Some graphics or sounds are also placeholders. For example, you will notice that your ability icons are currently split between placeholders and the final versions. This will continue to improve throughout the course of testing.

A lot of the main functionality is already in, the servers are up full time and GM’s are already at hand helping the player base. You are able to access housing, combat, pvp, entertainment and many other variations of play.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The business model has not been finalized yet, but there will be no "pay-to-win" (P2W) cash shop; there is more about this at the bottom of the page.

There will be at least three different one time membership options at launch: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We are currently only offering Silver memberships in Early Access; in the future we will also be opening up Gold and Platinum memberships again. They are currently unavailable as we want to get a lot of our primary fixes in and improve the stability of the game beforehand.

You will also be able to upgrade from Silver to the other membership options at any time once the membership upgrades are opened up again.

Some of the extra perks that are included as part of the Early Access packages will not be available for purchase after release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Currently we communicate with the community primarily through both, the game site forums and the Steam forums as well as Discord. We have GMs already on staff assisting new players even at this stage of development and we plan to further expand our community in the future. At this point in development we are taking feedback, but primarily working on fixing up a lot of the issues within the game to improve performance and stability. When we are past these stages you will see a lot more of the feedback coming in to play, along with more in-depth system analysis.”
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April 1



Good evening Rhyldan! We hope you've navigated your April Fool's Day unscathed. While we enjoy a good prank we won't be dishing out any delightful jests today. That isn't to say we haven't squirreled away a few tricks and treats for later. Rambling aside let's dive into this months short and sweet update.

We want to give a shoutout for all the players in the game that have joined the Q&A’s in game over the last month. The information has been invaluable. The ideas and suggestions given were great. A few of these have been incorporated into our notes for some of the system redesigns. Keep it up, we look forward to more of these throughout development.

Some of these great ideas have evolved around Housing, Harvesting, Crafting and more. The last few days, the Tracking skill and how that can be improved to work better with the new upcoming systems has been most productive as well. Even the little things count.

New servers were finished, we are about 65% through converting and updating repop to work with the new updated dev server. This progress will continue until the conversion is done. Additional changes will be reflected in the next game update. Once stable and players give the thumbs up, we will then update servers and additional files for Repop Live.

Some of the major work is updating files that will allow the current version of Repop to communicate correctly with the servers and back to the client.

The area we were focused on at the end of last month was Engine/Dev Client communication and ABT’s file structure. This month we are focusing on Client, accounts, and character (player client) communications. The trick is to make sure we keep this consistent and will easily translate to the next update for HE for Repop seamlessly, as well as keep client/server communication working properly on the new hardware.

Some of the challenges and added work we are doing to improve Repop development and then the game is that the server specifically is a combination of changes in how we and AWS provisions the newer servers and hardware (which works with the current version of HeroEngine).

Some of these changes from 2013/2014 to current are the networking drivers and the new way they define networks which is nothing like how it used to work with our older version of HeroEngine, which Repop is currently using. We also have to update several of the libraries such as Python, C++ and so on.

Areas of focus for Repop and this upgrade:

Infrastructure (completed)
Code libraries
Repo HE Framework adjustments

As the server/Repop upgrade is currently in progress we have been undergoing efforts to move the new art assets onto the Dev server. These assets are both updated versions of current art and new.

For those who've not previously followed our updates, the art optimization effort is ongoing progress. One could think of this as a transition phase for the current art. Existing assets undergo updates to optimize their performance or they're rebuilt in a similar style but will have less of an impact on the player experience. New assets are being created in the same consistent manner.

This process will allow us to meld the existing styles with our updated vision for the art. Players will be able to see this developing transition of art styles in the new Island. This work is going in now and can be seen on the Island on Dev.

Art currently on Dev server:

  • New Glow Map shader for SpeedTree based flora
  • Additional cleanup on Character Select
  • Updated ocean/sea cubemaps (2)
  • New Environment cubemap (1)
  • New village houses (exteriors and interiors) (38)
  • New Walls for the village area (3)
  • New doors for village and similar buildings (10)
  • New steps for village areas (4)
  • New lights and the communication poles (4)
  • New solar panels and transformers for the Isle power plant (8)
  • New decks (platforms) for the primary area of the island (2)
  • New watchtowers (4)
  • New walls for FPR and RIN areas (5)
  • New + Updated OWON Red bunkers (4)
  • New Island Clone Cafe (1)
  • New lily and lily pads (5)
  • Over 15 species of trees

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February 25

February Update: Cohesive Building

It is our pleasure to bring you this next development update. As is the case with many of the previous updates, there are several topics we would like to cover, from creative content to issues more technical in nature. Our goal is to always be as transparent as possible regarding the development process, as we re-imagine the world of Rhyldan.

Today's update will cover everything from Roadmap history and the new roadmap outline, the new Starter Island, New areas, the new in-game Timeline, Character Select, Account disconnection issues progress and the new dev servers!

Development roadmap

As we continue with development during this years first quarter no new Additions to the roadmap have been made. We’ll continue to progress on the same planned path for the remainder of this quarter. Because we are all excited, this is the first topic we want to bring to you.

Work to complete goals from the previous year's roadmap continued into the new year allowing us to complete several goals. With so much forward movement it is an exciting time for us and we know you must be as ready to see a development roadmap update as we are to give it.

Updates from the roadmap this past year:
  • Combat basics updates
  • Targeting system
  • Auto-target
  • Implemented Line of Sight revamp fixes
  • Astronomy system cleanup and updates
  • Character Select area cleanup
  • Player account/character updates and cleanup
  • Environment adjustments
  • Area clean up, two areas rebuilt
  • Island Prototype completed
  • New Island templates completed in Dev

A glimpse at the current roadmap:
  • First planned is Inventory
  • Item System
  • Ability System
  • PC/NPC System
  • Combat Skill Progression
  • Astronomy System Updates
  • Horticulture
  • Races spec system
  • Factions
  • Adversarial Camps (Spawners)
  • Quest/Mission system
  • Create new NPC's
  • Updated Guild System
  • Crafting Basics
  • Housing Revamp
  • Combat Progression and title awards
  • Player Merchants
  • Player Auction House
  • World Auction House
  • UI/UX

A new Roadmap page will be added with the site updates that will contain more detail for this road map as well as additions in the future. The page will be easily searchable as well so you wont have to search throughout older news updates.

Terra Corp. Island

Terracorp island Whiteboxed in dev

The new Tutorial/Starting Island: We are enthused with the progress made on our development server for the new Tutorial Island. Recently, we have completed the final stage of white boxing granting our artists the ability to move forward with the terrain.

They’ve been hard at work sculpting the island's features and completing the vertex painting. Now we have begun texturing the terrain to give it a more natural feeling environment for our players to explore.

Expanding the tutorial region to six areas has allowed us to create a region that will remain an active part of the world in the future. Here on the island players will explore territories controlled by the three factions, neutral areas, festival grounds, an agricultural area, and undeveloped wilderness.

Looking forward, players will encounter a variety of content as we move through build phases. Players can test their mettle and settle scores against opponents in the arena, get their hands dirty on the homestead as they learn farming and hydroponic skills, stroll through the shopping district, or enjoy festival events.

If schedules permit a player could take time to reflect in the halls of the museum whilst being surrounded by history.

Expanding the landmass to multiple areas grants us the ability to use this as the test bed for the main world map. This will allow us to identify additional issues and account for any overhead we may not yet be aware of. Using the Island as our template for the rest of the world we can see where our limitations are and what optimizations and changes are needed. Areas of concern for us are latency issues (lag), area transitioning (zoning) and account stability.

With such a variety of areas, and content planned for the area we have begun to create buildings to represent them. Players will be introduced initially to four new buildings. These will be considerably less temporary and/or industrial in appearance than those currently in-game.

It is our goal to give these assets a more modern and permanent flare that reflects both the humble origins of Terra and the new styles cultivated on Rhyldan. These buildings will be decorated with a host of assets as time passes. Many of which will be of a high tech nature in appearance. We'll continue to update older assets to fit with our new theme.

Our focus has been to create a unified theme that will blend the new assets with those that are currently in-game by addressing issues such as some of the dark almost post-apocalyptic colors and styles. Each Nation will have its own flare that will reflect their uniqueness while still falling into the same style of art.

We do want to let you know that the selection of nation and initial armor will remain in the character creation process; in the future, these will be moved to the island.Once that is brought into the game after the Character and NPC system revamps, you will be able to chose your initial gear while learning the basics that include the differences between each type of armour and weapons.

The Road to Rhyldan

Like any story, our writers are faced with challenges and unique choices as it evolves. The story of the little planet Rhyldan and humanity is no different. As time has progressed, writers have moved on, and as visions matured the story has seen revisions. In order to ensure the residents of Rhyldan stand the best chance of survival, we’ve altered the timeline of events.

These alterations include expanding to an established colonization time of one hundred and fifty years since arriving. New events and characters have been established in order to make a more consistent and cohesive environment across the world. This timeline lore has been used to shape the visual lore aspects as well. Be it the scarring on the planet's terrain from Star Fall, the hybrid vegetation from debris caches, or the architecture within your cities....

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About This Game

The Repopulation was re-launched in February 2017 in the same state that it was taken down, in December 2015. The new development team is fixing and patching all elements in order to improve gameplay and reduce the amount of crashing. This has also resulted in a delay of patches, so game updates may be slow-going at first as we are doing a very large overhaul of back end systems.

The Repopulation is a science fiction sandbox MMORPG which is currently in Early Access and early alpha testing. You should only consider purchasing the Early Access for this title if you are okay with bugs, crashes, possible interruptions of service, and in some cases fluctuating features, as well as to support the development of the game and help up us build it.

The Repopulation is about player's choices in the way they play: being able to do Player vs Player or avoid it altogether, the ability to do Crafting and concentrate on it, or build your own home, having the freedom to advance your characters in a number of ways and not just through combat.

Key Features Currently Available In Early Access

  • Sandbox-driven gameplay which never forces you down a specific path.
  • Skills-based advancement with over 75 skills including combat-oriented, diplomatic, rogue, entertainment, trade skill, pet, survival, and other advanced skills.
  • Advanced trade skill systems which allow for a high degree of customization in crafted goods.
  • Players can switch between RPG Mode or Action Mode combat at any time. Action Mode controls like a shooter, but is built on top of RPG mechanics.
  • Create homes and build cities complete with vendors, props and defensive units.
  • Dynamically-generated content which will change based on how players react to the world.
  • Unique three-faction PvP system, where the third faction is allowed to set its alliances on a nation by nation basis. PvP is entirely optional with much of the world being protected from it and players being able to progress entirely without ever getting involved in PvP.
  • Advanced generated mission system provides a never-ending stream of missions which are customized for your character. They are purely optional.
  • Social-oriented features which provide bonus rewards when grouping or working together with other players.
  • Vehicle system allows you to upgrade and custom tailor your vehicles, even adding abilities such as Shielding, Mines, Turbo Boost, or Combat abilities.
  • Three different pet systems: Genetic Engineering, Taming, and Robotics.
  • Engagement system which is similar to a mutating form of Public Quests.
  • Persistent Seamless World.

Key Upcoming Features

  • DirectX 11 Support.
  • Hardcore server ruleset.
  • Re-integration of the Siege system.
  • Underground levels for player-created cities.
  • Audio improvements as we move some systems from placeholder to final.
  • Ease of use features to make the game easier to grasp for new players.
  • Host Player Created Tournaments in your cities.
  • Raid Interface.
  • Microtransaction support for cosmetic and fun items.
  • City Perks system.
  • Graphical improvements, performance optimizations, additional FX, and general polish.
  • Balance, feature refinement, bug fixes and content.
  • Engine upgrades to take advantage of the most recent versions of Hero Engine.

    Server Availability

    Being an MMORPG the only way to play the game is online. We currently provide both US and EU servers and they are available as long as there is no scheduled maintenance or unforeseen issues that do arise during development and testing. We strive to keep the servers up and running as much as possible, but, as with any MMO, patching is needed and will require the servers to be down during the process. There might be other times when the servers are undergoing maintenance and will require downtime; we will try to effectively communicate this as much as possible.

    There are no current plans for player ran servers or single player options.

    3rd Party Account

    This game requires a 3rd party account to play. A key will be given to you by Steam to activate the account so you can see the list of available servers to play. Please be sure after you purchase the game to create your account and register the key.

    A Stand-Alone client will also be available for purchase via the game’s website in the near future.


    All package options are subject to change
    Currently we have a single package option available:

    • Silver Package - Includes Name Reservation*, 1 Repop Token**, Early Access and Access to City Council and Nation Leadership options.

    Eventually we will be opening up 2 more package options:

    • Gold Package - Includes Silver membership, a total of 2 Repop Tokens**, 1-day Head Start and Ability to become a city mayor and run a player city.
    • Platinum Package - Includes Silver and Gold membership, a total of 3 Repop Tokens**, a total of 2 days of Head Start and Ability to create a new nation.

    *Name Reservation is the ability to reserve 1 in-game character name tied to your account, across all servers.

    **Repop Tokens will be exchangeable for in-game items as a thank you for supporting us. Instead of giving specific ones at each level we will offer you tokens and you will have a choice of different options, with some costing more than 1 token. These items will be cosmetic in nature only and will not give you any additional functionality or power over other players. Examples of what you can expect are: equip-able shell items such as armor, weapons, and clothing, a special edition vehicle, and trinkets and even special buildings for your housing and nation.

    You may upgrade your package options when other packages are available.

    At some point before release the Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships will be enabled in-game and offer the following: Additional Character Slots, Inventory Slots, Bank Slots, Shared Bank Slots, Mission Slots, and Auction Slots. The exact quantity of these slots are still being determined based on usage and feedback.

    In the future we will be enabling microtransactions in-game for cosmetic and fun items.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista 64 bit
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI 5750 / Nvidia GT450 with 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 15 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 64 bit OS is required along with Windows Vista or higher
    • OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500k
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI 7850 / Nvidia GTX660
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 64 bit OS is required along with Windows Vista or higher

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