Explore deep circular worlds in this Physicsvania with couch Co-Op combat, crafting, and ridiculous physics fails! Also bring your own game ideas to life with the powerful engine and integrated game development tools. Each Planetoid is a whole separate game mode that you can fully edit and easily share!
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Mixed (205) - 66% of the 205 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Feb 8, 2018

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August 4

ACHTUNG! Planetoid Pioneers, now officially in German

Hey folks, good news for our Deutschen followers. We now support your native language throughout the game and all menus! Have fun and tell your friends - there's some nice lil updates in here too:


  • Added drag and drop string to all languages
  • Added one more store string to all languages
  • Added german translation
  • Tweaked and added bone material effects
  • Added function to generate ordered, formatted steam log from git output

  • Updated all languages with new translation strings
  • Simplified some more blueprint names
  • Simplfied most english blueprint names
  • Resaved all Particle Systems with optimized sounds
  • Made internal tool to resave all particle Systems with optimized sounds
  • Gitignore my audio convert folder C2D/Audio/!audio convert
  • Optimally converted 3800 sound files correctly, keeping twins optimization
  • Made internal tool to update all sounds to optimally converted
  • Resaved all Blueprints with optimized sounds
  • Update: added internal tool to optimize all Blueprint sounds
  • Update: optimized Bluepritn textures even more by cropping the ones that can be cropped
  • Update: auto-optimize blueprint button in Blueprint editor now available, with even better optimization including cropping the pictures.
  • Included act_kill_the_target in scene
  • Removed old blueprints from carnageoid
  • Added some synced sfx from pptest
  • Included asteroid belt lua file in scene
  • Removed primoid lua files and included in scene
  • Converted race and coliseum to in scene lua file

  • Fixed lua error when loading save game with custom pioneer wihtout necessary function
  • Fixed sounds for bones material
  • X86 build compilation fix
  • Fix: removed test code from Blank Planetoid
  • Fix: blueprint menu items selecting now scrolls when holding WSAD key or joypad stick
  • Fixed join player hint overlapping blueprint menu
  • Fixed some overlapping UI in carnageoid
  • Fixed carnageoid lua error and included lua file
  • Fixed Reactor Scene Setup
  • Fixed activity script was un-escaped when changed

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July 29

Release Update 7 - "New GUI, who dis?"

Another month; another massive update! We have completely reworked and replaced the in-game GUI/HUD, which now scales and works well on any TV/display. There's a ton of improvements around that, like li'l pioneer heads next to each player row, so it's easy to tell who's who when co-op action is on. Blueprints now also show much more clearly, with their stats and data written out in the GUI, instead of crowded onto the thumbnails.

That's only the beginning of the many areas of improvement and fixes in here this time around - loading should be MUCH faster yet again (advanced tip: especially if you clean up old bloated textures etc with the special "Delete Temporary and Backup Folders and Files.bat" in the install folder), and the game runs way better on weaker computers due to texture size optimizations.

FINALLY, we think we have squashed the last remaining save data bugs... this whole system is quite complex with all the stuff going on in the huge Planetoids, so we were chasing these for way too long. Now your progress data really should be safe.

As usual, here's the complete list of the multitude of things we've improved, now sorted by category for your perusal pleasure:

  • Reworked Blueprint Menu UI
  • Reworked look of resource bars
  • Improved memory usage, performance and loading times
  • Fixed save data loss bugs
  • Prepared remaining english parts of the game for translation
  • Added external lua scripts for scenes
  • A lot of other requested bug fixes and polish


  • Added % to carnageoid script to test bug
  • Added detailed time logs when loading scene when engine loads.
  • Added feature: particle orientation by gravity
  • Added and bound Assembly::GetHighestPointAboveCenter(SINGLE rWithDistance)
  • Added and bound assy:GetHighestPointAboveCenter()
  • Added and bound scene:IsIncludedBP(rBlueprintName)
  • Added some missing drag and drop strings to en/de
  • Added localization strings for drag and drop to en/ge
  • Added new featured scene
  • Added missing strings to pl,ro,ru
  • Added 'cancel' to translation
  • Added missing lines to c2d/locale files for spark station hint - needs re-translation in all locales unfortunately
  • Added size and color option to particle System UI Text
  • Added missing death effect to all golems
  • Added face pictures to res panel
  • Added missing actions to en and de
  • Test code removal in recent added function
  • Added text feature to particle System in UI
  • Added latest RU
  • Added controller button tips to map clickables
  • Added new translation strings to RU.json
  • Added action names to en and de
  • Added CATEGORY word to en and de translation strings
  • Added latest RO.json
  • Added latest RO translation
  • Added translation strings for blueprint popup
  • Added Scanning and Completed! labels above particle System added BP
  • Added Scanning and completed labels above added blueprint eff
  • Added locale menu works with controller
  • Added blueprint menu strings to en.json
  • Added loading times to log
  • Added Durango as additional platform
  • Added blueprint menu translation strings
  • Un-commented resources strings transl in Ru, added Polish localization
  • Added store page translations to en.json

  • Update: Activity script exports to file and edited via ZeroBrane Studio now
  • Pioneer plays jump anim when jumping out of vehicle
  • Adjusted controls tip position and size in carnageoid
  • Removed old label 'Loading scene-name", now only in edit mode
  • Updates and reviews of loading engine procedures
  • Merged in Todd's updates on Joint and particle System editor tool tips
  • More detailed time logs in steam init and items retrieve
  • Ignore steam_appid.txt
  • Updated LuaManDocs
  • Renamed GetAssembliesByOriginID to GetAllBrokenOffAssemblies
  • Removed old ps:SetTexture from some places
  • Steam shop uses new blueprint bg
  • Set ship hud marker to be rotated by gravity
  • Correctly displaying vehicle arrow at highestPoint above joint
  • Optimized all blueprints textures size
  • Updated Tip * Arrow particle Systems by gravity, fixed positioning to/from pos
  • Hid cbobs secret face
  • Updated GetHighestPointAboveCenter by gravity
  • Using highestPointAboveCenter for vehicle names
  • Texture clear test disabled
  • Test: clearing text layer texture and stencil before rendering into it
  • Send error log and quit app if Coherent UI init failed
  • Update: choosing user config from local or cloud based on date-time
  • Coherent
  • Updated copy hints for drag and drop
  • Made drop icon bigger
  • Increased max table length in debug outputs
  • Localised "Cancel" button in blueprint menu when using joypad
  • Printc prints readable tables
  • Ai doesnt attack pioneer capsules
  • Fully translated the previously bugged terminal hint in de
  • When standing next to body take over is instant
  • Updated robot death effect
  • Updated blank planetoid strings
  • Fix not showing res bars when player dead or respawning - and ui is not being updated
  • Updated Blank Planetoid text PS
  • Crazy bob with eye balls in UI panel
  • Intrinsic zero
  • Pioneer picks weapons from back of dead pioneer more reliabely
  • Also moved resume text to where pause text is
  • Blueprint popup texts dissapears a bit faster so
  • Moved down pause text so it doesnt overlap with area name
  • Fixed c2d_update.on_start_fading_to_menu() call was missing
  • Slower zooming on mouse wheel in menu scene
  • Updated Blank Planetoid and removed test stuff
  • Reworked all HUD particle Systems to use text feature
  • Finished particle System - Render in UI feature and set that to all HUD PSs
  • Mergin in updates on particle System in UI
  • Removed old label "loading scene...
  • Removed now unused image processing library source code from external directory tree
  • Gorilla.lib for xbone
  • Ga_xaudio2.cpp as c++
  • Gorilla audio ga_xaudio2 must be compiled in c++ mode with xaudio2 2.9
  • Xbone lua51 library and build configuration
  • Upgrade to lua 5.1.5
  • Not asking player to confirm abandon body when he is seeing the take over tip
  • Players can not fall asleep when looking at map
  • Windows build solution update
  • Upgrade external sources lua-5.1.4 to lua-5.1.5
  • Spellchecker pass de.json
  • Completed german translation
  • Introducing luajit-2.0.5
  • Remove temporary build files from luajit-2.0.3
  • Translating gladitator names and weapons in coliseum
  • Removed some prints
  • Fixed crash when trying to play music file out of list bounds
  • More info in saving error
  • Updated pl.json
  • Updated de.json
  • Removed old BPs
  • New feature, wip, particle System in UI
  • Simplified english vehicle and tool names
  • Hiding texts when blueprint menu open, the simple way for now
  • Polished blueprint popup blinking
  • Not deleting all blueprint progress in savegame when cheating BPs
  • Visual tweaks to blueprint popup
  • Bpmenu: showing name also in status color, using same color for new stuff as in lua, removed blinking since it was too annoying then
  • Blueprint popup: showing if blueprint is new, all popups blink synchronous, using default lua green color
  • Code revision and old stuff removal in Renderer.cpp
  • Synced en.json
  • More de translations
  • Commented out example of not working innerhtml for labels
  • Re-saved all blueprints with new preview picture sizing
  • Made saving blueprints with bigger preview picture
  • Path to UIViewListener.h file corrected
  • Link with w2_32.lib on xbone
  • Xbone entry point (main)
  • Exclude OpenGLBackend from xbone build.
  • Do not spawn things for dragging in xbone. it does not exist anyway.
  • Macro guarding dropfile code out of xbone compilation in G2DGame.cpp
  • Temporary compile guards for xbone (will not be using GL in reality)
  • Use modern locale API available on xbone.
  • Start abstracting UI and graphics for xbone
  • No droptargets on xbone
  • Compile guards for xbone
  • No getenv on xbone
  • Project settings for xbone compilation.
  • No drag and drop on xbone
  • Removed two more bps
  • Updated de.json
  • Removed some old bps
  • Update: blueprint menu scaling now by resolution
  • Made blueprint label blinking when other that 'Blueprint Ready'
  • Not showing blueprint ready if not enough resources
  • Blueprint menu displays kg instead of %
  • Displaying "new blueprint!" colored
  • Made c2d blue the same as lua blue
  • Other than selected blueprints darker now in blueprint menu
  • First pass compiling core library.
  • Changed blueprint background and resaved all BPs, also without HUD
  • Finished blueprint menu layout
  • Updates on blueprint menu, wip
  • Ifdef out WIN32 specific code determining locale
  • Ifdef out WIN32 specific performance code
  • SPlatformGetEnv implementation for *nix/osx
  • Introduced sPlatformGetEnv simplifying multiplatform FileSys code a little
  • Flag not using precompiled headers in all build types (debug, release, devrelease, quickbuild)
  • Use ApplySubstitution instead of ApplySubstitutionInplace as was attempting to operate on temporary object
  • Remove steam_appid.txt from build script on osx
  • Made lua and c2d error write with text layer
  • Blueprint menu types reworked using text layer
  • Reworking resources panel to use true font and accept scaling due to display resolution
  • Latest langauge files for german and romanian
  • Added "WIP" to unfinished translations
  • Got back the FLAG word to Settings and Planetoid
  • Fixed C2d logo loading scrreen
  • Syncing what's in PPLoc 's ru translation
  • Renamed FLAG Settings and FLAG Planetoid to a word without FLAG, so it gets localized right
  • Updated quitting screen using coherent text layer
  • Moved ru up in language list
  • Fixed one ru translation issue with the settings/planetoid asteroid belt GUI buttons
  • Added german, synced best russian locale version from pptest
  • Removed german, not ready yet

  • Fixed lua error when pressing X in carnageoid
  • Re-saved blueprints with fixed and fine scalled preview images
  • Fixed blueprint preview images rendering and tweaked scale
  • Fixed: some UI particle Systems were rendered in lightmap
  • Fixed climber rover shivering and reworked its jump
  • Fixed set_allow_atomize/assemble not working on build frame
  • Function return fix
  • Fixed new blueprint popup wrong color for 0.1 seconds
  • Fixed save not loading right pioneer if hes inlcuded in scene
  • Fixed pioneer respawned into is set to fly out with everything
  • Fixed hud creating hundreds of PSs
  • Fixed lua error in pp_ai
  • Fixed spot light on on pioneer in capsule
  • Fixed pioneer imperatus legs falling off all the time
  • Fix: now updating mixed camera on every frame, some labels and bubbles were shaking in coop mode
  • Fixed reverb - none on surface, good value in caves
  • Fix: checking all GL functions that Coherent needs are present and throwing error with incompatible system and missing function name
  • Fixed a bug where restarting in edit mode and then pressing no buttons could fail scenes
  • Fix: blueprint menu closing hint
  • Localized Drag and Drop texts, fixed 'add to activity' label
  • Fix: alpha now working for labels of WriteToScreen
  • Fixed part of IO save could get lost
  • Fixed table2string not counting depth correcly
  • Fixed pioneers dying in capsule not set dead correctly with all effects etc
  • Fixed lua error in pp_respawn
  • Fixed blank planetoid texts again
  • Fix: When game is paused and moving cam around in editor HUS particle System texts get spammed evrywehre
  • AB: fixed scene info overlapping with arrow and plaentoid
  • Fix: now not showing UI particle Systems and texts when any blueprint menu is visible
  • Fix: HUD particle System texts have to disappear when particles disappear
  • Fixed lms lua error
  • Fixed player join hint overlapping with res bars if there is too many players
  • Fixed some boulders not obtainanble
  • Fixed restart hint appearing before starting game
  • Fixed 'scene completed' appearing over dead pios
  • Fix: disabled text selecting in text layer
  • De spelling fixes
  • Fixed overlapping text hints for map clickables
  • Fixed mouse can hover multiple clicables and not playing controllers can select stuff too
  • Fixed camera not working in some cases with clickables and a lua error
  • Fixed spelling of february
  • Fixed wrong button hint in shop manager
  • Fixed lua error in workshop box
  • Fixed lua error in gun helper
  • Fixed lua error in loot orb
  • Fixed drone shooting itself
  • Prolly fixed cover falling off from door
  • Fixed clickables not working sometimes
  • Fixed typo in speech bubble
  • Fixed CATEGORY prefix cut when no translation found
  • Added CATEGORY prefix to blueprint Types in blueprint menu for translation fix
  • Fixed drag and drop in whole editor
  • Fixed New Scene button action in editor
  • Fixed lua error i just added
  • Fix: now not rendering res panel nor blueprint menu when fading in or from game
  • Fixed resetting game scene from menu scene left game scene selected
  • Fixed blueprint menu items sorting alphabetically and also by chosen language
  • Fixed res bar blinking white when empty, set bars opacity back to 100
  • Fixed pioneer not using new translations for pickup text hint
  • Fixed font border
  • Polished font scaling code, fixed C2D logo image
  • Fixed blueprint menu scaling and positioning
  • Fixed text positions in blueprint menu
  • Fixed warning and spelling
  • Fixed res bar not showing when no bar visible
  • Removed pch_ headers from CoherentUIView, ResourceFileHandler and UIViewListener until fixed in Coherent
  • Fix OSX compile errors
  • Fixed writing lua error only when opened editor at least once as it was before
  • Fixed texts cumulating bug when game paused or paused by editor
  • Fixed pioneer not respawning in right body when clicking respawn station

  • Deprecated get_highest_point and using GetHighestPointAboveCenter everywehere

We're super excited about some really really neat things coming down the pipe for PP later this year, so stay tuned!!
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About This Game

Welcome to Planetoid Pioneers, a cooperative sci-fi Physicsvania where kooky old astronauts fall over themselves with QWOP-like action to explore the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. It’s been built on the unique Crush2D physics engine and can be played on your couch with or against your friends in seamless pick-up-and-play Co-Op and PvP action.

You’ll trip over rocks, lose limbs and get your stuff stolen while fleeing from terrifying enemies that make you forget you’re walking right into the next trap. Come up with alternate creative solutions to the challenges thrown at you, or get your hands dirty and build some of your own Planetoids in the editors that are now all included in the standard edition, too. Laugh while others attempt to survive your carefully constructed carnage!

If you choose to purchase the Contributor Edition today, you will also get access to the official Contributor Community Discord server, where you can collaborate and share content with creatively-minded people, and also chat directly with the developers.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Dual core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 1 GB memory
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Quad core 3 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 2 GB memory
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse

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