Explore deep circular worlds in this Physicsvania with couch Co-Op combat, crafting, and ridiculous physics fails! Also bring your own game ideas to life with the powerful engine and integrated game development tools. Each Planetoid is a whole separate game mode that you can fully edit and easily share!
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Feb 8, 2018

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September 9

SEXY ROPES and FAST loading in Release Build 8

Well folks... the Planetoid Pioneers team have outdone themselves yet again, and brought you much closer to the intended experience of this labor of love! If you were bothered by the long load times before, or the old segmented ropes/cables, or any of the loooong list of issues listed below now fixed and polished, it's high time to dive right in anew.

We are working hard to improve all these critical areas in preparation for some far bigger things we are cooking up for this fall, so stay tuned for very exciting announcements here soon!

--> Please remember to write a Steam review of what you think about the game! <--

  • SEXY ROPES with curved rope renderer
  • Ice can now melt from heat
  • Major performance and loading time improvements
  • Most enemies indicate if they are hunting someone with a "!" and if they lost a target with "?"
  • Re-tweaked a lot of breaking values and fixed many unbreakable blueprints
  • Tons of bug fixes and polish thanks to feedback from the steam forums, discord and twitch streams
  • Added and bound JointSet:SolveSoftlyCancel
  • Added and bound Joint:SolveSoftlyCancel()
  • Added back Aurium Sarcophagus
  • Added warning to loot chest if assembly doesnt extist
  • Added util.testAssemblies() function to test correct setup of breaking, atomizing, etc on assemblies
  • Added and bound scene:SetActivateZonesByCameraPosWhenNoPlayerPresent
  • Added and bound MO::GetCollidedWithTOPoint
  • Added ? and ! indicators to sentry camera, all birds, zombies and vendor bot
  • Added ? and ! indicators to all AIs using pp_ai radar helper
  • Added AI funcs to indicate enemy found and lost with ! and ?, testing with bot flip
  • Zombies can only see whats in front of them
  • Defense drone adds more flying power to carry things up that mounted it
  • Added latest romanian translation
  • Added little cooldown to entering vehicles to avoid sound spam and weird physics
  • Added debug info to LoadDiscoveryMap
  • Added latest pl.json
  • Deleting temporary texture, audio and script files on startup, if detected this is an update
  • Birds drop carried stuff when dying
  • Removed rope renderer from tentacle
  • Directx11 compiles; now the real work begins
  • Set ice blueprints to break to less pieces, causes a lot of decals, sounds and geometry perform
  • Changed default breaking values for new MOs
  • Set up breaking for all junk blueprints
  • Setting blueprint auto mount joints to involuntary on load, just for blueprints that are older than this version. newly saved blueprints will not change involuntary option on load
  • Flamethrower also has sharpness damage to be useful against metal things too
  • Set all Construction blueprints mount joints involuntary
  • New material feature: melting from heat, added Melt Water PS, updated materials
  • Directx graphics will compile (hopefully no opengl breakages)
  • Lump and Ice blueprints set to not allow burning
  • Renamed too long function name to SetActivateZonesByCameraPos
  • Stopping loop sound when linked object inactivates
  • Splitting CPUMemStat class into own file and aligning DX classes to current platform independent renderer
  • Tweaked material decals density, was too high on some materials, like ice and snow
  • Made Ice and Snow material break decal not that huge
  • DXRenderMesh and DXRenderTexture initial work
  • Start of dx11 work
  • Updated hull and core labels color in editor
  • Updated editor MO breaking core value disabled when allow break core disabled
  • Updated setting min impulse to break hull and core of MO
  • Set more blueprints not to burn
  • Set a lot of blueprints to not allow burning
  • Fixed recent update on joint solver - it fixes vehicles breaking
  • Updated materials, replaced old funky decals with nicer
  • Fading out some text in asteroid belt when zooming out too far to avoid overlapping text
  • Updated drag and drop to auto extract files from cache, fixed saving scene sounds
  • Saving terrain to Scene only if it contains more than 10.000 terrain objects
  • Force load Primoid when P is pressed three times on start
  • Adapted scene saving to new cache system
  • Lots of updates on reading files directly from packed and cached PNGs, extracting blueprint that is loaded to editor, editor can load files from packed blueprints too
  • Renamed pp.ai:indicate_hostile to pp.ai:on_target_found
  • Update sound playing and managing due to new data caching
  • Adapted pictures twin optimization to new data cache
  • Removed old caching small pictures
  • Updated Scenes cache
  • All textures and sounds now load directly from cached packed scene and blueprint PNGs
  • Simplified no matching overload error
  • Simplified VectorF string output
  • Pioneer properly colors all broken off parts when dead
  • Doesn't lose the high precision setting.
  • Shader load flavour
  • Vendor bot pushes enemy away when grabbed by it
  • Bomb and ice bugs also carry things with more power
  • Removed rope renderer from tentacle and silverback, tweaked some breaking values
  • Tool rope connects to MOs too
  • Floaty text uses highest point + 0.5 if no offset passed
  • Displaying assemble tip with better position using highestPointAboveCenter function
  • Removed 'test' error label
  • Finding assembly to respawn now done lua side, prioritizing bodies in the same area and then outside the area
  • Fix: rendering closing app text after calling c2d_update.on_game_quit()
  • Update: hiding c2d error text after 15 seconds
  • Bound Assembly::GetFrameWhenCreated and SetFrameWhenCreated
  • Update: added Reset and Save Scene option when script changed to Activity editor
  • Finished and bound ctrl:GetTeamTag, GetLastKnownPosition and GetFrameWhenCreated
  • DX / GL renderer inherit in Renderer.h
  • Prepped lua side getAssemblyToRespawn() with preference for assemblies in the same area
  • Removed updateStretching() from all ropes
  • Using rope renderer in silverback arm, chain, tentacle, balloon rope, rope grenade
  • Update: special bezier curve rendering for ropes and cables
  • Disabled texture compression for sure
  • Not asking to confirm if pioneer shows abandon body hint already
  • Experimental: exploding guns explode instantly on contact
  • Polished zoom slecting in asteroid belt a bit
  • Replaced down arrow with down button in all trap doors
  • Removed empty print in weapon container
  • Hot fix: crash in PS. many updates on non extracting files version, wip, switched OFF so far
  • Updated saving config to cloud
  • Testing: weps from loot container set not atomizable
  • Simplified remaining english blueprint names
  • Using GetAllBrokenOffAssemblies in ai onDeath function
  • Fixed camera shake in intro
  • Fix: keeping menu scene files in cache
  • Fixed multiple skeltons spawing at respawn station if clicking many times
  • Fixed zombies not setting lifted item back to old friction when dying with it in hands
  • Fixed out of shape joints in golem metal causing weird floating body when broken
  • Bp_grappling_hook.lua - fixed ropes mirroring soft joints solve bug.
  • Fixed Rover Climber with radar nil checks
  • Fixed all functions returning empty AssemblyWrap to return nil instead (including AddAssembly func)
  • Fixed and optimized particle Systems visibility check
  • Fixed bug slide joints weird moving
  • Fixed lua errs in assembly lock
  • Fixed climber rover spikes not working when one wheel broke, creating radar differently
  • Fixed nail gun not damaging some things
  • Fix: on load a non mount joint is also to involuntary if the joint auto-mounts objects
  • Fixed breaking assembly adding slide joints to the logic
  • Fixed activating inactive and collided objects when active zones list and active circles didn't change
  • Fix: particle disappears and does nothing else when it hits inactive object
  • Documented good numbers for breaking in util and tweaked all breaking values for all animals and fixed unbreakable animals
  • Fixed GetHighestPointAboveCenter also looking for hidden MOs
  • Fix: activating inactive object when hit by active object
  • Fixed active flickering when respawing into something very close
  • Fixed pioneer flying through MO hes standing on when continuing save
  • Fixed things become inactive too soon when respawn sparking
  • Fixed fly-out of assemblies when gone from sleeping
  • Fixed respawn spark taking longer for traveling longer distances again
  • Fixed lag when respawn spark is flying through map by not setting things along the way active unnecessarily
  • Fix in physics: objects started to collide with fly-out objects sometimes after gone from sleeping state to not sleeping
  • Fix: un-mounting involuntary mount joints when assembly becomes dead (not always when dead)
  • Fixed sorting blueprint menu sub lists items by original blueprint name now
  • Fixed particle System align particles to grid, didn't work for child particle Systems
  • Fixed particle System emitting from sleeping particles
  • Fixed sometimes missing particle System glow
  • Fixed burning, added hot triangles red option to material, set to false for ice, snow and water materials
  • Fixed IO activating everything on load and causing lag for 5 secs
  • Fixed sounds handling when there's corrupted sound loaded
  • Fixed sound handles were not released properly
  • Fixed paths in material decals files
  • Fixed Golem Ice, had light linked to non hidden eye
  • Fixed rope ending curve when attached to different assembly than self
  • Fix:some small sized and corrupted OGGs caused freeze in gorilla when played as audio stream from memory
  • Fixed, optimized and tested terrain saving in scene
  • Fixed lua error in pp_respawn
  • Fixed error in error handler when calling error() with no arguments
  • Fixed bird feathers on ground flying up again if bird thrown
  • Fixed weak leg joints in pink horror and red devil that would break to easy
  • Fixed tool rope flying glitch and polished mounting
  • Fix: physics - gear joint solving, much less crazy physics on objects break
  • Fixed joints solving, less crazy physics, more stable gear joints
  • Fixed entry hole particle System direction
  • Fix: set joint break angle max value to 160
  • Fix: CleanUp Scene and start new button didn't clean up all in scene
  • Fix: AddPercScannedToBPInMenu now doesn't trigger blueprint effect added when it was already completed
  • Fix: re-saved blueprints with wrong preview pictures to fix them
  • Fixed rendering blueprint preview picture when asembly is small
  • Fix: blueprint types sort alphabetically by localized string again in blueprint menu
  • Fixed little omni pioneer's light in Carnageoid to be not ray light
  • Fixed rope segment texture Y flip
  • Fix of the red channel use also in older version of shader Discovery Map Light Render.fs
  • Fix: tweaked rope connection joint position on Tool Tether
  • Fixed could abandon body with blueprint menu open
  • Fixed incorrect take over hint before controller attached
  • Fixed minimap selection font color not always unique per player
  • Fixed loot orb spark effect not having aurium color
  • Fixed ai getting angered by pioneer atomizer particle System
  • Fixed loot orb smoke flying away weirdly
  • Fixed workshop store not filtering out badly rated items
  • Hot fix: rendering to discovery map shader fixed
  • Fixed asteroid belt handling deleted scenes etc like they where not
  • Fixed featured scene has rocks on in asteroid belt
  • Fixed asteroid belt not letting player zoom into planetoid sometimes
  • Fixed lua error in gun helper
  • Fix: renderer was swapping buffers twice
  • Fixed extracting files in extracting all version
  • Fixed dropper spawning bomb when placing
  • Fixed grinders grinding when they shouldnt be grinding
  • Fixed minigun and assault rifle are too easily obtained
  • Deprecated util.getAllBrokenOffMOs() use scene:GetAllBrokenOffAssemblies() instead

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August 4

ACHTUNG! Planetoid Pioneers, now officially in German

Hey folks, good news for our Deutschen followers. We now support your native language throughout the game and all menus! Have fun and tell your friends - there's some nice lil updates in here too:


  • Added drag and drop string to all languages
  • Added one more store string to all languages
  • Added german translation
  • Tweaked and added bone material effects
  • Added function to generate ordered, formatted steam log from git output

  • Updated all languages with new translation strings
  • Simplified some more blueprint names
  • Simplfied most english blueprint names
  • Resaved all Particle Systems with optimized sounds
  • Made internal tool to resave all particle Systems with optimized sounds
  • Gitignore my audio convert folder C2D/Audio/!audio convert
  • Optimally converted 3800 sound files correctly, keeping twins optimization
  • Made internal tool to update all sounds to optimally converted
  • Resaved all Blueprints with optimized sounds
  • Update: added internal tool to optimize all Blueprint sounds
  • Update: optimized Bluepritn textures even more by cropping the ones that can be cropped
  • Update: auto-optimize blueprint button in Blueprint editor now available, with even better optimization including cropping the pictures.
  • Included act_kill_the_target in scene
  • Removed old blueprints from carnageoid
  • Added some synced sfx from pptest
  • Included asteroid belt lua file in scene
  • Removed primoid lua files and included in scene
  • Converted race and coliseum to in scene lua file

  • Fixed lua error when loading save game with custom pioneer wihtout necessary function
  • Fixed sounds for bones material
  • X86 build compilation fix
  • Fix: removed test code from Blank Planetoid
  • Fix: blueprint menu items selecting now scrolls when holding WSAD key or joypad stick
  • Fixed join player hint overlapping blueprint menu
  • Fixed some overlapping UI in carnageoid
  • Fixed carnageoid lua error and included lua file
  • Fixed Reactor Scene Setup
  • Fixed activity script was un-escaped when changed

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About This Game

Welcome to Planetoid Pioneers, a cooperative sci-fi Physicsvania where kooky old astronauts fall over themselves with QWOP-like action to explore the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. It’s been built on the unique Crush2D physics engine and can be played on your couch with or against your friends in seamless pick-up-and-play Co-Op and PvP action.

You’ll trip over rocks, lose limbs and get your stuff stolen while fleeing from terrifying enemies that make you forget you’re walking right into the next trap. Come up with alternate creative solutions to the challenges thrown at you, or get your hands dirty and build some of your own Planetoids in the editors that are now all included in the standard edition, too. Laugh while others attempt to survive your carefully constructed carnage!

If you choose to purchase the Contributor Edition today, you will also get access to the official Contributor Community Discord server, where you can collaborate and share content with creatively-minded people, and also chat directly with the developers.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Dual core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 1 GB memory
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Quad core 3 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern graphics card with 2 GB memory
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any sound card
    • Additional Notes: Play with joypad or keyboard and mouse

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