The depth of CCG meets the strategy of tabletop gaming in Duelyst! Every choice matters, from your General and deck to positioning on the 9x5 battleboard. Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best!
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Aug 23, 2016

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May 22

Duelyst Patch 1.96

Duelyst Patch 1.96 is expected to deploy later on May 22nd, 2018

Rotation and Queue Updates

When we released the Trials of Mythron expansion, we introduced two formats into the game (Standard and Unlimited). While our hopes and ambitions were aimed at expanding the diversity in Duelyst, your actions as players speak the loudest. The number of games played in Unlimited (compared to Standard) was staggering! As such, we want to tailor Duelyst to what's most popular for our players. With this patch we will be removing the concept of rotations and unifying the online matchmaking system to what is currently known as "Unlimited." In other words, everyone can play with their full collection instead of having to restrict their decklists to certain sets.

Coupled with this change, we will also merge the two constructed queues together. Some of the common complaints from our social platforms came from the mismatched rankings in Casual or the prolonged queue times in Ranked. Without the different formats in place, we have no strong reason to maintain two different queues and will reunite them into one "Ranked Ladder Queue." These changes should address both the occasional prolonged wait times while maintaining the fun aspect of fighting your peers.

Balance Updates

As many of our former Unlimited players know, there are some frightening and powerful card combinations that exist from accessing both Trials of Mythron and Denizens of Shim'Zar.

Since we are reintroducing the Denizens of Shim'Zar expansion back into the fold, we found a unique opportunity to do a wide sweep of changes.

  • Dawn's Eye
    • Cost changed from 6 to 5
  • Peacekeeper
    • Stats changed from 5/5 to 6/6
  • Radiant Dragoon
    • Ability can now target itself
  • Solarius
    • Cost changed from 6 to 5
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 3/2
  • Bombard
    • Cost changed from 6 to 5
  • Calligrapher
    • Now adds cards to your Action Bar immediately, rather than at the end of your turn
  • Coalfist
    • Stats changed from 4/4 to 5/4
  • Dusk Rigger
    • Stats changed from 2/3 to 3/3
  • Katara
    • Backstab (3) changed to Backstab (1)
  • Manakite Drifter
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 5/5
  • Mask of Shadows
    • Gained "Your General gains +1 Attack"
  • Mind-Cage Oni
    • Stats changed from 4/3 to 3/2
  • Penumbraxx
    • Stats changed from 3/1 to 4/1
  • Sparrowhawk
    • Stats changed from 3/2 to 3/3
  • Suzumebachi
    • Stats changed from 1/3 to 1/4
  • Twilight Fox
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 3/4
  • Grandmaster Zendo
    • Stats changed from 4/6 to 3/6
  • Accumulonimbus
    • Cost changed from 4 to 5
  • Duskweaver
    • Stats changed from 1/1 to 2/1
  • Equality Constraint
    • Cost changed from 2 to 1
  • Falcius
    • Cost changed from 3 to 4
  • Lost in the Desert
    • Now deals 5 damage instead of 6
  • Notion of the Starless Eternity
    • Cost changed from 5 to 6
  • Oserix
    • Cost changed from 7 to 6
    • Stats changed from 8/6 to 6/5
  • Pantheran
    • Stats changed from 6/6 to 8/8
  • Portal Guardian
    • Stats changed from 0/6 to 0/8
  • Sand Sister Saon
    • Stats changed from 3/4 to 4/4
  • Sandswirl Reader
    • Stats changed from 3/4 to 3/3
  • Whispers of the Sands
    • No longer draws a card
  • Windstorm Obelysk
    • Cost changed from 3 to 2
    • Stats changed from 0/6 to 0/4
  • Aphotic Drain
    • Cost changed from 2 to 1
  • Desolator
    • Stats changed from 3/1 to 2/1
  • Horrific Visage
    • Now gives -4 Attack instead of -3 Attack
  • Night Fiend
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 4/4
  • Skull Prophet
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 2/4
  • Sphere of Darkness
    • Cost changed from 1 to 2
    • Effect changed to "Turn an enemy minion's space into Shadow Creep. Draw a card"
  • The Releaser
    • Cost changed from 3 to 2
  • Dreadnought
    • Stats changed from 4/6 to 4/7
  • Flaming Stampede
    • Now deals 8 damage instead of 5
  • Morin-Khur
    • Cost Changed from 5 to 6
  • Omniseer
    • Ability can now be used on any nearby space
  • Silithar Elder
    • Stats changed from 6/6 to 7/7
  • Tremor
    • Cost changed from 2 to 1
  • Verdant Fulmination
    • Cost changed from 4 to 3
  • Veteran Silithar
    • Stats changed from 4/3 to 4/4
  • Visionar
    • Stats changed from 6/3 to 5/6
  • Aspect of Shim'Zar
    • Cost changed from 2 to 3
  • Essence Sculpt
    • Cost changed from 1 to 0
  • Frigid Corona
    • Can now only target minions
  • Ice Age
    • Cost changed from 7 to 8
  • Mana Deathgrip
    • Cost changed from 1 to 2
  • The Dredger
    • Cost changed from 3 to 1
  • Wind Sister Maia
    • Ability changed to "Friendly minions with Infiltrate have +1/+1"
  • Alter Rexx
    • Stats changed from 4/4 to 5/5
  • Architect T2k5
    • Stats changed from 1/4 to 1/5
  • Artifact Hunter
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 3/4
  • Astral Crusader
    • Ability changed to "Whenever you replace this card, it cost 3 less and gains +3/+3"
  • Calculator
    • Cost changed from 5 to 4
  • Dioltas
    • Stats of Tombstone token changed from 0/10 to 0/8
  • EMP
    • Stats changed from 9/9 to 7/7
  • Envybaer
    • Stats changed from 3/7 to 3/10
  • Grincher
    • Now reduces the cost of the artifact by 3 instead of 2
  • Hydrax
    • Stats changed from 3/3 to 3/4
  • Inquisitor Kron
    • Stats changed from 4/4 to 4/5
    • Can no longer produce a minion with Forcefield
  • Lady Locke
    • Stats changed from 2/2 to 2/3
  • Purgatos
    • Stats changed from 3/4 to 3/5
  • Sanguinar
    • Ability changed to "Your Bloodbound Spell costs 0"
  • Soboro
    • Stats changed from 2/4 to 3/4
  • Spriggin
    • Stats changed from 6/6 to 8/8
  • Sunsteel Defender
    • Stats changed from 4/3 to 3/3
  • Thunderhorn
    • Stats changed from 4/5 to 4/4
  • Zyx
    • Cost changed from 1 to 2
For roughly one week after these changes, we will be offering full spirit refunds on cards that negatively adjusted or nerfed (marked with underlines).  Here's a quick reference list of cards eligible for refunds:

  • LYONAR - Solarius
  • SONGHAI - Katara, Mind-Cage Oni, Grandmaster Zendo
  • VETRUVIAN - Accumulonimbus, Falcius, Lost in the Desert, Oserix, Sandswirl Reader, Whispers of the Sands, Windstorm Obelysk
  • ABYSSIAN - Desolator, Skull Prophet, Sphere of Darkness
  • MAGMAR - Morin-Khur, Visionar
  • VANAR - Aspect of Shim'Zar, Frigid Corona, Ice Age, Mana Deathgrip, Wind Sister Maia
  • NEUTRAL - Dioltas, EMP, Inquisitor Kron, Sunsteel Defender, Thunderhorn, Zyx.

New Cosmetics and Skins!

The shop has been updated with several new items!

Notable mentions are the missing set of General MkII skins, as well as the inclusion of Boss Skins.

Pick up some new looks for your units today and terrorize your opponents with style!

Boss Battles Updates - Introducing Bloodbound Spells

We're excited to introduce a new feature for our Boss Battles, the introduction of Bloodbound Spells!

Each Boss is now associated with a specific elemental spell that will help them control the battlefield.

These spells are aimed to patch up weaknesses in a boss fight and thus provide either much-needed utility or removal.

So load up your Sarlacs, protect that backline of Grow or Ranged minions and get ready for a whole new challenge of fights!

Bug Fixes and other Miscellaneous Items

  • Added new SpellFXs to the game
  • Various updates to comply with GDPR regulations
  • End of Season Rewards now contain cards from all sets, including Trials of Mythron
  • Free Card of the Day can pull commons from all sets, including Trials of Mythron
  • Fixed an issue where reloading the game would reset Trial progression
  • Fixed an Issue with Lionize where the spell could target any unit "behind" the General (instead of the tile directly behind them)
  • Updated the wording on Hatefurnace to "Cast 7 spells that cause a minion to gain +Attack"
  • Fixed an issue with Aspect of Ego that caused it to transform into the same minion
  • Fixed an issue with Aspect of Ego that caused the minion to forget its current active state
  • Fixed an issue with Mnemevore that caused burnt cards to count as drawn cards
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April 17

Duelyst Tournament Update

Hey Duelyst Fans,

It's time for a tournament update! Last week we announced that we were partnering up with the fine folks at Battlefy to be our exclusive platform for competitive play.

Let's take a moment to discuss what that means for Duelyst.

Creating Tournaments

Are you an aspiring tournament organizer with a really cool tournament idea? Do you have an idea for an event that would get your fellow players pumped to play? Or simply have no clue how to start and host your own tournament?

Don't fret, our partners at Battlefy have hooked you up with a super user-friendly submission form, tailored just for Duelyst!

Visit their Create-A-Tournament page and follow the steps to completion to create your event. If you still have questions, they also have a helpful guide to set up your event with free community prizing.

"Did they just say free prizing?"

That's correct! Any events that are approved by Battlefy will be supported with official Duelyst prizing. We have a ton of prizes ready to be given out, all you have to do is make a tournament event!

Participating in Tournaments

What about the other side of the coin, playing in tournaments?

We're happy to announce that we'll be supporting two different veins of tournaments, Hardcore and Casual.


Casual tournaments are aimed towards newer players and fun formats. These events are restricted to players ranked Gold and below to ensure that you have a fun time playing with your peers. 

Whether you're an aspiring top-tier tournament player or a newcomer looking to make a few friends, this is your avenue to grow! As shown above, the rewards here are focused on Orbs to help expand that collection while you refine your skills to take on the best of the best.


Hardcore tournaments are your traditional competitive events aimed to show off the best Duelyst has to offer. Anyone is welcome to join, but newcomers beware, this is where Diamond and S-Ranked players come to test their mettle.

There are various rewards based on the tier of the tournament being played, all of them containing cosmetic rewards. We know that the players who join these tournaments already have their best decks assembled and their skills and strategies fine-tuned, the only thing left to earn is the cool cosmetics and most importantly, the recognition of being the best!

All that's left for you is to find a tournament, so check out the approved Community Tournament Listing!

Trials of Mythron Launch Tournament

In addition to community tournaments, we'll be hosting an Official Duelyst tournament with Battlefy (more information on the site).

Practice your matches and clean up your decks, this open event will feature different prizes such as tournament skins, keychains, and plushies.

We're super excited about this opportunity and can't wait to see our competitive scene grow and flourish - so join a tournament today!

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“The content, cards, and gameplay is all rock solid here. Absolutely enjoying my time spent with Duelyst.”
100 – Gaming Age

“A gorgeous tactics card game that's simple to pick up but has significant depth.”
84 – PC Gamer

“Duelyst is fantastic, and with time it’s likely to only get better. You have to check this out.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

About This Game

DUELYST is the ultimate collectible tactics game.

Head-to-head matches last between five and ten minutes, and focus on thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. Players are rewarded with new battle units every monthly season.

Assemble your battle deck from over 800 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players online in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments.

Key Features

  • Infinite Depth: With a tactical battlefield, positioning of your units truly matters. And with over 500 battle units, no battle will ever be the same!
  • Lightning-Fast Matches: Online matches last from five to ten minutes. Get your competitive fix anytime during the day!
  • Competitive: Play against players of equal skill on the monthly Season Ranked Ladder. Or compete in the Gauntlet Draft Mode, where the longer you last, the better the rewards!
  • Classic Pixel Art Aesthetic: Bright and detailed pixel art for all Generals and Cards with full 16-bit spell and effect animations.
  • Immersive Lore: Expansive codex and history spanning 30,000 years to uncover the mysteries of the denizens of Mythron. Jump down the rabbit hole!

Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 32-bit
    • Processor: 1.5Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Open GL 3.1+ Compliant
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 720p, 16:9 recommended
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 600 series with 2GB memory or higher
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.9+
    • Processor: 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Open GL 3.1+ Compliant
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 720p, 16:9 recommended

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