Let us exchange the KOTONOHA of hope a little more. *Ĉu vi volas paroli la lingvon "Juliamo"?* Do you want to speak *Juliamo*?
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About This Game

Let us exchange the KOTONOHA of hope a little more.

*Ĉu vi volas paroli la lingvon "Juliamo"?*
Do you want to speak *Juliamo*?

KOTONOHA Lernado is an Isekai language learning app, a spinoff from the yuri visual novel The Expression Amrilato.

Meet Rin, a high school girl, perplexed by her being thrown away to Isekai. Join her and learn the local *KOTONOHA* ("language") with cute girls!

- Those who already played The Expression Amrilato can use this game to review their knowledge on *Juliamo*.
- The game supports *Juliamo* as well as Esperanto, the language *Juliamo* is based on.
- Sentence examples are available for commonly used words (Ranks A and B).
- The characters from The Expression Amrilato accompany you through the learning process, full with their own personalities.


Rin, a 17-year-old high school girl, wandered into an Isekai where the sky is always pink in color. Ruka, a 14-year-old girl who speaks a little Japanese, and a couple of other girls teach her *Juliamo*, the lingua franca of the world. Will Rin be able to exchange *KOTONOHA* with them with a smile?
* *Juliamo* is constructed based on Esperanto, a real language in our world.

About the Isekai Rin has wandered into

[Difference between the world where Rin is from]
  • While geographically similar, some buildings, facilities, and roads are completely different.
  • The language is the most critical difference; the people do not speak Rin's Japanese.

[The people called *Vizitanto*]
  • Many people other than Rin have wandered into this world from other ones; they are called *Vizitantos*.

[The language *Juliamo*]
  • In the past when there was a massive influx of *Vizitantos*, a certain language was common among them. *Juliamo* is constructed based on that tongue, and is used as the first language in certain regions.
  • The alphabet consists of 28 characters, highly similar but pertaining some differences to the 26-character Latin alphabet.

[The sky that doesn't change in color]
  • The sky is always pink in color; are there no sunset?
  • The lack of visual difference between day and night has led to a general preference towards 24-hour clocks.


  • TAKATOO Rin (17, Female) Voiced by: Juri Nagatsuma
"Do I... actually happen to be gifted in languages?"

A high school girl who wandered in to an Isekai. Specializes in positive thinking!
While not the greatest fan of learning, she tries to learn *Juliamo* in order to communicate with Ruka.

  • Ruka (14, Female) Voiced by: Shu Uchida
"I like... Rin!"

A middle school girl who serves as Rin's caretaker (?).
Though not fluent, She tries to speak with Rin in Japanese after she wandered into her world.
She seems to be living by herself while still being young, and her parents are nowhere to be seen; there seems to be more behind this.

  • Rei (??, Female) Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
「*Ĉu vi jam povas paroli la lingvon Juliamo*?」

A woman who works at the *Vizitanto* Service Bureau, where Ruka took Rin to.
Normally she serves a librarian for the library in the adjacent building.

  • Kanako (15, Female) Voiced by: Eriko Yamana
「*Fek! Fermu la buŝon!*」

A girl who seems to be a friend (?) of Ruka.
She seems to have some thoughts on Rin, but is harsh on others and rough in speech.

  • Nora (??, Female) Voiced by: Anzai Yukari

A blue-eyed blonde girl, low in height and childlike in appearance, who suddenly appeared in front of Rin and Ruka. The Isekai language she speaks seems to be different from that of other girls, with a bit of an "accent," one would say.

The meaning of the title

*KOTONOHA* = language
*Lernado* = lernado (EO)
Adding the suffix *-ad-* and noun suffix *-o* to the Esperanto world *lerni* (to learn) yields *lernado* (learning).
* *-ad-* adds the meaning of continued action. "To continue learning" = "Learning"

The meaning of the brand

A compound from Espranto words *sukera* (sugar) and *sparo* (sea bream), signifying the store "Taiyaki shop" in the novel.


Character design by: Chisato Naruse
Planning/Scenario by: J-MENT
Language supervision by: HUZIMAKI Ken'iti
Hotta Hirohiko
Japana Esperanto-Instituto
Director: J-MENT
Producer: Shuichi Koga
Developer: SukeraSparo

System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11
    • Processor: intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 以上
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1.5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound 互換サウンドカード
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.
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