Over 1000 unique components allow you to build and command voxel vehicles from the deep ocean to outer space- including battleships, planes, submarines and space ships! Forge strategies, allegiances and fleets strong enough to destroy eight deadly factions of the planet and reign supreme.
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Aug 7, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“From the Depths was released via our website on the 1st of January in a pre-alpha state and the involvement from the community was amazing. We averaged a new release every 4 days for 6 months and the experience of developing with the help of the player has been absolutely priceless. By releasing in early access on Steam we hope to grow the customer base and make sure the game is tailored to new players and veterans alike!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“From The Depths will be in development for approximately 6 months before the entire wish-list is included, however development will continue for as long as there are players!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“From the Depths is nearing completion now. It has most of the essential features and loads of extras such as map editor and modding support. We will continue to improve the UI and tutorials for the full release.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Hundreds of player tested releases in and very stable. A massive amount of content that can keep you entertained for hundreds if not thousands of hours.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price may increase slightly in the full release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The forum at http://www.fromthedepths.com/forum is the main hub of interaction between developers and players. Almost every player comment is read and replied to by a developer. The vast majority of the features are added due to player request or through open discussion with the players.”
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Recent updates View all (50)

May 3

2.4.5 released- new UI, HUD, usability improvements

Really excited to release 2.4.5. It's been a really busy week since 2.4.4 and we've achieved a lot. The HUD/UI in normal mode and build mode has been updated, there is a great new feature where pressing middle mouse brings up loads of extra HUD visuals and gives you a mouse with which to interact with them (build mode and normal mode).
We've also added a way to save down user interfaces for later use (so you don't need to navigate back through menus to find them, or find blocks deep inside the vehicle). A lot of bugs have been fixed and a lot of other changes have been made which you can read more about below.

As for 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 I've made a video explaining the changes- you can find it here https://youtu.be/dVKxSJfGTp8

The main place to talk about this patch should be on the official forums here:

v2.4.5 [Add] <ACB>: Strafe and hover commands added
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added %, <, <=, >, >=, == and != operators to the maths evaluator
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input to get the last propulsion request to any drive
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with various time related values to breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added select manoeuvre component to AI breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added target bearing input to primary target info of AI breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Breadboards maths evaluator can now use the same functions as other maths evaluators. Also added many extra functions to all maths evaluators
v2.4.5 [Add] <Electric engine>: Electric engines can now use complex controls
v2.4.5 [Add] <Tutorials>: You can now create a Build Guide in game by pressing Shift+Insert (re-mappable) when in build mode to capture the current vehicle as a state in the build guide. Holding the key for 3 seconds will wipe what you have captured. In the modding interface you can dump your capture into a build guide definition. Expect to see higher quality build guides in game shortly.
v2.4.5 [Add] <UI>: [REQ-113] A bunch of modal confirmation windows added to avoid exiting to the main menu by error
v2.4.5 [Add] <UI>: You can now 'collapse' a UI instead of closing it, it will be added to the HUD so that you can open it at any point in the future- very useful for keeping track of useful blocks and PIDs!
v2.4.5 [Change] <Blocks>: Ai tutorial and manual updated.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Blocks>: Inventory names reorganized and new descriptions given.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Building>: You can rename blocks in build mode using SHIFT + N. All blocks can now be renamed.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Controls>: Perma-build and Perma-remove are now remappable, but bound to CTRL+H instead of middle mouse (you can rebind it where-ever you like, but I have plans for middile mouse...)
v2.4.5 [Change] <Tutorials>: The basic controls tutorial has been updated and expanded to be a lot more useful.
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: A display of what the mouse buttons do is now displayed whenever an avatar item is selected
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: ACB UI tidied up a bit, to make it all display on screen at once (no scrolling needed)
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Added block thumbnails to the inventory so you can search visually by appearance
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Controlled weapon status glitches fixed- now displays correctly the number of missiles
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: HUD and inventory UI no longer use the one size fits all scaled UI system- now they fit on the screen and use your selected fontsize and button dimensions
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Painted and renamed blocks will display their paint index and custom name in the tooltip now
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Path View is no longer an avatar item, but an option which is toggleable from the HUD after pressing middle mouse button
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Resource bar view remapped from R to CTRL+R but is now toggleable from the extended HUD mode after pressing middle mouse button
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Ships wheel no longer displays the 'turn sail left/right commands', these are simply 'roll left and roll right' buttons (you can hook them up to control sails / roll / whatever you want).
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Tidied up the main HUD and the building HUD
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Using icons for most character weapons / items on the toolbar now
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-685] Fixed all the command inputs in the ACB
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-717] Electric engine power not considered by ACB
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-719] ACB aerial AI related crash
v2.4.5 [Fix] <Steam engines>: [BUGS-704] Possible crash when removing a pipe when using steam engines with really a lot of pistons (or a dozen huge ones)
v2.4.5 [Remove] <Avatar>: Melee attack has been removed
v2.4.5 [Remove] <UI>: The old tactical UI, opened traditionally with 'N', has been removed from the game
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April 23

2.4.4 (Annotation system, multiplayer fixes and more)

2.4.4 deals mainly with multiplayer fixed, but also adds a cool new system called "annotations" (accessible from the vehicle V menu and visible when the game is paused, or in build mode)
It also makes a really nice quality of life change to the UI where holding middle mouse or holding E (both rebindable) allows the "mouse look" in all interfaces. Keyboard moving of the camera is already active in UIs so now you can really explore things whilst you have a UI open.
A number of other bugs have also been fixed, but are small and as such I did not put them into the change log.

v2.4.4 [Add] <Game>: Added 'annotation' options for vehicles (accessible from V menu). These are visible when the game is paused (F11) or you are building on the design. See DWG 'Duster' for first examples.
v2.4.4 [Add] <UI>: Holding middle mouse or pressing E allows you to 'mouse look' from inside an open user interface. Available in almost all UIs. Rebindable in the options menu.
v2.4.4 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-763] Bug with 'above' type adjuster for naval behaviour fixed (caused issue with broadside)
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-753] Auto-orientation of custom jet engine extension parts fixed
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-767] Bug with ACB setting GP-PID type triggering the pre-2.4.0 vehicle migration code for assigning hover thrusters now fixed
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-758] Propulsion and drive breadboard modules no longer act when vehicle is being tractor beamed by friendly docking station
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Fortress>: Fortress manoeuvre and behaviour routines now have a default setup migration for the 'adjuster'- this will keep them at sensible altitudes
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Fortress>: Fortresses can now turn under AI control
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-740] large gantries only connect when they are exactly lined up with the launch pad (odd configurations used to be possible)
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-759] Missiles fired / reloaded during a warp jump are now the correct size
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-709] Breadboards will sync changes correctly in multiplayer now
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-738] Copy Paste now synchronises in multiplayer
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-738] Reset buttons on the UI (such as those for propulsion blocks) now correctly sync in multiplayer
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-739] 'Repair Other' repair beams now render on the client as well as the host in multiplayer
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed various issues retrofitting a vehicle with stacked subconstructs
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed various issues with new vehicles built in multiplayer not syncronising data
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed various issues with sub vehicle spawners and syncronisation of the drone/mothership states
v2.4.4 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Spawning a vehicle with drones no longer creates issues
v2.4.4 [Fix] <PAC>: Fixed issues with PAC melee lens and made it a lot more damaging
v2.4.4 [Fix] <SVS>: Drone and mothership links are maintained until the SVS block is permanently removed from the design (not just killed), or the UI is used to disconnect the drone.
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“My jaw almost hit the floor when I installed a few community made vehicle blueprints. The creativity and ingenuity on display was simply incredible [...] there is no doubt that this game is going to be truly epic”
Game Ramble

“The game’s physic system is especially impressive. Giant galleons feel like absolute tanks trudging through the ocean, while speedboats slice through the waves at a precarious pace [...] Combat is chaotic and intimately customizable. There is perhaps no greater pleasure than executing a successful broadside”

“From the Depths is a very fine-tuned and detailed strategy title, one that offers amazing cusrtomization options and the opportunity to test out your own creation live on the battlefield. If you're a strategy enthusiast and love vehicle design, this one deserves your attention.”
The Indie Game Magazine (Issue 43 Nov 2014)

Workshop for vehicles, planets and mods

Share your vehicle blueprints, planets (factions, campaigns, missions, multiplayer maps) and mods via the workshop

Feature List

  • A huge game world explorable from the ocean depths into outer space.
  • A full and accurate physics model including dynamic damage simulation, sailing mechanics and weather effects.
  • Battle against fleets of AI craft and build your own to meet the menace.
  • Build fortress bases, mine for resources and battle other factions in campaign mode where strength and diplomacy are the keys to victory.
  • In-game Steam workshop support to share your creations with the world.
  • RPG-Style character progression with levels, perks, skills and inventory systems.
  • Comprehensive in-game planet, campaign, mission and multiplayer map editor.
  • Available now on PC, Mac and Linux.

Just Updated

Recent updates include a far more versatile AI system, a more customizable way of controlling the different systems of your vehicle, a new annotation system for adding descriptions and flare to your designs, loads of multiplayer improvements, new user interface systems and an expansion of the missile system to allow for micro missiles and cruise missiles.

About This Game


In From the Depths you can build and take first-person command of battleships, planes, submarines, space ships, hot air balloons and more! The game contains a wide range of single player content including:
  • A creative mode allowing you to push your designs to the limit and ensure the total annihilation of your opponents.
  • A strategic campaign waged over hundreds of islands against eight unique factions.
  • A Story Mode where you can play missions as each of the eight factions - a fantastic mixture of strategy, design and wild battles! Defend your fleet against waves of enemy forces in a series of extremely tough challenges.
  • Adventure mode where you start on a raft and must build up your fleet and travel a dangerous universe fighting or running from enemy fleets

As well as a wide range of multiplayer content
  • Design with your friends in co-op designer
  • Play a range of adversarial modes
  • Play the entire single player campaign together in co-op

Key Features

  • Design and build your fleet, fortresses and structures however you want. There are currently over 1000 unique components blocks, not including 38 different components for making missiles, torpedoes, depth charges and bombs and 34 different components for making the ultimate cannon shell!
  • The sky's the limit, you can equip your vehicle with cannons, lasers, mines, bombs, missiles, torpedoes, propellers, rudders, jet engines, wings, hydrofoils, hot air balloons, anchors, fire control computers, blueprint spawners, repair bots, air pumps, automated control blocks and many, many more!
  • Realistic physics - every block destroyed or added affects the vehicle's functionality, physics and control. Drag, inertia tensors, buoyancy and sealed compartments are all updated based on the design of your vehicle and the damage sustained.
  • Be part of a fantastic community with new releases made on average once a week. Community organised challenges and blueprint sharing make it an extremely friendly place to hang out!
  • Loads of single player and multiplayer content in which to use your designs (campaigns, co-op campaigns, missions, adventures)
  • Design your own planets/campaigns/missions/multiplayer maps using the planet editor or add your own mods easily using a fully integrated modding interface

Customizable Components

The customizable components in From the Depths allow a unique level of engineering customization:
  • Design custom missiles, bombs, depth charges and torpedoes by combining various warheads types, fuse types, IR seekers, laser beam riders, laser designators, thrusters, navigation algorithms, fuel pods, sonar seekers, buoyancy compartments and propellers, to deliver a truly bespoke weapon.
  • Design custom cannons by combining four different barrel types and lengths with auto-loaders, warhead types, ammo boxes and auxiliary components to create everything from AA cannons to howitzers.
  • Design custom AI by combing an AI mainframe with 'AI cards' slotted into motherboard blocks. Add radar detection, laser detection and tracking and local weapon controllers to give partial or full control to AI. Create anything from a fully AI controlled aircraft carrier to a battery powered drone.
  • Design custom engines using crank shafts, cylinders, carburetors, super chargers, exhausts and fuel injectors. Electric engines, generators and chargers are also available for backup power supplies and drones.
  • Similar systems exist for the creation of anti-vehicle and anti-missile lasers, drills that can cut even the largest of battleships in half, Particle Cannons, Jet engines, Oil refineries and more

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core i5 @ 2.5 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 7800 series
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Steam connection required to play the game
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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