An ambitious young Guild Master travels the dying sky islands of Medonia to uncover a way to save his once utopian homeland, but can he accept the shocking truth that awaits him? Your own airship, innovative turn-based combat, and more await you in this love letter to JRPG classics!
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August 11

Soundtrack release! ^_^ ... and early access delay. =(

Hello, friend!

I missed you! How've you been? Today is one of those "yummy news" / "yucky news" type of days. I'll keep this as succinct as possible so we can both get back to being productive!

The Yuck (Early access delay)

At the beginning of this year I went from a sort of "floating homelessness" to moving into my parent's basement. Since then I have not left this house for nearly 8 months so that I could focus entirely on delivering Soul Saga to you.

Thousands of Soul Saga's fans have let me know they've been eagerly awaiting the world I've spent half a decade creating for you. Unfortunately, it's with a heavy heart that I must temporarily suspend development of Soul Saga due to a critical Unity 3D native engine bug that is crashing many common areas of gameplay. You can see a small sample of the bug in the picture below.

Unity Game Engine Woes

This bug is what is known as a "native" crash, which means that there is something wrong inside of Unity's core source code. Because Unity is "closed source", I am unable to look at the code myself or even recruit help to fix the bug because I cannot gain access to the source code unless I pay a (very) large amount of money.

For a while now I've been exchanging e-mail's with Unity's QA representative. The representative has been sympathetic and courteous regarding the situation, but unfortunately no tangible progress has been made to resolve this bug.

Some key points of the correspondence have been:
  • I have sent a bug report and project with the reproducible bug to Unity.
  • The Unity team has acknowledged and reproduced the bug on their end.
  • The bug has also been reported by other developers, but appears to be rare.
  • Neither I nor Unity have been able to find a temporary "work-around".
  • Unity has said there's nothing more I can do to resolve the bug.
  • There is no timeline on fixing the bug.
  • I can only wait until Unity's core development team has time to fix the bug.
This native engine crash is affecting both the compiled game build (the files you receive) and the engine's editor (which I create the game in). The breadth and consistency of the crashing is now blocking productive development, preventing me from both releasing early access to you and even continuing to create the game.

Moving Forward

The thought of losing the world I have literally sacrificed my life to create puts me into an emotionally numbing shock. There is nothing for me outside of this project, and for it to not release would mean that my entire life was wasted. If you've followed my updates over the past half decade then you know that I am no stranger to bad luck and life-altering circumstances, but I have always pushed forward with a singular dream of delivering Soul Saga to you. So I hope you understand when I promise I will, somehow, get my world to you, that you understand the weight that promise holds.

For now I will utilize this "downtime" to mainly focus on two major goals:
  • Research alternatives for delivering Soul Saga's world
  • Focus on delivering other Kickstarter rewards
Which finally brings us to some good news...

The Yum (Soundtrack release!)

Soul Saga's Soundtrack is released! Over 70 tracks and nearly 4 hours of JRPG "ear candy" are now available. If you pledged for the soundtrack during the Kickstarter, you should be able to access it from Humble Bundle (following these instructions). If you'd like to support development further you can pick up a digital copy from either Humble Bundle or Bandcamp.

Let's chat (on Discord)

Remember that you can join myself and the community in our Discord chat. I'm active every day there and try my best to answer any questions you may have.

Click here to join Disastercake's Discord channel.
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June 15

Soul Saga - Our 5th Anniversary

Happy 5 year Anniversary, Friend!
5 years ago. from this exact day, I came to Kickstarter as a young developer with a dream: to make a fun game inspired by the classics I loved from my childhood.  At first I just planned to find a way to fund Soul Saga's development, but through Kickstarter I found much more.  I found support, I found friends, and most importantly: I found a reason to live.  Without you, I wouldn't have had the motivation to continue.

In a previous post I covered some of what I've had to sacrifice to keep working on Soul Saga.  Since then, I left my entire life behind to return to the exact place I started Soul Saga: my parent's basement.  I haven't left the farm since I got here half a year ago, because every waking moment has been dedicated to working on Soul Saga.  It's been a long journey with a lot of pain and heartbreak... and if I had the chance to start over, I'd do it all again.

I set out to make a love letter to JRPG classics and ended up making a love letter to you, my friends.  From the first moment I wake up, to the last moment I fall asleep, my only goal is to one day see you proud of the game you and I have created together.  This is why I've been gathering your feedback and applying it to Soul Saga.  I'm making this game for you, and it's you that has pushed Soul Saga to be the best game it can be.

Earlier this year I had hoped to have Soul Saga finished by July.  Since then I have done nearly nothing but work on Soul Saga. While I haven't been able to completely finish it yet, I've gotten a lot done.  However, after a lifetime of combating mental health diseases and the past 5 years pushing me beyond limits, it's become very obvious that toiling away alone will not be a feasible way to handle the remainder of Soul Saga's development.  It's time that we try something new.

Early Access in July
Lately I've been looking back on the past 5 years of Soul Saga's development cycle and analyzing my own personal strengths and weaknesses to plan a realistic route to Soul Saga's completion.  What I've found is that the most valuable strength I have isn't from within myself... it's you.  Soul Saga could never have been as polished as it is today without your feedback and support.  And the only way I can complete Soul Saga is if you can help me figure out the best way to utilize what its world has to offer.  And we'll do that through early access.

In July I will be releasing Soul Saga in an early access state.  At the moment it's not nearly the game it can be or the game that you truly deserve, but with you and I working together, one day it will be.

World Map

Above you'll find Soul Saga's world map, illustrated by the talented Gracie Cole.

You might recall that Soul Saga's world is split into three layers:
  • Medonia
  • the Tempest Reef
  • the surface world of Oterra
The explorable areas of the first Soul Saga game focuses on Mithos and his friends in their younger years and their adventures among the floating sky islands of Medonia.  The world map above illustrates the broad layout of Medonia, which includes:
  • Dunhaven, the capital city of Medonia and seat of the Guild Senate.
  • Tanglewood, a deadly forest grown out of the roots of the mysterious Dragontree.
  • Rustbelt, the abandoned junkyard of ancient, forbidden technology.
The explorable area of Medonia is an open world design.  If you see it, you can fly there!  The world is split up into a 7x6 grid, identified similar to a spreadsheet with a combination of letters and numbers.  If you look close enough during your adventures, you'll find that each area has something of interest in it: forgotten wonders, epic flying bosses, treasure, and even hidden dungeons.

New Airship Design

In Soul Saga, your airship is like a part of your team. To give it a bit more personality, I've added a mouth and eyes. The mouth also serves another purpose: it spits bullets! I really like this design because it follows the cute aesthetic and strong personality that all of Soul Saga's characters have in this beautiful world.

Twitter Update Summary
I often use Twitter as an easy way to get out bite sized information and connect with fans.  Here's a summary of important Twitter updates I've lately.

Public Roadmap on Trello
I've created a (mostly) spoiler-free public roadmap on Trello so that you can follow along with Soul Saga's development, understand the priority ranking of different tasks, and have a stronger understanding of exactly what's left.  With a complex game like Soul Saga, pieces are always moving and changing, so a live kanban styled roadmap is a great way to deliver that information to you.

Want to change your key?
Many backers have asked to change their key to Steam, Humble Bundle, or GOG so they can get in on Soul Saga's early access and help me further with development.  If you pledged for a console key, and would like to change it to a Desktop version, please send me a private message on Kickstarter, or shoot me an e-mail (mike at if you pledged through Paypal.


If you're a fan of Recettear or if the idea of running your own item shop tingles yours toes, you have to check out Moonlighter.  Moonlighter has some of the most beautiful pixel art, music, and fun gameplay I've seen in a long time.  If you're lucky, Mithos might actually visit your shop in Moonlighter!  And if you look hard enough in Soul Saga, you might find something of Moonlighter that's crossed over...

What do you think?
I love you, and your opinion matters to me more than anything else.  I've always promoted a transparent and open communication between us, but now more than ever with this last stretch of Soul Saga's development I need to know what's on your mind.  Please feel free to join myself and other fans in the Disastercake Discord channel and have a chat!

Click here to join Disastercake's Discord channel.
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About This Game


Soul Saga is a love letter to JRPG classics, and the comfort food of JRPG fans. Utilizing the classic JRPG formula as a base, Soul Saga is the culmination of 3 years of prototyping and testing of new elements by a single full-time developer and thousands of passionate fans. In addition, many artists around the world have contributed to Soul Saga to help give it the well rounded and polished art such a game deserves. With over an hour of original music tailored specifically for JRPG fans, Soul Saga is both a fun and artistic journey through a familiar, yet fresh, world.


Oterra was a once lush and vibrant world, but it’s surface is now wasted after the events of an ancient cataclysm. The planet is now split into 3 distinguishable layers: the Sky Islands of Medonia, the Tempest Reef, and the Surface World of Oterra.

This cataclysm was caused by a mysterious corruption called Ink that mutated the world’s creatures into monsters called Inkheart. The Inkheart ravaged society and mercilessly destroyed civilizations as they spread across Oterra. The last haven for humanity, Medonia, was saved by a mysterious man called the Philosopher. The Philosopher introduced the science of Alchemy to Medonia’s people and they took up arms using their new Alchemical powers, but it was too late. The Dragons of Oterra had succumbed to the Ink corruption and joined the assault against Medonia. As a last effort, the Philosopher used his powers to raise Medonia off of the planet and into the sky, setting it safely on the clouds above and out of the reach of the indomitable Inkheart.

And now... 300 years after it’s conception, the Tempest Reef is weakening, the Islands of Medonia are dying and falling from the sky, and an omen of catastrophic proportions has appeared. There are rumors of a passage called Cloud’s End that will allow a ship passage through the Tempest Reef to the surface world below. It's assumed that one man found this passage, but left no trace of its existence behind. The Guilds of Medonia now search for Cloud’s End in hope to find a cure for their dying islands somewhere on the surface of Oterra.

Armed with alchemy and a mysterious sword, an ambitious young Guild Master travels the sky islands of Medonia in his new airship to uncover a way to save his homeland, but is he ready for the truth?

Help Mithos and Elise fight against the impending menace threatening the sky islands of Medonia with their guild of close friends and unlikely allies. Your own airship, classic turn-based combat, real-time airship combat, crafting, and more await you in Soul Saga!


Meaningful difficulty modes! Choose from either Cake, Vanille, or Jacked difficulty modes to match your play style and skill level! Soul Saga's different difficulty modes go beyond the standard increased health and damage to also add new skills and intelligent decision patterns to many enemies!

Innovative Strategic Combat! Soul Saga's combat system first found inspiration from turn-based JRPG classics then evolved into its own unique system by allowing the player to choose exactly when they take their turn. In addition, every turn has a special buff or debuff granted to the person acting. By accumulating action points by either delaying turns or taking certain actions, you can control the flow of battle with well calculated strategies!

Customize your skills! Utilizing the amber system, you can equip your characters with different ambers to enable them access to new skills!

Synthesize magical amber! Collect and harvest almost any item from the world to craft amber! Utilize Soul Saga's unique and experimentive alchemy crafting system to synthesize the purist amber possible by matching any combination of items to it's alchemental formula. The closer you are to the base formula, the higher quality amber you'll produce. Don't know a formula? Just deconstruct an existing amber to learn its secrets!

Transmute stronger weapons! Upgrade your weapon to unlock new slots, then transmute special items that can customize the stats of your weapon!

Airship Exploration and Wonders! Free roaming airship exploration gives you the power to explore every nook and cranny of this vast world to uncover all of Medonia's natural and historical wonders!

Real-Time Airship Combat! You're not alone in the skies, and your neighbors don't like to share their space! Use your airship to wrest the skies from your airborne opponents and claim the treasure and glory you deserve!

Cook Yummy Lunches! Soul Saga's unique lunchbox system adds a desperately needed balance to the classic JRPG formula by allowing you more options to strategize in and out of combat! Lunches are utilized to heal, strengthen, deal damage, escape from combat, and more!

An Epic Saga! An epic story involving sky islands, airships, Guilds, alchemical magics, interesting NPCs, deep lore, and heart-moving character developments.

Development History

Soul Saga was the first 3D JRPG launched on Kickstarter and gained immediate praise from new fans reaching over 300% of the original funding goal! The new budget allowed Soul Saga to enhance its art style and gameplay based on fan feedback, but was still too small to finance a large dev team. I then dedicated the next 3 years of my life working on Soul Saga as the only full time developer to bring you the best game I could. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my humble love letter to JRPG classics and that it can bring just a fraction of the irreplaceable joy we all experienced from the great games that inspired it.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 2 Ghz single core or faster processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 1.4 Ghz multi core or faster processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB VRAM Dedicated Graphics card
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse

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