Etaine: Magic Survivor / 伊泰恩:魔法幸存者
Etaine: Magic Survivor is a top-down arena shooter survival roguelite game. You can eliminate thousands of enemies through spells or artifacts. You can also choose talents to shape different builds to strengthen yourself. Will you be able to survive when you against the thousands of monsters?
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Very Positive (86) - 97% of the 86 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Dec 23, 2023

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“I want to develop Etaine: Magic Survivor with the players. I have maked some games independently. But I am too concerned about the term 'independence' and have not communicated with others, so I have not been successful to this day. This time, I will listen to the players' suggestions and complete this game well! Early Access will help me go in the right direction.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Roughly 1 year.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“I plan to add the following content: more magic, more artifacts, more talents, more challenging BOSS!”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The Early Access is a full playable version, with 13 different magic, 8 different artifacts and over 50 different talents. At least 5 common build to win the game.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will be increased proportionally every big update.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“For Chinese players, you can follow my Bilibili account or join the QQ group for communication.

For other players, as I do not know languages other than Chinese, if you want to provide feedback, you can use Steam's comment function. I will translate and communicate with you through the machine translation, but there may be situations where words do not convey their intended meaning. I hope you can understand.”
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About This Game

Here is the update plan for the game.^_^

It is expected to make a version change (game price will be increased) every One and a half to two months, and make a small update every eight to 16 days.
Update Content may be adjusted based on player feedback, such as updates the Regular mode (20 minutes) ^_^

Please note before purchase:

  • 1. This game has no real adult content, only Nudity. If you want to buy adult game, then it may not be able to meet your needs. But you can still look at the CG in the preview image first, which can help you understand the sexy girls of this game.
  • 2. I only have 1920* 1080,1366 *768 monitor. If your monitor is not 16:9, it is recommended to use "Window Mode" to play the game (especially with long fish screen). If the image is mismatched, I apologize to you, it is that I do not have the money to buy advanced monitors for game testing.
  • 3. This game is based on the principle of "good steel is used to the edge", the funds are basically invested in the characters (character drawing, cg and animation frames), so the skills effect, ICONS and sound effects in the game are all from the Unity Store. If you are very resistant to these common assets, the game is difficult to meet your needs.
  • 4. This game is a VS like game with sexy girls (now there are 3 characters, a total of 3 CG sets, 90 magic, 41 artifacts, 120 talents. In addition to the number of characters, the amount of content is already more than most of the ea version of the VS like games), if you want to play a light, can see some sexy girls in VS like game, then you can try this game. If you want an S-class VS like game like Potato Brothers, this game is difficult to meet your needs.
  • 5. Some game design of this game is different from other VS like, please read the tutorial. If you prefer fully automatic combat, you can turn on the "Auto Cast Spell" and "Auto Aim" functions in the Settings.
  • 6. The game is a little difficult in the novice phase, but after understanding the game designs and some skills' ability, you can easily kill all enemies (about two or three Run).
  • 7. If you feel it is easy to die using Icy, you can try to use Sally (take the artifact route), Sister is very hard to die^_^

The next update will try to update the controller adaptation, so I may take more time to study how to implement the feature, so the next update will require a longer waiting time, please forgive me.

Updated list (2024/04/18) :

  • Content: Add new achievements to Steam Achievements.
  • Balance: The effect of difficulty level 11 was changed to "Small enemies spawn more often" in order to increase FPS and reduce stalling!

Updated list (2024/04/17) :

  • Content: Updated difficulty level.
  • Content: Update the Challenge Mode, the adding "The Prayer of the Virgin", "Double Blade, Double Wives", "Too Many Elite", "Prank Expert" four challenges. The Challenge mode is hard and is only recommended for hardcore players who want to challenge themselves.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the "Grimoire" would still appear on upgrade panel when using Sally Phase 2.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that "Laser Grimoire" will get a bonus form Ammo of spells. Fixed a bug that "Magma Grimoire" did not receive a bonus form Ammo of artifact in Icy Phase 2.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that "Flame Ray" and "Split Beam" would shoot out in the wrong position when the character's size changed or the spell size increased.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that picking up "Death Relic" did not immediately kill Shooter enemies and Self-explosion enemies.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the "Super Attack" did not work against Shooter enemies and Self-explosion enemies.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the "Overload Voltage" could directly kill the BOSS when the condition was met.
  • UI: Added category buttons in Enemy Encyclopedia.
  • Balance: Reduced spawn quantity of Common enemies generated in the later stages of "Boundless Prairie" in order to increase FPS and reduce stalling!

Since the second phase of the update plan has been completed so that the game has entered version 0.9, the price will be increased to $3 (the actual price will be adjusted according to the region)

Updated list (2024/04/09) :

  • Character: Finished the phase 2 of Sally, I hope you like the design of her dress ^_^
  • Content: Relock the "Grimoire" and need to complete the victory achievement of Sally 2 to unlock it.
  • Content: Added the second map(Boundless Prairie) and updated the Enemy Encyclopedia. The new map is more difficult, it is recommended to have enough money to Power Up before playing it.
  • Content: Added "Self-explosion" enemies. They can pass through all enemies to get close to the character and then detonate themselves. The explosions deal 4x of their damage.
  • Content: New BOSS, Stargazer: There will be star, moon, sun revolve around him, pay attention to grasp the distance with him.
  • Content: New BOSS, Bomber Fish: It will launch attack objects with "Self-explosion" ability, can cause a lot of damage, pay attention to avoid them.
  • (PS: The new BOSSes are very powerful, it is recommended to challenge the high difficulty after the BOSS is familiar in the low difficulty. Otherwise you may be confused when the BOSS defeat you in a few seconds.)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the artifact entered the skill pool again after using the "Emperor" evolution artifact!
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the text display was abnormal due to the lack of corresponding spells when using the "Emperor" evolution "Magic Gun"!
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the survival timer was suspended at difficulty 10 when generating elites due to player had destroyed too many "extra elites". Because at difficulty 10, it generates Double elite. (I'm sorry to anyone who might have triggered this bug. Because I had not considered this situation in the last update.)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that the phantom was not the corresponding character when using "Shadow Teleportation".
  • BUG: Fixed a bug that could survive in attack after the HP turned negative through a special condition.
  • UI: Added category buttons in Artifact Encyclopedia.
  • Balance: Adjust the hitbox size of the stars and moon to make it more correct in visual.
  • [/list]

    Updated list (2024/03/25) :

    • Content: New artifacts: "Silver Wall", "Avada", "Abyss Walk", "Lava Hot", "Flash", "Adam", "Zhao Yun", "Edelgard", "Wings of Hope", "Firm Oath", "Poseidon", "Vortex Grimoire".
    • Content: Added Tarot cards: "Emperor", "Sun".
    • UI: Fix Lucy's sprite size error in battle!
    • UI: Fixed an error in the English description of "Eternal Pledge".
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that the survival timer was suspended when generating elites due to player had destroyed too many "extra elites".
    • BUG: Fixed the bug that the artifact "Lightning Shadow" unable to evolve due to the loss of the prefab.
    • BUG: Fixed the bug that the Spell "Teleportation" and "Lightning Jump" could not be used due to add the new spell "Shadow Teleportation" last updata.
    • Balance: Increases the damage and size of "Cupreous Leaf", increases the damage of "Spear", "Guladius".
    • Balance: Adjust the impact of Flying Speed on collision displacement.

    Updated list (2024/03/17) :

    • Content: Lucy can be used now. She is an ordinary person driven to madness by various misfortunes and awakened to magical talents, who can use Dark and Wind spells. She is the most powerful character in the setting and can easily kill all kinds of opponents in seconds. But her Luck is very low, please note that!
    • Content: Added 15 new Dark spells. (Dark spell has the most damage, but the cooldown and mana cost are too high, and it is not recommended to use dark spell alone without any Power Up.)
    • Content: Added talents: "Dark Enhancement" and it's talent tree.
    • Content: Relock "Tracking Tornado", "Wind Bless", "Whirlwind Underfoot", "Levitation" and "Wind Blade Slay", which need to increase Lucy's Soul Echo Rank to unlock.
    • Content: New achievement: "Dark Enhancement" to unlock the corresponding talent tree. New achievements: Absolute Strength, Character Victory 7.
    • UI: Fixed a bug in English and Traditional Chinese where the text did not change after the Luck parameter effect was modified.
    • UI: Adjust the position of the tutorial button. Also modify the button blocking area in the tutorial to make it easier to "QUIT" the tutorial. However, it is recommended that new players watch the full tutorial first, and there is a monetary reward ^_^
    • UI: Fixed a text error where Angela did not display the initial skill.
    • UI: Fixed a text error that after the last version update, the text of the confirm button in Disable all XX panels.
    • Balance: Adjust the default parameters of the Pick Range for Icy and Lara.
    • BUG: Fix Steam Achievement "God of War" progress display abnormal bug.
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that the locked icon was not displayed in the Spell Encyclopedia due to the new update about the Favorite Spells.

    Updated list (2024/03/09) :

    • Content: Make Steam achievements. Key achievements completed in-game will also be displayed in Steam Achievements now. (If you have unlocked the achievement before, the Steam achievement will be automatically unlocked in the game's result panel when the battle is finished.)
    • Content: Added Tutorial. It is recommended that players who are not familiar with the game complete the tutorial before playing.
    • Content: New achievements: "Gladiator 3", "Millionaire" and "God of War 3". Completing an achievement will unlock a corresponding ability to Power Up.
    • Content: New Power Up: Favorite Spells. You can choose your favorite spell from the Spell Encyclopedia in the main menu. In battle, the probability of selected spell showing up from the spell random pool is doubled.
    • Content: New Power Up: Gift Summon. You can survive for a certain amount of time to gain an extra chance to pick up fate cards. (You can get more Tarot effects in battle)
    • Content: New Power Up: Taunt. You can kill more enemies in battle!
    • Balance: Cancel the effect that the lucky can increases elite occurrence rate.
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that treasure chests generated by talent "Trash into Treasure" may be outside the map.
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that the reward exchange between "Elite Killer" and "BOSS Killer".
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that enemies would move again after being repelled while "freezing".
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that certain fire elements could not be attacked and would not automatically disappear.
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that enemies would have fire animations when they respawn after gaining paralysis.
    • UI: Fix some text errors.

    • Updated List (2024/02/24) :

    • Content: Updated difficulty level.
    • Content: Update the Challenge Mode, the existing "Fate Order", "Plastic world", "Be in a Dilemma", "Power Within" four challenges. The Challenge mode is hard and is only recommended for hardcore players who want to challenge themselves. (If you can use Icy complete the advanced mode of Difficulty 10 with zero Power-Up, then the Challenge Mode is fine for you.)
    • Balance: Tarot "Temperance" increases effect, when HP less than 100, Spell Damage doubles will also take effect.
    • Balance: Opening the treasure chest now will prioritize the existing artifacts, making it easier to raise them to full level; Reduce the appearance of unwanted artifacts, resulting in waste.
    • UI: When "Using Pixel Skill Icons" is switch on, the main scene title also changes to pixel style.
    • BUG: Fixed a BUG that the unlocking content panel does not show up, when the character's Soul Echo Rank was increased if you haven't completed any achievement in this run.

    Updated list (2024/02/08) :

    • BUG: Fixed an incorrect description of the icon guide in the spell skill tree.
    • Content: New BOSS: Pyromancer. He has three long-range attacks. Be aware of the distance from him, if you're near the range of him, he could trigger double shooting.
    • Content: New enemy type: Shooter. Changed the monster "Fire element" from a normal enemy to a shooter.
    • Content: Add "Advanced mode", need to survive for 20 minutes.
    • Content: Add "Enemy Group", the specific time will generate many identical monsters. Enemy Group typically have special action patterns, At the same time, the monsters of the Enemy Group have higher parameters.

    Since the first phase of the update plan has been completed so that the game has entered version 0.8, the price will be increased to $2.50 (the actual price will be adjusted according to the region)

    Updated list (2024/01/24) :

    • UI: Add version number display (bottom right corner of main menu), the next update will complete the 20-minute mode and other content. When the game is updated, the price will be raised, so it will be cheaper to buy now. (Maybe you can tell your friends^_^)
    • Content: New artifacts: "Lightning Rush", "Hector", "Lightning Shadow", "Grace of Light", "Thor", "Stone Hard", "Stream", "Guladius".
    • Content: Added talents: "Thunder Enhancement", "Paralysis Fever" and its talent tree.
    • Content: Added Tarot cards: "Star", "Judgement".
    • Content: New achievements: "Thunder Enhancement", "Paralysis Fever" to unlock the corresponding talent tree.
    • Balance: Reduce the flying speed of the "Victory Vow" and extend its flight time. Make it easier for the player to see where it's flying. Also modify the description to make it easier for new players to understand its mechanics, which only works when it is picked up on the map!
    • UI: Spells can also show the evolution tree of artifacts now.
    • UI: Reduces the size of the English text of the skill description in the Encyclopedia panel.
    • UI: The wrong image was fixed in the skill group section of Fate Gift while the game was paused.

    Updated list (2024/01/15):

    • Character: Angela can be used now. She is an orderly and kind little girl who can use fire and thunder spells.
    • Content: Add 15 new thunder spells.
    • Content: Can unlock the spell "Entangle Fire" through achievements now.
    • Content: New achievements: Gladiator 1, Gladiator 2, Burning Heart, Character Victory 6.
    • Content: Relocking "Fire Bomb" and "Incinerate" requires increasing Angela's soul resonance level to unlock.
    • BUG: Fixed a bug that "Resurrection" did not have an effect after purchase.

    Updated list (2024/01/05) :

    1. Content: Increased Difficulty Level System.
    2. Content: Added Power Up to downgrade money back function, easy for players to fine-tune according to different characters.
    3. Gameplay Settings: Increase the setting of display of character sprite in battle.
    4. Gameplay Settings: New setting "Limit "Cooldown Overclock"", when MP is less than 30%MaxMP will interrupt the "Cooldown Overclock".
    5. Gameplay Settings: New setting "Auto Cast Mobility Spell", even after enable "Auto Cast Spell", you can still choose whether to set automatic use of Mobility Spell.
    6. Gameplay Settings: New setting "Auto Cast High Cost Spell (higher than 150MP)", enable "Auto Cast Spell", you can still choose whether to set automatic use of High Cost Spell.
    7. BUG: Fixed a serious bug that caused the game to be unresponsive, when the “Wand”(Imperio) could not find enough enemies to kill.
    8. BUG: Fixed a bug that artifact “Eternal Pledge” spawn location.
    9. BUG: Fixed a bug that spell “Absolute Zero” and “Levitation” will automatically continue to use.
    10. BUG: Fixed a bug that initial skills will not be "Disabled" and "Deleted".
    11. BUG: Fixed a bug when the base shield didn't disappear after shield evolution.
    12. BUG: Fixed a bug that “Collision” artifact not having the effect of pushing enemies away.
    13. Balance: Reduce the weight of the artifacts “Axe” and “Anna”.
    14. Balance: Increases the weight of the BOSS.
    15. Balance: Add a must-appear elite to the battle, giving the player one more treasure chest. At the same time adjust the occurrence probability of different elites.
    16. UI: Adjust the English font size of the Settings Panel.
    17. UI: Adjust the size of the item indicating arrow.
    18. UI: Adjust the button size and font size of "Reselect", "Skip" and "Delete".

    Update log: December 31 :

    • Added STEAM Cloud saving feature.
    • Added in-game viewing update log.
    • Added the effect of attracting the Mana Stone and money after victory.
    • Adjusted some text colors.\nOptimized the beginner tutorial text.
    • Shows skill unlocks of soul echo.
    • Re-adjusted the experience required for the soul echo rank (reduced the experience required for the rank)
    • Corrected the skill tree route icon in the battle.
    • Added prompt sound when description changes. (For example, in the Encyclopedia, the mouse moves to the skill icon will appear prompt sound.)
    • Added "Sage Mode", which can be used by novices to familiarize the game system.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the accumulation of choices when giving up on Fate Gift.
    • Fixed a bug that when getting Wheel of Fortune, you would lose the next selection after clicking the give up button.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the loss of upgrade options after choosing or giving up rewards when Treasure chests, Fate Gifts and upgrade options appeared at the same time.
    • Reduced the transparency of the time stop effect, making it easier for the player to see the scene.
    • Fixed the bug that time stop effect of DIO's Watch replaced by a shorter stop effect by Stone Mask.
    • Increased the probability of the character's initial skill.
    • Change the indicator icon of the Victory Vow to red.

    Update log: December 16

    • 1. The design of another heroine has been completed and can be played in the game. Lara, is a sexy doctor who doesn't really like men.

    • 2. Update the game UI to pixel style UI.
    • 3. Added Earth magic.
    • 4. Complete the English translation of the in-game text. If you find any omissions or translation errors, please leave a comment on Steam and contact me. Email:

    Update log: November 19

    • 1. The design of another heroine has been completed and can be played in the game.

    • 2. Added fire magic and Light magic.
    • 3. More skills have been created, with the number of magics increasing from 33 to 61, artifacts increasing from 12 to 26(14 of which are evolved super artifacts), and talents increasing from 74 to 115.
    • 4. Complete the encyclopedia function, and now you can check almost all contents in the game at any time^_^
    • 5. Optimize audio playback.
    • 6. Add shadows for characters and monsters.
    • 7. Strengthen some of the weaker skills.
    • 8. Change the firing position of the skill, change the sight crystal to the sight line.
    • 9. Add the Switch Settings of whether the mouse can move out of the game, display the FPS, and the character rendering layer is higher than the skill rendering layer.
    • 10. Reduce the movement speed of monsters and optimize the refresh time and number of monsters.
    • 11. Fix some bugs.

      Update log: October 19

      • 1. Complete the change language function, support traditional Chinese now, English needs to seek Chinese-English translation.
      • 2. Add automatic magic function. Make it easier for players who are used to playing the VS like games without manual control.
      • 3. Add automatic aiming function. Make it easier for players who are used to playing the VS like games without manual control.
      • 4. Complete the customization button function, now the player can customize the key ^_^
      • 5. Optimize upgrade experience curve. Added manual upgrade and level up storage.
      • 6. Add "Skip" and "Delete" functions to better control the results of upgrade options.
      • 7. Complete the map guide function for important items.
      • 8. Add CD display Settings.
      • 9. Added the function to use positioning magic directly.
      • 10. Add item drop limits.
      • 11. Add some prompts.
      • 12. Fix some bugs.
      • 13. Optimize part of the text, UI display.
      • 14. Change the battle background map to pixel style map.

      Update log on September 19th

      • 1. More skills have been created, with the number of magics increasing from 13 to 33, artifacts increasing from 8 to 12 (and some artifacts can already awaken to evolve), and talents increasing from 54 to 74.
      • 2. Complete the function of strengthening characters from main menu.
      • 3. Add game tutorials.
      • 4. Add the function of check character information when pausing the game.
      • 5. Add a character selection panel, the game has changed from 1 heroine to 6 characters. But the other 5 characters is in the making.
      • 6. The heroine can change to another stage(an appearance skin with a new abilitie)
      • 7. Drawn 1 CG for the heroine, which can be unlocked by completing a match!
      • 8. Created a new promotional video.

      Etaine: Magic Survivor is a time survival game.
      Face an onslaught of endless monster, will you be able to strengthen yourself and survive for 10 minutes by choosing magic, artifacts, and talents to create unique builds?

      Only supports mouse, keyboard. Controller not supported!

      key Features

      ·Dynamic Builds: With 13 different magic, 8 different artifacts and over 50 different talents to choose from throughout a run, no two attempts will ever be the same.
      ·Precise Control or Auto Attack: Magic requires you to directional aim and active firing. But artifacts will automatically attack. It depends on your own combat style!
      ·Magic and Mana: There are several different types of magic: Bullet, Penetration, Entity, Area, and Assist. Build that according to your own combat style. Magic is the main method of eliminating enemies, but it requires manual control and cost Mana. Please note if you have enough Mana to use magic! Mana can automatically recharge or recharge by picking up mana stones dropped by monsters.
      ·Artifacts: Artifacts are the minor method of eliminating enemies. They will automatically attack the enemy, but they are not strong enough and will occupy a portion of Mana. Please note if you have enough Mana to drive the artifact! I think you may need some magic to assist^_^
      ·Talents: There are a large number of talents to choose from, which is an important factor affecting build. Talents are generally used to enhance personal abilities and magic, with little impact on artifacts. Please try multiple combinations as much as possible, as it may cause a qualitative change in strengthen yourself.
      ·Quickly level up: Kill monsters then gain experience directly! Don't worry about getting stuck in unupgradable situations like other survival games. Instead, you may need to pick up gems(mana stones) dropped by monsters to recharge the Mana that you cost quickly by eliminating monsters.


      1. The faster you kill monsters, the faster you level up.
      2. Magic and artifacts need to be centrally upgraded, and quickly increasing the level of the same magic or artifact can make them more powerful.
      3. Please choose a reasonable key button for magic.
      4. It is not necessary to learn attack magic in all 6 magic fields, learning one or two assist magic may lead to better survival.
      5. Talents have little impact on artifacts. But they can make a qualitative change in magic!
      6. Don't rush to pick up items, wait until you need them. For example, only pick up Magic stones when Mana is low.
      7. Don't be afraid of BOSS, it's here to give gifts^_^

    Mature Content Description

    The developers describe the content like this:

    Heroine wears sexy outfit, and she have frame animations of chest movements.

    System Requirements

      • OS *: Win 7
      • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.30 GHz
      • Memory: 8 GB RAM
      • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
      • Storage: 300 MB available space
      • OS: Win 10
      • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
      • Memory: 16 GB RAM
      • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
      • Storage: 1 GB available space
    * Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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