This is a Chinese historical story game that chronicles the dusty past of the Sima Yi family during the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period - the unification of the Three Kingdoms.
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Oct 25, 2023

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Introduction to gameplay system:
Welcome players to the story of 'Bamboo Chronicle: Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms'. This is a multiplayer role-playing single player chess game. The game process is divided into "plot mode" and "battle mode". In combat mode, history creates heroes, and you can personally participate in the history of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms, using your strategies to quell turbulent times. In the plot mode, heroes drive history, allowing you to have a detailed understanding of the rise and fall of the Three Kingdoms and the brilliant life of heroes.

About Battle Chess Games:
It is centered around battle levels, with the plot and battlefield as the common foundation. Multi player role-playing turn based strategy game. The plot is often based on Chinese historical and cultural stories, representing classic works such as "The Legend of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms" and "The Legend of Heroes in the Three Kingdoms"
The battlefield adopts the Western "factory model", where multiple people cooperate, pursue teamwork, and flexibly match equipment. Not emphasizing personal heroes. Key works such as the classic battle chess "Flame Emblem" series. As a genre of "liberal arts oriented" games, Zhanqi has been controversial but enduring.

Introduction to worldview:
In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was divided into four parts. Shu, Wu, Wei, Han. Wei was the strongest among the Three Kingdoms, but in name, he still respected Han as orthodox and remained a Han dependent state throughout his life. But Cao Cao, the king of Wei, was born with suspicion, and his pro Han people died one after another, leaving his courtiers at a loss. At this moment, the scheming mastermind Xun You took the opportunity to recommend his good friend, Sima Yi, to King Cao of Wei to assist in governing the country.
In the process of governing the country, Sima Yi, Chen Qun, and others witnessed each other's talents and courage, and gradually established trust and cooperative relationships. Intended to revitalize the country and confront powerful officials. Fate is a combination of national affairs, court struggles, and everyday life. Although this work is a game, it focuses on chronicling the history of the Three Kingdoms. Although Cao Cao is well-known around the world, he is actually a traitor. This historical view is based on the Jin and Han dynasties.
The protagonist is Sima Yi, a military strategist of the first generation, and his descendants. The content is divided into three chapters: Youth Chapter, Middle Age Chapter, and Family Chapter. The story tells of the Sima family's struggle for survival in a turbulent world, gradually reaching the pinnacle of power and unifying the Three Kingdoms.

Main plot introduction:
Chapter 1 The Origin of the Three Kingdoms
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, in 184 AD, a strong drought suddenly occurred across the country. The fields were not collected, but the royal family of the Han Dynasty did not reduce taxes. The people are miserable. However, the imperial court is corrupt, and corrupt officials sell their officials to confer titles, but the treasury is still empty. Eunuchs Zhang Rang, Zhao Zhong, Feng Jian, Duan Ji, Cao Jie, Hou Lan, Jian Shuo, Cheng Kuang, Xia Yu, Guo Sheng and other ten others took t he opportunity to be traitors and formed the "Ten Permanent Servant". Take control of the government and mutilate the minister. Emperor Han Ling was intoxicated with the harem and ignored the government. The Han Dynasty was declining day by day, and the world was confused.
Millions of poor farmers who were desperate rose up one after another under the orders of the giant deer brothers Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang. Issued the slogan "The sky is dead, the yellow sky should stand, the year is in Jiazi, the world is good luck". Launched the most fierce attack on the decadent Han Dynasty...
In a short time, the peasant army has grown to millions. The spark instantly ignited into a prairie fire... However, the greater the war, the easier it is to hurt innocent people. The war has spread to an ordinary village. Our story,
It will also happen from here...
Chapter 2 Traitors in troubled times
Cao Cao, the founder of the "Wei Kingdom" of the Three Kingdoms, is an official family. He organized his relatives and friends Cao Ren, Cao Hong, Xiahou Dun, Xia Houyuan and others to help the court calm down the yellow scarf rebels led by Zhang Jiao in the Yellow Turban Rebellion with strong military force and financial resources, and seized the power of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Through separation, bribery, differentiation, war and other means, many rivals at that time were wiped out, Yuan Shao of the "Fourth Dukes" of Hebei, Yuan Shu brothers in Huainan, Lv Bu, the "first force" of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Biao of Jingzhou and other separatist forces, and slowly unified northern China. Only "Uncle" Liu Bei was left and fled to Sichuan in the southwest. Sun Quan in Jiangdong, relying on the Yangtze River to divide the side, the forces of the three countries were formed.
The 20 years in between this is the story of our game protagonist, Sima Yi, as Cao Cao's "adjutant" and fought in the south and north.
Chapter 3 Cao Wei's Four Friends
As an important counselor of Cao Cao, Sima Yi became the teacher of his son Cao Pi. In order to help Cao Pi win the position of prince, he successively introduced four important assistants, Chen Qun, Zhu Yu, Wu Zhi, and himself. After years of planning and Cao Cao's death, Cao Pi inherited the throne of Wei. Finally, the Eastern Han Dynasty was abolished the following year and the "Cao Wei Dynasty" was established, known as "Wei Wendi". These four people are also known as the four friends of Cao Wei.
Chapter 4 Hu Xiaolong Yin
10 years later, Cao Pi died, his son Cao Rui ascended the throne, and Sima Yi was recalled as an important counselor, and he faced a more complex situation. Cao Rui is suspicious and eager to exercise power alone. Cao Zhen, who is also an auxiliary minister, has repeatedly made trouble for Sima Yi, and Sima Yi can only deal with it cautiously. At this time, when Zhuge Liang of the Shu Han Dynasty made a Northern Expedition, Cao Rui sent Sima Yi to meet the enemy. Although Sima Yi has been friends with Zhuge Liang for a long time, he has to start a life-and-death game for his country...
Chapter 5 Palace Coaster
In the end, Zhuge Liang finally died of illness due to hard work, and Sima Yi completely defeated the most powerful opponent in his life. Cao Ruiying died young, and Cao Fang, the young master, succeeded to the throne. Cao Weizong, led by Cao Shuang, carried out a ruthless blow to Sima Yi. Sima Yi endured and retreated, launching the Gaoping Mausoleum change when the Cao group was paralyzed, ending the civil strife in the State of Wei. Sima Yi finally stood at the peak of his life and felt the loneliness of the highest place. At the last moment of his life, his friends, loved ones and family all left. He checked his life at the end of his life and repented for the struggle for power. He was pleased that the Three Kingdoms were about to be unified, and he personally ended the troubled times.
Chapter 6 The Sima Family
In 251 AD, Sima Yi, the important minister of the State of Wei in the Three Kingdoms, fell ill and gradually became heavy.
Sima Yi, who is getting old, called two 40-year-old middle-aged sons, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, to the bedroom and lay on the hospital bed and told them:
I have been an official from Cao Cao, Emperor Wu, and an old minister of the four dynasties of the State of Wei. But the monarch refused to trust me because I was too capable. He suspected that I had different aspirations and bad intentions all his life. I have been afraid all my life.
After my death, you two will govern the country well. Be very cautious! Be very cautious! Be very cautious!
Don't forget the ideal of the Sima family.
The second son cried bitterly...
Chapter 7 People Who Don't Want to inherit the Family
Sima Zhao prepared two birthday gifts for his son, a seven-star sword and a spring and autumn pen. Let him choose whether to take the general route or the civilian route when he grows up. Because when he was a teenager, his father Sima Yi let him choose, and his brother Sima Shi chose the seven-star sword, which was the chosen general route. The spring and autumn pen chosen by Sima Zhao is the civil officer route. He believes that this is a grand ceremony for his 12-year-old son Sima Yan.
Unexpectedly, Sima Yan didn't like it. He said he liked freedom. Father Sima Zhao was angry and said that he had to choose one to sleep tonight! Unexpectedly, Sima Yan picked up the birthday candle and lit the dining table! The picture becomes messy in an instant...
The next day, Sima Zhao was furious and ordered the guard to search the whole city. He must catch this naughty child and bring him back to enforce the family law!
At this time, in the shade of trees in the suburbs of Chang'an, six children are discussing their future ideals...
Their names are Sima Yan, Yang Hu, Wang Hun, Wang Jun, Zhuge Liang and He Shao.
Chapter 8 Founding Fathers
Several children worked together to defeat the soldier team and cultivated friendship in the battle.
Sima Yan and Yang Hu have similar interests. Zhuge Liang and He Shao like to chat. Wang Hun and Wang Jun often go together.
Everyone worships Sima Yan very much.
Sima Yan proposed to explore the Shu Han Dynasty, the old enemy of the Sima family.
The idioms and stories of many people were born in the Shu Han Dynasty, such as Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei Taoyuan Jieyi, three visits to thatched huts, grass boats borrowing arrows, etc. Children have long longed for it.
So, ten children meet and really go to Shuhan...
Chapter 9 Young Blood
As soon as ten children walked out of Chang'an and arrived at the western border of Wei, they met the western Qiang nomadic cavalry. They were treated as refugees and captured in Xiliang at that time, and ten people were arranged to clean up.
Ten children have been spoiled since childhood. How can they do this? At this time, Xiliang often has wolves. There are many captured refugees who take the initiative to apply to catch wolves. Although they are nine dead, the Xiliang government promises that they will be free if they successfully round up the wolves.
In the end, the children could not bear the burden of cleaning, so they took the initiative to apply to the officer's bald tree function and go to "sa sacrifice the wolf".
The children were closely united, and with their respective wisdom and courage, they finally rounded up the wolf and removed the wolf disease that had been a disaster for the local people for many years.
They didn't go back to Xiliang or go to Shuhan. Instead, I want to cross the mountains and return to my warm home as soon as possible!
Chapter 10 Shu Han Dynasty
At this time, Shu Han was in the general's mansion. There are five heavyweight officials of Shu Han. General Jiang Wei, right-rider general Liao Hua, left-rider general Zhang Yi, staff officer Xia Houba, Dangkou general Zhang Ni, also known as the "Five Tiger Generals of Shu Han".
They are planning how to fight against the State of Wei...
At this time, in the State of Wei, Sima Zhao found a master with strong martial arts for several children, but actually wanted to control them. This person's name is Xu Zhi and uses a giant tomahawk. Sima Yan, Yang Hu, Wang Hun and Wang Jun practice hard every day. They cherish this once-in-a-lifetime exercise opportunity very much.
Suddenly one day, Sima Zhao received the news that Jiang Wei, the great general of Shu Han, led 100,000 troops to invade the State of Wei. At this time, several children may see the real battlefield!
Sima Yan is very excited at this time. He really wants to see Jiang Wei, the descendant of Zhuge Liang, the "wise saint" in Chinese history. What's so special about it?
Chapter 11 Mask
Wei defeated Jiang Wei, and the reputation of the Sima family reached its peak. The style of the Sima family in the court is also getting stronger and stronger.
At this time, the State of Wei, the important minister Li Feng and the royal family Xiahou Xuan were also plotting unknown things at the same time...
The conflict between Cao Wei and the Sima family is gradually escalating.
The wheel of history rolls forward. At this time, their group also clearly felt that it was getting closer and closer to the goal of this action.
Chapter 12 Another coup
Sima Shi and Sima Zhao brothers gained great prestige and won the military heart of the army by defeating the Shu Han Dynasty. The royal family of Wei, Xiahou Xuan, Li Feng and other important ministers wanted to suppress the increasingly powerful Sima family, but were counterattacked by the strong style and thunderous means of the Sima family, and Cao Fang, the emperor of Wei, "resigned".
At this time, Huainan (now Anhui and other places), the famous generals of the State of Wei, Yuqiu Jian, Wen Qin, Zhuge Dan, etc., were dissatisfied with the strong style of the powerful Sima Shi Sima Zhao brothers, and raised their troops to resist. In the end, they could not defeat the strong combat effectiveness of the Sima family and failed one after another. History calls it the "Three Rebellions of Huainan".
At the same time, Jiang Wei, the great general of the Eastern Wu Dynasty and the Shu Han Dynasty in the south of the Yangtze River, took the opportunity to attack the State of Wei, and was also repulsed by the border guards arranged by the Sima family.
Our 7-person group witnessed a series of foreign wars of the Sima family, and everyone hopes that peace will come as soon as possible. The seven-person group "including Sima Yan" increasingly hates the style of the Sima family. But at this time, they also gradually understood why the Sima family appeared at the end of the Three Kingdoms. No matter what their views on the Sima family in history in the future, they have to admit that the Sima brothers are really powerful!
Chapter 13 Unification in troubled times
The Shu Han Dynasty has been sending troops to attack the Wei Dynasty with a perseverance spirit. However, because of the manpower and material resources of Shu, they are far from the Wei Dynasty, which occupied the Central Plains, and were repeatedly defeated. The Eastern Wu Dynasty in the south could only rely on the "water army advantage" to defend along the Yangtze River. At this time, the historical situation of the three countries has gradually become clear. But will the ultimate winner be the Wei Dynasty? Seven children don't believe it.

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    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS *: Windows 7 / 10 / 11
    • Processor: Intel i5-3320M 或 AMD同等性能芯片
    • Memory: 32 GB RAM
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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