The players may assume the role of Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghurs (East Turkestan), Kazakhs, Mongolia, Manchuria, Taiwan or Cathaysian Rebel factions, establishing organisations in 269 territories in the Cathayan Continent to overthrow the Communist regime!
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About This Game

A War Saga of Our Everyday World

400 years ago, dispensing fealties and brute force, House of Aisin Giro from Manchuria conquered the four realms of the Cathayan Continent within a century. Under Aisin Giro’s divide and conquer, the fates of the four realms - the grasslands of Tartaria, deserts of Turkestan, Snowfields of Tibet, and the fertile farmlands of China - were entwined together in the form of United Empires.

110 years ago, Aisin Giro stepped down from the throne after a military coup in the year of the white pig. Without the imperial overlord, the four realms went their separate ways.

After 40 years of intermittent warfare, the Communists conquer China proper under the ‘United Front’ (collaborate with less antagonistic rivals to defeat major enemies) strategy. The Communists also tried their utmost to conquer as many of Aisin Giro’s vassals and annexed lands as possible, forging a new mega state: The Republic.

The seeds of hatred bloomed into a reconquista of the east, from whence the Seventy Years’ War unfolded - a long-term hybrid war fought between those with the grim determination to uphold a ‘united’ republic and those who wish to revive their old independent states.

Around a decade ago, the Communists regressed to heavy-handed, reckless and inept governance, while also trying to expand their scope of influence. Malicious ethnic cleansing and an obstreperous military resulting in widespread corruption, embezzlement, exploitation, slaughter and defilement.

The Republic becomes a ghost of its former glory, but the world still awaits determined strategists who would go up against the Communists, while other major powers of the world remain undecided.

Taiwan, a remnant of Aisin Giro’s previous colonies, stands their ground in the face of Communists’ might. Fending off the persistent aggravation of the Communists, Taiwan stays vigilant from across the strait.

Could Taiwan stay safe by not provoking the Communists, keeping away from matters in the Cathayan Continent? Or should they refrain from repeating the same mistakes of the last thirty years which allowed the Communists to grow into the behemoth it is today?

Taiwan has yet to come to a conclusion, but the war is still at hand.

A Simulation for Rebels

There are 9 playable Factions (Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Mongolia, Manchuria, Taiwan, Cathaysian Rebels or the Communists) in the game for the players to choose from. Each Faction has its merits and disadvantages, and different Factions have different HQ Options. The supporting Region differs depending on the HQ, putting a different spin on the strategies in the game.

At the heart of ‘Reversed Front’ is ‘Organisation’. Organisations are the various assemblies of people that could be mobilised by the players, and represent anti-communist forces (Factions other than the Communists) within certain regions fighting against the Communists’ regime, or conversely they can represent the Communists' oppressive agents stamping out uprisings.

The player takes charge of a revolutionary faction; as its leader, the player needs to pacify internal strife, negotiate for foreign support, establish resistance organisations, deplete the Communists’ resources through peaceful and forceful means, in order to hasten the ‘Great Flood’ that will befall the Communists to uproot the regime.

If the player’s faction is in possession of 14 Active Organisations in walled-in territories, that means the player has impaired the governance of the Communists to a significant degree, and has enough sway to incite an uprising and claim victory.

Or a player may assume the role of the Communists. Crush all ‘separatists’ and ‘counter-revolutionaries’ with an iron fist, to ensure ‘social stability’, fuse together various ethnic groups under the banner of a unified megastate. Endure until the last turn of the game to restore ‘ancient glory’ to the Cathayan Continent - or claim an early victory by conquering Taiwan.

Alternatively, a player may also choose to play the Taiwan government, using the seapower state’s strengths to influence affairs of the continent, while overpowering communist agents and appeasement proponents within the country, winning this ultimate conflict with espionage and covert operations.

‘Regions’ from all over the world are also elements of the game. Each Region contains associated countries with different perspectives. Players may obtain ‘Covert Aid’ from these countries or from Taiwan. However, Covert Aid from the same Regions is also available to the Communists, even from Taiwan.

Some Territories farther away from the main map are included near the edges of the map (such as Munich, Istanbul, Aleppo, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, New York and Tibetan settlements in southern India etc.).

From Novosibirsk to Jakarta, from Afghanistan to Sakhalin, 269 different territories across the continents and oceans are represented in the game. Connect the 8 nations in the East, and join forces with the 7 powerful regions to free the fair country from the suffocating walls built by the communist party!

System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows® 7/Vista/XP or higher
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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