Tales of Elendar is a 3rd person and top-down RPG focusing on gameplay, especially on combat mechanics, allowing wide control of special abilities usage, while offering a well prepared lore and story with few dialog reading and noticeable philosophical content.
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About This Game

Short Description

Tales of Elendar is a 3rd person and top down RPG game that focus on gameplay, especially on combat mechanics,, allowing wide control special abilities usage, while offering a well prepared lore and story with few dialog reading.


1) Gameplay and Combat

  • Combat mechanics with a reasonable amount of realism, just enough to provide more strategic elements to gameplay without making it too much realistic

  • Special ability configuration: configure several features of special abilities (especially spells), such as power, range, radius, and more. Let prepared as many pre-configured abilities as you want. You can also configure while executing, if applicable.

  • Sub-special abilities: some special abilities will have a default (starting) state, which can be switched to other states. Example: Conjure Lightning creates a lightning ball at the hand, which can be used to Emit Lightning or to create a Lightning Barrier. Each sub-special ability can have its own Configuration.

  • Special ability dynamic actions: you will have the power to perform some actions with some special abilities in use, like controlling a Fire Tornado's direction, and even casting a secondary spell to interact with the spell currently being cast to create unique effects.

  • Physical combat (non-spellcasting): chose between a plenty of strategic actions, like, prioritizing block defense or dodge defense, area attacks or non-area attacks, swing attacks or straight attacks, and combat modes like Speed X Strength, Aggressive X Defensive, and much more. For example, if you chose the Fast Mode for the Speed X Strength combat mode, you will increase the chance to land a (weaker) hit, but if the defender is strong and performs a Repelling Defense, you will get staggered, which will increase the chance of receiving a hit, so this choice should take into consideration the features of your enemy.

  • Animations and visual effects: these will get special attention. Animations are strongly interconnected with combat mechanics (i.e., if you dodge an attack, the animation shows a dodge, if you block, the animation shows a block). Most combat animations are high quality motion capture animations. Visual effects will also be coherent to the spell behavior (i.e., effect increases with spell power).

  • Large number of classes, special abilities (including modes and configurations), providing a large number of builds. This is a highly tactical component when creating your build, allowing to create extremely powerful characters, if you do the smart choices.

  • Overpowering X challenging combat: the combat is expected to be challenging (but not unforgiving as dark souls), and rewarding, specially if you succeed in creating a powerful character. The game will provide a good balance between the feeling of being overpowered and facing very challenging foes.

  • Solo gameplay: you will most of the time be traveling alone in an epic journey. Eventually, you will be in a party with some friends, who are far from being your "slaves" that pledge themselves as soon as they meet you, as usually happens on other games.

  • Single player x Multiplayer: the game will be single player, with the possibility of being multiplayer in a soulslike fashion, in the future.

2) Lore and story

  • Lore: much attention is being given to the lore. The setting is in a world created and governed by a pantheon of gods, who have their own philosophical alignment and intend to shape the world accordingly to it. In a nutshell, their philosophy is a manifestation of the Good X Evil - Order X Chaos quartet. This quartet is a manifestation of an even more fundamental binary principle of reality (similar to the yin and yang of a Chinese philosophy). These principles will be shown to be present in many aspects of reality, from macro to micro scale, including in spells, abilities, and classes (and here we have a connection between the lore and the gameplay).

  • Story: although the focus is on gameplay, the story is also being considered important. Almost all the quests are directly or indirectly strongly related to the main story quest. You will not have to spend too much time reading dialogues and having to understand and solve the problems of others, as you will be focused on solving your own problems. We will try to minimize the dialogues to keep only relevant aspects of the story, the lore and philosophy. We aim to make all dialogues cinematic.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Violence, deaths, blood

System Requirements

    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
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