Nobody – The Turnaround is a life simulator set in a parallel world that echoes modern society. Manage your time and resources carefully, strive to find a way through difficult times, and overcome the predicament you find yourself in.
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“We hope to add as much content as possible into Nobody - The Turnaround to make a fun game. The best-case scenario is to create a game that can reflect the complexity of real life. But to be honest this is extremely challenging, especially for a small indie team like us. We need more suggestions, feedback and time to keep developing and polishing the game. After some serious considerations, we have decided to launch the game in Early Access to gather more community feedback. During this phase, new features and new stories will be incrementally added. Please stay tuned!”


“The plan is to release the version 1.0 during the fall of 2023. Please rest assured that we will keep updating and polishing the game during Early Access. Through announcements and community posts, we will keep everything transparent with you. The full launch will be available when the game is ready to leave Early Access.”


“The full release will include more storylines, side stories, interactive NPCs, romanceable characters and different events. Besides, there will also be more regions to explore, more stores and career types, more management gameplay etc. In the full version, more languages will be supported as well.”


“The current version including the first play of the story mode, a challenge mode and a sandbox mode.

[Story Mode] Immerse yourself in a riveting story, make choices, and determine your protagonist’s fate in 30 days. Please note that due to the character setting, part of the gameplay contents won’t be accessible in this mode, such as romancing someone special, purchasing your own places and cars, and getting access to some more advanced career choices.

[Challenge Mode] Play as one of the several characters who has just arrived in this city to chase dreams, each comes with unique conditions, special needs and restrictions. Once you have managed to help them fulfill their purposes, new character traits in the sandbox mode will be unlocked, offering you more possibilities during character customization.

[Sandbox Mode] Full game content will be unlocked in this mode. Here you’ll be able to choose your looks. Choose the character traits. Choose your way of life. Choose being a striver. Choose to feel content in gig jobs. Or choose collecting scrap for a living. Choose to start your own business. Choose to befriend or withstand the people you encounter in this busy city. Choose your future. Choose life.”


“Players who have purchased the game during the Early Access will have full access to the full version after the official launch despite the development and expansion of the game. With the expansion of the game content, the game price might be adjusted after leaving Early Access.”


“We are fully aware of the difficulty to develop a game that meets everyone’s expectations. To achieve this goal, your feedback and suggestions are essential to us. We are always open to any idea that can help us refine the game and we will try our best to keep a close relationship with our community.”
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There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.
— Romain Rolland

Nobody - The Turnaround takes place in a parallel world similar to our current reality. The story unfolds in a modern metropolis, but not the concrete jungle as you know it. It's more about the undergrowth, the much less glamorous neighborhoods where actual life happens.

“You” are one of the ordinary “Nobodies” in this world. You do not have a distinguished family background, elite education, or once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities. However, through hard work and determination, you might eventually get rid of your troubles and make your way in this realistic society.

Game Features

A Convincing Life Simulator
With systematic reconstructions of your possible physical status, such as Health and Emotions, Nobody – The Turnaround aims to accurately represent a person's working and living situations. You may suffer injuries, get sick or feel down due to various unexpected random events in life. It's important for you to balance everything and strive.

Work Hard and Strive for Success
From the initial basic jobs to skilled labor that requires specific training, you can experience all kinds of professions here in Nobody – The Turnaround. You can start by bricklaying, distributing leaflets, or mail delivery. All you need to do is work hard, create your career path, and eventually secure your dream job.

Real Life and Everyday Entertainment
You can do some group dancing with the ladies on the basketball court, play Chinese chess with the older man at the street corner, play games in the internet café, or lose yourself in the bookstore. Besides hard work, you need to arrange your pastimes responsibly to improve your mood and adjust your conditions.

Special Sandbox Mode
After experiencing the difficult journey of the Story Mode, you can choose to play the Sandbox Mode. Use your decision-making and management abilities to plan your career freely without all the restraints.

Social System & Relationships
Interact with dozens of characters, and as their affinity level increases, their hidden stories will be revealed. It’s even possible for you to romance some of them and build a life together.


    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: 64-bit Windows 7
    • 處理器: i3-530 2.93GHZ 2 Core
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB
    • DirectX: 版本:11
    • 儲存空間: 13 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: DirectX compatible
    • 備註: GPU must support Shader Model 5.0
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: Windows 10(64-Bit)
    • 處理器: i7-7700k 4.2GHz 4 Core
    • 記憶體: 16 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 1660 6GB
    • DirectX: 版本:11
    • 儲存空間: 14 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: DirectX compatible
    • 備註: GPU must support Shader Model 5.0
    • 需使用 Apple 處理器
    • 作業系統: 10.6
    • 處理器: 2.5+ GHz Quad Core
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: NVIDIA GTX 660 or better, Radeon HD 7950 or better, Shader Model 3.0
    • 儲存空間: 13 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: Integrated
    • 需使用 Apple 處理器

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