Party Demon is a tower defense, deck-building game where your main goal is to protect a Lady Demon’s birthday party from human intruders. Build your castle on a budget and defend it in real-time with a deadly Trap Deck full of demonic weapons.
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About This Game

It’s Lady Veridiana’s 2000th birthday. According to the pulsar stars, a Great Party shall be held tonight that will last for 666 days. All demons will come to rejoice to the beat of DJ Lazarus and dance their eyes out (literally). But there is one problem: Humans. As usual, these Party Poopers want to take advantage of the fact that demons are distracted and having a hell lotta fun. Their plan: invade Lady Veridiana’s castle, murder her in cold blood, and get rid of the Demon Curse that has been ravaging the land for centuries.

Fortunately, you will not let that happen. As the newly appointed Black Architect, your task is to protect the party and the attendees at all costs. Use your budget wisely to augment the castle and build a Trap Deck full of deadly weapons with which to destroy the intruders. But be careful with harming the attendees; you don’t want to trigger Lady Veridiana’s legendary wrath! In this tower defense, deck building game, you need a good combination between strategy and flexibility!

- Build a labyrinthic castle worthy of a Lady Demon:
You have a budget and you have to spend it well. Buy rooms with different sizes and characteristics to enhance your castle and make it more difficult for humans to reach the part.

- Build a Trap Deck to get rid of the pesky humans:
With each Castle Room that you buy, you will get the option to add a Trap Card to your deck that matches the Room Type you bought. Each Trap Card can be used to add Traps in real-time while the humans are invading your castle. A big variety of weapons are at your disposal: poison darts, freezing staffs, dragon flames, bear traps, guillotines, fire-breathing statues, magic mirrors, olive oil (really?), and much more!

- Make sure the Demons get to the party unharmed:
All the Demon Royale is coming to the party. Unfortunately, there’s only one main entrance, and humans are trying to invade the castle through there. Build a castle and a deck that has enough flexibility to be at the same time deadly for humans and inviting for Demons. If the Demons are satisfied with your job, you can become richer than the Goblin King himself!

- Keep the Lady Demon happy:
Humans can’t actually hurt Lady Veridiana, but they sure can piss her off. Your actual task is not to save the party but to save your neck. If enough humans are able to reach the party or too many Demon attendees are killed in the process, you will taste Lady Veridiana’s wrath. Everyone knows what happened to the last Black Architect and believe me, you don’t want to take its place in the Black Hole Impaler!

System Requirements

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    • Processor: TBD
    • Graphics: TBD
    • Sound Card: TBD
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