In the fragmented world after the "Sin of Seven Day", watch from four perspectives how the people in this world fight against the almost irreversible disaster, confront the fate written for them by the world, reveal their hearts, show their heartfelt desires, watch them tell their stories
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About This Game

After the disaster, people were taken away from their homes and territories by the strange fog, in a precarious environment, some people rose up with fervor and hope, trying to call on those who have knowledge to explore the world taken away by the fog, in the field of magical beasts to take back their own territory.
Soon, in this environment people found a pillar of faith, they all think that the rise of the "hunters guild" can gradually solve the fog brought about by the mutation, but gradually settled down life so that those who have not experienced the life and death of the hunters, gradually forget the original intention, have their own reasons, driven by the desire to do what they want to do! The thing ....
Those hunters who do what they want... The world will "punish" them again... Just like the fog this time.
In recent days, as the lowest level of hunters [Moth], the number is rapidly decreasing, but the cause, but the hunters ....

People focus on exploring the world that has been eroded by the black fog, but gradually forget the humanity and morality they contain

What awaits them is the wrath of the land, and the redemption of themselves.

The distinctive "fast-paced" battle flag system

The fast-paced battle system that continues to advance the battle by continuously inflicting damage in a single turn, quickly reducing the gap between the number of enemies and us to quickly win the victory
Multiple systems to help players win quickly in battle while increasing the variables and strategy
Facing and Back Hit
Chain Attack
Support Actions
Rounds Again
Movement Effects
Leader System
Emotional Burst EMO Burst

Lots of original, licensed actionable characters

No less than 40 available characters, drawn with love by Maxyunlong, each designed by Wolfie and Maxyunlong with the help of a customizer
To ensure that the character's original characteristics can be perfectly displayed and have a more appropriate performance in the flower of desire
  • At this stage, only 23 characters have been produced

Comprehensive character development

You don't need to worry about gaining experience for your character, you can gain experience by completing various missions and defeating enemies, and you can gain a lot of experience whether you participate in battles or missions.
You can get a lot of experience value to grow quickly, new characters can be added in the main process to obtain the [Hunter Tips] to quickly upgrade to the appropriate level
The strength of the character is not only obtained through upgrades, with random equipment, the character's skill tree, cooking outside of combat, and the main event, the Dead Sea Papers.

Dead Sea Instruments

The unique growth system of the Flower of Desire, each character has a separate Dead Sea Instrument equipment plate, the size of 5x5
You can put the random and fixed Dead Sea remnants into it without overlapping, and get a small amount of corresponding attributes according to the color
Whenever there is a non-independent edge of the same color connected, it will activate the corresponding color of the linkage effect, increasing the level of the linkage to provide additional attribute value
The Dead Sea remnant pages are of different sizes and shapes, so you need to think hard to achieve the optimal solution

[h2[b]Hidden Character Bonds[/b][/h2]
There will be no straightforward quantitative values to express the relationship between characters, but rather their words and actions to understand how they perceive other characters
This is used to arrange tactics and certain actions. On the battlefield, excessive personal emotions can affect the direction of the battle, even if they are just trying to prove something to someone
If you do not properly reduce some of the bonds with them, it may be at some juncture, too deep bonds can become a stumbling block, hunters should keep a distance from other hunters

Unstable Ecology

The ecology of the Valroha continent is precarious, and the space where humans can operate under the encroachment of the Black Mist has been compressed once again, and it is almost impossible for people to live.
But even so, indiscriminate killing of monsters and excessive harvesting will still make the already bad ecology deteriorate again, and the result is the possible permanent loss of some species
If you kill one monster, you will lose one, and if you collect one plant, you will lose one, and the harvested product will not grow anytime soon, just like reality.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Some Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content

System Requirements

    • OS: windows7
    • Memory: 2000 MB RAM
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space
    • OS: windows10
    • Memory: 8000 MB RAM
    • Storage: 3000 MB available space

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