Every case has a story behind it! You need to find and collect clues in the scene and reason at every level to find the truth. The clues can be associated or cross-layered.
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Apr 9, 2021

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About This Game

Game features

1. 3D puzzle RPG
2. Chinese style real scene design
3. Independent plot
4. Unique reasoning mode

The Baijia Mystery Case Collection is a collection of multiple cases. The first season contains 6 independent cases, which are:
"Li's Courtyard", "He's SPA", "Wan‘s Restaurant", "Yuan’s Hotel", "Lu‘s Design Office" and "Wooden House in the Forest"

[Story of the Li's Courtyard]
On a weekend in the autumn of 2018, Zhang Luo and Zhao Xue, a young couple, heard a rumor on the wild mountain of Xishan. They heard that there was an old man on the mountain who knew what was going on, so they planned to call two friends, a group of four. Meet to climb the wild mountain to explore.
However, no matter how they searched on the mountain, they did not find the old man's trace. It seems that, as others have said, fate is not something that everyone can meet.

When they came down the mountain in the evening, Liu Meiling fell and twisted her ankle, so her speed slowed down. When they returned to the foot of the mountain, the sky was completely dark. Liu Meiling could not walk because of her foot pain. There seemed to be nothing nearby at this night. Car, so the four of them discussed to find a farmyard around to stay for one night, and then find a car back to the city the next day.

The dark night made them feel a little sense of direction, and there were no lights in this area, so they could only move forward with the flashlight. The fear of the four people could not be said. Finally, they saw houses with lights along the way, and they rejoiced in their hearts and quickened their pace.

When they knocked at the entrance of the courtyard, a middle-aged man opened the door. The four briefly talked about the situation, and the middle-aged invited them in. When I walked in, I found that the yard is quite big. The middle-aged person is the landlord here, named Li Jianguo. The small yard itself is used as a bed and breakfast. No one has booked these days, so I just let them stay for one night when they are free. Up.
Li Jianguo’s own home is also nearby. This time I came to clean up, and I happened to meet them. Li Jianguo didn’t ask for their money, and said that he helped them find a car to take them back to the city the next day. The four people were very grateful. Li Jianguo took them to look at the various rooms, introduced them and left. Before leaving, he specifically explained that the hut on the west side should not be entered, and the rest can be used at will.

After the landlord left, they simply cleaned up, and after eating something, they went back to the house early to rest.

But when you wake up, the people around you are gone...

[Story of He's SPA]
At 22:38 on Saturday, December 13, 2014, a customer died in a newly opened hot spring restaurant "He's Tangquan" in Changping District, Beijing. The owner He Hongtao called the police as soon as he learned about it.

After preliminary investigation by the police, the deceased was named Gao Lei, male, 35 years old. The deceased had no obvious trauma. There was local redness, swelling, abdominal distension, and throat swelling on the right arm. The time of death was about half an hour. The cause of death cannot be determined temporarily. Go back for inspection. There were also two people who accompanied them. The scene has been closed and locked down, and all the people present have made notes.

He Tianxu is the son of the shop owner. He liked reasoning since he was a child. Now he is a sophomore at Beijing XX College, majoring in criminal science and technology. Something happened this weekend, and he happened to come to the store to help on Saturday night. This happened, which aroused his curiosity even more. The scene was sealed off, and the police led the on-site personnel to make confessions. He quietly started the investigation.

[Story of Wan‘s Restaurant]

Wanjia Xiaoguan in Changping District basically serves students from surrounding universities. The taste and price of the food in the store are very popular among students. Although the store is small, there are many repeat customers.

At around 21 o'clock on Saturday night, Qin Feng and three friends went to Wanjia Xiaoguan for dinner and drink. The Xiaoguan opened late only on weekends, and usually closed at 1 o'clock at night. After eating and talking, four people were about to leave at 12 o'clock in the night. As soon as they left the house, Qin Feng fell to the ground and convulsed. The lady boss heard the voice and hurried out to look at it. She called the police and called 120. The police station was just opposite. The police arrived soon, and the ambulance rushed to take Qin Feng away. In order to cooperate with the police investigation, Xiaoguan closed its doors in advance.

Qin Feng woke up dizzyly, in the empty house of Wanjia.
What happened, he also wanted to know...

[Story of Yuan’s Hotel]

At around 8 pm on May 2, 2018, the Changping District police received a police call from a woman saying that someone had sent her a video. The video content was that her son Chen Ziqian had been kidnapped. The kidnappers said that they only needed half a million cash. After investigation by the police, the location of her son was locked in the Yuanjia Hotel.

Yuanjia Hotel is also in Changping District, but the location is relatively remote. Generally, only those who travel to the surrounding attractions will choose this hotel to stay. There are not many people in normal times, and there are more people only on weekends and holidays.

When the police arrived here and found the child, they found that he had died in the bathroom of the hotel. There were no obvious signs of struggling in the room or bathroom, and no suspicious persons were found. The deceased was taken away for examination, and his parents and the hotel owner went to record a confession.

Recently, there have been frequent cases in this area and there is not enough manpower. The police assigned criminal police Zhang Yiyi to help solve the case. Zhang Yiyi firmly believed that the scene would give her an answer, so he decided to stay and calm down to investigate the scene again.

Who is going to attack a child?
What is the purpose of the murderer?
Where did the kidnappers go?

[Story Lu‘s Design Office]

On June 14, 2018, the police received a report. Lu Jia, the owner of Lu Jia Design Studio, was missing. The family found no results for two days and called the police this morning.

The police officer in charge of the case, Zhang Yiyi, came to the company in the afternoon to inquire about the situation. The attitude of the employees made Zhang Yiyi feel a little strange. In order not to disturb their work, Zhang Yiyi decided to come alone at night to find clues.

Not long after Zhang Yiyi arrived at the company, while looking for clues in Lu Jia's office, the door of the office was suddenly locked...

[Story of the Wooden House in the Forest]

Photography enthusiast Wu Rui wanted to shoot a series of forest movies, so he checked many places on the Internet and found a forest area in the outer suburbs with few people.
Wu Rui arrived in the afternoon, and the sky was getting dark while patted, but suddenly lost his way, and could only keep walking on the basis of feeling...
Until he saw a wooden house, Wu Rui hoped to get help, so he walked in.
When he stepped in, when he picked up the book.
The door is closed...

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

The content contained in this game contains uncomfortable horror elements and may not be suitable for minors to play.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i3/i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Iris
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i5/i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD/Nvidia

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