Set in the heart of London, Little Sim World is a cozy 2D Life Simulator that reshapes how players engage with their surroundings. Customize your character’s preferences & living space while interacting with an array of cute characters. Enjoy the various city activities & just have fun!
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Fecha de lanzamiento:
3.ᵉʳ trimestre del 2024

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Juego con acceso anticipado

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Aviso: Este juego con acceso anticipado no está terminado y puede o no cambiar más adelante. Si no te entusiasma jugarlo en su estado actual, entonces deberías esperar a ver si el juego avanza más en su desarrollo. Más información

Lo que dicen los desarrolladores:

¿Por qué acceso anticipado?

«Even though we’ve already implemented many and aspire to add even more features that will be fully functional upon the Early Access release, our goal is to add several huge RPG & Multiplayer aspects into the full version, but also to keep perfecting the existing gameplay experience for our players through close communication about their wishes, insights and ideas! Early Access is important in this process, as it allows us to showcase everything firsthand, getting players accustomed to the existing mechanics and possibilities while the final, massive ones are brought to life. We greatly value our community and their support through all these years of development, having their input is a crucial step in our efforts to create the best possible experience and provide additional time for gamers to help us grow the game to its full potential.»

¿Cuánto tiempo va a estar este juego en acceso anticipado aproximadamente?

«Given that our priority is for the game to achieve a full scope of fulfilling features that gamers can experience, we estimate that Early Access will last approximately 3 to 4 years, from the time of the release in Q3 of 2024.»

¿Cuán diferente será la versión completa de la versión de acceso anticipado?

«The most intricate aspects to bring to life are the NPC interactions, Romantic Relationships, and Multiplayer features. These were highly requested by the Indie Life-Sim community, and they've been part of our plan from day one! In addition, we are looking at vastly deeper storylines, as well as more player interests, outfits, buildings, many more interactions, furniture, tasks to follow, collectables and random events.»

¿Cuál es el estado actual de la versión de acceso anticipado?

«We just recently finished adding all the planned interests as well as a career system that allows players to explore them to the fullest by performing activities related to each of them and receive compensation for it! The city is missing but one building from its open world map, all the furniture & clothing types are complete, making way for the variety of even more different styles for each. There are already hundreds of different moods your little sims can experience, objects they can interact with and characters with different preferences they can create. Collectibles include coins, stamps, toys, leaves & fish, completing the full set. There are still things in need of refinement but the core cozy experience is already there!»

¿El precio del juego será diferente durante y después del acceso anticipado?

«There may be a small discount for the Early Access, although we do not expect the pricing for Little Sim World to change significantly, as we believe it should reflect the amount of work we have put into developing it!»

¿Cómo tienes planeado involucrar a la comunidad en tu proceso de desarrollo?

«What we’ve built up to now has heavily relied on player feedback and will continue to until the very end! You can find regular updates, participate in fun polls, suggest ideas and get fast feedback on anything regarding the game, through our Little Sim World Discord community. You can expect the very same from our Twitter page & other social media accounts!»
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Fecha de lanzamiento prevista: 3.ᵉʳ trimestre del 2024

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Acerca de este juego

Its adorable, tiny version, that is! Little Sim World is not only the new cosy sim next door but a story you’ll write and grow on your own! We surveyed over 10,000 hardcore sim fans to find out what they wanted in a life simulation game, and we've packed Little Sim World with all the must-have features! As you move into your rustic, snug little home, the next step of your journey is completely up to you! So what will it be?

Why not take a walk around your new neighbourhood? Very soon you’ll notice it’s alive and bustling with activity - Cars, NPCs, and busy shops will meet you at every step, and with no loading screens or transitions, the entire world is at your disposal! There are countless spots to explore in the city, each brimming with its own set of attractions, character, and chances to mingle with friendly faces!

Fancy eating out? Simon's Pub has got you covered or maybe the food truck is in town. If a home-cooked meal is more up your alley you can always visit the Let's Go Grocery Store for fresh ingredients and create delicious dishes from home. Your mornings could also get a boost through the freshly brewed coffee of Moon Coffee!

Each locale offers unique activities tailored to your interests! There's a charming Canal for Fishing, a large Gym for improving Fitness & Figure, and a quaint Library for those craving Knowledge & Writing adventures. Countless other places eagerly await your exploration to unveil their true purpose. Plus, these delightful pastimes can pop up in unexpected places, be it in your cosy home or random corners of the world!

Even before you discover the charm of buying new clothes and getting new haircuts at the salon, you’ll get to create a character that’s just to your liking, be it their style or their personality! Pick and choose all the details of your little Sim’s persona. Over time, your persona will transform as you unlock traits to assist in caring for your sim and achieving all the goals you've chosen for yourself!

At the beginning, you might not have many stylistic choices, but as you explore and level up, you'll open up a bunch of new looks and styles to try on! Certain accessories may be more readily available than others, so keep on exploring to ensure you don't overlook your preferred styles! The amazing hues of the colour wheel aren’t reserved only for your littlish friend, as we’ve made sure you have the same freedom when envisioning your dream house!

Expand your plot, change the arrangement of the furniture you have or buy brand-new decor to spice up your living quarters. Paint or upcycle objects at the workbench or just sell them at the pawn shop. There are plenty of ways to make use of the things you no longer need! Walls won't confine you either so feel free to bulldoze them and start over. Experiment with whichever layout you like and just let your imagination run wild!

Don’t forget that your little human gets sleepy and thirsty too, make sure to take care of their needs as you go about your day and build your perfect life! There are 8 different stats you'll need to manage from your health & happiness to your comfort and bladder. Every activity, whether it's crafting, working out, or fishing, affects your needs in unique ways. Plan accordingly to ensure you stay balanced.

But that's not all! There are plenty more existing features that we couldn't fit in here that we're sure you'll love! Dynamic weather, temperature changes, a task-based job... Not to mention many of the things that have yet to be added like being able to meet that special someone, playing with friends & plenty of others that we can't wait to show you!

Many stories await you, but the most important one is the one that you create! Are you ready to start living your dream life in London?

Let's go!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO *: Windows 7 with SP1
    • Procesador: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Intel HD 4400 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Versión 11
    • Almacenamiento: 200 MB de espacio disponible
    • Procesador: 2.8 GHz or faster processor
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Intel HD 520 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Versión 12
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 500 MB de espacio disponible
* A partir del 1 de enero de 2024, el cliente de Steam solo será compatible con Windows 10 y versiones posteriores.
    • Procesador: 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent
    • Almacenamiento: 200 MB de espacio disponible
    • Procesador: 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 or equivalent
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha a Internet
    • Almacenamiento: 500 MB de espacio disponible
* A partir del 15 de febrero de 2024, el cliente de Steam dejará de ser compatible con juegos de 32 bits y macOS 10.14 o versiones anteriores.

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