Punhos de Repúdio
The new brawl game has arrived so that you can let out all the anger that you kept in your heart! Spanking suckers was never this satisfactory!
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Punhos de Repúdio Demo

Over dit spel

Punhos de Repúdio is a satirical game in the 2D beat'em up style with classic arcade influences and modern visuals.

The game has a fictional story of a global pandemic that engulfed the world and is being ignored by fanatics who do not believe that the disease is real. It is up to the main characters, 4 common citizens adequately protected with gloves and mask, to deal with these fanatics and solve the situation with the force of her own fists.

● Handmade art and animations
● Sock it to your enemies with a wide variety of punches, kicks, grabs and headbutts!
● Authentic Brazilian environments made those who know it!
● Retro music with a fierce beat!
● Seek justice against the villains that threaten your city!

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    • Geheugen: 4 GB RAM
    • Opslagruimte: 3 GB beschikbare ruimte
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