It's not the usual soccer game, it's a fast-paced football game with hilarious fields, easy-to-learn controls and hard-to-master gameplay. Have fun with your friends and compete in online multiplayer matches! Kick, tackle your opponents and score GOOOOALS to climb the leaderboards!
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6 ago 2020

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Ottieni accesso immediato e inizia a giocare ora: prendi parte a questo gioco mentre viene sviluppato.

Nota: i giochi in accesso anticipato non sono completi e potrebbero venire modificati in futuro, oppure rimanere incompleti. Se non vuoi giocare a questo gioco nel suo stato attuale, ti conviene aspettare per vedere se verrà sviluppato ulteriormente. Altre informazioni

Cosa dicono gli sviluppatori:

Perché l'accesso è anticipato?

“The first time we let our fans play Circle of Football we thought the game was ready to be released. We were wrong. We discovered the game was even funnier than expected, but our players asked for a lot of changes! We then realized we really needed Early Access to gather the most feedback as possible and then incorporate those ideas as fast as we can. We need the community to help us build the best game ever!”

Per quanto tempo questo gioco rimarrà in accesso anticipato?

“We think that the community feedback and ideas are the most important factor of success for our game. So, in order to shape Circle of Football together with the community and build the most meaningful experience for our players, we decided to keep our roadmap flexible. Our goal is to come out of Early Access in Autumn 2020 and we'll do our best to reach this goal!”

Quali saranno le differenze fra la versione completa e quella ad accesso anticipato?

“We believe that the game's core mechanics are solid and entertaining.
We aim to create new game modes, new ways to expand the interactions within the players and add more content, both for the characters and the arenas, with the support of the community. Moreover, we would like to work on together with the players on the leaderboards and ranking systems.”

Qual è lo stato attuale della versione in accesso anticipato?

“The main features of the game, such as the gameplay and the visual aspects, are already polished and well working. Now, with the community feedback, it's time to bring the final pieces together and create a fully multiplayer experience.
Circle of Football is still in active development, so keep in mind you will may encounter some bugs and some features could be changed along the road. Enjoy the ride with us :)

For more detailed information have a look at the "about this game" section!”

Il prezzo del gioco varierà durante e dopo l'accesso anticipato?

“During Early Access, the game will be free to play, but at the release, a price will be added and Circle of Football will become a premium game.”

Come pensi di coinvolgere la Comunità durante il processo di sviluppo?

“We have always been in close contact with our community. We aim to continue this relationship during the Early Access period, using our blog and Steam community page to keep everyone updated, our Discord and social media profiles to interact and gather feedback.
We value our players and we will do anything in our possibilities to take ideas and feedback into consideration!”
Altre informazioni
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Informazioni sul gioco

Yes, but it's not the usual soccer game, it is a fun, physics-based pixel art game!
Circle of Football is an arcade soccer game with easy-to-learn controls but a hard-to-master gameplay.
You can play 1vs1 and 2vs2 online competitive modes, as well as local multiplayer matches.
Every soccer field has a unique style, get ready to adapt!

You can choose from 10 different stages! Airport, street and beach are just some of them.
Your mom went crazy when you played with the ball inside your home?
Now you can have your revenge in the house field and don't worry about the windows, they are 100% ball-proof!

You can pick between 8 different characters like the frog, the goat and even the strangest creature alive nowadays, the cosplayer.
Every player has different statistics, like attack power, kick power, control, and speed!

In Circle of Football there is no referee: no yellow or red card!
If your opponent takes control of the ball you can charge a super shot and hit them with your head to retake the ball!
If you are nostalgic you can also slide into other players, but remember, always use your head!

You can play local multiplayer matches with up to 4 players.
Challenge your friends in 1vs1 or 2vs2 games, Circle of Football supports up to 4 gamepads simultaneously.

You can play online with and against players from all over the world!
Win matches and climb the leaderboard alone or with your premade.

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 10
    • Processore: 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Min 512 MB
    • DirectX: Versione 11
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 800 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Sistema operativo: macOS 10.12
    • Processore: 2 GHz with SSE2 instruction set support
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Min 512 MB
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 800 MB di spazio disponibile

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