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Downloadable Content

This content requires the base game Uninitialized on Steam in order to play.

Buy Weapon for 3D Visual Novel Maker

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About This Content

With this Weapon DLC you will get 200 types of weapons and 200 poses for your excellent artwork.

All content of this DLC will be available directly from the game, in the main menu with scenes and in menu where you are making settings of the character.


15 Star warrior
8 Napped 9
49 Spy girl
7 Black Market Blades
25 The Legend Sword
10 Tough Girls
11 Military Tactical
25 Unusual Weapons
20 Dark Archer
30 Sci-Fi Weaponry
18 Z Samurai swords
16 Dark archer
50 Seasoned fighter
20 Military action
16 Z Weapons of the gods
64 Tough girls
30 Aki tribe


Amazonia Sestus
Angelic Axe
Angelic Dagger
Angelic Hammer
Angelic Shield Bent
Angelic Sword
Angelic Trident
Anime Axe
Anime Halberd
Anime Sword Claymore Scabbard
Anime Sword Claymore
Anime Sword Cutlass Scabbard
Anime Sword Cutlass
Black Market Blades Ceremonial
Black Market Blades Night Shade
Black Market Blades Silence
Black Market Blades Stealth
Black Market Blades Twisted Death
Blacksmith Anvil
Blacksmith Hammer
Blacksmith Pliers
Blast Power 15mm Blast
Blast Power 15mm Heavy
Blast Power Fusion Blast
Blast Power Fusion Pistol
Blast Power Heavy Particle Pistol
Blast Power Particle Blast
Blast Power Revolver Blast
Blast Power Tech Bullet
Blast Power Tech Revolver
Blast Power Tek Blast
Blast Power Tek Blaster
Bludgeon Bat
Bludgeon Hammer
Bludgeon Mace
Bludgeon Morningstar
Combination Flintlocks Axe
Combination Flintlocks Halberd
Combination Flintlocks Mace
Combination Flintlocks Warhammer
Dueling Swords Crystal Edge
Dueling Swords Elden Gyre
Dueling Swords Spiders Bite
Dueling Swords Thorn Sting
Dueling Swords Woodheart
Gladiator Axe
Gladiator Gladius
Gladiator Round Shield
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Square Shield
HAVOC 160 Carnage
HAVOC 160 Crossbolt 01
HAVOC 160 Crossbolt 02
HAVOC 160 Mayhem
HAVOC 160 Ravager
Hot Spear Spear
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Gunbai Spring 1
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Gunbai Spring 2
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Gunbai Winter 1
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Gunbai Winter 2
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Katana Spring
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Katana Winter
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Mask Kitsune
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Mask Tiger
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Naginata Spring
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Naginata Winter
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Scabbards Spring
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Scabbards Winter
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Steel Fan Spring 1
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Steel Fan Spring 2
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Steel Fan Winter 1
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Steel Fan Winter 2
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Temple Bell Spring
Jade Tiger Kunoichi Temple Bell Winter
KARMA 870 Coilgun
KARMA 870 Magazine MT
KARMA 870 Magazine
KARMA 870 Power Cell
KARMA 870 Railgun
KARMA 870 Taser
Kyra Shield
Kyra Sword
Lightning Arch Arrow
Lightning Arch Bow
Lilikh Claw L
Lilikh Claw R
MAGMA 930 Missile Launcher
Medieval Fantasy Ancient Shield
Medieval Fantasy Dagger Scabbard
Medieval Fantasy Dagger
Medieval Fantasy Sword Scabbard
Medieval Fantasy Sword
Medieval Villager Sword
Mercenary Soul Arrow A
Mercenary Soul Arrow B
Mercenary Soul Bow
Mercenary Soul Grenede 1
Mercenary Soul Grenede 2
Mercenary Soul Knife
Mercenary Soul Machine Gun
Mercenary Soul RPG
Military Tactical M86 Assault Rifle
Military Tactical MZ46 Grenade launcher
Military Tactical Punch Dagger
Military Tactical Tac Knife Sheath
Military Tactical Tac Knife
Polearms Bardiche
Polearms Bill
Polearms Chauve Souris
Polearms Glaive
Polearms Halberd
Polearms Partizan
Polearms Pike
Polearms Poleaxe
Polearms War Axe
Polearms War Scythe
Russian Bullet 1
Russian Bullet 2
Russian Magazine A Empty
Russian Magazine A Full
Russian Magazine B Empty
Russian Magazine B Full
Russian PPSH41 A
Russian PPSH41 B
Russian PPSH45 A
Russian PPSH45 B
Sci-Fi II Machinegun
Sci-Fi II Pistol3
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Blue
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Green
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Orange
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Pink
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Purple
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Red
Sci-Fi Lightsaber Yellow
Sci-Fi Ray Blaster
Shi No Kage Sword
Toon Battle Axe
Toon Flanged
Toon Rifle
Toon Sword
Toon War Hammer
Toxophilite Arrow
Toxophilite Bow
Universal Laser Blue
Universal Laser Green
Universal Laser Orange
Universal Laser Purple
Universal Laser Red
Universal Laser Teal
Universal Laser Yellow
Urban Sniper Rifle LR05
Urban Sniper Rifle TLR06
Urban Tactical Shotgun SL02
Urban Tactical Shotgun SS01
Urban Tactical Shotgun SXL03
Urban Tactical SMG FF76
Urban Tactical SMG FS06
Urban Tactical SMG FS116
Warrior King Axe
Wind Warrior Bow
X-Figther Morningstar
X-Figther Spiked Mace
Zealoth Shield
Zealoth Sword
Ancient Celtic Dagger
Ancient Celtic Sword
Ancient Doublebladed Axe
Ancient Mace
Ancient Singlebladed Axe
Ancient Viking Dagger
Ancient Viking Sword
Kill zombie Hunting Bow
Kill zombie Hunting Crossbow
Obsidian Pistol
Obsidian Rifle
UCMC m44a2
UCMC M44a3
UCMC m65r
UCMC m65s
UCMC m240e
Unusual Bat
Unusual Pan
Unusual Pipe
Unusual Rolling Pin
Unusual Torch
Valhalla Ax
Valhalla Dagger
Valhalla Great Sword
Valhalla Hammer
Valhalla Shield
Valhalla Sword
5 variants of ATV SR 25
Zombie pistols_9mm bullet
Zombie pistols_9mm pistol magazine
Zombie pistols_9mm pistol
Zombie pistols_38mm bullet
Zombie pistols_38mm shell
Zombie pistols_Betta magazine
Zombie pistols_Betta pistol
Zombie pistols_MEG Revolver
Samurai_Dagger case
Samurai_Stand free
Samurai_Sword case
Combat rifles_Assault black
Combat rifles_Assault desert
Combat rifles_Assault green
Combat rifles_Bullet
Combat rifles_Sniper black
Combat rifles_Sniper desert
Combat rifles_Sniper green
Military weapons 1_ASL-19 black
Military weapons 1_ASL-19 camo
Military weapons 1_ASL-19 magazine
Military weapons 1_ASL-19 scope
Military weapons 1_ASL-19 yellow
Military weapons 1_RPG black
Military weapons 1_RPG green
Military weapons 1_RPG rocket
Military weapons 1_RPG wood
Military weapons 1_TM-209 black
Military weapons 1_TM-209 camo
Military weapons 1_TM-209 magazine
Military weapons 1_TM-209 yellow
Military weapons 2_AT-05 black
Military weapons 2_AT-05 camo
Military weapons 2_AT-05 magazine
Military weapons 2_AT-05 yellow
Military weapons 2_AUT black
Military weapons 2_AUT camo
Military weapons 2_AUT green
Military weapons 2_AUT magazine
Military weapons 2_AUT Scope
Military weapons 2_TMG-99 black
Military weapons 2_TMG-99 gold
Military weapons 2_TMG-99 magazine
Military weapons 2_TMG-99 silver
Military weapons 3_AM-16 black
Military weapons 3_AM-16 camo
Military weapons 3_AM-16 magazine
Military weapons 3_AM-16 yellow
Military weapons 3_MMW black
Military weapons 3_MMW green
Military weapons 3_MMW rocket
Military weapons 3_MMW yellow
Military weapons 3_TAK-56 black
Military weapons 3_TAK-56 camo
Military weapons 3_TAK-56 green
Military weapons 3_TAK-56 magazine
Aki tribe_Axe alien
Aki tribe_Axe classic 2
Aki tribe_Axe classic
Aki tribe_Axe fancy
Aki tribe_Axe frozen
Aki tribe_Axe fаncy 2
Aki tribe_Axe ice
Aki tribe_Axe magic rock
Aki tribe_Axe magic
Aki tribe_Axe molten cold
Aki tribe_Axe moss
Aki tribe_Axe possessed
Aki tribe_Axe savage
Aki tribe_Dagger alien
Aki tribe_Dagger classic 2
Aki tribe_Dagger classic 3
Aki tribe_Dagger classic 4
Aki tribe_Dagger classic
Aki tribe_Dagger fancy 2
Aki tribe_Dagger fancy
Aki tribe_Dagger frozen
Aki tribe_Dagger herbalist
Aki tribe_Dagger ice
Aki tribe_Dagger magic rock
Aki tribe_Dagger magic
Aki tribe_Dagger molten cold
Aki tribe_Dagger moss
Aki tribe_Dagger possessed
Aki tribe_Dagger primitive
Aki tribe_Dagger ritual
Aki tribe_Dagger savage
Aki tribe_Knife alien
Aki tribe_Knife classic 2
Aki tribe_Knife classic
Aki tribe_Knife fancy 2
Aki tribe_Knife fancy
Aki tribe_Knife frozen
Aki tribe_Knife ice
Aki tribe_Knife magic rock
Aki tribe_Knife magic
Aki tribe_Knife molten cold
Aki tribe_Knife moss
Aki tribe_Knife possessed
Aki tribe_Knife savage
Gangster weapons 01_Block pistol
Gangster weapons 01_Falcon pistol gold
Gangster weapons 01_Falcon pistol silver
Gangster weapons 01_JKS shotgun black
Gangster weapons 01_JKS shotgun silver
Gangster weapons 01_Shotgun black
Gangster weapons 02_Assault rifle black wood
Gangster weapons 02_Assault rifle black
Gangster weapons 02_Assault rifle gold wood
Gangster weapons 02_Assault rifle gold
Gangster weapons 02_Longbow shotgun
Gangster weapons 02_MIZ SMG
Gangster weapons 03_Assault rifle black wood
Gangster weapons 03_Assault rifle black
Gangster weapons 03_Assault rifle gold wood
Gangster weapons 03_Assault rifle gold
Gangster weapons 03_Small revolver pistol black
Gangster weapons 03_Small revolver pistol silver
Gangster weapons 03_Sting SMG
Gangster weapons 03_XS SMG

Please note that content of this DLC will be updating. After buying the DLC you will get all updates for free.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 or later (64-BIT Required!!!) It is not working on 32-BIT systems!
    • Processor: Intel 2 GHz processor like i5 or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible video card with at least 4GB VRAM like GTX 970
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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