35 floors of roguelite challenge! Just stay safe, okay?
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Aug 14, 2019

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Planned Release Date: August 2019

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July 17

Update 0.56

This updates focus more on the stability of the game and the ways to play it. Although it adds a bunch of new things to play with, it also changes a lot more to be more balanced and a stable experience.

  • Added Borderless graphic option
  • Added new spells and abilities
  • Added new new trap
  • Added elemental icons to gear
  • Added little thank-you to Settings window
  • Added new items
  • Added stacking items functionality
  • Added multi-use functionality
  • Added new themes
  • Added new music
  • Added new crafting complete window
  • Added new NPC avatars
  • Added rebind for screenshot
  • Added F1-F12 to rebindable key options

  • Change overall floor layout. Champs before shops!
  • Only one crowned enemy per map allowed
  • Some spells have their max range nerfed
  • Some monsters have new resists
  • Some monsters have new spells
  • Goblins now try harder to avoid campfires
  • Some monsters now resist knockbacks
  • Some monsters have new loot
  • Twitter tweeting now only happens at victory
  • Monsters are slightly weaker
  • Some notifications don't stall the game anymore
  • Wands and some other items inherit their elemental info as their base element
  • Some game texts have been adjusted to better communicate info
  • Added some new controller button icons for button sequence
  • Regular traps now has a chance to inflict bleeding
  • Some spells have a higher effectiveness
  • Going game over now deletes your quick saves!
  • Deconstruction has higher yield rates
  • Gem crafting now always includes the effects of involved items
  • Crafting items when inventory full will now just drop it on the floor
  • Deconstruction when inventory full will now just drop it on the floor
  • Daggers are have slightly better stats overall
  • Status effects no longer try to apply if their target is actually dead
  • Champs now gain their proper sight bonus from class
  • Merchants have bit more items to sell
  • Electric abilities don't stun anymore if their target is frozen
  • Gem crafting now actually deletes all the involved items!
  • Default keybind buttons for screenshot and recast are swapped
  • Changed some window graphics
  • Some enemies leave behind different type of corpse
  • Save statue has a different graphic
  • Dragon eggs no longer show in nearby list (declutter)
  • Certain skills do no not trigger a turn's end, allowing another go
  • Some items may now display their consuming effects
  • Some gear can now be deconstructed
  • Scared monsters may occassionally fight back anyway
  • Champ are similarly powerful as real players, degrading over time

  • Game freeze after crafting
  • Invisible poison trail no longer appears invisible
  • Game crash sometimes on crafting gems
  • Fixed wrong sound effect in settings window
  • Fixed no text no achievement notification
  • Fixed sound effect spam on virtual keyboard
  • Fixed ability to have long names using virtual keyboard
  • Fixed levelling achievement triggering properly now
  • Fixed a potential crash when some effects are non existent
  • Fixed a visual glitch where creatures appear elsewhere after knockback
  • Fixed discord functionality working again (sorry, guys)
  • Fixed fourth healing item not adding to Defender class
  • Fixed still able to cast magic after losing spellbook
  • Fixed damage popups clear when starting new game
  • Fixed game crash when trying to render class for your personal champs
  • Fixed missing 2hander info for item in loot window
  • Fixed monsters unable to recall their last cast spell
  • Fixed sometimes game crash when player levels up while loading save game
  • Fixed highscore crashing game when keys use unknown icons
  • Fixed defender class starting with a default spell
  • Fixed crafting sometimes using too many items in requirements
  • Fixed Wands having some weird empty space in the name
  • Fixed some item name typos
  • Fixed intro music triggering properly
  • Fixed recipes not being properly included in save game (sorry guys)
  • Fixed save games not properly loading your mana
  • Fixed creation screen sometimes saving values from a previous attempt
  • Fixed ability to change the character creation setting right as it fades out
  • Fixed virtual keyboard resetting will by default display random hero name
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July 7

Update 0.55

This update is one of the biggest one to date. It adds some very important changes that fundamentally change the game. Not only does it add the long awaited save game feature, it also adds the classes system. You may choose from 4 basic classes to begin, which affect your stats in various ways. In the future, classes will be more customizable and may unlock subclasses.

The values of these classes are still a work in progress. This is the first release! :)

Saving the Game
The save game feature is new. It should work completely, but it might come back with bugs. Of course, do let me know if this happens (see contact info on game page).

There is some restrictions to saving the game though! These restrictions are mostly gameplay based and slightly due to under the hood. Here's the rules:

  • You can only save while you are in a Safe Zone.
  • Leaving the Safe Zone will disable the feature! Think ahead.
  • If you reload a save game, you will lose the save game file.
  • If you reload a save game, you cannot backtrack to earlier floors! Think ahead.

Hopefully they are not unreasonable. I hope this helps people out a bit who cannot put in the 2+ hours to play each sitting. Hats off to them, hope this helps you!

Chat with us on Discord, easier to reach me and sneak peeks etc. its cool: https://discord.gg/jaDRtk8

  • Class system
  • Save game feature
  • New monsters have been added
  • Some monsters can form parties
  • New theme has been added
  • New trophies were added
  • Monster AI has been updated
  • Added Borderless Fullscreen Windowed graphics option
  • Added new sound effects
  • Some monsters have new abilities
  • Confirmation will show when tweet is sent now
  • Some spells have new effects
  • Until the new event system, reaching B1 triggers a special message

  • All maps are smaller now to increase fun
  • Your champs now also use spells you had
  • Monsters now try to avoid eachother, to surround you
  • Some entities no longer show in Nearlist
  • Monsters can now eat healing items they have
  • Monsters can now pick up items from the floor (including from corpses)
  • Gems with additional effects/equip effects now also trigger
  • Legendary altars now have a defending mechanism
  • Some monsters have their placement costs adjusted
  • Maps can only have one crowned enemy, max
  • Adjusted some magic texts
  • Adjusted mana regen rates
  • Some monsters have new status effect resists
  • Added a warning text to gem crafting. It destroys the items!
  • Eventlog shows a bit more info when something's not right (errors)
  • Merchants have more cash on hand
  • Adjusted some gear values for sell
  • Some customization options for the player have been adjusted
  • Certain legendary items are no longer craftable
  • Recipe scrolls are more common
  • Healing items are more rare (sorry guys)
  • Legendary altars no longer emit light
  • Waiting while feared will trigger the fear effect
  • Adjusted casting text when casting on self

  • Leaderboards (Global) now show up properly again
  • Unexplored tiles now have theme-specific color
  • Levelling trophy properly triggers on time now
  • Fixed able to have longer names using controller
  • Poison splatter should no longer have an invisible state
  • Player no longer freezes after crafting
  • Fixed a crash when deconstructing a legendary item
  • Fixed some graphical glitch when favoriting a spell item
  • Fixed deconstruct window height not high enough
  • Some items had the wrong required steps to craft
  • Initial spell no longer starts Illegible
  • Fixed potential file access issue for mod files (more on this later)
  • Area of effect spells now work properly even if no creature is targetted
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About This Game

Break out the deep prison and escape this subterranean dungeon 35 floors underground.

Each play session is different, explore every inch of the map for precious loot, trinkets and gems with added effects to help you on your journey to the top.

Battle you way through each floor using a variety of ranged and melee weapons or spells. Over 50+ different creatures to encounter, coming at you with evil intent.

Find magic scrolls and unleash strange powers upon your enemies or yourself. Use scrolls often to learn them permanently, casting them from your own spellbook without the need of a scroll!

Create better gear, tools, arrows for your bows and more. Craft a variety of items to increase your odds at surviving, or even to make a little coin.

Every so often, you'll meet face to face with another escapee - a copy of another real player. Don't worry, it's not real-time... Their playthrough, gear, items, the progress they had: it's all there. Ready to fight you!

Defeating this copy of another player will then make you the new champion of that floor! Now you, your copy, will be encountered by other players! Survive, and make sure nobody else does. Above all else, stay safe.

35 floors of turn-based roguelike challenge, variety of monsters, items and spells. And more, every update. Plus, every playthrough matters: your progress is recorded in a leaderboard!

  • Unique generation system! Use files on your PC, key presses on your keyboard or buttons on the controller to create your random dungeon, items and gems!
  • Randomized characters! Start off with a random weapon, spells and helpful items, different each time.
  • Leaderboards! Record your gear, level, kills, alive time... How did you do?


  • Colorblind mode! Deuteranopia, Tritanopia and Protanpoia all supported!
  • Offline mode for when you'd rather not encounter other players.
  • Rebind every action for your keyboard or controller!
  • Let the game tweet out your sweet victory in the form of a screenshot on our official Twitter page (@StaySafeGame)! Enable it in the settings!
  • Earn trophies as you play!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or equivalent
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Anything
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2 Ghz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Anything

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