Roll for initiative, take attacks of opportunity, manage player location and the verticality of the battle field in this upcoming Turn-Based Tactical RPG by Tactical Adventures. In Solasta, you make the choices, dice decide your destiny.
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19. august

Solasta Kickstarter starts September 3rd!

You've heard it right, Solasta: Crown of the Magister will be hitting Kickstarter on September 3rd 2019... in a mere two weeks! 

Are you ready? Because we sure are!

If you haven't already, it's time to tell your friends - because with the Kickstarter campaigns comes the Pre-Alpha Kickstarter Demo! Available for everyone and for free, it will be available on Steam - make sure to follow the page to be notified as soon as it goes live! (Wishlist unfortunately does not inform you when a Demo goes live, only the final game)

And I can tell you, you do not want to miss this Demo - unless you really hate spiders.

Need more information? Head to our Kickstarter Info Page where we explain why we're coming to Kickstarter. Feel free to hit our Forums and our Discord Server if you have any questions beyond what's written there, and we'll glad to answer however we can!
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16. august

Dev Diary #5: AI Basics

Greetings adventurers, 

Have you ever wondered how creatures think in video games? Why did this orc decided to attack my warrior, while the other one decided to just hide behind cover? If you have, you came to the right place as I will be shedding some light on what sort of dark thoughts drive the AI of our vicious creatures. 

When designing the AI system for Solasta, we wanted to make sure that it would best fit a set of objectives that crystallized what's important for us
  • The AI must be able to choose from a large variety of activities. SRD5 ruleset is quite expansive, and creatures can have a plethora of actions available to them at any given turn. Attacking, casting spells, getting to cover, dashing, dodging, disengaging, shoving are some examples. 
  • The AI must be able to evaluate its environment properly. The verticality of our levels, the importance of light and covers must all be considered thoroughly when making decisions. 
  • The AI must be easy to create and modify. We should not have to alter the code every time we want to tweak some creature’s behavior. 
  • The AI system must be usable in both turn-based combat and real-time exploration. Maintaining two separate systems should be avoided wherever possible. 
  • The AI must be adaptable to different creatures' behaviors. Intelligent creatures should not behave the same as creatures that are more feral and sensitive to light for instance. 

Making good choices in life is important, such as avoiding to get on the wizard's nerves.

All those objectives made it clear that we would use a variant of Utility AI. Utility AIs are very popular in tactical RPGs, 4Xs, Grand Strategy games where large amounts of possibilities are offered to the agents. 

Basically, what this system does is giving creatures a set of decisions to evaluate. Each decision will be scored independently following a set of designed rules. From these scores the AI will choose which decision best fits its current situation. The AI will then repeat that process until it runs out of options or until it decides that ending its turn is the best decision. 

But let’s skip the theory, shall we? Let me show you what it means with a simplified example. 

Do AI Orcs dream of AI adventurers? 

Let’s say we have a very young and inexperienced orc that we’ll call Bob from now on. What decisions could Bob be faced with during battle? Being the newbie of the group, Bob is very eager to prove himself. 

First things first, can Bob make use of his axe right now? If so, which foe would be the best target? Is said foe a real threat for Bob? Bob sure doesn't want to be made fun of for attacking the weak ones after all.

What about moving? Bob can move to all those places - how does he choose the best one? Being an aggressive fellow, Bob wants to prioritize locations where Bob can HIT PEOPLE IN THE FACE. And as stated earlier, preferably someone that is a match for his brute strength. Not only that, but Bob wants to show his valor - the more foes around, the happier Bob will be. Now Bob, some would tell you that it's dangerous and not very tactically sound - but you do you buddy.

As a last resort, Bob could make a ranged attack - he does have a javelin at hand after all. But that could be seen as cowardly, so Bob only does that if he can't reach anyone. And Bob never was that good at throwing javelins, so Bob will go for someone that's easy to hit instead of a target cowering being cover. 

In truth, Bob is controlled by his AI overlord. But don't tell that to Bob, we don't want him to deal with an existential crisis as of now.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider for an AI in Solasta, and that was just a much-simplified example (no offense Bob). Giving the AI a correct set of rules, with the appropriate ways to score decisions is what makes or breaks a behavior. And the complexity does not end here as we also must balance the behaviors so that the AI does not become frustrating to fight against. That’s all the joy that’s AI design and programming! 

I hoped you enjoy this sneak peek into our thought and design process, and I will see you soon for more. 

AI Overlord
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Om dette spil

Created and written by lifelong fans of Pen & Paper RPGs, comes Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

Bring the authentic Tabletop gaming experience to your PC!

Roll for initiative, take attacks of opportunity, manage player location and the verticality of the battle field. Set yourself up for the finishing strike and possibly roll a natural 20 at that key moment of battle.​

In Solasta, you take control of four heroes, each with unique skills that complement one another. Every hero expresses themselves in the adventure, making each action and dialog choice a dynamic part to the story. Players will create their heroes just as they would in a pen-and-paper game choosing their race, class, personality and rolling for their stats.​

You make the choices, dice decide your destiny.

Key Features:

  • An Epic Team Adventure.
    Discover the shattered world of Solasta: explore ruins and dungeons for legendary treasures, learn the truth of an age-old cataclysm - and stop it from happening again.

    Create your very own party of adventurers with our Character Creation Tool in the classic tabletop RPG tradition. Breathe life into your heroes, and see their personalities reflected in their dialogue. Tailor your squad to your preferred strategy and maximizes your party's abilities. The choice is yours.

  • Discover a Mysterious & Dynamic World.
    Delve into long forgotten dungeons to unearth ancient artifacts, but stay watchful of light and darkness: many dangers hide in the dark, but a light can attract monsters. Some enemies have darkvision, some may flee from your torch... Successful adventurers will learn to use it to their advantage.

    Fight monsters in squad-level, turn-based, tactical combat. Solasta's dynamic environment offers some interesting tactical options. Bridges can collapse, leaving enemies stranded and vulnerable. Walls and columns can be pushed over - on top of your foes, if you do it right. The world is your playground.

  • Prepare to Think in Three Dimensions.
    The dungeons in Solasta are more than flat game-boards. Climb, jump, or fly around obstacles. Evade or surprise foes from above or below. Push them into chasms or drop things on their heads. Position yourself on high grounds to start the fight with an advantage.

    Size also matters. Escape through narrow passages where bigger enemies won't fit and crawl through tunnels to find secret areas. Take advantage of the environment to find cover suited to your own size. Watch out, though - the monsters are also thinking vertically.

  • True to the Tabletop.
    Solasta: Crown of the Magister brings back the thrill, tactics, and deep storytelling of tabletop games. As you play, you'll feel yourself reaching for your dice and miniatures. It's time to dive into the world of Solasta. Roll for initiative!


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