Take on the role of an exterminator struggling with a small town invaded by repugnant bugs. Crush them, burn them, poison them, do whatever you have to do to eliminate them!
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2019년 6월 20일

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Bugs! 구매


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2019년 7월 8일

Update to version 1.002

Hello friends!
How are you? Here, in Italy, it's very very hot ... definitely too hot.

Here is the news:

- we've solved a problem with the navigation of the inhabitants in the houses.

- we've increased the blast range of the standard bombs and impact bombs.

- the insecticides now work better.

- some textures of the furniture have been changed.

If you find some issue with the game, please contact us.

... just one last thing: kill all those m**********s!
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2019년 6월 24일

Update to version 1.001

Hello guys!
We are happy you're enjoying the game <3

We fixed a few errors that you pointed out:

- Solved the problem at the campaign's beginning in the second map.

- Solved the bug of the money "update" in the new turn.

- Corrected some typing errors.

If you notice some problems or you have some good suggestions, let us know using our email or Community Hub ...
... and see you at the next update! ;)
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게임에 대해

In "Bugs!" the player will take on the role of an exterminator struggling with some small towns invaded by bugs.

Move around the towns using your van, unlock the equipment you need and eliminate those repugnant 6-legged beings!

In this game, there are different kinds of buildings; you need to use different tactics to win the "battle" in these structures.
Sometimes, the owners of the building will make you an offer to fumigate their house.
Spend the money (Bugcoins) to buy new equipment and to supply your weapons.

You can play a true Campaign as an exterminator ... or simply enjoy yourself using the Sandbox mode.

There are different kinds of weapons.
you can choose between traditional explosives, incendiary devices, toxic devices, several kinds of traps and some atypical gadgets.
There are some extremely dangerous weapons too, including artillery volleys, air strikes and ... a nuke!
You will also find a very atypical gadget, a super lethal weapon, known as the "Insane Dreamers virus", but we can't tell you more ...

Use all the means available to you to wipe out those beasts.
Show no mercy because they will show no mercy when, at night, they will jump on your bed while you are asleep!

시스템 요구 사항

    • 운영체제: Windows 10 32-64 bit, Windows 8.1 32-64 bit
    • 프로세서: CPU INTEL o AMD 2 core a 2Ghz
    • 메모리: 1 GB RAM
    • 저장공간: 500 MB 사용 가능 공간

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