Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion is an action-packed one-on-one real-time-strategy game with fighting and puzzle elements all set in the universe of Voltron: Legendary Defender.
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29 aug, 2019

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Early Access-spel

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Vad utvecklarna har att säga:

Varför Early Access?

Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion is the winner of the Universal GameDev Challenge 2018 where indie studios could create prototypes for iconic Universal franchises. Since then we have added online multiplayer features but the game still is far from being complete. Since we ourselves are fans of the Voltron franchise we want to further develop the game with the fans and for the fans. We believe that Early Access gives us the perfect tool to do that.”

Ungefär hur länge kommer det här spelet att vara i Early Access?

“We estimate roughly 12 months, dependent upon the level of community engagement and the timeline needed for community requests.”

Hur är det tänkt att den fullständiga versionen ska skilja sig från versionen i Early Access?

“Features that we have planned include different special abilities for each character, a story mode, improved settings (such as key bindings) and more content such as characters and stages, different customization options and new cubes to select from!”

Hur är det nuvarande läget i versionen med Early Access?

“The Early Access version contains a local single-player mode as well as local and online multiplayer. There are five playable characters and four stages to choose from.”

Kommer spelet att prissättas annorlunda under och efter Early Access?

“The pricing will be consistent during Early Access, it might increase for the full release.”

Hur planerar ni att involvera gemenskapen i er utvecklingsprocess?

“We plan to actively listen to input from the community and take all constructive feedback seriously, be it good or bad. We will also involve the community in deciding on which characters and locations from the series they would like to see added into the game first.”
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Om detta spel

Experience the universe of DreamWorks’ Voltron: Legendary Defende and take control of the Cubes of Olkarion!

Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion is an action-packed, one-on-one, real-time-strategy game where you take on the role of your favorite Paladin to battle AI or other players online.

Choose your character and control a base on either side of the map. Then concentrate on building your tower from unique cubes as high and strong as you can. Pay attention to your tower arrangement as each cube has different attack or defense abilities. Some cubes launch projectiles, others are great for defense and even others can spawn units that fly over to attack the other side’s tower.

Keep a cool head, think creatively and make quick decisions during battle, it only takes one mistake for your tower to crumble.

This game project started as an entry into the Universal GameDev Challenge in 2018. After being selected as the winner, NBCUniversal agreed to publish the game and Gbanga developed the Early Access version.

NOTE: This Early Access version contains a single-player mode as well as both local and online multi-player.


    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+ (64-bit)
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor
    • Minne: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Intel HD Graphics 520
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • Lagring: 2 GB ledigt utrymme





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