Beyond a Total Loss is a darkly humorous 2D action-adventure (with a dash of survival horror) about a balding moustachioed dim-witted drunk called John Harry, who comes to the conclusion that signing an unreadable contract in exchange for a gun maybe isn't the best of ideas.
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18 чер 2019

Увійдіть до акаунта, щоби додати цей товар до бажаного чи позначити як «не цікавить».

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12 серпня

Time for a giveaway! Five Steam Keys for the best cocktails!

For all the cocktail and retro indiegame lovers, we now have a giveaway! Check us out on Twitter, follow us and post a picture of your best made cocktail (preferably one of the four that you can mix in the game)! The five best responses will receive a Steam Key for Beyond a Total Loss, and we will pick the winners on wednesday-evening!

John Harry might sometimes need a pick me up, but so do we!

Check for our cocktails!

And if you don't feel like making a cocktail but do feel like supporting us: Beyond a Total Loss is still 33% off for the next 20 hours!
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5 серпня

Prologue and Performance Update

Another update! But what makes this update special? Let's see:

  • The prologue has been added as an extra to the main game*
  • A major performance update has been implemented, meaning performance has increased about two to three times
  • Minor bugfixing and stuff (not so special)

About the Prologue

In the prologue you play as Randy (the car mechanic who has disappeared in the main game). Randy has a bad dream, there is someone in his bedroom and on top of that they want him to make more moonshine. What a day!

* The prologue was already available as the demo, but seeing as you can't play the demo on Steam once you've bought the game it seemed like a good idea to add it to the main game. (Which somehow wasn't as easy as it sounds!) So there!
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Про цю гру


John Harry is lost in the woods after driving his car off a cliff. He is attacked from all sides by strange vicious beasts and his prospects seem bleak. But then the local game warden comes to his rescue and offers him a gun to protect himself. He just has to sign a little contract…

It seems like his troubles are over, or have they just begun?


  • BLOOD: Know your health by the amount of blood on your face!

  • ALCOHOL: Mix cocktails and feel their effects!
  • VIOLENCE: Shoot bullets from guns into horribly deformed creatures!
  • INVENTORY TETRIS: Unleash your inner OCD by managing your inventory!

  • LOVE: Fall in love, or just watch dirty pictures!
  • ABUSE: Experience verbal abuse by people you hardly know!
  • PUZZLES: Find out if the rusty key fits into the rusty lock!
  • TALKING: Have a conversation with other weirdos (or just point your gun at them)!

  • CHOICES: Choices sometimes have consequences and sometimes they don’t!
  • MINIMAL HUD: Use your brain to remember how many bullets you have left!
  • THE END: Experience three totally different endings depending on decisions you made!
  • PHILOSOPHY: Find out if worms are moral beings!

Опис вмісту для дорослих

Розробники описують вміст подібно до цього:

This game contains mature language, violence, gore, alcohol abuse and nudity.

Системні вимоги

    • ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
    • Процесор: 2GHz
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: 512MB
    • DirectX: версії 9.0c
    • Місце на диску: 150 MB доступного місця

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Кураторів, що рецензували цей продукт: 18. Переглянути їх.

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