Product Update - Valve
Release Notes:
- Fixed winter achievement not displaying correctly.
- Bomb pickup now respects player timescale.
- Santa heli now respects player timescale.
- Warning timer now appears at 15 seconds (was 10 seconds).
Product Update - Valve
  • Gameplay: when no more zombie territories, humans win.
  • UI: merc control bar now accommodates any arbitrary amount.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip Territory Score screen.
  • UI: can press ESC to skip New Outbreaks screen.
  • UI: can press left/right to select upgradeable mercs.
  • UI: can press Enter for Yes/No popups.
  • UI: fixed Player 2 artillery cursor mixup.
  • UI: added loading animation to File Share menu.
  • UI: added URL tooltip in Behind the Scenes.
  • UI: vid. resolution menu now shows current resolution.
  • UI: helicopter name limited to 23 chars.
  • UI: add help message for bad profiles.
  • Mods: removed empty mods from database.
  • Fix: custom resolutions are now saved.
  • Fix: fix crash in Zed Bait.
  • Fix: fix crash in Twitter feed.
  • Debug: PAX Demo functionality.
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.84
- Gameplay: Chooser gamemode no longer scrambles merc lineup.
- Gameplay: landmines now respect user's gamespeed.
- UI: middle mouse click now opens Merc Chooser window.
- UI: Alt+Enter now toggles fullscreen/windowed.
- UI: added option to quit without saving.
- UI: added social feed.
- UI: added More Games menu.
- UI: increased Report-a-Bug window size.
- UI: campaign log export now includes hours/minutes in filename.
- System: Disable joysticks with "-joystick 0" command line.
- System: Disable sound with "-sound 0" command line.
- System: Added telemetry system.
- Fix: crash in 3D renderer.
- Fix: crash in region generation.
- Fix: crash in newsletter page.
- Fix: crash with empty mod names.
- Fix: crash in music system.
- Fix: crash in pathfinder.
- Fix: crash in text renderer.
Product Update - Valve
1.82 Changelog
- UI: added "Hotkey UI" to display hotkey numbers on mercenaries.
- Mods: particle effect color when helicopter gathers civilians (HELI_GATHERCOLOR)
- Mods: particle effect color when Zed Bait gathers zombies (NECTAR_GATHERCOLOR)
- Fix: crash in cityscape UI renderer.
- Fix: fixed bugs in territory generator.
Product Update - Valve
1.81 changelog
- Mods: parameter for controlling how often zombies chase humans (ZOMBIE_CHASECHANCE 25)
- Extras: added Behind the Scenes page.
- Extras: added Version History page.
- Extras: added Newsletter page.
- Fix: fixed mystery dynamite appearing at 0,0 position.
- Fix: crash in dynamite detonation.
- Fix: crash in texture renderer.
Product Update - Valve
1.79 changelog:
- Gameplay: fixed conflict between Elephantbird and Chooser gamemode.
- Mods: Reload mod data button is now backslash (Steam version)
- UI: added option to turn off tutorial tips.
- UI: Improved the Fileshare's scrollbar.
- UI: Catbird was mistakenly labeled Elephantbird.
- Fix: joystick now only updates if more than one player is enabled.
Product Update - Valve
v1.77 changelog
- Gameplay: added "Chooser" gamemode. Select mercenary lineup every month.
- Gameplay: dynamite no longer required for mission start.
- Mods: added FORCE_CHOOSER parameter to force the Chooser gamemode.
- UI: press Enter to end planning phase.
- Fix: fixed Combatant gamemode (was always on).
- Fix: fixed typo in mine_triggertime parameter.
- Fix: fixed "Bookworm" achievement.
- Fix: crash when time values are too large.
- Fix: crash in File Manager.
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.73 changelog
- UI: added music links to main menu.
- UI: added file count to File Share.
- UI: fixed File Share scrollbar.
- Mods: new nighttime length parameter (NIGHTTIME_SECONDS).
- Fix: added error popup for audio crash.
- Fix: ensure outbreak cities always have correct population.
- Fix: fixed crash when BARRICADE_LIFETIME is too high.
- Fix: fixed various city size-mod crashes.
- Fix: fixed crash in when retrieving vignette data from profile.
Product Update - Valve
- Gameplay: fixed Zed Bait last-saved positions.
- Gameplay: zombies & humans can no longer both get points from same territory.
- Gameplay: ensure populations are always set during No Quarter games.
- UI: add UI that highlights dynamite.
- UI: added scrollbar to File Share
- Mods: fixed mod loading when continuing a savegame.
- Mods: Zed Bait parameters now accept decimal values.
- Mods: Mine damage parameters (MINE_MAXDAMAGE, MINE_MINDAMAGE)
- Mods: Mine trigger delay (MINE_TRIGGERTIME)
- Mods: allow milestones to be triggered on both zombie and human track:
- Fix: fixed crash in File Share.
- Fix: fixed crash in mod diff viewer.
- Fix: fixed crash in finale audio.
- Fix: added error popup for some ATI video cards.


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