Product Update - Valve
- Fixed double charge for extortions if bribe attempt accepted.
- Fixed savegames with locked components due to blueprint count changes
- Fixed All components unlocked achievement fail if broken savegame
- Fixed Bounty Hunters using bounty hunter life pods
- Fixed Arena Rez rewards reporting properly in the preview (on all skill levels)
- Fixed Arena Rez rewards diminish properly in chapter 4 based on replays
Product Update - Valve
- Extortion battles no longer charge extortion rate randomly upon success.
Product Update - Valve
- Huge hulls properly unlock if had > 4 hulls before the 1.501 patch
- Save games with bounty extortions in wrong instances fixed.
- Fix for failed extortion attacks when spawned from non home instance.
- AlienFX™ manager hidden on disabled fixed.
- Warp out location popup on exit Arena event.
- Bounty ships have surplus crew.
- Minor spelling fix in galaxy creation screen
- 2 new loading hints for bounty hunter features
Product Update - Valve
- Arena now starts if specialist pool is full
Product Update - Valve
Added Bounty Hunter Faction
- 10 new advanced and highly tunable Bounty Hunter ship hulls.
- Player can also obtain new bounty hunter ships
- Global Bounty/Respect system
- Bounty Hunter Starbases (Strongholds)
- Hire Bounty Hunters as ambient helpers
- Hire Bounty Hunters to clear warp gates
- Hire Bounty Hunters to clear infections (Chapter 4)
- Bounty Hunters can insert themselves into any mission within their borders.
- Extortion demands on leaving their systems
- Additional Chapter 4 BH protection/resistance strategic element.
- Achievement for destroying a Chapter 4 bounty hunter stronghold.
- Bounty Hunter audio chatter

Added Arena
- Arena accessible through Bounty Hunter Strongholds
- 150 Challenges Total
- 10 ladders
- 5 tiers per ladder
- 3 difficulties per Tier
- Specialist reward for beating a ladder on each difficulty level.
- Achievement for winning all arena events

Added AlienFX™ Support (Requires AlienFX™ lighting hardware and DLLs)
- Lighting Modes (per light):
- Nebula Color (default)
- Ship Status
- Capacitor Capacity
- Hull Integrity
- Shield Integrity
- Custom Coloring

- Projectile 20% weaker vs. Shields.
- Projectiles 12.5% weaker vs. Armor
- Projectiles 33% weaker vs. Hull
- Explosives 12.5% stronger vs. Armor
- Explosives 20% stronger vs. Hull
- Energy 10% stronger vs. Hull
- Specialist drop chance 150% higher
- All hulls have 100% more health
- Mass Bomb secondary explosions 20% sooner
- Individual Star system tech level spending rebalanced to prevent grind
- Reworked tech tree to be deterministic and evenly distributed
- 50% more research blue prints distributed on game start
- Energy Burst Cannon damage lowered 25%
- Zombie critter damage 33% lower
- Zombie critter max population 33% lower
- Point defense damage increased 50%
- No faction relation changes on mothership assaults
- Weapon boosters 20% less effective
- Huge core mining beam available on any huge beam mount
- Torpedoes do 20% less damage
- Torpedoes have 50% less health
- Early story flow distributed better to prevent long system jumping grinds
- Double mount turret from 3 to 2 blueprints
- Fusion Beams 30% longer range
- Mass driver damage lowered 33%
- 4 Black boxes per huge hull from 6 (to combat Bounty Hunters better)
- If frame rate dips, effects are less likely to play.
- Gravity missiles from rare to uncommon
- Huge ship AI upgrade. Much better at attacking stations and kiting.
- High capacity reactor given better charge rate, only 5% less than basic.
- Double turrets from rare to uncommon

- Large goon pod pickups at mothership and beacon now report 10 goons instead of 1
- Round off error with Slaver bonuses.
- Optimization pass to many systems.
- Save game CRC checker to prevent corruption
Product Update - Valve
Changed WinterMod off by default
Product Update - Valve
SPAZ v1.015
- Fixed crash when viewing catalog preview in star and system map
- Fixed AI dropping of Rez at deployable turrets
- Fixed minor spelling issue
Product Update - Valve
Fixed New component deployment into pre-existing games
Product Update - Valve
Version 1.013
Fixed Level 10 components displaying correctly in component viewer
Fixed Component unlocking issue causing Stores to display owned components
Added automation to fix save games with component unlocking issue.
Product Update - Valve
patch notes:

Version 1.012
Added Medium, Huge Double Turrets
Added Fixed Mount turret mods (increases weapon size by 1 level)
Added Deployable Focal Turret (surplus)
Added Deployable Disruptor Turret
Added Deployable Stealth Ion Turret
Added Deployable Stealth Leech Turret
Added Deployable Torpedo Rack
Added Deployable Battle Station
Added Damage numbers visible for deployed turrets from player ship
Added Oversized boosters get a 1.5x bonus (Fixed mount turret modes make this possible)
Added 5 new star system backgrounds (requires game restart to populate galaxy)
Added New AI ship designs to use deployable turrets
Added Radar indicator for blackboxes
Changed Undersized boosters are 66% effective vs. 50% per number of levels undersized
Changed AI ship designs tweaked to make use of new fixed mount and double turrets
Changed Made large ship resources stay in memory. Takes more ram, but minimizes hitching.

Added Winter Mod:
Added Santa flying around in the background dropping presents
Added Milk and Cookie drops from ships (these also attract Santa)
Added Santa dumps a load of presents when picking up Milk and Cookies
Added Chance for Santa to drop a godlike specialist ("Little Helper")
Added Themed Radio chatter
Changed Asteroids are snowballs
Changed Zombie asteroids are yellow snow
Changed Disruptor Cannon -> Blizzard Blaster 2000
Changed Deployable disruptor Turret -> Snowball Howitzer
Changed Mining Station Rock -> Unhappy Snowman
Changed Crates -> Presents!
Changed Rez -> Candy Canes
Changed Santa hats for Carl, Don, and Elsa

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