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Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition

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Community Announcements - Instinct
Hi everyone,

check out our screenshot of the new XP/Progress bar for your fully Steam integrated player profile:

As well as the brand new German tanks in Falaise:

Community Announcements - Instinct
Another work in progress of the new interface:
The buy menu will display your ranked level, the MP you receive per second and the payback you receive per second. This will allow you to manage your resources efficiently. Also, can you guess what the new infantry squads are?


Community Announcements - Instinct
The Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Steam store page is now available to you:

Community Announcements - Instinct
"We discussed how eSports doesn’t necessarily have to bring games into a slimmer “rock-paper-scissors” package, and how Call to Arms aims at being more accessible than their past games, but “difficult to master”. Kramer explains that Call to Arms, an RTS set today, follows the same basic principles of their old games, to which 1C Company owns the brand, and how even if Digitalmindsoft had the rights to use the Men of War name, Call to Arms might just be different enough to fall under a different name.

In this interview, we wanted to nail how Digitalmindsoft would balance world powers such as the US, and smaller Guerrilla type militias that might be seen in the Asian or Middle Eastern map environments. “Call to Arms will be loosely based on modern combatants, but with a twist that make them asymmetric in gameplay, yet fair to play with and against,” claims Kramer."

Find out more here:

Also, the last challenge for a while is almost completed:

Check it out and stay tuned for more Men of War related news!
Community Announcements - Instinct
New dynamic squad icon interface elements: Selected squads will be highlighted, the type of squads will be rendered dynamically and their equipment is checked for priority weapons. For instance, if your squad has a rocked propelled anti-tank weapon an orange bar will be displayed above the unit icon. This will make it extremely easy to detect key units on the battlefield!

To see how it will look like, check our facebook page:

Have a nice Sunday!
Community Announcements - Instinct
A complete pack of 8 new screenshots of Call to Arms are available!

Check them out:

And let us know your thoughts!

Have fun!
Community Announcements - Instinct
The second developers update of Call to Arms has been posted:

"A ton of new content has been created so far and the game continuously improves to match our high standards. Specifically, we have made many improvements to the game engine, drastically increasing the visual fidelity while optimizing performance. At this point we think the game's screenshots are starting to show the difference, but we haven't yet reached the final quality."

Community Announcements - Instinct
Some of you might have missed the last developers update posted just a few days ago:

Let us know what we should talk about the next time and what you are looking foward to!

Also there is 1 (!) backer left the unlock the next Heroic Service Reward with one hour left:

Thanks and have fun!
Community Announcements - Instinct
Plenty of weapons are published on the Facebook group:

It gives you a first impression of the unit diversity between the GRM and US faction.
Also, only 6 more backers left to unlock the next heroic service reward!

Thanks and have fun!
Community Announcements - Instinct
Call to Arms is a real-time strategy game developed by Digitalmindsoft and the true successor of the Men of War series. Like you, we fought countless battles across Europe, but time stops for no man and change is coming. The era of modern warfare has begun!

Today a new gameplay video of Call to Arms has been released!

Keep in mind, this is very early Alpha. Some of the new features that Call to Arms will include are:
* Advanced multi-core support
* Advanced shader and visuals
* Enhanced performance
* Improved Netcode
* Multiplayer matchmaking
* Interface improvements
* Advanced usability and controls

Have fun :)

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