Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
This month has proven to be a huge undertaking for the team, many changes and improvements are on their way, please check out the patch preview thread I started. It can be found here:
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Added tooltips for Mining Drones mining lasers.

  • Adjusted AI Ship Spawn rates.
  • Increased All Weapon Damages.
  • Reduced Laser Ranges.
  • Increase Kinetic Shield Values.

  • Fixed issue when ammunition was placed in the cargo hold that mining yields would not be placed into the cargo hold.
  • Fixed an issue with cargo space not going down with ammo usage.
  • Fixed an issue with Drones not stopping mining once their cargo was full.
  • Fixed Hardpoint 09 from causing persistent issues, not able to attach a weapon subsystem to it, and ghost issues if mirroring.
  • Fixed issue with “Connect Part To Ship” button showing up with error messages that would cause them to overlap.
  • Fixed issue with store items showing up a 0.0c before first launch into Sector.
  • Fixed Sector pause issue with Game Guide and Option menu.
  • Fixed Issue with Drones not using the correct subsystem capacity.
  • Fixed Module Count warning to close it loading a ship that is smaller.
  • Fixed an issue where if you were mirroring an object and decided to change out which module you wanted to use it would leave the mirrored object behind and it would not be interact able.
  • Fixed a bug with the radar bracket still showing after locking onto a target.
  • Fixed a bug with the Out Of Range almost always showing.
  • Fix for lasers not always firing when engaged.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Added in System Messages for Micro Warp Drive if it is attempted to be used before it has finished re-charging. Also added in one for attempting to launch drones with out a launch platform. *More will be added later on and the icon will be changed over as well.

  • Adjusted Laser aiming more to attempt to smooth it out a bit more.
  • Changed tooltips for Drones. Now you can see what weapon they are using, and how much Drone Hangar space they require.

  • Fixed an issue with firing of lasers in manual mode.
  • Fixed an bug with loading hangers with Drones, they would not allow you to fully load your hangar bay acting as it was already full.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to launch drones with out a Launch Platform. Now an system message will appear if that hangar does not have a platform.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Weapons will not show the yellow warning till after they have been connected to the ship.
  • Tweaked the placement of the mirror object while placing with the mirror mode on.

  • Fixed the issue with mirroring mode with weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Overlap tool where if the part was already in error mode and you turned off the Overlap tool that the error message would not go away nor would the error material on the part it self.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Greatly increase forward thrust off all engines.
  • Changed the overall aiming of lasers so they aren't as jerky.

  • Fixed an issue with Planetary gravity being able to pull into the planet while warping, as well as reduced the overall effect of gravity.
  • Fixed bug with Stars as they will now be seen again.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to turn on/off Post AA effects.
Jun 9, 2014
Community Announcements - Kris

A new galaxy is required for this build!

  • Economy first pass: This patch includes the beginning of our new economy simulation. With the simulation, it should now possible for players to make profit through arbitrage (taking advantage of price difference in separate markets). Each sector has a market which simulates the trade of 5 different commodities, and the prices of modules, subsystems, ammunition, and trade goods are tied to one of these. This is greatly simplified compared to our final plans, and we will be posting a detailed write up on the subject soon.
  • Mining Laser Weapon Subsystem. These weapons are not able to be aimed at and fired at enemies, nor are they available to be able to manually control currently.
  • Planets now have a gravitational field around them, the closer a ship gets the stronger the effect, the total mass of the ship is also a factor, large ships should be advised to stay away from planetary bodies. Micro Warp, and use of a ships KFG will allow you to escape the gravitational pull of a planet.
  • If a hardpoint/weapon mount does not have a weapon attached to it, it will now highlight yellow. The icon in the right side weapon window will also be highlighted yellow.
  • While in Sector pressing [Left Shift] + [ B ] will do the same as right click and align to. *This will be bind-able later researching an issue with it currently.
  • The rotation tool in shipyard now was a degree increment tool. The degrees are: 5, 15,45,90,180.
  • A Main Menu button has been added to both Shipyard and Sector.
  • Ship Inventory in Shipyard now has a Unload All button, this will dump the current contents of the ship to your station storage.
  • A Missing Subsystem Warning system above the launch button in Shipyard.This is a quick reference to see if you ship is missing any of the critical subsystems.
  • Added a load screen between scenes with hints on them.
  • Added a Overlap Tool to turn off an off the overlap. Meaning you can now have 100% overlap if you so desire. This is located in the shipyard tools fly out.
  • Added a Zero Rotation tool, this will allow you to zero out the rotations of the part after it’s been placed off the mouse. But before it is connected to the ship. This is located in the shipyard tools fly out.
  • New DCM Module modes and icons.
  • Added a Sector label for available cargo space so you do not have to open the inventory while mining in order to see how full your cargo is.
  • Added keybinding for increasing and decreasing grid size in shipyard Defaults are [T] and [G]
  • Added key bindings and UI buttons to increase and decrease rotational degree snapping, default keys are [Shift]+[T] and [Shift]+[G]
  • Added Kinetic Field Strength to the KFG Info display in shipyard
  • Holding [Shift] While confirming the placement of a part will duplicate that module for rapid placement of the same module.
  • New module highlight effect

  • Updated Sector UI. To be more cohesive with the Shipyard UI.
  • Module and subsystem balance and scale - All modules and subsystems have been adjusted, they now follow a more logical scaling factor, this is not final and will be subject to many changes for balance and play ability.
  • Players should notice a sizable increase in performance this patch due to changes in our camera rendering and the way we are handling materials.
  • Missile AI has been improved they will no long fly in a spiral pattern.
  • Added a career option to the New Galaxy Menu.
  • The camera should start farther away from the ship when loading into the Shipyard.
  • Improved the Mirroring tool location of mirrored part.
  • Shipyard tools that are a Toggle now stay lit up to show if they are on/off.
  • Modifying a part now just goes to the 3D movement tools instead of attaching it to the mouse.
  • Reset button has been moved into the shipyard tools.
  • Weapons & DCMs will start with their bases down toward the part you are attempting to place them on.
  • Cockpits, Hulls, and Engines will start with their backs toward the part you are attempting to place them on.
  • Subsystem - Increased Jump Drive mass, reduced base charge time. Range and Recharge time now scale with tier
  • Adjusted max and minimum brightness of skybox nebula.
  • Removed crew quarters and crew requirements, these systems will be re-implemented later.
  • Right Click Menu > Modify now enables fine tune mode with transform and rotation gizmo.
  • Increased ambient lighting on the underside of ships in the shipyard.
  • Changed the Rotation and Translation Gizmo, the new tools are much cleaner looking.
  • Moved the ship reset button to the Shipyard Tools flyout

  • All stock ships have been rebuilt and equipped to function under the current changed.
  • Game Guide has been corrected so that it is accessible in the shipyard. *Note images still need to be updated.
  • Fixed button not following sound settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Subsystem Manager filter when closing/opening it would not display the correct filter list.
  • Fixed an issue with camera’s overlap rendering should increase performance across the board.
  • Fixed an issue with the store that would take the credits but not give the goods to the player.
  • Fixed a bug with warp gates not being spawned.
  • Fixed Hardpoints 9/10 this should no longer have placement issues.
  • Missiles should now once again trigger their audio when firing.
  • Station inventory tooltip no longer displays ERROR! the first time it's displayed.
  • When loading a ship some parts will no longer display the error hologram, even though they are in legal placement.
  • Fixed issues with the weapon manager tab not displaying module size properly.
  • Resolved scrolling issues with the weapon manager.
  • Your ship will no longer continue flying away when you open the main menu.
  • Corrected calculation error in the warp-to command, it was adding an extra zero to the distance it allowed the ship to warp to.

Known Issues
  • In-store prices are not affected by the economy simulation right after creating a new game and before leaving the station.
  • Star fields are not rendering, once it is fixed we'll hot patch the live build.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Added Tooltips to mining lasers regarding their yield category.
  • Added Cargo info below the Hull readout in Sector. If you do not have cargo it hides this field.
  • Fixed a bug with the Hull Bar Indicator where it wouldn’t display correctly as the hull value went down.
  • Fixed an issue where the Unload All button in the Player inventory window would error out if you had resources.
  • Fixed a bug that made the ships cargo still think it’s full even after transferring everything to the station.
  • Fixed a sound bug that would not allow options to be applied in either Shipyard or Sector.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon and explosions were not being controlled by the SFX Volume control.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to fill your cargo while mining it always kept 1 spot open.
  • Fixed the Tutorial Open By Default checkbox this will now function correctly.
  • Fixed the ability to left click on a Target Icon in the top left corner to select the target.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Mining Laser Weapon Subsystem. This is currently working it will be improved upon in the upcoming patches. Such as tool tips and a warning when your inventory is full.
  • New Game Menu the faction slider maximum amount is bound to how many factions you currently have in your faction folder.
  • Fixed a bug were weapons would fire before being fully deployed.
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping the weapons firing sound from going off.
  • Fixed the Oberon Freighter, it now has cargo bays installed.
  • Fixed the Inventory Filter System to display water so it can be mined and sold.
  • Fixed the Asteroid Icon in Sector so it's not just a black blob.
Community Announcements - Kris
  • Fixed Warp Gate bug. The button will now be active and clickable.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to remove all parts from the starter ships.
  • Changed the reset button to now be active during career mode. It will add all subystems and modules back to your station inventories.
Jun 2, 2014
Community Announcements - LumberingTroll
We have released the D13 Development build, please check out the patch notes here.

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