Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATE: This client version was re-released on July 17 with some additional fixes, listed below.

  • Updated web control to CEF v60.0.3112.10
  • Removed requirement of having a saved credit card when purchasing in-game recurring subscriptions
  • Fixed missing game names for users with large Steam libraries
  • Fixed custom launch arguments not applying when launching 3rd-party Half-Life or Half-Life 2 mods
  • Fixed games failing in offline mode with errors such as "servers are too busy" or "currently no licenses available"
  • Decreased latency for some network operations in the Steam Client
  • Improved Steam client connectivity on networks where custom UDP/TCP ports are blocked
  • Fixed a crash when handling steam:// URLs launched from a browser (July 11)
  • Added detection and workaround for crashes on startup caused by certain antivirus/anti-malware programs (July 13)
  • Fixed an issue where Store and Community pages could forget your Steam language settings after a while (July 13)
  • Fixed multiple issues where the Steam client could hang or crash on startup (July 17)

  • Fixed a rare crash on shutdown or when exiting Big Picture mode (July 11)

Steam Input
  • Added Enhance Small Movement Precision setting to Mouse Joystick Mode. This allows for a fine tuning of low end movements so you can balance between fine grain control and minimum speed cutoff, resulting in a smoother response and less jumpy movement at slow speeds. Should be used in tandem with Minimum X/Y Output. This feature is enabled by default, but previous behavior can be restored by setting to the minimum value.
  • Added Custom Curve setting to Mouse Joystick Mode. This allows for compensation for game joystick response curves to more accurately dial in Mouse Joystick feel on a per-game basis.
  • Reworked the first time controller setup process for games without a recommended config provided by the publisher. We will now suggest the top community config if it meets the required confidence threshold.
  • Re-enabled layout definition of DirectInput controllers. The new interface uses the “Define Layout” button in the Controller Settings Page.
  • Added battery level indication for Xinput and PS4 controllers. When the battery is below 25% a low battery indicator will show in the Big Picture main menu. Clicking this indicator will rumble or play an identify chime on the low battery controller.
  • Fixed a bug where controllers using Xinput could have rumble output swapped.
  • Fixed a bug where controller configs would be applied to the last used controller instead of the selected one.
  • Fixed available offline personal and template bindings not appearing in the config browser when offline.
  • Improved XBox One default deadzone.
  • Removed Toast stating “Using Configurations for [X]” when the user was opted out for said controller.
  • When changing XInput slots for a controller which isn’t registered, show the controller type rather than trying to use a name.
  • Added Overlap Region setting to 8-Way and Analog Emulation D-Pad modes. This region specifies what proportion the diagonal overlapping region takes up relative to the cardinal directions.
  • Improved gyro precision and stability over time
  • PS4 Controller Gyro now uses hardware calibration instead of software calibration. This should improve general drift performance and no longer requires the Calibration step in Steam.
  • Added check for InputMapper and DS4Windows on connection of PS4 Controllers. If either program is running Steam will ignore the controller until it is reconnected.
  • Fixed a bug where configurations might not be applied if a controller went from being wireless to wired or vice-versa within a single session
  • Fixed a bug where configurations wouldn’t be saved if controller identity couldn’t be established properly
  • Fixed bug in Big Picture Overlay which prevented users from switching between which controller was being configured when multiple controllers were connected
  • Fixed bug in Big Picture Login Screen where On-Screen Keyboards would lose touchpad input on the password entry screen
  • Fixed bug where only Mouse/KB prompts were shown in the Desktop Client’s Controller Configurator
  • Fixed bug where PS4 Controller registrations would not carry over from MacOS to Windows or Linux and vice-versa
  • Fixed several bugs with settings and configuration UI
  • Fixed several issues with XInput emulation when using Steam Controllers and streaming controllers (July 11)
  • Fixed multiple controllers sharing the same XInput slot in some circumstances (July 11)
  • Fixed controllers changing what slot they occupied when removing and plugging in new controllers - this preserves the behavior that the first controller used ends up in the first XInput slot, the second in the second slot, etc. If 4 controllers are connected while Streaming and a local controller is available, if a remote controller is disconnected, the local controller will seamlessly drop into that slot when used. (July 11)
  • Fixed desktop Configurator running slowly while simultaneously running a game. (July 11)

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed Rumble when streaming using a PS4 controller which is opted out of Steam Controller Support
  • Fixed Guide Button not always working properly to engage the overlay
  • Fixed desktop Configurator running slowly while simultaneously running a game. (July 11)
  • Fixed black image during 2D cutscene videos in some games (July 13)

Video Playback
  • Fixed "initializing video decoder" error that occurred on first playback of a video
  • Added a prompt to install the 360 video player when watching a 360 video for the first time
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATE - June 7: This client build has been re-published with additional bugfixes for reported issues.

  • Updated web control to CEF v58.0.3029.81
  • Improved launch error messaging in case the OS failed to create the game process
  • Fixed installing games from multiple retail discs (June 7)
  • Fixed optional DLC automatically being installed (June 7)
  • Fixed some dedicated gameservers being unable to log in with certain game-specific parameters (June 7)

Steam Input
  • All Controllers types now can assign Guide Chord actions when opted out of further controller support. Similar to the Guide + Trigger for screenshot, additional actions can be bound or reassigned to Guide + Button via the Controller Settings. Additional options include mouse and keyboard support, changing volume or other media keys, turning off the controller (on supported hardware), and so forth
  • Fixed PS4 Controllers showing inappropriate art and text in the button diamond
  • Fixed XBox controllers potentially having a second phantom controller when not opted into Steam Configuration support
  • Fixed a crash when closing a game after previewing a controller config
  • Added Desktop Settings panel for configuring controller settings and editing base configurations
  • Fixed a case where native games requesting the configuration screen wouldn't work
  • Opting in to Steam Configuration Support for 3rd Party Controllers is now set for the user rather than the Steam Install. Users who have opted in to 3rd party Steam Controller Configurator Support will have to opt back in for their specific controllers
  • Fixed long-press activator toggle option not functioning properly
  • Fixed a case where closing the on-screen keyboard in Big Picture would not return to the proper controls
  • Manual registration in Big Picture is no longer required for new controllers. Personalization and changes to registration can still be made via the Controller Settings in Big Picture
  • Games which use the Steam Configurator natively for 3rd Party Controllers can now opt those controllers into support without the user having to manually do so
  • Fix for a case where a cache for offline configurations could be corrupted
  • 3rd Party Controllers no longer have to be disconnected and reconnected when opting into/out of Steam Configuration support. Games can still be individually opted out of support via the game's controller settings panel
  • Fix for In-Home Streaming from Linux PC to Steam Link or another Linux PC with Steam Controller Wireless Receivers connected to both devices
  • Fixed Linux mouse button assignments for Forward and Backwards
  • Fixed On-Screen Keyboard being disabled in windowed non-Steam Games
  • Fixed Non-Steam game configs not being applied if controller is power cycled
  • Fixed unexpected input when importing Gyro configs for devices without Gyro
  • Simplified UI for DPad mode on DS4 Dpad
  • Changed "Add a Steam Controller" button to only appear when a Wireless Receiver is present
  • Added "Recover Steam Controller Firmware" button to walk users through recovering a device via mass storage update
  • Fixed configuration showing incorrect controller type of the configuration being previewed (or presenting an error message in some cases)
  • Fixed a case where previewing a configuration with a mode shift could make inputs editable
  • Fixed non-Steam shortcuts not respecting the per-game opt-out of Configuration setting
  • Fixed configurations not being saved properly in offline mode
  • Fixed controllers not registering in offline mode if the account didn't match its existing registration
  • Removed online-only configuration browser categories when loading or saving configurations when in offline mode
  • Fixed Steam Button in the Big Picture Overlay being delayed when using a 3rd party controller (June 7)

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed Sony PS3 Controllers acting incorrectly via streaming
  • Enlarged the capture area for windows with menu bars to include the menu bar when streaming (June 7)

  • Desktop view support for SteamVR dashboard
  • Fixed overlay not working for Vulkan applications

  • Enabled Microtransation confirmation dialog from VR applications
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Note: An update to this Steam Client has been released on April 26th to fix an issue related to Tales of Zestiria.

  • Fixed video content not playing correctly (black screen or corrupt image)
  • Fixed an issue with some older games which resulted in a cloud file conflict immediately after installation
  • Improved detection and recovery after receiving corrupt file data from a download server

  • Fixed a chat-related crash that could be triggered by malicious users
  • Fixed blank screens when running from a folder-mounted partition which does not have a traditional DOS drive letter
  • Improved font rendering for Unicode chat text to better match with other platforms

Steam Controller
  • Fixed non-Steam Shortcuts displaying incorrect configuration when accessed via the Game Details page
  • Added desktop mode Detail View Link to edit Controller Configuration if a controller is connected.
  • Added time-stamp to personal configurations in the configuration browser.
  • Improved precision of Gyro.
  • Fixed a bug with localized Title and Description of official configurations.
  • Fixed Select Cursor Position helper screen appearing opaque when used in-game.
  • Fixed Analog Trigger range being incorrect.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when creating an entirely empty touch menu or radial menu.
  • Fixed PS4 Glyphs in Big Picture appearing incorrectly in SteamOS/Linux.
  • A copy to the link to the configuration is now automatically copied to clipboard when uploading a community configuration.
  • Fixed mouse joystick visualization resetting to default pad rotation when selecting it.
  • Fix for pairing controllers sometimes failing to be able to enter their code properly when multiple controllers were attached.
  • Fixed a bug where if the configurator was open in the browser, time wouldn't be accumulated towards being able to save a configuration.
  • Changed the time limit before posting a configuration down to 5 minutes.
  • Fix for button presses and other inputs leaking through to big picture when using a Guide-Chord combo. This primarily showed up as a Turn Off Controller action resulting in launching a game.
  • Fixes for unique/shared configurations not always being set properly
  • Fixed a bug during controller registration where network hiccups could cause no configurations to be received until Steam was restarted.
  • Fix for Shortcuts to Non-Steam Games whose names were entirely blank or composed of only path unfriendly characters resulting in bad configurations or a crash.
  • Fix for conflict between stick and touchpad when using on-screen keyboard with a PS4 controller.
  • Made on-screen keyboard exclusive to a single controller, so whichever controller initiated the invocation will be used.
  • Fixed autosave behavior not being immediately reflected when leaving/re-entering the configurator when a response from the backend isn't received quickly.
  • Fixed saves not showing immediately in the configuration browser.

  • Fixed an issue where you could continue to be marked "in game" after closing all VR applications
  • Internal changes for forthcoming SteamVR 360 video playback

Big Picture
  • Fixed broken icons for In Library and OSVR headset support
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. In addition to all of the changes from March 9, this minor update includes the following fixes.

Updated March 30:
  • Fixed video playback issues resulting in a black screen or corrupt graphics in the Steam client

  • Fixed a bug preventing non-Steam game shortcuts from being saved across restarts
  • Fixed several rare crashes and hangs

  • Fixed a bug with multiple Xbox controllers where one controller could register double-input and the other would register no input

In-Home Streaming
  • Reduced stutter and delay when streaming from a computer with a Gigabit network interface to a computer with a 100 Mbit interface
  • Added support for hotplugging headphones on the streaming client computer
  • Added support for the third-party VB-CABLE virtual audio driver for improved 5.1 surround streaming
  • Fixed a source of occasional frame stutter when capturing video from the host computer
  • Fixed limiting the video framerate when using the Steam Link just to stream audio or for remote input
Client Update - Valve
Update: this patch was re-issued on March 13 with additional fixes and improvements for issues that were missed in the initial release.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added a setting to disable group event and announcement notifications
  • Removed sign-on notifications for friends who are already online/in-game when you first sign-in
  • Fixed several reported crashes and hangs
  • Fixed an issue where some workshop items would be downloaded repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games missing from the task-bar menu
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games appearing in the wrong order
  • Fixed scheduled future game updates being invisible on the Download page
  • Fixed install dialog getting stuck while preallocating disk space
  • Fixed Windows taskbar showing pending progress even when there are no updates available
  • Fixed video player failing to start for Windows users with non-ASCII user names
  • Improved error handling when game files are locked by other programs during updates
  • Improved library sort order for games that start with punctuation or Unicode characters
  • Updated Web control to CEF v56.0.2924.51

Big Picture
  • Added confirmation before Restarting/Suspending/Shutting Down from the system menu
  • Fixed an issue causing some controller navigation actions to be ignored
  • Removed unintentional navigation input coming from racing wheels and flight sticks

macOS / OS X
  • Fixed an issue which caused some games to crash immediately under OS X 10.9 or earlier
  • Improved color fidelity in the Steam UI on newer 2015 iMac and 2016 Macbook Pro displays

Steam Controller
Added better offline controller support. Controller Configurations and Pesonalization will now download for offline use after the first online game launch. When offline, edits are local only and will not be uploaded to the cloud. When returning to online mode, the previous online configuration will be restored, but your saved local edits will be available for selection

Added Controller Config Preview. When importing a configuration, it will now be previewed first and then it can be accepted or backed out without applying the configuration. While previewing a configuration, all its settings can be viewed, but not changed

Added Steam Controller Configuration Links. When browsing configurations, a link can now be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Start button or Control+C. Following this Steam link will how the configuration and it can be optionally applied to the game it corresponds to. This link can be opened via a browser or at the commandline. From the command line, use "start [link]" in Windows, "open [link]" in OSX, and "xdg-open [link]" in SteamOS/Linux. Note that a controller must be active to apply a configuration. Links will be shown in the controller type they were created for, but will be converted to the controller type they are being applied to on application

  • Changed configuration sorting to use a rolling 30-day window. The most popular configurations over the past 30 days are sorted to the top.
  • Added voting to configurations, and added support to optionally sort configurations by votes instead of usage.
  • Added Lock Gyro at Extents option for Joystick Move. When turned off, the controller will no long lock at the full extents, matching old behavior from October
  • Fixed dead-zones on some controllers being too small when using joystick mouse, resulting in drift
  • Fixed a bug where multiple non-Steam Controllers could control the same player
  • Added support for multiple additional PS4 and third-party PS4-style controllers
  • Added audio support for official DS4 v2 Slim controllers
  • Added power-off timeout functionality for PS4 controllers connected over wireless
  • Disabled controller power-off timeout while the configurator is open
  • Added mouse dampening option for Mouse Region mode
  • Fixed XInput controllers getting bad configuration settings if connected prior to Steam login
  • Fixed a bug where configurations for guests could be saved under a generic guest account rather than under the signed-in local user.

In-Home Streaming
  • Increased desktop capture to 60 FPS on Windows 8 and newer
  • Added an option to change desktop resolution to match the streaming client under advanced host settings
  • Added a separate option to enable NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture under advanced host settings
  • Added a recovery path if your graphics driver crashes or resets during streaming. Graphics driver resets may still crash your game anyway. If you experience frequent crashes, we recommend that you disable hardware encoding.

Steam VR
  • Fixed green screen when capturing a multiple-monitor desktop with NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture in VR
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

  • Updated Web control to Chromium v56.0.2924.10
  • Account email and password wizards are now web based and offer usability and recovery improvements
  • Game install folders can be moved to other Steam Library folders under Properties / Local Files
  • Improved download/update error messages when game files are locked by other programs
  • Improved error message when you fail to install a game and don't have enough disk space due to user quotas
  • Added “Repair” option for Steam Library Folders to fix Windows user access rights
  • Support for including log files and crash dumps in system reports when submitting some types of help requests
  • Fixed a client issue causing HITMAN™ to skip one-time setup on new computers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the client to hang when the computer wakes from sleep mode
  • Fixed incorrect colors in screenshots and In-Home Streaming for Vulkan applications on AMD hardware

Big Picture
  • Added support for using the overlay keyboard for games that have launchers
  • Improved display when running on retina enabled devices under OSX

Steam Controller
  • Added XBox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input controller configurator support. This allows all recognized controller types to use the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configurator. Note that because X-Input currently lacks per-controller means of unique identification, all controllers of that type will share personalization and configuration settings. As they share the same inputs, Xbox 360/One/Generic controllers will all see each-others configurations when browsing. Automatic conversion will be attempted when loading configurations from other controller types.
  • Unrecognized Generic X-Input gamepad style controllers will be recognized by the Steam Controller Configurator once their buttons have been assigned to match a generic gamepad layout.
  • Recommended configurations specified for a game by the developer will now attempt to assign based on Controller Type.
  • Added option to disable Guide Button issuing a Steam focus change. This is available through the Big Picture controller options menu. This allows better interoperability with other applications which use the Guide Button, such as PSNow.
  • Added Single Button simple button mode for trackpads. This allows a trackpad to be treated as a single giant button.
  • Fix for free-floating On Screen Keyboard running very slowly if a game was open but did not have focus or was running windowed.
  • Added independent horizontal/vertical scaling to joystick move and joystick mouse.
  • Joystick Move mode no longer shows mouse sensitivity option unless mouse output is selected.
  • Added additional support for third party PS4 controllers, including some HORI, MadCatz, and Armor pads and fight sticks.
  • Fixed a bug with PS4 triggers where they were being scaled incorrectly, leading to maxing out of the value too soon.
  • Added ability to change x-input controller order from the Controller Options menu - so in multi-controller setups of x-input games, the mapping of physical controller to x-input index can be swapped around. Note that this currently only applies to controllers that have opted into Steam Controller Configurator support.
  • Fixed Configurator Switch Controller interface not showing controller icons.
  • Re-enabled Gamepad outputs for desktop configurations for users of third party programs which hook into applications via the desktop configuration.
  • Added XBox Controller Rumble Support
  • Added ‘Turn Off Controller’ Support for PS4 Bluetooth and Wireless Receiver
  • Added Open Big Picture controller action binding.
  • Fixed a bug where Steam Chords wouldn't work reliably when multiple controllers were connected and disconnected in a single session.
  • Fixed Volume being muted when connecting a Sony Wireless Receiver in Windows
  • Fixed analog stick on-screen-keyboard interactions not working inside of Big Picture
  • Fixed Guide Button not switching into Big Picture when Steam has focus but Guide Button Focus option has been disabled.
  • Add support for Emio PS4 "Elite" controller

  • Added overlay support for new Windows 10 Insider preview builds

  • Reduced energy usage when Steam is not the active application rights

  • Improved interactions between the Steam runtime and host distribution libraries, which should let Steam work out of the box with open-source graphics drivers on modern distributions. If using an older distribution or running into problems, use STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 to revert to previous behavior.
  • Unify close-to-tray behavior with other platforms. If using a distribution that doesn't have proper compatible tray support, use STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=0
  • Added idle detection, friend status will now automatically switch to Away/Snooze
  • Fixed Steam not obeying SIGTERM, Steam will now gracefully exit when logging out of a session
  • Fixed keyboard input and cursor switching in overlay for Vulkan applications
  • Update Vulkan loader in the Steam runtime to enable Xlib support
  • Updated libxcb in the runtime with a fix for DRI3-related crashes on open-source graphics drivers
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATED: This client was re-released with an updated Steam Subscriber Agreement that reflects legal changes between Valve Corporation and its affiliate companies, effective January 1, 2017.

  • We have recently updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the Privacy Shield Framework as agreed to by the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission. The Privacy Policy notes our compliance with Privacy Shield and provides contact information in the event customers have questions regarding our privacy practices.
  • Updated web control to CEF v55.0.2883. This version requires Windows 7 or macOS 10.9 and above, users on older OS versions will continue running the existing version.
  • Improved the error message shown when trying to run a 64-bit game on a 32-bit OS.
  • Improved download and patching speeds when games are installed to a traditional non-SSD hard drive.
  • Improved error messages when unable to launch a game that requires a third-party key.
  • Added web links to Steam Support pages in Change Password wizard.
  • Fixed crash on launch if you had some malformed music album images.
  • Fixed third-party mods showing up as the incorrect game name in the friends lists.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause non-stop re-downloading of workshop content

  • Improved navigation when using the Steam dashboard with the Oculus Touch controller.

In-Home Streaming
  • Added higher bandwidth options for 4K streaming.
  • Automatically restart Steam if it crashes while streaming a game.
  • Updated to support NvFBC with the latest NVIDIA driver.
  • Implemented support for Steam Controller personalization while streaming.
  • Fixed audio stuttering and dropout when streaming games to a Mac.
  • Fixed game crash in D3D9 games when alt tabbing away from them while streaming.

  • Added access to the music settings page in the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed multiple Web tabs opening in the Web Browser when clicking certain types of links.
  • Fixed taking of screenshots in Vulkan-based games

Big Picture
  • Show game names in the library page when art for the game is slow to load.
  • Fixed crash when launching into Big Picture with an active voice chat.
  • Fixed game art being clipped on the suggested game row of the main page.

  • Added overlay support for the Windows 10 insider build for 64-bit games.
  • Fixed black Store, Community, and web views when Steam is installed underneath an NTFS junction

  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to freeze when generating internal error reports.
  • Fixed ignored keystrokes for certain keys such as '0' under some versions of macOS

  • Fixed issues when installing games onto filesystems, such as ZFS, that report abnormally large sector sizes.

  • Added Steam Configurator support for PS4 Dual Shock Controller. Enable in Big Picture settings Add/Test Controller settings. When enabled, PS4 controllers will have access to the same sort of customization/configuration support as Steam Controllers, including native API support. PS4 Controllers using this system can map the trackpad, gyro, buttons, etc. to keyboard, mouse, or x-input outputs and can make use of action sets, touch menus, radial menus, and so forth.
  • Added software gyro+accelerometer integration for IMUs without hardware integration. Allows Joystick-Move/D-Pad/Mouse Leaning support for the PS4 gyro input.
  • Added New Mode – Joystick Mouse. This is a joystick based mouse control useful for stick based controllers.
  • Added controller preference setting for haptics. Haptics can now be globally disabled for a controller or default to the configuration preferences.
  • Added support for LED Color setting. Controllers which are capable of setting an LED color can now set this in controller personalization.
  • Added LED Brightness/Color controller action binding. The light on the controller can now be changed via a binding. This is useful to mark changes in state such as different action sets or mode shifts, or on start/release press activators for changing while a button is pressed, for example. Light settings are reset to user preference when changing applications/configurations.
  • Added software calibration for non-Steam controller based IMUs to counter for gyro drift.
  • Modes and bindings which are unavailable to desktop and Big Picture modes will no longer be shown in the configurator.
  • Steam now shows a dialog when trying to edit a config for a controller which has opted out of being configurable.
  • Unified Radial Menu Button Press/Release behavior on digital inputs such as physical face buttons or d-pads.
  • Dismiss quit menu when minimizing or turning off a controller.
  • Controllers now support a default Rumble Preference to be On or Off. Games can override this setting or use the default preference for that controller. Setting is available under each controllers Preferences in Controller Settings in Big Picture.
  • Individual games can opt out of using Steam Configuration support for the PS4 controller under each game’s Controller Settings. If a game has native PS4 support this allows it to continue to be recognized directly.
  • Changed mode shift button activators to be uninterruptible by default.
  • Changed Mouse mode Gyro Enable Button to default to Always On when placed on a PS4 Controller.
  • Changed Joystick Mouse to default to Wide Response.
  • Configuration Browser can now be toggled to show all available controller types rather than the default of the in-use controller type.
  • Configurations can now be marked as “Unique” to a specific controller. This configuration will only be applied to that controller for that user's account. By default, all controllers of a specific type will share a configuration unless marked as Unique.
  • Fixed a bug where rumble would send to the incorrect controller and could cause controllers to control the incorrect player.
  • Fixed default settings not applying properly to mode shifted modes, which could cause certain parameters to be incorrect by default on mode-shifts.
  • SteamOS users should update to the latest version of SteamOS, as described here.
  • Linux users should consider upgrading your udev rules to allow Steam access to /dev/hidraw* , as described here.
Client Update - Valve
The client beta has just been updated with the following changes:

  • Improved performance when unlocking a preloaded game
  • Added ability to spectate VR games from Steam Link
  • Fixed the client buildid not being reliably included in UserAgent for some web requests

Big Picture
  • Fixed mouse clicks in Big Picture overlay

Steam Controller
  • Fixed Configuration bug when performing a Steam-Chord action from a non-Steam game.
  • Fixed Joystick Move gyro flipping when turning the controller too far. It will now lock to the maximum deflection until it is past 180 degrees from neutral.
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. Changes since the last major release include the following:

  • Fixed a rare crash during login for some users
  • Improved performance of local file validation, particularly for traditional (non-SSD) drives
  • Improved error text when trying to install games to an alternate library location on an incompatible filesystem
  • Fixed some incorrect UI elements when viewing episodic video content or special features

In-Home Streaming
  • Improved AMD hardware encoding performance for GPU intensive games
  • Fixed bitrate issue when using AMD hardware encoding
  • Fixed black screen issue when streaming Duelyst and They Bleed Pixels

Steam Controller
  • Added Radial Menu Mode for touchpads and joysticks which allows up to 20 menu slots plus center and click bindings.
  • Added configuration for Steam Big Picture UI. Like other configurations, this can be saved and shared with the community.
  • Added configuration for Steam-button chording. These bindings are activated by holding the Steam Button in combination with other input, and are globally available on the desktop, in the Steam UI, or in games.
  • Added new bindable actions for Steam Music, screen magnification, and power options
  • Added more than 200 new icons for use in Touch and Radial menus
  • Added "Always Send" input style to Radial Menu and Touch Menu, which outputs the selected item immediately upon highlighting. This can be used to navigate lists or even bind 8-way movement.
  • Fixed bugs related to updating native configuration support in existing games
  • Fixed crashes and configuration errors reported by users
  • Fixed cases where bad wireless connections could cause controllers to appear unregistered
  • Fixed several reported issues with the On Screen Keyboard
Client Update - Valve
(Updated August 23: The client has been re-released with additional fixes for minor issues caused by the previous update.)

A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. Changes since the last major release include the following:

Mac OS X / macOS
  • The Steam application has been reworked for better compatibility with macOS Sierra. This may result in an older copy of the Steam application being placed in your Trash. It is safe to delete the older copy by emptying the trash.

  • Fixed handling of clickable URLs in chat text for the desktop Steam client

  • Fixed a crash when games passed certain parameters to the Steamworks API
  • Added button to clear local cache under download settings. This may fix downloads by removing stale or corrupt cached data.
  • Added UI text to indicate if a selected title is excluded from Family Sharing
  • Worked around a problem where a recent Windows 10 update could cause Xbox One controllers to send duplicate input
  • Fixed cases where playing a free game could trigger Family Sharing error messages

In-Home Streaming
  • Added support for spectating VR games from the Steam Link, mirroring the VR player's viewpoint

Steam Controller
  • Added "Set Cursor Position" binding controller action. This allows an arbitrary X/Y position to be moved to on a button press and optionally warp back to the original position on release. When combined with a click via either multi-binding or an additional activator, allows for on-screen UI to be bound to buttons even if they have no hotkey. Multiple Set Cursor Position inputs can be multi-bound to a single button allowing cursor position binding cycling.
  • Scroll wheel Mode on Joystick now ignores the joystick returning to the center position when doing horizontal/vertical scrolling. This allows for bindings to be cycled through scroll wheel on left/right or up/down taps.
  • Added Gyro Button Behavior setting. Allows for the Gyro Enable Button to be flipped to be a Gyro Disable Button, so gyro is disabled while the specified button is held, but otherwise on all the time.
  • Fixed broken configurations where modes could be attached to sources that don’t support them which caused errors in both the UI and in behavior.
  • Fixed issues with Double Press activator not working in certain games.
  • Fixed Interruptible activators not interrupting in a few specific scenarios.
  • Fixed haptic location not always being updated properly with activators.
  • Changed new full press activators to use the mode's current haptic setting as a default setting on the new activator.
  • Fixed activator-based haptics on specfic switch buttons to be correct based on physical position on the controller.
  • Fixed a bug when turning off legacy mode while editing Triggers.
  • Fixed incorrect modes being created when a developer is creating a new native configuration.
  • Fixed configurator option not showing up if game was VR capable and had VR controller support but also had non-VR and normal controller support.
  • Fixed adding action sets to fully legacy configs in games that have native configs. Now legacy action set configs and native configs won't stomp each other.
  • Fixed mode-shifted mouse regions flipping their initial Y position if "teleport on start" was set that was introduced with recent set cursor position additions.
  • Cleaned up the Choose Binding panel to improve legibility.
  • Added icons for Controller Actions such as Change Action Set, Take Screenshot, Move Cursor, and Show On Screen Keyboard.
  • Fixed the backslash character '\' not showing up on keyboard layouts.
  • Added RB/LB buttons to change current action set when editing a configuration.
  • Fixed gamepad binding highlights being offset in certain overlay resolutions
  • Fixed issues that prevented Streaming gyro from functioning properly.

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