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Apple has reportedly acquired Vrvana, an AR/VR HMD startup, for $30 million. Apple has acquired several companies working in augmented reality, but this deal is the first time the company has acquired a head-mounted display device maker. The deal apparently closed in the past few months, but as with most Apple-related news it was kept secret.

A number of Vrvana's employees now work at Apple. The company had only shown off a prototype of their "extended reality" Totem HMD, but it never made its way to market. Vrvana has also worked with Tesla, Valve, Audi and a number of companies under NDA. Vrvana's technology allows for passthrough cameras to show the real world while users enjoy the full immersion of a traditional VR HMD. This is a different approach from Hololens which relies on an image being projected on a translucent visor. 

The problem with packing in the passthrough technology is that the HMD becomes rather bulky. Just look at that thing. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that AR will "definitely happen" in the past and this acquisition is just one more step towards an Apple AR HMD reinventing how we interact with the real world. The major thing that jumped out at me about the Vrvana Totem headset is the 120 degrees field of view. Here are some more technical specs from the official Vrvana website.

It remains to be seen what Apple will do with Vrvana, or why they even acquired it, but the company is undoubtedly experimenting in augmented reality and this acquisition is one step closer to an Apple HMD entering a highly experimental and crowded mixed reality headset market. For now, we can add Vrvana to the list of Apple's AR/VR-related acquisitions that include Faceshift, SMI, Flyby Media, metaio, and Emotient.

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For many game fans, the names Square, Squaresoft, and Square Enix are synonymous with old-school action and top-tier RPG experiences. Final Fantasy, the company's longstanding flagship series, has paved the way for Square Enix to become a powerhouse studio in the RPG scene. And, especially considering that modern Square Enix fans were weaned on Squaresoft and Enix's 8- and 16-bit games, the company has emerged as one of the top developers creating retro-minded games, such as I Am Setsuna, upcoming title Lost Sphear, and the delightfully-old-school Project Octopath Traveler that got a demo earlier this year.

This clasically-styled outlook is clearly working out for the company, and apparently the success of the aforementioned titles means that Square Enix has started thinking of the Nintendo Switch as an ideal machine for bringing previous-gen experiences into the modern fold. Speaking to Gematsu, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda mirrored this notion, stating a belief that the Switch is ideally-suited for retro gaming experiences.

"We base our development resource allocations on the unique attributes of each platform," Matsuda said. "In particular, Nintendo Switch makes it easier for us to leverage our back catalog of assets and expertise, so we want to be proactive in creating new IP and rebooting past titles for that platform.

While it's not immediately clear which franchises the company is considering remaking or rebooting for the Nintendo Switch, it's fair to say that any big-name series could make a return. If the current progress on Project Octopath Traveler is any indication, it seems this plan has a solid foundation. Let's just hope the new portable incarnations aren't as bad as the modern ports of games like Final Fantasy VI.

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The whole point of playing a video game is to become immersed in a virtual world, right? So what better way is there to dive into the digital realm than by strapping on a cutting-edge virtual reality headset? For our money, there's no better deal on getting into the VR craze than by picking up PlayStation VR, Sony's affordable solution to truly engaging virtual reality content. PlayStation VR has been out long enough to have already seen some considerable discounts through everyday prices, and now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rolling around, players will have the chance to lose themselves in simulated worlds without having to pay a premium.

Getting Started With PlayStation VR

Virtual reality headsets are fairly demanding: not only do they need their own on-board displays and processing power, they also need to be connected to a machine that can handle running the software and porting images and sound through tehtered devices. For other headsets, like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, users need to link up to a pretty powerful PC. For PSVR, however, all that's needed is a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Camera, the likes of which are often bundled together with PSVR or sold separately on an as-needed basis.

As for accessories, PSVR is set up to interface with standard headphones, DualShock 4 controllers, and even the PS Move controllers that landed during the PS3 era. After connecting a litany of cables, players won't be too far away from enjoying true-to-form virtual reality experiences.

Here's the breakdown of everything users will need to get started with PSVR as well as some optional accessories that can make the overall experience more enjoyable.

• PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro• PlayStation VR HMD (PSVR headset)• PlayStation Camera• PSVR-enabled software and games• PlayStation Move (Optional)• PlayStation VR Aim (Optional)

The Best Cyber Monday 2017 Deals On PlayStation VR Hardware

Despite an influx of available software for PlayStation VR, there really aren't many choices when it comes to PSVR hardware. All that's really needed to get into the game is the headset itself; as such, most of the deals are on a standalone head-mounted display or a bundle that includes the PlayStation Camera, a game, and sometimes a PlayStation 4 console.

While we don't yet know just which PSVR bundles will be marked down this Cyber Monday, we have gotten a pretty good look at Black Friday 2017 deals for PlayStation VR. Here are the bundles to look out for.


• PlayStation 4 1TB Console + PlayStation VR + PlayStation Camera Bundle$498.99

Now that we've gotten Amazon's Black Friday ads, we also know that the online retailer will be offering up to $100 off select PSVR bundles. Though no specific bundles were mentioned, we expect discounts on PSVR and PlayStation Camera bundles to be prominent on both Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday.


• PlayStation VR$199.99 (Doorbuster discount)• PlayStation 4 1TB Console with Call of Duty WWII$199.99 (Doorbuster discount)


• Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR Bundle$299• PlayStation 4 1TB Console$199


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle w/ PlayStation Camera — $299.99• PS4 Pro 1TB — $349.99• PS4 1TB w/ $50 Gift Card — $199.99


• PS4 1TB — $189.99• PS4 w/ Call of Duty WWII & Destiny 2 — $289.99


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - $299.99• PS4 1TB - $199.99


• PlayStation VR w/ PS Camera & Gran Turismo Sport — $299.99• PS4 1TB — $199.99


• PS4 1TB w/ $60 Kohl's Cash — $199.99 (Doorbuster discount)

Toys R Us:

• PS4 Slim 1TB Console — $199.99

The Best Deals Cyber Monday 2017 Deals On PSVR Games


• Resident Evil 7 — $15• PlayStation Plus — $10 off all subscription cards

Be sure to check back often in order to stay up-to-date on the latest deals for PlayStation VR hardware and software. We'll be continually updating our lists all the way up to Black Friday this November 24, with an extension provided to Cyber Monday deals on November 27. Also, be sure not to miss out on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 sales guide hub, where we're collecting all the bottom-dollar deals on everything from Apple devices to Nintendo games and more.

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Whether you're avoiding Black Friday 2017 deals completely or just trying to find some extra deals, Cyber Monday 2017 will be upon us quickly. If you're going to be putting together your next PC gaming build, you're probably looking out for the last few components and our guide can get you there. There's no judgment here, though, so all that want to just grab a prebuilt gaming PC will find some assistance as well.

Solid state hard drives, RAM, graphics cards, and more will be listed in the guide below. Accessories like mice and keyboards are included as well, so be sure to check back regularly to see what gets added as more deals are revealed.

Best PC Hardware Cyber Monday Deals 2017


Best PC Hardware Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Graphics Cards:

MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming — $600 ($120 savings)ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 ROG Strix — $590 (save $80 after rebate)EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB — $170Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 — $370 ($60 savings)EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW — $410 ($50 off)Sapphire R9 Furo Nitro  $240 ($70 off)


Intel Core i7-6800K  $380 ($80 off)Intel Core i7-6850K  $500 ($110 savings)


Kingston Digital 120GB SSD SATA  $35Western Digital Black 5TB HDD  $190 ($110 savings)Samsung 850 EVO 500GB mSATA  $130 ($70 savings)Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SATA  $130 ($25 off)


Razer Diamondback Chroma — $38Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury — $35 ($25 savings)Razer DeathAdder Chroma — $50 ($20 savings)

Mechanical Keyboards:

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition — $72 ($72 savings)CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro S — $100 ($40 savings)

Virtual Reality:

HTC Vive — $700 + $100 store credit ($200 off)

Gaming Monitors:

Dell 27 Gaming Monitor 1440p with G-Sync — $475 ($325 savings)ASUS ROG Swift 24" 1080p with G-Sync — $300 ($150 savings)Acer 35" curved 2560x1080 — $500 ($100 savings)


ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming — $122 ($33 savings)MSI Gaming Z170A — $133 ($50 savings)


G.Skill Aegis 32GB DDR4 2133 (2x16GB) — $140 ($95 savings)G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB DDR4 3000 (2x8GB) — $80 ($60 savings)

PC Case:

Corsair Carbide Series 300R Compact ATX — $60 ($50 savings)Rosewill Stealth ATX Mid Tower — $30 ($50 savings)


Microsoft Xbox One controller — $40 ($25 savings)Sony DualShock4 controller — $40 ($30 savings)Steam controller — $35 ($15 savings)

Gaming Headset:

SteelSeries Siberia 800 wireless gaming headset — $200 ($100 savings)Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition gaming headset — $100Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 — $17 ($10 savings)

Check back regularly to see the deals that are added for PlayStation VR! We'll be updating our lists all the way up to Black Friday, November 24 and we have a Cyber Monday 2017 and Black Friday 2017 hub just for you.

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Virtual reality is the future of entertainment and Black Friday 2017 is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to jump on the bandwagon if they haven't yet. These devices can be powerful and impactful, but they can be a bit pricey as well.

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality HMDs will require a powerful computer to run them, so check out our PC Hardware Black Friday guide to find all the parts you need or grab a prebuilt laptop or desktop to get rolling. The PlayStation VR just needs a PS4 or PS4 Pro to work. Check back regularly because we'll be adding to this guide as more deals are revealed.

Oculus Rift


• Oculus Rift w/ Touch Controllers — $349.99

HTC Vive


• 12-Month Viveport Subscription — $30• HTC Vive + Fallout 4 VR + Doom VFR + Tilt Brush + Deluxe Audio Strap + One Month Viveport Sub - ???


• HTC Vive w/ Fallout 4 VR (Code available December 12), $50 Gift Card, Vive Deluxe Audio Strap$599.99

Windows Mixed Reality HMDs


• Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $349.99• Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $399.00• HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $349.00• Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $299.00• Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $449.00• Acer Aspire Nitro 5 Laptop (i5-7300HQ, GTX 1050) + Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Motion Controllers — $798.00

PlayStation VR


• Gran Turismo Sport VR Bundle — $299• PS4 1TB — $199

Best Buy:

• Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel — $199.99


• PS4 1TB + PS VR + PlayStation Camera Bundle — $549

Check out our full Best Black Friday PlayStation VR Deals 2017 guide for all the rest of the best discounts that we've put together for you.

Miscellaneous VR


• Utopia 360 Pro Series VR - $29.99

Check back regularly to see the deals that are added for PlayStation VR! We'll be updating our lists all the way up to Black Friday, November 24 and we have a Cyber Monday 2017 and Black Friday 2017 hub just for you.

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With the removal of the home button, the iPhone X has introduced long-time Apple users to some features and concepts they weren’t previously familiar with. While change can be scary, it’s likely that we will all get used to the various alterations in how we use our favorite smartphone. One such change is to the notification that shows you what percentage of your iPhone X battery charge remains. This used to be prominently displayed, but now you must seek that information out.

iPhone X Battery Percentage

You’ll notice that on the home screen of your iPhone X you can no longer see the percentage of your battery charge remaining. You can see a visual representation of your battery, but there is no specific percentage listed for what remains. Don’t worry, though, because it’s not far away.

If you swipe down from the top right of the screen you will bring up the Control Center. At the top right of the Control Center you will see another visual representation of your iPhone X battery, but this one will have the percentage of the charge that remains listed for you as well. While this method of getting the details of your iPhone X battery percentage isn’t likely to be popular among users initially, it’s currently the only method that we know of. It doesn’t appear that there is a way to go back to the old method of doing things with other Apple devices.

Other changes that Apple has made beyond removing the battery percentage with the iPhone X include how to take a screenshot, and how to close apps on your phone. We’re still working our way through all the changes and features ourselves, and will provide more guides like this one as we discover other tips about the iPhone X.

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There's a slew of new content set to hit Battlefield 1 in the coming months. DICE released the latest information about Battlefield 1: Turning Tides on Tuesday morning, announcing that the first batch of DLC is set to release in three weeks.

The first wave for Turning Tides will see players battle it out on Cape Helles and Achi Baba. This puts players in the role of the 1915 British army, as they storm the Gallipoli peninsula. These players will also get six new weapons, two melee weapons, and the L-Class Destroyer. Premium Pass owners can pick this up on December 11, with the rest of the game's owners set to get it around Christmas Day.

A second wave is set to deploy in January, with the Zeebrugge and Heligoland Blight maps taking players to the North Sea. They'll get to play as the Royal Marines aboard the C-Class Airship. More details on this piece of the expansion are set to come later, with Premium Pass owners getting it first and everyone else getting it two weeks later.

DICE is also offering up some other goodies to Battlefield 1 owners, including expansion pass free trials. The "Fall of Empires" Operation Campaign is also set to run from Wednesday, November 22 through Wednesday, December 6. More details on all of this can be found on the Battlefield 1 website. You can also check out the teaser trailer below.

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Today, Bungie held its second of three livestreams to discuss the Curse of Osiris. During this stream, Deej, community manager for Destiny 2, talked about the Spicy Ramen emote, commenting that it would soon be gone. This resulted in a spike of people wondering what this exotic emote is and how they can get it.

Destiny 2 - Spicy Ramen Emote

The Spicy Ramen emote is an exotic emote in Destiny 2. It can drop in a Bright Engram that you earn for leveling up, or it can be purchased directly from Tess Everis if she happens to be selling it. While the odds of it dropping in a Bright Engram aren’t great, Tess Everis is selling this exotic emote for the next week (November 21 to November 27). If you wish to buy it directly, it will cost you 3,250 Bright Dust.

Bright Dust, as you may have already known, is a currency that you can get for dismantling some in-game items, such as ships and transmat effects. It can also come out of Bright Engrams. Besides getting one each time you level up, those can be bought with Silver, and silver can be bought with real money that you spend on microtransactions.

What’s so special about the Spicy Ramen exotic emote? Nothing, really. I mean, Deej mentioned it on a stream and many Guardians likely didn’t know what he meant. The emote only shows a Guardian preparing a bowl of food, eating it and then tossing the bowl away. It’s cool enough, and I use it before each public event as a virtual carb load, but it’s no better or worse than other exotic emotes. If it means that much to you, though, you’ll want to grab it soon; the Spicy Ramen exotic emote will be going away for good once the Curse of Osiris expansion launches.

Now that you know what the Spicy Ramen exotic emote in Destiny 2 is, be sure to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for everything an up and coming Guardian needs.

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Retailers across the nation are gearing up for Black Friday. Splatoon 2 is also getting ready for the shopping rush, but not exactly in the way people are expecting. No, for Black Friday, Splatoon 2 is opening the door to one of its biggest stores... for combat!

The first of four new Splatoon 2 stages is set to debut this Friday and it takes Inklings into MakoMart, an Inkling supermarket where players will have to navigate store aisles, warehouse areas, and rafters. Three more stages will release in the weeks afterwards, with Shellendorf Institute being a new addition to the series and Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall returning from the first Splatoon.

Salmon Run players can also take on a new stage along the shores, called Salmonid Smokeyard. This is a beachfront stage containing elevated platforms and fan lifts that can launch Inklings across the stage quickly.

Other things to look out for include an increased level cap (up to 99, from 50), new amiibo functionality, and customization options.

This sets the stage for a second update, set to deploy in mid-December. This adds Clam Blitz to the game mode rotation, requiring players to pick up clams scattered around the stage. The idea is to take the clams to a basket located near the opponent's base, but some of the clams have to be used to knock down the basket's protective barrier first.

More information on what's coming can be found on the Splatoon website. Also, check out the video below.

Shacknews - Chris Jarrard

PC gaming is bigger than ever and the tech that powers it continues to get smaller and more efficient. While the premium PC gaming experience used to be confined to the desktop, advances in CPU and GPU technology allow you to get the same performance from a gaming laptop. Cyber Monday 2017 is bringing some hot deals on the most popular gaming laptops from the big names like ASUS, Alienware, and MSI. As an added bonus, you don’t even have to put on pants to score these hot online specials.

The Best Cyber Monday 2017 Deals on Gaming Laptops

Late last year, Nvidia introduced its Pascal line of graphics chips to the market, bringing an unseen level of performance that produced less heat and required less energy than the previous generations of graphics cards. Heat and power consumption are the biggest enemies of progress in the gaming laptop arena, so the new Pascal GPUs are the perfect fit for lightweight, efficient gaming on the go.


While Amazon still hasn't yet provided buyers with a list of their Cyber Monday deals, we do expect that the online retailer will be offering up many of the items listed at other stores at discounted prices. Amazon is famous for its Cyber Monday Lightning Deals that offer insane savings in small time windows. Most of these deals are not announced beforehand, so you’ll want to check in regularly during the day for a chance to grab the hottest deals on gaming laptops.

MSI GL62M 15.6 inch Laptop with GTX 1050 Ti - $949.99Acer Nitro 5 15.6 inch laptop with GTX 1050 Ti - $729.99ASUS ROG Strix 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1070 and 120 Hz G-Sync - $1648.00ASUS ROG Zephyrus 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1080 and 512GB SSD - $2699.00Acer Predator Helios 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 256GB SSD - $1049.99Razer Blade Stealth 13 inch Laptop with Intel Graphics and 256GB SSD - $1349.99

Best Buy:

ASUS GL702VM 17.3 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 128GB SSD - $1099.99ASUS ROG GL502VM 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 12GB ram - $1099.99MSI Phantom Pro 14 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 128GB SSD - $1399.99Alienware R4 17.3 Inch Laptop with GTX 1080 and 256GB SSD - $2499.99Razer Blade Stealth 13 Inch Laptop with Intel Graphics and 256GB SSD - $1399


ASUS FX 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 128GB SSD - $1198.00Dell 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 3GB and 8GB ram - $899.99ASUS ROG GL502VM 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 6GB and 128GB SSD - $1199.99Lenovo Legion 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1060 and 128GB SSD - $1349.99ASUS ROG Strix 15.6 Inch Laptop with GTX 1070 G-SYNC and 256GB SSD - $1499.99

To stay on top of the latest deals, keep checking back on this guide — we'll continue adding the latest Gaming Laptop deals in the days leading up to Cyber Monday this November 27.

Also, we've got several more guides to keep players updated on other great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, including the best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals, Black Friday discounts on the Nintendo 3DS XL, 2DS, and 3DS games, as well as our hot guide to the biggest Black Friday discounts on PlayStation VR. And, for all of the players of a mobile persuasion, we've got an extensive list of the best Cyber Monday deals on 4K TVs.


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