Community Announcements - Reithur
Hi all! We'll be hosting a Play with the Devs event on Tuesday, Jun 28th at 4pm EST!

Come play with us on the Official Play with the Devs Server!


Apologies to those who couldn't make it into the server. We'll see you next time!
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Unleash the Vypress Sabre in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - a crossover weapon from Torn Banner Studios’ upcoming multiplayer magic & melee FPS Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

Join the Mirage Steam Community to unlock this brand new weapon in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, available as a free replacement for the Sabre.

Also in this patch, a freshly baked batch of community-created weapons and armor:

This patch also addresses the following fixes.


  • Miscellaneous exploit fixes
  • Various config file exploits fixed (e.g. removing foliage)
  • Tournament Mode; only admins can unpause a paused match

  • fixed inverted normal map on Cold Spectre Greatsword
  • Fix crash when downloading workshop files if using -nomovie
  • added new UGC rounds 10,11 and 12!
  • added Vypress Sabre… must be a member of Mirage Steam Community

  • reverted accidental change that effectively broke the king objective. Removed bonus time for *completing second objective.

Castle Assault
  • added blockers to prevent you from reaching the gate to the king immediately. They are destroyed 10 seconds after the town objective completes.

  • disabled collision on ash particle and instead added weather volumes to interior spaces to turn off the ash

  • spawn point access blockering, some were quite easy to get into from the outside.
  • Also some blocking volumes added to prevent a map exploit where players could get inside buildings they aren’t meant to.
  • Cove LTS - fully blocked off spawn point zones

  • set lightshaft meshes and fireflies to medium detail up from low (will not show up on low detail now). Set fixed bounds on fireflies particle system.

King's Garden
  • added blockers during the first stage to prevent you from reaching the gate to the king, preventing attackers from camping the gate before the ram objective is complete to make it more fair to defenders

  • set owner of first objective properly so when Agatha successfully completes it they are no longer told they failed
  • tent burning progress bars are now split between left/right tents
  • changed values on mason chieftain AI settings to not be out of range (which can make the AI act dumb)

  • New! FFA map in the final library area of Drunken Bazaar
  • Beta note: fixed broken spawns from first beta build

Misc maps
  • there was one stair mesh with bad lightmaps which is all over hillside
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Torn Banner Studios, the creators of the popular first-person medieval combat game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare appeared onstage at this year’s E3 PC Gaming Show to present a fresh look at the intense combat scenarios of their new game Mirage: Arcane Warfare, and announce the game’s release this fall on PC.

Watch Steve Piggott from Torn Banner talk about Mirage on-stage at 1:57 in the video below.
Community Announcements - playerhayter

In advance of next week’s PC Gaming Show at E3, we were invited to share our perspective on PC gaming and game development. Torn Banner Studios’ Alex Hayter wrote about why we have decided to create a new IP with Mirage, instead of an immediate sequel to Chivalry.

Here’s an excerpt:

Where’s Chiv 2?

After a huge seller like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the most obvious path to immediate success would be for our studio to develop a direct sequel, sit back and watch those 3.5+ million players and their Benjamins roll back in. Instead, the next title from Torn Banner is a magic fantasy action game that’s more Arabian Knights meets Game of Thrones than medieval European fantasy. This isn’t a world of chivalrous knights and kings but flame throwing mages and occult assassins. Gone are the castles and catapults, replaced by Middle Eastern-inspired marble palaces and magic seals.

It’s Mirage: Arcane Warfare—a new first person multiplayer slasher that is much less a direct sequel and more like Chivalry’s magically gifted cousin. By developing a unique new IP, rather than Chivalry 2, our studio is aiming for long term creative and commercial success instead of grabbing at low hanging fruit.

Read the entire piece:
PC Gamer

In advance of next week's PC Gaming Show, a few of our participants are sharing their perspectives on PC gaming and game development. Today, Alex Hayter, Senior Brand Manager at Torn Banner Studios, writes about why the developer of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare isn't rushing to make a sequel.

Where's Chiv 2?

After a huge seller like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the most obvious path to immediate success would be for our studio to develop a direct sequel, sit back and watch those 3.5+ million players and their Benjamins roll back in. Instead, the next title from Torn Banner is a magic fantasy action game that's more Arabian Knights meets Game of Thrones than medieval European fantasy. This isn't a world of chivalrous knights and kings but flame throwing mages and occult assassins. Gone are the castles and catapults, replaced by Middle Eastern-inspired marble palaces and magic seals.

It's Mirage: Arcane Warfare a new first person multiplayer slasher that is much less a direct sequel and more like Chivalry s magically gifted cousin. By developing a unique new IP, rather than Chivalry 2, our studio is aiming for long term creative and commercial success instead of grabbing at low hanging fruit.

In our development of Mirage we've already begun to look at key aspects of Chivalry s design from a perspective we never had before. We ve been able to deconstruct and rebuild our melee-focused combat system from scratch which in turn will enable us to approach such problems in a Chivalry sequel with fresh eyes and new solutions. Had our studio gone directly into working on Chivalry 2, underlying problems may have simply persisted between game one and its sequel.

A new title allows us to shock and surprise people in a way that is tougher with a sequel. A fast turnaround sequel ties a developer down to certain realities minor tweaks and a slightly better version of something you've played before, without the development time or perspective to truly innovate. We aren't looking to cash cow Chivalry, because we love it. We don't want Chivalry 2 to just be the same game on a new engine but a genuinely unique and amazing experience.

With Mirage, we re attempting to innovate in the multiplayer genre by combining ranged and melee combat into a single system, where players can block projectiles and leap through the air to slam down with melee attacks. We re trying to bring the mechanics of fighting games to a multiplayer FPS, where heavy attacks that land first will interrupt your opponent and blocking will give you the initiative. We had great success with Chivalry's melee combat, and we wanted to improve that but also bring something fundamentally new to the table.

At the heart of PC gaming is this spirit of innovation and experimentation the quest for the new. Console is where we've always had the tried and true, but PC? That's where the mavericks live. That's why our studio is opting to create a new IP and Chivalry 2 will just have to wait. With Mirage, we also chose to introduce players to a unique new fantasy setting, inspired by a world region that has few creative references in games. We wanted an opulent and peaceful background for our players to smear the glory of battle upon because it s unexpected and it s the opposite of the gritty dark medieval world of Chivalry. Our goal is to make using magic in a game feel dangerous and visceral we haven't had that yet.

After announcing Mirage, many Chivalry fans showed tremendous excitement. But from some, we also heard: I never asked for this! and Where is Chiv 2? We ask those people to consider that we are trying to do something fresh and creative, and that by this process we can create better games. Today's PC landscape is rife with strong franchises, but also constantly burgeoning with the hope of exciting new IPs: No Man's Sky, We Happy Few, Paragon, Routine, Squad, Necropolis, Tacoma... Celebrate these new experiments! Constant, no-holds-barred innovation is what keeps PC gaming at the forefront of the industry.

This approach of doing new things and taking risks even if it means not giving players what they immediately want was precisely how Chivalry was born. Like Mirage, Chivalry was a risk at the time! It was a niche idea that no one had really made yet, because the idea of doing a medieval FPS in multiplayer was simply too risky and challenging. The success of such a strange project much like experiments by other talented studios around the world has fostered an environment at Torn Banner centered around supporting our team s creativity at the forefront. Our decision not to make a Chivalry sequel (yet) is centered strongly around keeping our studio healthy and passionate about what we do which enables us to make the best possible games for players to enjoy.

The process of making a game isn t just a conveyor belt from concept to v1.0, it s a pile of people spending years of their lives making something: late nights, fast food, (virtual) blood, sweat and tears. When we do make Chivalry 2, we want it to be the best possible version of it. By taking on a new project rather than grinding into back-to-back sequels, our team has the opportunity to design from the ground up, hit "refresh" on our minds, and learn how to make the most awesome games we can. As a result while Mirage is still cooking away we're now even more excited about eventually making Chivalry 2 because we re confident we ll do so much of a better job.

The indie approach of siding with innovation and creativity over risk management is gradually seeing more support on other platforms, but this mindset is at home on PC. With PC indie, we have the perfect storm: unconstrained, creative studios creating games on a platform that champions innovation. Small indie studios like ours are more willing to take these risks than AAA. Indie developers are lead by the creative will of our studio; the only reason we're making games is because of passion. While we want to keep our studio financially above water, none of that would be worth it if we weren t building the games of our dreams.

The PC Gaming Show returns to E3 on Monday June 13, featuring game announcements, updates to existing favourites, and conversation with top developers. You can find out what to expect here, and also book free tickets to attend in person at The PC Gaming Show will be broadcast live through from 11:30 am PT/2:30 pm ET/6:30 pm GMT, but be sure to tune in beforehand to check out The Steam Speedrun, in which one lucky winner will buy as many games as they can in three minutes.

Community Announcements - playerhayter

Go "Behind the Banner" in a new Mirage: Arcane Warfare behind-the-scenes video series from Torn Banner Studios, creators of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

In this video, learn about how blood and gore in Mirage add to the satisfaction and creativity of the game's visceral combat encounters.

Community Announcements - playerhayter

Watch eight minutes of raw gameplay from Mirage: Arcane Warfare from its first public appearance at PAX East 2016. The new title from the creators of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will release later in 2016.

Recorded by our own team, in an Alpha version demo of Mirage.

Plus, check out PAX East hands-on media impressions of Mirage - to be updated with more to come!


"It needs a little bit more skill, it's less defensive, it's a more aggressive combat system in general - particularly with the addition of abilities. The combat can be quite fast paced at times but it still has the weight of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare"

Angry Joe

“You know Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? Take that, take the training wheels off, take the historical restrictions away and then just go crazy with it and that’s what you have here with magic and special abilities.”

Game Informer

“The premise is easy to love, and with a focus on blocking magic and melee attacks at the right time while finding an opening for magic spells, Mirage is more than just your average FPS with swords and fireballs.”

Tom’s Hardware

“These days, you’re bound to see another multiplayer game with some variation on the first-person shooter (FPS) mechanic. However, Torn Banner stuck to its guns (pun intended) to deliver competitive multiplayer with a melee twist. Adding magic to the mix makes for new ways to take out enemies without overpowering the melee combat that serves as the game's backbone.”,31676.html

Force Gaming

“Having played the game I’d say this is definitely a positive direction that they’re taking it in. They’ve got the the similarly deep combat mechanics [as Chivalry] but then with the extra layer of magic they can make combat a bit more interesting and add an extra layer of depth”

PC Gamer interview

“We’re bringing fighting game mechanics into multiplayer.”

Hardcore Gamer

“After every convention, certain games seem to stand out as the clear winners of a given event. After spending forty-five minutes with the brutal, intense Mirage: Arcane Warfare, it’s safe to say that players should eagerly anticipate Torn Banner’s next title. After all, there was a reason why fans kept on flocking back to hop in and get another match in rather than seeing something new.”
Community Announcements - Reithur
Hi all! We’ve got some news about upcoming Chivalry UGC. Although things have slowed down a bit in the realm of Agatha because of our upcoming new game, Mirage: Arcane Warfare, Chivalry patches and content updates are still planned, if a bit infrequently.

We’ve got over twenty items we’ll be releasing in 2016. Here’s a sneak peek at items to be released over the next few updates;

Golden Age Poleaxe by Pernach
Revenant by PXL
The Leper by LSM
Deer Hunter by zelfit

Thank you to everyone who’s been contributing; excellent work! We’ll be continuing to review any new UGC created for possible inclusion in the future.
Be sure to check out the Workshop Queue and vote on items you want to see in game!
Community Announcements - playerhayter
The Chivalry x Terraria Fan Art Contest is complete!

The entries have been simply spellbinding! Fans of Terraria and Chivalry have experimented in their artistry and found the coolest ways to combine the worlds of both our games - from terrifying battles between knights and alien monstrosities to tear-jerking works of decorative beauty.

We had some truly fierce competition, but only three winners are allowed in this crossover contest. Congratulations to tsract, Sathoryn and PersonaTea.

Check out our favorites in this imgur gallery.

First place: tsract

Prize: $200 Steam wallet, 5 Chivalry Complete Edition keys, All Chivalry cosmetic in-game weapons + armor released so far and 5 Terraria Steam keys.

Second place: Sathoryn

Prize: $100 Steam wallet, 2 Chivalry Complete Edition keys and 2 Terraria Steam keys.

Third place: PersonaTea

Prize: $50 Steam wallet, 1 Chivalry Complete Edition key and 1 Terraria Steam key.

Winners will be contacted through Steam and/or the Terraria Forum.
Community Announcements - Reithur
A new patch is now available for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

This patch adds a quartet of new Workshop items created by artist Oilystool, and donated for free to Chivalry players - as a way for the prolific Chivalry content creator to give back to the community. Follow the Chivalry Community on Steam to unlock the following items:
  • Myrmidon, a Javelin replacement for the Archer.
  • The Milanese, a Quarterstaff replacement for the Man-at-arms.
  • Headhunter, a Messer replacement for the Knight.
  • Cold Spectre, a Greatsword replacement for the Vanguard.
The patch also addresses the following fixes.

  • Added the Royal Squad helm, a helmet replacement for the Agatha Archer by Ni Huishenme (part of the Royal Squad set).
  • Removed console command exploits
  • Decreased range of “kick” action
  • Added customization options to Mercenary Roundshield by Oilystool
  • Removed all collision from a couple foliage meshes that blocked weapons
  • Map fixes:
    • Irilla: fixed two points bugs: Masons no longer get endless points until you die if you were in the trebuchet volume when the trebuchet objective is completed. Can no longer use the ram after the second door is destroyed, thus getting endless free points.
    • Stoneshill village FFA/TDM: made the gate to the castle with no collision a feature, not a bug! Gate is now visibly open. Fixed a broken blocking volume on top of a village house.
    • Hillside: "defend the ballista"/"destroy ships" hud markers stuck off in the distance removed.
    • Colosseum: side gate with potentially no collision fixed.
    • Belmez: added double check to fix potential issue where spawn points don't change after the barn is burnt.
    • Citadel: fixed collision issue on broken bridge mesh which was breaking firepots.
    • Drunken Bazaar: smoothed over collision on rubble immediately under bridge crank. Set final area peasants to non-moving so they stop wandering off the balcony. Added kill volumes off the balcony to prevent map escaping out that-a-way. Removed sticky spot on a rock along the push path.
    • Darkforest: further blocked off a roof in the final area that should be inaccessible
    • Belmez: fixed invisible spawn boat.
    • Castle Assault: removed access to a map exploit by walking on some cliffs in the river near the first objective.
    • Castle assault duel: moved spawn points outside of the inaccessible rooms
    • Shore: minor collision improvement on arch near first Agatha spawn.
    • Hideout: stuck spot behind a pillar jumping down to the breakable gate
    • Coldfront: that one floating torch. Siege weapons are disabled after second objective completes. Replaced the bots on the docks that usually go completely unnoticed with simple animated peasants. Blocked gate from being able to be hit from the rear.
    • Outpost: added extra collision to tree trunks that could be hidden in.

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