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Ancients of Ooga/Cloning Clyde Bundle

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Product Release - Valve
Ancients of Ooga is now on Steam and available at 15% off until May 27th at 10AM Pacific Time!

From the creators of 'Cloning Clyde' comes a new epic adventure! Over fifty levels of classic platforming/puzzle solving action!

Product Release - Valve
Cloning Clyde is now available on Steam and is 15% off!

Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder what it would be like to be half chicken? Half monkey? Half frog? Well, wonder no more when you play Cloning Clyde.

Have fun utilizing the many clones running amok inside Dupliclone, as you try to free yourself…or should we say yourselves as you make your escape through levels of the nefarious Dupliclone, Inc. building! Many of the mutant Clydes have special abilities that can help you to escape from the evil Dupliclone, Inc.

Offer ends March 22nd, 10am Pacific Time.


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