Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Wondering what the new Captain Co-Op mode in With Fire & Sword is all about?

Check out this community made video, in which TaleWorlds producer goofs around with the fans :)

and also don't forget we just opened an official WFaS Steam group here:
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
With Fire and Sword producer Yazzy and super community video maker Ripper X play the new Captain Co-Op mode, come watch all the drama and fun.
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
To join the official With Fire & Sword group, sign up here.​s/mb_wfas
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Dear Fans,

Today we've got a tiny gift for you in the form of new Steam avatars for Mount & Blade: Warband.

Deadly warrior squirrels!

Enjoy and handle with care :)
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Come join fans and even a few developers of Mount & Blade: Warband for a special multiplayer night. It's peasants vs. knights, made possible by a fun little mod from our awesome community.

1. Download it and use the installer...
2. When starting Warband, click where the launcher box says "Native"
3. select Angry Farmers
4. Start the game
5. On Tues the 21st at 8pm BST join this server "22nd_Angry_Peasants"

The Forum Thread with more info:,136875.0.html

Download link for the required mod for the game:
Aug 26, 2010
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Lords and Ladies!

Avast ye we hath granted all ye faithful fans, Free DLC!

3 New Maps and 74 Steam Achievements!

Check out Forest Hideout, The Arena, and Jameyyed Castle this weekend and get to earning those achievements.

Also don't forget to set your sights on the elite achievements which combine SP and MP achievements!

Have Fun!
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Because we love you guys, we've added a new multiplayer mode, duel.


Free Horse armor pack!

Enjoy the goodies, and look out for more soonish.

patch notes to come posted, sooner than soonish.
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy
Go here for all the info about the Warband Nations Cup, it's like FIFA but with swords!
Community Announcements - Mikail Yazzy,113226.0.htmltype=2


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