Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Hi all,

Our other puzzle game, RUSH, is now a daily deal! Only today 66% OFF:

<a href=""></a>


Two Tribes
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Here you go: a Christmas card from Two Tribes!

<a href=""></a>

The year 2010 has been great for Two Tribes: bringing Toki Tori and our new game RUSH to Steam and publishing indie classic Frenzic on DSiWare.

We’ve got a number of great games lined up for next year: *project unknown* (iPhone), EDGE (Steam), Swords & Soldiers (iPhone/iPad), Toki Tori (iPad, Mac App Store)! Feel free to check out the attached Christmas card to see if you can discover any hidden secrets :)

We are looking forward to another great year and hereby wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year on behalve of all the natives at Two Tribes!
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
<b>To celebrate the Winter solstice, we have dramatically lowered the prices of Toki Tori and RUSH on Steam!</b>

As of today, Toki Tori and RUSH are on sale. Toki Tori has a 75% discount and RUSH a 50% discount!

Toki Tori: <a href=""></a>

RUSH: <a href=""></a>

In addition, Toki Tori is part of the Indie Kids Pack on Steam: <a href=""></a>

Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Hi all,

We've updated our manual page of the Toki Tori level editor and added an example level pack:


Happy editing :)


Two Tribes

Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Always wanted to create a Toki Tori level? Now is your chance! We've decided to release our internal editor (PC only), complete with strange quirks and missing features :)

But... with this editor you'll be able to create, load, save and play your own levels!

Feel free to submit your designs to: <a href=""></a>

Be creative and perhaps we'll choose your level design for an update!

The editor will be made available in the upcoming update.

For more details, please check: <a href=""></a>

Community Announcements - Two Tribes
<b>From the twisted puzzle minds behind the award winning Toki Tori comes a new game, simply called RUSH.</b>

RUSH, our new 3D puzzle game, will be released on Steam <u>tomorrow December 3rd!</u>. More details are on the official Steam page: <a href=""></a>

To get an impression of the game, please watch the trailer: <a href=""></a>

To get a glimpse of a RUSH week at developer Two Tribes, please check: <a href=""></a>

Feel free to let us know what you think, our comments section is always open!

<b>About RUSH</b>
RUSH is a unique 3D puzzle game concept. In the game's fully three dimensional levels, players need to guide cubes to color coded exit points using Conveyor belts, Warps, Stop Signs, Splits and more! The game can be easily controlled with just the mouse, allowing your brain to fully focus on the solutions!

<b>Key features:</b>
- Unique 3D puzzle solving gameplay with Conveyor Belts, Warps, Stop Signs, Splits and more.
- Over 70 levels of increasing difficulty
- Hint system, when your brain needs a break
- Drag and Drop control system
- Regularly updated bonus levels
- Highly stylized environments
- Steam Achievements
- Multiple profiles

<b>Useful links</b>
Official Steam page
<a href=""></a>

Official Game Group
<a href=""></a>

Official Forum
<a href=""></a>

<b>More information about Two Tribes</b>
Website: <a href=""></a>
Twitter: <a href="!/TwoTribesGames">@TwoTribesGames</a>
YouTube: <a href=""></a>
Facebook: <a href=""></a>
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Hi all,

For all those who want to try out the game first, we've just released a demo version of Toki Tori!

You can download it here:

<a href=""></a>


Two Tribes
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Toki Tori is now also available for Mac! If you have already purchased the PC version, you can download right away without having to repurchase.

<a href=""></a>

PR stuff below line...


Two Tribes Brings Gaming Joy To Mac Users With Toki Tori For Steam!

The Dutch game development studio and digital publisher Two Tribes proudly announces that the award winning Toki Tori is now available for Mac users through Steam.

Harderwijk, the Netherlands - May 12, 2010 - Two Tribes is pleased to report that Toki Tori will be available for purchase through Steam for Mac from day one. "Steam for Mac is an exciting new opportunity, since it gives us a single channel to reach millions of Mac gamers", says Martijn Reuvers, Managing Director at Two Tribes. "Existing customers will be able to play on their Macs as well, since Toki Tori supports the Steam Play functionality, which only requires a single license to play on both PC and Mac."

New customers, who will experience Toki Tori for the first time, will learn that the gameplay in Toki Tori is a blend of two genres. While it looks like a platform game, it's a puzzle game by heart. To progress through the game, players must pick up all the eggs in a level using a set number of tools. Players will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using items such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRock. Additional tools are gradually introduced as the player progresses through the games 80+ levels covering four unique worlds.

Toki Tori features

* 80+ levels spread over 4 large worlds
* Dozens of hours of gameplay
* A wide variety of items and weapons
* Instant rewind function
* Charming characters
* Full screen HD graphics
* Controls designed for mouse and/or keyboard
* Steam Achievements

Improvements for Mac Steam version

* Support for multi-touch trackpad gestures
* A single purchase for both Mac and PC (Steam Play)
* Includes all updates made to the PC version from day one

Reviews (81 metacritic score)

"Toki Tori is an absolutely brilliant puzzler with great graphics and even greater puzzles to solve." - Gamer Limit

"Tough but satisfying, and made all the more enjoyable by the cute presentation." - Total PC Gaming

Additional information

Toki Tori can be purchased through Steam at: <a href=""></a>

More information on Toki Tori can be found at: <a href=""></a>
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
Hi all,

We just released a new bonus level for you all:

<a href=""></a>



Two Tribes
Community Announcements - Two Tribes
<b>Harderwijk, the Netherlands - March 5th, 2010</b> - After the successful launch of the award winning Toki Tori on Valve's Steam service in January 2010, Two Tribes is pleased to announce the addition of a new feature enabling the player to turn back time for enhanced gameplay and fun.

"This feature really fastens up the gameplay of Toki Tori because you don't have to restart the level when you make a mistake", says Collin van Ginkel, Creative Director at Two Tribes. The REWIND feature is not a trial-and-error tool in order to solve the puzzles, but a more of a savior when the player makes small mistakes in the platform elements of the game.

Two Tribes is in good touch with her on growing community and their feedback on the game. The REWIND feature meets the demands of Toki Tori players and makes the gameplay more fun and convenient.

This weekend only: 50% off! Two Tribes celebrates last week's addition of the REWIND feature with a 'this weekend only' discount of 50% off. During the weekend Toki Tori will be available for 2.23 EUR, 2.45 USD and 1.62 GBP. The weekend deal starts today (March 5th) at 0:00 CET and lasts until Monday March 8th 09:00 CET.

Steam users new to the game will automatically download the REWIND feature when buying the game. And for players which already posses the game it is automatically updated by Valve's Steam service.

Get Toki Tori for Steam here:
<a href=""></a>

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