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Greetings captains,

We really wanted to have an update ready for today, but sadly we didn't make it in time as we were swamped with launching Starpoint Gemini Warlords into beta. Starpoint Gemini Warlords is the result of your feedback and our own ideas, adding a bulky strategy layer to the Starpoint universe. Did I mention that Warlords is many times larger? The game will be fully launched on 23 May 2017.

And on that note, the soon-to-come update for Starpoint Gemini 2 will use chunks of the much more refined Warlords code which will help the game run smoother on most machines, bringing full x64 support among other things (separate x86 exe will remain for compatibility). You can expect this update to arrive before the end of the month.

Once again, we're sorry we didn't make the update for today (there's a big sale going on, we know...). I just wanted to reassure everyone that Starpoint Gemini 2 is still on our thoughts and that we'll keep using all opportunities to improve it.

As always, safe travels captains!
Community Announcements - danijel
All Starpoint Gemini games are now on discount of up to 82% as a part of the Iceberg Interactive publisher's weekend on Steam. If you haven't already, come grab what you like today!

And let's not forget about the completely free Starpoint Gemini 2: Origins DLC!

Or have a look at the Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold Pack instead.

Check out what else Iceberg Interactive has on sale today!

Safe travels captains!
Community Announcements - danijel

Step right up and grab your copy, ladies and gentlemen. SG Warlords just hit a discount!

Warlords has been in Early Access for several months and we're making good progress. A lot has been done already, but a hefty chunk of features still remains.

You can check out our latest feature video on the Warlords store page. And you can check out the commotion on the community board or on our own forum.

If that's not enough, feel free to browse our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

We hope to see you there!

Safe travels, captains!
Community Announcements - Maximus
Successor to the Starpoint Gemini franchise, Starpoint Gemini Warlords entered Steam Early Access a week ago and it's high time to start dishing out updates at a regular pace. The first one brings many bug fixes (a big thanks goes out to the community for sending in your game logs which made it massively easier to hunt them buggers down and squash them), but also some new content as well.

you can read more about it here!
Community Announcements - danijel

We're proud to announce that Warlords is now available in the Early Access program.

Warlords began as a result of the thousands and thousands of posts members of the community made during the Early Access of Staroint Gemini 2, and it is only appropriate we continue in this tradition. We're eager to see what You think of the game in its current state, what you think of our plans for it and to contribute to the discussions on the Steam board.

You'll notice we've reorganized the discussion board a bit, but the key addition is the Early Access Sitrep. We hope this will explain everything you wanted to know about Warlords. If not, please don't hesitate to ask. We'll be happy to answer.

Two new trailers are also ready for your capable review. You can find them on the store page.

Welcome back to Gemini, warlords!
Community Announcements - danijel
Greetings captains,

As you might have noticed, Starpoint Gemini 2 is running a hefty discount of 80%. To add to the celebratory spirit, we're finally ready to announce an official Early Access release date of our upcoming project Starpoint Gemini: Warlords. On April 14th, you'll be able to check out how the first version of Warlords fares against its predecessor!

If this sounds interesting, head on to the Warlords Steam page and if you want to know even more, check out our growing dev-blog.

The ladies and gentlemen of Iceberg Interactive have once again joined our worthy crunch-time and have written up a press release just for you... and the news-people... and anyone else who might be interested. You can find it here.

Safe travels, captains!
Community Announcements - danijel

Hail captains!

Starpoint Gemini Warlords store page on steam is now public! We're gearing up for the Early Access launch in April and the Warlords Steam forum is now open for business. We're eager to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. We hope there'll be plenty of them.

The Starpoint Gemini community is a vibrant assembly of spacefarers and we take this opportunity to once again thank each of you for contributing. We hope to see you again in Warlords!

Head out to the frontlines here, or if you just want to see a few select features from Warlords, here's the list:

  • Headquarters. Construct and upgrade your own personal space station; a massive structure that enables you to conduct research, build ships, assemble autonomous fleets and much more.
  • Conquer Territory. Gradually expand your reign over unclaimed territory, by battling minor factions, or conquer the entire Gemini sector, by facing off against familiar strong Gemini foes, familiar from the previous Starpoint Gemini titles. Reinforce conquered regions to defend themselves.
  • Conduct Research on simple weapon enhancements, obtain the expertise to construct a titan class behemoth, or boost the effectiveness of your non-combat fleets. Equipment, ship systems, enhancements and ships can still be bought, but he best ‘stuff’ can only be researched, constructed and improved in your HQ.
  • Construction and research demand the allocation of resources. Gather them by conducting missions for other factions, trade or purchase resources, or conquer regions providing a steady flow of resources, and bonuses.
  • A far larger game world will allow more distinction between ship sizes, pockets of empty space to travel through and your own giant space HQ where ships can be ‘parked’.
  • Skill classes, attributed skills and perk progression will be revamped and rebalanced, as will levelling-up, the reputation system and diplomacy.
  • Storyline vs Free-roam: The campaign storyline will be blended in with the more generic conquer quests. Free-roam mode strips all main storyline missions, but leaves side quests and generic freelance missions intact.
  • A full branching dialogue scheme, the industry standard in modern RPGs.
  • Technical additions include: x64 system only, projection mapping, deferred shading, physically based rendering and realistic physics.

We've got a host of new things planned for the game and we can't wait to show you more!

Here's also a link to the official press release dilligently crafted by the good ladies and gentlemen at Iceberg Interactive who are once again stepping up to the task as our publisher.

Until next time, safe travels captains!

Little Green Men Games
Community Announcements - Maximus
Hello captains,

No accompanying story this time... just a simple patch change-log :)

  • FIXED: An error with heavy weapons disappearing
  • FIXED: Problems related to Titans DLC trigger
  • FIXED: Manufacturer fixed for Thor
  • FIXED: Several controller recognition issues
  • FIXED: Issues with visual artefacts for certain monitor configurations
  • FIXED: A number of minor issues
  • UPDATED: Script system
  • MODDING: Added uncompressed ship and sector files, as well as the already customary uncompressed scripts
Community Announcements - Maximus
Ahoy captains!

As you may have noticed, the new Titans DLC is out!

That also means we're updating the base game too, as usual. The changelist is not massive, but the improvements might just come in handy.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.

Safe travels, captains!

  • FIXED: A problem with light weapon accuracy on lower framerate
  • FIXED: Several errors in LoadSector scripts
  • FIXED: A potential error in NPC AI routines when searching for enemies
  • FIXED: Several database balancing errors in Russian, German and Polish localizations
  • UPDATED: Fighters now move more quickly
  • UPDATED: Optimized collision meshes for structures and platforms to improve performance
  • UPDATED: Junkyard optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
  • UPDATED: Asteroid fields optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
  • UPDATED: Optimized light weapon firing calculations and VFX for improved performance
  • ADDED: Maximum number of turrets per weapon battery and per ship is now increased
Community Announcements - danijel
Franchise offered at 70% discount and new DLC announced

This weekend, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Little Green Men Games will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Starpoint Gemini 2 on Steam, offering all Starpoint Gemini games at 70% off for a week, as a Special Promotion.

Demonstrating continued support for the game, the developer released a new patch this week, with tweaks and optimizations.

There is further exciting news regarding the highly successful space sim franchise, with the announcement of new DLC for November 2015 (named "Titans"), as well as the message that the strategy-oriented sequel Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is still on course for a Steam Early Access entry during Q4-2015.

About Starpoint Gemini 2 Titans DLC:
  • 3 new Titan class ships and 3 new chain-quests.
  • Choose and help one of the three major factions finish their Titan and fight other Titans.
  • A new set of hero characters to hunt down.

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