Community Announcements - facepalmg
We've just released an update that we decided to call v1.16.
It adds and contains, amongst other boring techy things:
  • Linux support!
  • OSX support!
  • SDL2 as platform abstraction library instead of OpenTK, fixes multiple compatibility issues
  • GPU-scaled fullscreen mode, the game never changes screen resolution anymore
  • Updated FMOD audio library to version 4.44.30, fixes audio related crashes
  • The game doesn't use XML serializers anymore, fixes an extremely rare crash issue
  • Improved debug logging
  • Made gamepad support more robust
  • Got rid of GLU requirement
  • Multiple minor compatibility fixes

Linux and OS X versions will be available for download also for people who bought the game before the update!
Community Announcements - facepalmg
Now you can explore the dark mysteries of Theseus from the comfort of your sofa!

As the title says this update adds native gamepad support to The Swapper. We've put a big effort into making playing with gamepad feel natural by adding snapping support to the map and reworking all menu controls. The game also supports rumble on some controllers.

The update should be automatically downloaded by Steam. If that doesn't happen a Steam client restart should fix the problem.

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