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The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 11AM PDT for a game update.
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Ant-Man is Now Playable!
Just like the new Ant-Man feature film and comics, Marvel Heroes 2015's Ant-Man has a number of powers that allow him to rapidly shrink in size. From tiny uppercuts that knock opponents up to amazingly fast punches and kicks, Ant-Man hits far harder than his tiny size. He also changes dynamically when using his powers, so you get the feel of Ant-Man's rapid size-changing capabilities.

We spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with Ant-Man's synergies. As a commander of ants we toyed around with stats to do with summoning, but we ultimately came up with an entirely new level 50 synergy that we hope you'll love: +1 Strength. That's right, if you level up Ant-Man to 50 you get +1 Strength for all your heroes if you take his synergy. Tap into the hidden strength of the ant!

Ant-Man wouldn't be worthy of the name if he didn't have the ability to command his insect legions. To this end players can summon up to 10,000 ants just by fighting, and then "spend" the ants on powers such as "Fistful of Ants," which creates a giant fist of ants and smashes your opponents. One by one they may not be powerful, but under your command these insects really ruin the bad guys' day.

Consolidated Difficulty Modes
The Story section of the game has had difficulty modes consolidated such that players will level from 1 through 60 by completing the story. To make grouping easier, there is no longer the concept of Normal/Heroic/Superheroic difficulties during Story Mode. For questions, visit our FAQ

Odin’s Bounty Returns
Odin's Bounty features an amazing bonus loot game mode rotation. However, instead of bosses having boosted loot, they will now drop Chests of Odin's Bounty. These chests are loot boxes that you can collect and then open later for an epic lootsplosion! Chests of Odin's Bounty have a high chance to contain Runes and Odin Marks, as well as a chance to drop the Mysterious Crimson Box, which contains rare boss-specific artifacts. Odin's Bounty Boosts are back as well and now include an increased jackpot chance! Check out the full rotation schedule.

Vote for the 2nd Unannounced Hero of 2015!
We've got one last unannounced playable Hero left in 2015 and we want you to be a part of the decision! Choose from Green Goblin, Magik, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn), Nick Fury, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), and Wasp! Vote today at our Fan Vote!
Community Announcements - austin.fong
Our second anniversary celebration has ended and even after a full month of in-game festivities, the game continues to bring the party to you. Starting the morning of July 8th, all who play the game will automatically be participating in the Marvel Heroes 2015 $25,000 Giveaway – a game-wide event featuring five incredibly rare Vibranium Ticket drops, each worth $5,000 US. That’s right, just by playing regularly, players will have a chance to win $5,000!

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page as well as the Official Rules.

Any winners who have come forward by Friday, July 10, will be congratulated publicly at Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes 2015 San Diego Comic-Con panel that day at 6:00 p.m. PDT in Room 25ABC.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., Canada (excl. Quebec), Germany, France, United Kingdom and Australia, who are of legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, and at least 18. Odds of winning a prize during the Giveaway Period depend on the number of players at time of Vibranium Ticket drop. 5 Prizes: US$5,000 each (approximately €4,452.46) (approximately CAD $6,174.93). Legal residents of Canada only: Math skill-test required. Giveaway ends 11:59 p.m. ET 08/31/15 (5:59 a.m. GMT+2 on 09/01/15). By entering this Giveaway, you agree to the transfer of your personal data to the USA to the marketing department of the Sponsor in order to centrally manage the Giveaway. The Sponsor relies on the exception of Article 69 of the Computer and Liberties Act dated 6 January 1978 (the contract is entered into between us in your interest). Void outside area listed and where prohibited. By emailing Customer Service to determine if you are eligible to claim the prize, you are agreeing to the Official Rules, available on our Official Rules Page.

Frequently Aasked Questions
Have questions? Drop by the Frequently Asked Questions Page.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PDT for a game update and the Big Ten event!
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6:00AM PDT for a game update.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PDT for a game update.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir

The Age of Ultron is upon us!

Introducing the brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron Challenge! This mode has players teaming up in groups of five to defend the citizens of New York from waves of Ultron Sentries attacking Central Park. Difficulty escalates throughout the series of challenging and dazzling fights, leading to a showdown at the ruins of the Avengers Mansion, where players will challenge Ultron himself for an epic battle.


The wait is over! Now, when you play Marvel Heroes 2015, you can start earning Achievements – hundreds of them! From the simple ( reach level 10) to the difficult (loot 10,000 Unique items) – and even to the pure fan service (“I Understood That Reference” when you talk to Agent Lee) – it’s never been more fun to weigh your own in-game accomplishments against those of your friends. Some Achievements even unlock great rewards, like costumes, pets, credits and more. And the best part? We’ll just keep adding more from here on out!


Behold!... The Vision has joined Marvel Heroes 2015! The 47th playable character in Marvel Heroes 2015, Vision comes complete with 24 unique powers and three skill trees (Density Control, Solar Power and Android) that players can level up as they see fit. His power set primarily revolves around changing density and firing blasts from his Solar Gem to defeat enemies at range. In addition, he can reprogram robot enemies to fight for him from anywhere in the game. His Ultimate Power involves him flying off-screen, increasing his density to well over 500 tons, and smashing back into his enemies in a large explosion.


Wanda presented an opportunity to really renovate her kit, keeping all the successful elements of what was there, and adding many new powers and mechanics to grant players options to build around. Her unique power set allows us to get creative with interplay on proc effects, random chance, and high variance to make her playstyle unlike anyone else.


Our Avengers Event Continues... play as the Avengers for FREE: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye have all been added to the starting hero rotation which means you can play any of them up to level 10 at no cost! You'll also receive a 50% XP boost just by playing as any of them.


More costumes inspired by Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron have been added to the game including Iron Man's epic Hulkbuster Armor and Scarlet Witch's unique look from the film.


Full patch notes featuring many more details about the above, as well as more quality of life updates to Black Widow and Hawkeye:
Community Announcements - austin.fong

Achievements are now live!
Please see the FAQ here for more information:

Dedicated Forum Section here for discussion:

Report bugs or issues here for quick resolution:


The Age of Ultron is upon us!

In the new Age of Ultron game mode, you and your allies will have to battle to protect the city against Ultron’s hordes of sentries - and eventually take down Ultron himself!

Age of Ultron is a 5-player mode that will test your team against multiple stages that each have unique objectives. Coordinate with your team to stop Ultron’s widespread assault - the faster your group can defeat each wave, the better your rewards will be when your team is victorious!

To queue for this mission, simply select the Age of Ultron mode from the Challenges tab at any Waypoint.


Vision has joined the roster of Marvel Heroes 2015!

Vision's primary resource is Solar Energy - with this resource Vision can unleash short bursts of deadly ranged attacks, or use it to empower himself temporarily and augment his melee attacks. This resource depletes quickly, but also regenerates at a fast pace.

While Vision is allowing his Solar Energy to replenish, he can use his Phasing and Density Shifting powers to engage enemies in melee range. Vision is able to shift between his Phasing state and an Ultra-Dense state; whenever you choose to enter the Ultra-Dense mode, Vision's melee powers will automatically shift into an Ultra-Dense version of that power with completely different properties. Learning when to shift modes and how to utilize the different properties of these powers in their respective states will be key to mastering Vision's gameplay.

Vision is also capable of taking control of other nearby robots and reconfigure their A.I. to turn them into his ally. Once an A.I. is reprogrammed, you can send a command to temporarily overclock the robot's combat performance, or even force it to self-destruct - with explosive results!

Full patch notes featuring Scarlet Witch Review, and quality of life updates to Black Widow and Hawkeye:
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM for the release of Vision, Achievements, the Age of Ultron game mode, and the Scarlet Witch 52 review.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PDT for a game update.

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