Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
You can find the full changelog over in our forums here:

Highlights include bug fixes for Objective mode and the Steamland map, as well as an update to the mutator whitelist.

This is a required update for clients and servers.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We have just rolled out a required update for clients and servers bringing the KF build number to 1050.

There are two changes in this patch.

* Made the first objective on KFO-Steamland easier
* Added a fall back check to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
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Also keep in mind Killing Floor ( is still on sale for 80% off for a few more hours, and Rising Storm ( is now 50% off for those interested (and/or want the RS/RO 2 skins and Thompson)
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
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Those crazy circus freaks have infested the world of Killing Floor once again for the Summer Sideshow: Pier of Pain event, hosted in Ringmaster Lockheart's Steamland. And this time they've brought a completely new game type with them - Objective Mode. But that's not all! We have a whole pile of extras for you all, for NO money down:

*All new game type: Objective Mode features story driven gameplay with objectives to complete while battling the zeds!
*The new map, Steamland, playable in both the new Objective Mode and Wave Mode!
*Objective Mode added to the Killing Floor SDK, so mappers can now create their own story-based maps.
*New unlockable event character: Steampunk Mrs. Foster! Unlock here during the event while you can!
*Additional achievements for the new game mode and new level.
*Another opportunity to unlock Steampunk Mr. Foster during the event.
*For everyone who owns Rising Storm ( - the Rising Storm Tommy Gun.
*All FREE to everyone who owns the game!

And, so everyone who doesn't own the game can try the new mode, Killing Floor will be available to download and play, for NO money (that is f-r-e-e), from 4th July through to 11th July. That is a whole week to try it out. And, to encourage everyone even further, the game will be on sale during the period of the free week, at an 80% discount.

But wait! There's more! We are also bringing you a new DLC character, to keep the original Mr. Foster company - Mrs. Foster! Plus a second Gold Weapons Pack for all those who like their weapons blinged out. And as if that wasn't enough - a Steampunk-themed Community Weapons Pack will also be available, to match with the whole Steampunk theme of the Summer Event.
Remember, you can only unlock Mr and Mrs Foster during the Summer Sideshow event - so don't wait! If that is all a lot to take in at one go take a look at the event web page:

Anyone smell a new mapping contest in the works? Time to dust off all those great "story mode" ideas?
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
PC Gamer has a hands on look (and video) of the upcoming Summer Event for Killing Floor. Check it out here:

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Featuring new weapons, characters, and brand new Objective Mode!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We just launched the Tripwire Humble Bundle, which includes RO1 and RO2, plus the current Killing Floor bundle if you pay over the average price. PLUS all three soundtracks! The Bundle runs for the week from 2 Apr through 9 Apr. Time to go grab copies of 3 great Tripwire games!

<iframe scrolling='no' frameBorder='0' style="border:none;" src="" width="410" height="150"></iframe>

The Red Orchestra and Killing Floor sound tracks are now also available on Bandcamp.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
<li>Halloween Zeds have returned home</li>
<li>Removed Map Whitelist</li>

<li>Reduced primary fire speed</li>
<li>Reduced secondary fire damage</li>
<li>Secondary fire now behaves the same as the Claymore</li></ul>
<li>Buzzsaw Bow</li>
<ul><li>Increased the cost of the blades by 4x</li></ul>

<li>Thompson will now count towards Commando stats</li>
<li>Trenchgun now properly switches to Pistol for flashlight</li>
<li>Ammo count now goes down to 0 for singleshot weapons (except the m99)</li>

We are working to address the Killing Floor Mac DLC issue and hope to have a patch for it in the near future.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

Hillbilly Horror Event:
The Killing Floor Halloween event is back for a limited time with all new Hillbillly themed monsters!

Event Details
<li>Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor - auto downloaded through Steam.</li>
<li> All new level, Hillbillly Horror, surrounded by heaps of redneck trash you and your friends must defend yourselves from monstrous hillbillies in the North Georgia mountains.</li>
<li> Replaces all specimens with Hillbillly themed monsters</li>
<li>15 all new achievements. Six of which are only available during the Hillbillly event</li>
<li>New official weapons: MKB42 assault rifle (a favorite of many heroes in the battle of Stalingrad), WWII Trenchgun with dragons breath incendiary rounds, Nail Gun with nails that can bounce around corners and nail the heads of zeds to the wall, Medic Nade that will heal teammates and poison zeds</li>
<li> 4 additional weapons as part of the first ever community weapon pack DLC: Scythe, Flare Gun wild west pistol, Thompson SMG, Saw Blade Crossbow with bouncing retrievable blades</li>
<li> “Grim Reaper” playable character unlockable for the duration of the Halloween 2012 event (To unlock players need to gain 6 Halloween 2012 achievements and 1 Hillbilly Horror map achievement)</li>
<li>“Chickenator” purchasable playable character DLC</li>

Other Changes
<li> Rebalanced the M99 - Slightly reduced damage, increased ammo price, reduced starting ammo amount, reduced ammo pickup amount</li>
<li> Hitting an already burning enemy with a fire based weapon no longer resets the culmulative burning damage. This results is more damage over time for fire weapons.</li>
<li> Added functionality for melee weapons to damage enemies in an arc in front of you. Does more damage closer to to the center of where you are looking, and less damage farther away (Used by the Claymore and Scythe)</li>
<li> Added a filter to the server browser for all game types</li>
<li>All non-whitelisted mutators are now greylisted (Cannot unlock achievements or perk levels)</li>
<li>Several small changes requested by the mod community</li>

Bug Fixes
<li>Fixed a bug where players would lose ammo when dropping one pistol when they had two of the same kind</li>
<li>Fixed monsters severing more limbs than they had</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where crawlers can take burning damage indefinitely</li>
<li>Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen after burning damage</li>
<li>Fixed a case where Firebugs would not receive their intended fire resistance.</li>
<li>Fixed a case where Firebugs would not receive flame damage experience from husk gun projectile impacts.</li>
<li>Fixed a case where some melee weapons would not get blood decals</li>
<li>Fixed an exploit with medic weapon drops (on the MP7 and M7A3)</li>
<li>Fixed a bug with the Hunting Shotgun where the ammo count was not being properly kept</li>
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Deep South? No? Neither did we, until recently. Turns out, not very surprisingly, that it has been leaking a glowing green goop into the local lake where Bubba and his kin have been dynamiting catfish for generations. Bubba did try to explain to the local Horzine execs that this was not what Al Gore meant by a "green revolution", but all he got was a face full of buckshot for his troubles.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
For those of you who haven't noticed, we're rolling out Steam Workshop for Killing Floor today. You get the idea - and the best thing to do is just to go try it out, play with it: <a href=""></a> . For good measure, there is now also a Tripwire Interactive Bundle available. All our games from the beginning of (Tripwire) time. And a sale, so that we can all celebrate! Here: <a href=""></a>

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