We Happy Few - Captain Scarlett

Hi everyone,  

In this week’s retrospective, we are taking a look at some of the houses in We Happy Few. As most of you know, the game takes place in the south west of England and more specifically a set of fictional islands called Wellington Wells.  

During the pre-production stage of the project, we settled on 1960s England as the setting for the game, and began research on architecture, music and artistic inspiration, and recent English history (as it would have been at the time). Our Art Director Whitney is particularly interested in architecture and atmosphere, and how it contributes to creating a unique and interesting experience. She spent a great deal of time researching architecture (even spending some of her vacation time in a trip to the UK, to understand how the game should feel).  

Architecture is an important facet of We Happy Few, but it’s a pretty big topic! So in this weekly, we will only touch on the subject of houses, as along with the Wellies and their masks, creating houses was the first step towards building our world.

Inspirations and early concept

When creating the first concept, Whitney looked in a great deal of detail at the concept of “contrast”, if you’ll pardon the reference, as it was a major theme in 1960s England. It was a time of great social change, where the traditional past clashed with optimism about the future, young culture vs old, etc. We took this symbolism and exaggerated it to fantastical levels all throughout We Happy Few.  

We wanted a contrast between different houses, but also between their interior and exterior. Our Village houses reflect the symbolism of rejecting history for an idealistic view of the future, and our Garden District houses contrast with the Village by showing the other side of the coin (it’s not like England was always pretty and mod - only parts of the world were that happy idealistic reality).

The exterior of the Village houses were inspired by two styles, the Tudor houses from The Shambles, York and the stone houses from Haworth. The outside is old, crumbling, historic, and reflects real history. The inside is clean, modern, overly cheery, blissfully rejecting history and looking towards the future. The inside has inspiration from minimalist, mid century designers such as Robin Day and Arne Jacobsen. To maintain consistency, the Garden District houses have similar exteriors, but would have older interiors.  

A little note about the stone - it's stained dark grey from the soot, back when england was heated by coal.

First steps

Believe it or not, but a world like We Happy Few doesn’t start out very pretty. The first buildings we put into the game were shells designed to test metrics - something our level designers could look through and figure out concrete things like “how much space to we need to move around, how will the AI walk through the areas with you” and then more esoteric things like “how should these spaces feel”. We started with these houses because in those days, we didn’t anticipate that we’d have anything bigger than a house.  

Here is a picture of a very early prototype for the world, which we have never shown before! This is one of the first procedural prototypes.

Most of the houses are attempts to match the level design requirements with the artistic vision - how do we create the thin, terraced houses that we wanted for the art, but also have interesting gameplay areas?  

You’ll also notice in the left hand pic the first two early art prototypes. The building on the corner was an interactive shop - the precursor to the Butcher today. The second building from the left is the first “filler” house - houses that we created to fill space, because we didn’t want every house to be interactive, so that the world would “feel” more like a city.  

This was a gameplay decision we made because we wanted a sense of scale to the city, but if we made everything interactive, we’d have to make each individual house have much, much less loot (given that loot density is a function of size of the island, and the rough amounts of items we want you to be able to get). You’ll notice that other games do this - if you think of the Witcher 3, relatively few houses are enterable. This is a trick many games use to balance space, size, density and workload (because if we made every house enterable, we’d have to have many, many more variations) required to build a game.

A Familiar Look 

Once we figured out the metrics, and felt confident that the spaces and concept would work, we could begin work on the first “real” houses! This is the first step from pre-production into production, as we focused on creating a build for PAX.

We built filler houses, interactive houses, and “shops” for the show. You can see on the left an example of each. On the left is the filler house - houses designed to blend into the background, and not draw your attention. In the middle is the interactive house - lights around the doors to indicate there is something worthwhile inside. On the right is a shop - the first “encounters” in the game, which were designed to be special. During PAX we only had two: the Butcher and the Odds & Ends shop, which both had a small challenge to get inside and unlock a reward. If you found the reward, we gave you a key to We Happy Few, to help us test as we went forward.  

Once we finished PAX, we realised that a lot of people were excited about what we were doing. We realised we needed to improve the quality of what we were building, as well as the scope, and our next step was Kickstarter. One of the tiers gave people access to the in-development branches, the first of which looked like this:

On the left is a Village house, very similar to the one in the picture above. However, it looks very different because the lighting in the game dramatically affects the appearance of the 3D art. The Kickstarter build had a very sickly green feel, that we thought was an okay start but wasn’t really what we wanted.  

On the middle and right are the exterior and interior of the first Garden District houses! We had realised that we needed a larger environment diversity, so rather than have dilapidated houses in the Village (which had been the initial plan), we created a new biome - an area full of this stuff. You can see that the inspirations are fairly similar, but are abandoned/destroyed as a result of WW2 and neglect. The art of this area was intended to evoke the loss of tradition and history.  

Early Access

After Kickstarter, we realised that we would need a significant amount of investment and testing to create the game we wanted, so we chose to go onto Early Access. We knew that the houses would require a big upgrade.

You can see that the style of the houses has remained consistent. However, the quality of the assets and placement has increased dramatically. Hurray! Finally something that was beginning to look good. We added substantial foliage, improved textures, and gave more character to the Garden District buildings (which were lacking before Early Access).  

The lighting changes we made also presented this art far better, so that the detail wasn’t lost in the gloom. Overall, we were very happy with how the game looked for Early Access. However, we weren’t quite done yet! One thing you can notice about the houses in the above shots is that they don’t blend in brilliantly with the environment yet - they still look like they’re being plopped in sporadically. So we decided to improve that, along with the ongoing improvement of the house art to match the quality of the other areas of the game (that we have kept quiet about).


And here’s where we are today?

If you’re looking closely, you’ll spot a few changes to the houses. The first is that Village houses now come with alleyways - an improvement we made to allow for better Village hide and seek with the Bobbies, and also more controlled access to the back of houses. We also improved the interiors, with new interior layouts and stealth improvements.  

For the garden district, we changed how the buildings were laid out so that they are more like older English cottages, and blend in better with their environment. We added more variation and opportunities for stealth and vertical gameplay.


And finally, just because we think it’s cool, here are a couple more concepts that we created along the way, to help the artists visualise what things could look like:

Developing the houses was a highly iterative process - a constant balance between scope, ambition, quality, and gameplay constraints. Dealing with that inside the procedural world has been a complicated process, but in the end we are quite happy with the result. It’s unique, and we’re confident that there won’t be anything else quite like it.  

Thanks for reading!
Deep Rock Galactic - Soren - Captain of Ghost Ship
Hi Miners,

We have just pushed a hotfix for Update 11 addressing the issue of not being able to ride a zipline while carrying a gem or an egg. This is now fixed!
Scrap Mechanic - Cokkies

Hi Mechanics!

Update 0.2.14 is finally here!
It’s a fun little update that allows modders to add terrain assets to the Tile Builder.
Together with this update, we made a mod called the Stunt Track Pack with some new crazy stunt tracks!

To download this and other terrain asset mods created by our awesome community go

Here is the update list:
  • Updated Mod Tool so it works with custom tile assets.
  • Fixed an issue where some parts of the physics terrain did not match the graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players could control the same character when sharing worlds.

We also want to take this chance to inform you on our next update plans.
We got a lot of requests from mechanics to add spudguns to creative mode.
This was not our plan originally since they where designed for Survival mode.
However, we always aim to make you mechanics happy so we have now decided to make them work in Creative mode. We aim to make something bigger with the spudgun update. The update will include spudguns, mountable spudguns, destructible block, new animations and improved network code. We will announce a release date for the Spudgun update as soon as possible on Twitter so make sure you follow us there.

We will be back soon!

For all the latest news, follow us on
Escape The Pacific - Gamers4Gamers Team

Hi everyone,

the new Escape the Pacific version 'Alpha 05' is now available.

For this update we were mainly focusing on the save system for interactable objects placed on rafts in save data. As we have solved some of the major Save/Inventory issues in our Alpha 04.h1 we bring more fixes for gameplay breaking issues. The newly added Options screen allows changing some of the base parameters regarding user interface and mouse input system.

We have also added base functionality for the "Item dismantle/destroy" feature. Dismantling blueprints gives back all of the ingredients inserted so far. Completed buildings and objects can be destroyed by continually hitting them with an Axe. These objects do not give back ingredients yet in this early implementation.


New features:

01. Added: Save for interactable objects placed on rafts
02. Added: Simple Options screen with mouse input settings
03. Added: Dismantling blueprints gives back all of the ingredients inserted so far
04. Added: Completed buildings and objects can be destroyed by continually hitting them with an Axe


01. Fixed: Items aren't duplicated after save/load anymore
02. Fixed: Items aren't disappearing after save/load anymore
03. Fixed: Drag&Drop on items after save/load doesn't break Inventory functionality anymore
04. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to another slot doesn't break the Inventory functionality
05. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to a Crate doesn't make crate items disappear
06. Fixed: Internal code fixes to eliminate some of the 'Save breaking' issues


01. Fixed: CampFire placement is correct after Save/Load
02. Added: When CampFires with no small rocks added around it burns down the empty campfire disappears
03. Added: When the player gets back all of the small rocks from an already burnt down campfire the campfire disappears

We will continue to work on finalizing the functionality for the mechanic to dismantle/destroy already built objects and get some of the ingredients back. The amount of ingredients will depend on the players Dismantle skill. The next additional feature we plan to implement is to be able to reassign keys. Besides that we'll also keep an eye out for Inventory/Weight/Save system/Raft Attach/Detach issues which will be fixed based on their severity.

Thank you for your patience and for your constructive feedbacks helping us to get rid of the issues as fast as is possible.

Please be aware that during early access phase game code could change as much as affecting gameplay when loading/saving savegames from earlier versions. To always be on the safe side make sure to start a new game with each update. Thank you!


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to answer your questions in detail.

Unturned - SDGNelson
Update Notes

  • Added alpha blended decal mode. [Default mode is still Masked, for an example look in the /Objects/Small/Decals folder.]
  • Added Player_Life_Health, Player_Life_Food, Player_Life_Water and Player_Life_Virus NPC condition types.
  • Added core military vehicles to examples folder to make custom versions for maps easier.
  • Added Boss_Nuclear zombie type for nuclear power plants on custom maps.
  • Reverted BattlEye version until the Steam overlay hook is patched.
  • Tweaked medium spherical boulders to have skybox variants.
  • Tweaked spirit zombie to be more visible in dark.
  • Fixed toggle skins option when swapping between remeshed items.
  • Fixed stat counter left-handed text. [Sorry! This should have been fixed ages ago, but the fix slipped through the cracks.]
  • Fixed snow_0/1 to be properly configured as snow.
  • Fixed devkit object placement to respect asset's can use flag.
  • Fixed zombie/animal player damage to trigger player damaged event.
  • Fixed door collision when moved with the admin editor serverside.

The majority of my time has been going into 4.x trying to get a really polished beta ready, but I've also been working with several teams on upcoming content: in the near future we should have the 3rd Greece update, and another 2+ maps from new curated teams are nearing completion.
Unearned Bounty - rjdunlap

Rotation Change
The Brigand, Iron Horns, and Ghastly Crow will be available till March 30th.

Bot difficulty
Added Hard and Very Hard difficulty options for bots in custom matches.
Harder bots have better accuracy, damage, and health allowing them to compete better with experienced players.

Additional Turtle Ship Buff
Increased max rocket damage 40->50
Increased min rocket damage 16->20

Bug Fixes
Fixed front wakes being leftover after player and bot departures.
Fixed damage text not appearing on clients after hitting bots with cannons.

Robert Dunlap
Extrokold Games
Lazarus - Spilt Milk Studios
What's this? Weekly Update 11?! We're on a roll! We've been attacking stability and balance this week, with a lot of effort put into reducing errors on the backend, as well as improving the way enemies, fleets and the AI generals that control them work to provide a much more exciting game to play.

Let's get straight to the good stuff.

has been reworked a fair bit, meaning they move around each other and around Asteroids much more intelligently, while never overlapping! This was particularly bad for Carriers, as you'd often come across big messy globs made of tough armour and more guns than was fun.

have been brought up to spec, and now they more reliably move through the world, choosing different territories to attack and capture, going after them with forces of Drones made up of all enemy types. This makes for a much more dynamic and varied world to play in, and trickles down to every player in some way.

have been introduced, so each Drone faction needs to capture territory to gain access to more Carriers for spawning in, and even then there's a maximum cap per faction so they can't just dominate.

has been improved, so now they're more of a threat, but not an unfair one. We've increased their speed, acceleration, and even adjusted how they turn so they should just... move around more. This is to help balance things out, keep them interesting, and ensure that Drone Fleets manage to stick together a little more as they move around the world capturing territory.

have been addressed in a big way, meaning you won't see any changes but hopefully you'll feel them. Or rather, the lack of them!

have been addressed too. Now, we don't want you to get too excited as we're not sure that we've addressed the problems for absolutely everyone, but if you've been having problems joining the game, please do follow these instructions to help us figure it out...

- Right click on Lazarus in your Steam Library
- Select 'Properties'
- Go to 'Set Launch Options'
- Paste in '+linkProtocol RakNet' (without the quotation marks) and press OK
- Then close the dialog
- Then launch Lazarus and try again
- If after this you still can't connect, hit us up. Seriously - discord, email, whatever it takes, as long as you send error logs and screenshots.

now behave. For reals. Honestly, the bane of our lives. But no longer. You absolutely cannot equip more Systems than your Ship's build allows. This is great news.

is now always full. Sometimes you'd spawn in with your energy bar (the litte blue one) less than full. This will never happen ever again, because we're great.

has been fixed up. Before now territory names & owner information would be wrong, statuses incorrect, just all kinds of misinformation. This was across the HUD as well as on the Map, but it's all fixed now so you can sit with that open and watch as the world turn Yellow, Red and Blue... because you should be helping out, not just sitting there admiring it!

are fixed. No more Apophis This and Apophis That. They're Drones goddamit, and they deserve being recognised as such!

doesn't happen anymore. Very rarely you'd get slammed by an asteroid while docked. Well, now you're perfectly safe all tucked away in there for as long as you like.

has been even more polished. Yup, the returning champion of the updates is still in the mix this week. We're pretty certain the game is 100% bulletproof now, so nobody can get lost or stuck, though we know there are still a few minor bugs so we still have some stuff to do here. We've also added a ton of polish to the tutorial. It's only really relevant for new players, but we want to take care of you!

Next week's push will feature more polish and bug fixes, plus concentrating on bringing the Lazarus Event back into the game. It's been delayed and delayed, but forms such a core part of the loop we want to see how you guys and gals like it. Will the first pass be introduced next week? Who knows, but you should wish us luck anyway.
Far Cry® 5 - UbiDomZ
We’re now live for our Far Cry 5 Pre-Launch Livestream! Join us at www.twitch.tv/ubisoft or youtube.com/ubisoft for the next hour and a half.

GearCity - Eric.B
Hello Everyone,

Testing Build will be updated to v1.23.2 on March 30th. This build will require save game changes.

If you are on v1.23 SP4 Default Build, this update will not effect you.

Thanks and stay tuning!

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