Treadnauts - PostBop

Neon signs and screens wash the fog in every color. You can hear steam and revving motors on the streets below. How many stories could you fall and still land on your feet?

Welcome to Wave District, a sea of skyscrapers, wires and floating screens. There are no walls here to pen you in: it’s your chance to ride the air currents and fly circles around other pilots! Just don’t fly too close to the sun… it’s a long way down to street level.

Something about the screens here feels familiar. Shots and speedy tanks can knock them around. Most of them make great cover, one of them has a face—and they’re all heavy enough to squish a tank!

For more updates on Treadnauts, join our Discord community and tune in for more posts here on Steam.

The Art of A.L.A.N. - Mia
You can participate in a GA on SteamGifts and get the chance to win 1 of the 20 copies for The Art of ALAN! It lasts until Dec 15th.
A.L.A.N. - Mia
You can participate in a GA on SteamGifts and get the chance to win 1 of the 20 copies for The Art of ALAN! It lasts until Dec 15th.
The Art of Les Quatre Alices - Mia
You can participate in a GA on SteamGifts and get the chance to win 1 of the 12 copies for The Art of Les Quatre Alices! It lasts until Dec 15th.
Les Quatre Alices - Mia
You can participate in a GA on SteamGifts and get the chance to win 1 of the 12 copies for The Art of Les Quatre Alices! It lasts until Dec 15th.
Unto The End - Cow_102
It’s update time!

For this post I want to introduce the woad – one of the races that inhabit the world of Unto The End. These native creatures will be regularly encountered during the game and, given their status as one of the main residents of Unto, Stephen and Sara at 2 Ton Studios put a lot of thought into their conception and design.

This is just a quick snapshot of that process and how the woad has evolved along the way.


The rugged brute you see above is the initial woad concept. Looks good, but wasn’t quite right and failed to meet one of 2 Ton’s tenets of creature design, namely that a creature should ‘be realised enough that an expansion could be built around them as the main character’. So, back to the drawing board/sketch book…

Woad works

A few sketched alternatives later and a final design for the woad was found, although rather than being based solely on one dedicated form, a hybrid was chosen that blended elements of the warrior and simian styles seen above. The warrior was too human-like and the simian too animalistic, but together they combined to make the perfect woad!

Woad is me

And here he is, the final version of the woad. He’s the one on the left wearing the skirt/kilt. In creating the woad, Stephen and Sara wanted to come up with a creature that was agile and athletic, animalistic but intelligent, approachable yet fearsome, and this design really embodies those characteristics.

Fast for-woad

Having arrived at the final look of the woad, the next job was working to ensure its new, more athletic build was reflected in its movements. The woad’s agility is deftly demonstrated above as it flows from one motion to the next in a near effortless display of terrain mastery. Needless to say, for Unto’s human hero, attempting to run away from these guys won’t be the best strategy.

Hope you enjoyed this introduction to the woad. Comments and questions welcome!

Matt | Digital Uppercut
Outbreak: The New Nightmare - Dead Drop Studios

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is leaving Steam Early Access in early January 2018. When it transitions to full release, the price will be increasing. Grab it while it's cheap and save some $$$! The game will also be releasing as a single-player title on Xbox One on January 3rd. Preorders will be starting about 2 weeks prior to the launch date.

Heck of a ride
Outbreak: The New Nightmare has now been in Early Access for nearly six months. In that time, I've added huge amounts of content, features, fixes and polish. Much of this work and the shape of the game has been driven by YOU! Community feedback has been frequent and very constructive. A lot of the features present today are because the community requested them. I'm very thankful that everyone has shown the game such support!

Now that the game is content complete, we're preparing to transition to a full release. Games are never perfect and there will always be areas that could use a bit more polish, or more features necessary, but it's important to know when it's time to cut a release. As a single developer (with virtually no budget), I'm very proud of the game that was produced. I've learned a lot during the development of this title and I'm very excited to lend that experience towards future survival horror titles.

Thanks to everyone in the community for supporting both Outbreak: The New Nightmare and Outbreak. Thanks very much for the contributions of Standemonium towards the scenario design for the office and city locations. Thanks to Mr RSpeedy for his massive community contributions (and the great gif above). And a massive thank you to everyone who played the game and took the time to provide Steam reviews as well!

Console port?
With the imminent transition out of Early Access, it seems like an excellent time to announce the upcoming release of the Xbox One version of the game. Outbreak: The New Nightmare launches on Xbox One on January 3rd, 2018! Preorders will start about two weeks before the release date. As with the XB1 version of Outbreak, this will launch as a single-player affair at a lower price point. But it'll still be great fun!

So what other development is happening right now?
I'm currently spending my dev time looking into upgrading the underlying engine to see if we can get any additional performance or graphics polish gains. The upgrade is fairly rough now with the size of the project so no promises, but it would be useful to be able to be on the latest version of Unity.

Thank you!
Thank you again for making the development of Outbreak: The New Nightmare and Outbreak successful and positive experiences! We have an awesome community and I'm very excited for the larger Steam community to be able to play and enjoy the game! Thank you!
An update V10122017 has been released that allows to perform operations with the alpha channel and some minor corrections and additions.
Veil of Crows - MrBungle
Battle scene

- Wall damage pieces optimised when destroyed, improving performance.

- Fixed an issue when issuing orders against enemy walls before the enemy units have spawned.

- Slight optimization to firing arrows.

- Flaming arrows pooling system corrected. - flame is now removed.

- Flaming arrows slightly optimized.

- Siege engine resource amount properly reduced after firing.

- Tutorial battle scene start and retreat positions adjusted.

- Navigation has been improved/optimised in some battle maps.

- Hero units shields will now display faction colors and Coat of arms

- Dynamic rivers in some battle maps. This will diversify battle maps a bit more. More battle maps will come with the final build.


- Leather kettle helm added.

- Small Shield added

- Heavy studded vest added.

- Pitchfork added.

- Pickaxe added.

- Ui reformat - this may result in some translations needing to be re-written in the armory. Armoury.xml and ArmouryHelperText.xml

- Equipment type selection icons replaced with images.

Main Menu

- Custom battle max siege equipment amount raised to 30 per equipment type.

- Mods toggle removed from the options panel. Enable mods on the mods menu.

Mod Support

- Village storage capacity was overwriting village cart capacity upgrades. Causing cart capacity upgrades to upgrade storage. This has been fixed.

- Armoury deleted and scene reloaded after mod confirmation. This resets all equipment available in the armory and clears unused data.


- UI scroll panels have been adjusted to prevent movement in unintended directions.

Thank you all!
On behalf of Arrow Face games and Humble Sage Games, I would like to thank everyone for such an awesome year. You guys have made our dreams possible and kept us going.

Today's update will be the last of the year but know that we will continue to push VOC forward. Behind the scenes, we are working hard on new content that will truly improve the replayability of VOC, and improve the user experience. We are currently outlining the final improvements to make VOC feature complete, and after we can focus entirely on testing, balance, bug fixes and tightening the screws in general.

Stay merry, stay safe, and I look forward to working with you all next year!


- Kerry

Spiritlands - Kenthria
Wahoo! It's update number 10, and we are touching the finishing line.

This new update brings the RESEARCH panel once again! New and improved, and designed not to follow a clicker design, it has roughly 30 unique things to research, a few including:

- Fisheries finding special items.
- Halving faith costs.
- Reducing building costs.
- Making attack soldiers more powerful.
- Using Attack Barracks for defence points too.

There are 5 directions your research will take you, and you're unlikely to be able to research everything from the map resources. What you focus on shows what priorities you have as a leader.

1) Discoverer -
Discoverers seek peaceful routes to knowledge, unvailing the world and the secrets in it is their goal, while preserving the natural landscape around them.

3) Evolutionist -
Evolutionists pursue prosperity and growth. They want to control vast areas with masses of resources and highly developed land.

5) Conqueror -
Conquorers desire power above all else. They wish to route out all competitors and destroy them, and to be the only sign of life in these lands.

Two Sub-Paths -

2) Scientist -
Scientists appreciate the power of the learning. They seek improvement on all manner of every day things for a leader.

4) Dictator -
Dictators desire to enslave their own people for power. Although this provides no benefit to production, they become more feared by their opponents.

One of the biggest parts of the new research is 6 NEW BUILDINGS. Each of them have their own ability. Two of which are waiting on new game obstacles in the next update before their ability is added. Let's quickly break it down:

Tavern: - adds 20 to happiness.
Wood- 200
Stone- 250
Leather- 25
power- 10
water- 10

Spy Centre: - spies on custom areas of land. Can be changed every season.
Silver- 40
Diamonds- 40
Gold- 40
power- 25

Health Centre: - reduces plague elimination time by 20 seconds.
Stone- 200
Steel- 25
Herbs- 40
power- 10
water- 20

Smithy: - +10 healing to all damaged buildings- when building and destroying, adjust a smithy counter on the asettlement area, then set the healing amount accordingly.
Stone- 350
Steel- 20
Coal- 400

Watch Tower: - increases area defences by 50.
Wood- 300
Gold- 25
Horses- 12

Lighthouse: - Increases the chance fisheries find special items by 15 per lighthouse, also adds happiness 6- max 2
Stone- 400
Silver- 50
Wood- 50
power- 10

Find research points in ruins and enemy camps!

What else have I been up to?!

I have fixed a lot of bugs that I have come across in testing. Some of them include the town area becoming invisible on an invalid upgrade, and special items coming from all resources!!

There have been a lot of minor adjustments, but here are the bigger ones:
- Initial flags are randomised.
- You can disable edge scrolling.
- You can no longer click for resources but you can hold down left click for some.
- Added sound for water tower (and new buildings).
- The hide UI button now makes all tiles fully visible- great for those screenshots.
- Due to costing issues, tile textures now come from the capital in any settlement.
- All worker production INCREASED, especially coal.
- Homes use less coal.

There's not a lot to list as there's no reason to address any feedback as I don't have it. As ever, let me know what you think if you've played the game recently. Please make sure you've played the game recently though as many changed have been heavy on old gameplay. Thank you.

The next update includes more animations, cheaper building upgrades, fires, plague, market adjustment, and more! It won't be classed as a big one but as a patch in the hidden patch notes like the last one.


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