Dark and Light - Horsejoke
Greetings Adventurers!

Today's patch is mostly focused on improving server stability, as well as a few minor bug fixes and quality of life changes. Please restart your client to update to the latest version. For any players hosting dedicated private servers, please manually update your server client.

Server Stability and Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved an issue with casting certain spells, (Fire Wall, Ice Wall, Lightning Wall), causing extreme server lag across a wide area.
  • Resolved server crashes related to the erratic movement of Moths / Nightshades. These creatures, while still annoying, will no longer affect server health.
  • Resolved an issue where taking certain actions would cause your character to grow or shrink is size.

Quality of Life Changes:
  • By default, pressing "R" while targeting a tamed creature will open its inventory; you no longer need to select it from the radial by holding "E".
  • Rolling (crouch + movement or double-tapping a direction) off of an elevated platform will now reduce fall damage on landing. We still don't suggest rolling off of any cliffs, but at least it'll hurt slightly less now.

Regarding the "Earn 100 Gold" Quest Bug:
  • We're aware that players have been unable to complete the "Earn 100 Gold" quest by selling items to vendors due to the quest failing to track the amount of gold earned. We're addressing the issue and will be improving our overall quest system throughout the Early Access period.

Thanks again to all of our adventurers for your continued support and feedback; we're looking forward to seeing your adventures on Archos!

Next Day: Survival - SOFF Games
To get an update of the game — restart Steam.

1) Fixed a bug when the characters' data was loaded incorrectly. And in the characters menu the name «SazanOFF (DEV)» was displayed;
2) Fixed a bug when the master server didn't authorize users with a large number of requests;
3) Fixed a bug when there was a loss of communication with the game server during the transition between locations;
4) Fixed a bug when some items in the settings menu and characters settings were only in Russian;
5) Fixed a bug when the UI of the store / market didn't close after the death of the character;
6) Added the ""Active Quests"" tab in the inventory;
7) Fixed a bug when the player could vomit or he could cough in a state of swimming or climbing the stairs;
8) Added a suicide function to the character, to activate it - write the command in chat «/suicide» or «/death» without quotation marks;
9) Added a button «Cross» to exit the UI list of players and maps;
10) Now the alarm in NPC settlements is disconnected if no NPC has been injured or killed within a certain time;
11) Added an automatic change of the location of dynamic toxic zones. The change takes place once in 40 minutes.
Update to fix lots of bugs and game improvement.
Enjoy !

details :

- AI improvement
- bug coconut fix and coconut achievement.
- Better Performance with small Graphic Cards.

Lawnmower Game - Valkeala Software
Many has asked and given feedback that how to change gear in lawnmower. It has only 1 gear and top speed 9km/h.

Also if game won't work in high resolution restarting is one choice, bugfixes for that coming soon
Kingdom of Loot - EPICBEYOND Studios
Hello fellow Looters,

this is Presbyter letting you in on some "secrets" about KOL and its development and future. I will try my best to give you a short update on whats going on each or at least every other Sunday - hence the name.

Last week we released the latest Movement 3.0 update which fixed most of the reported issues like not being able to change direction while actively defending against enemy attacks (parry, block, dodge) or strafing with a ranged class. There is still an issue with diagonal movement where the keystrokes are sometimes recognized with delay or not being recognized at all. Wont be long until 4.0 will be released which hopefully fixes this I hope.

I also started to rework the inventory module to implement all the input given by players. Current inventory system is a pain to use and not intuitive at all. Worn gear will not occupy an item slot anymore for example next to other improvements like swap items slots on the fly without having to clear the slot first etc. The entire GUI will need a lot of work to get it to a reasonable state.

Work also started on better tools to replicate reported bugs by being able to clone a character into a developer account so we can see firsthand whats wrong. Implementing Inventory 2.0 will require this feature since its almost inevitable that it is 100% bulletproof right from the start.

Lastly I spend quite some time on reading and investigating all the feedback given by charge backs, forum, social media and emails.

It all comes down more or less to the point that the game needs improvement in almost all areas of development. I would divide the feedback into two directions ... more content regardless of the obvious flaws in the underlying game framework and do not add more content until you got the framework patched up since the players will be drawn out of the game right away before even reaching the content.

The feedback we already got will keep us busy for month. Not only in regards of whats already there but also where to go and what's to come. It takes time from actually coding and shifts to brainstorming problems and determining how to address and fix them before adding even more content to a flawed system. It all must be fit in the time frame of reaching beta Easter 2018 and Gold Easter 2019 as well as limited resources and man power. Will be quite an effort but necessary and worthwhile.

More on this once we got something solid to talk about.

Next content update will add the "Hornet's Nest" map:

That's all for this week and If it happens you have been - thank you for reading.

Development continues!
Presbyter and his team.

PS. If you like the game please consider leaving a review.
Riding Out - UnexEvo
Release notes:
  • New materials
  • New Building objects
  • Horse whisperer added.
    The horse whisperer can bring lost horses back. No matter where they are on the map.
    Look at the map. (Press M)
  • The "falling from the sky" bug is fixed.
  • Bug fixed with the compass.He wont open with space anymore.
  • Bug fixed with the leading. Sometimes it showed more leads.
Passpartout: The Starving Artist - Flamebait Games

Fellow artists! Today marks the beginning of our first weekly art contest! The rules are as simple as rules get. Create your masterpiece in Passpartout, follow the given theme, save it as a screenshot on Steam (or as a regular screenshot, if you're playing the Gamejolt version), and tweet it with something witty (witty part not required, but can award bonus points). The internet is huge, so for discoverability purposes, you must also include the hashtag #ArtofTheWeek and tag us in the tweet (@FlamebaitGames), otherwise it might get lost :(

The theme for this week is Game of Thrones!

The winner of this glorious competition will acquire two Steam codes for the game, and will be featured in our banner images on Facebook and Twitter! During the week, you’ll also have a chance to be featured on our Twitter through retweets. The deadline is next sunday (July 30th) at 09:00 AM PST, or 04:00 PM GMT. The winner will be announced three hours later! :D

Happy painting!
Templar Battleforce - Trese Brothers

Welcome new players! After the Steam Summer Sale, we've had a big influx of new Templar Captains on the ground and fighting for the cause. That always brings out some new and helpful balancing discussions and finds a few more bugs that had still been hiding in the shadows. This week's release is out to address those!

Turns out the amazing Strikepoint Kit Relic (which doubles Fire/Plasma Damage if your attack is Penetrating) was not working on Overwatch. Now fixed!

Another good discussion about Supply Boosters on the Steam boards has helped us tweak the RIO rate for these Tact Point upgrades. They now pay for themselves in 8 turns instead of 10, which is a small tweak, but also means that once they are paid off you are earning faster. They are still clearly intended for extended levels in which you're squad is planning to stick around for well more than 8 turns.

Another round of scrubbing on the combat log has fixed a few text generation issues there. As with the bugs before, these were simply misprints in the log, and not issues with the actual combat system.

Thanks to our players who reported some issues with the Power Relay Grid! We fixed a few node connections that were giving incorrect dialog or prompts about the direction of the flow of power.

And finally, we fixed the end turn confirmation prompt. It was popping up a lot more than it needed to, because it was counting Templars who were in Overwatch mode as 6 MP and 5 AP. That makes your team look like its standing around doing nothing! Not so, busy shooting xeno here!

Please leave a review to help us spread the word about Battleforce!

v2.6.33 - 7/22/2017
- Strikepoint Kit Relic deals double Fire/Plasma Damage in Overwatch
- Reduced RIO rate on Tact Point Supply Boosters to 8 turns
- Fixed issues with combat log - monster level and Templar defensive dice
- Fixed minor bugs with connections in Power Relay grid
- End Turn confirmation no longer miscounts Overwatched Templars
- Fixed bug with overflowing level squad cap in some circumstances
Metal as Phuk - Crankage

In both the Metal as P.H.U.K. discussions forum as well as the "Guides" section, you can now get tips and tricks, or even a complete walkthrough of the game!


- Crankage Games
Tessa's Ark - Neutron_Dust
I appears I fixed one thing and messed up another in a recent build. The error reguarding the Voltage readout on the second puzzle not showing up is corrected. Apologies to all effected.

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