Community Announcements - global
Hello Kalonline Players,
We appreciate your continued interest of Kalonline.
There will be a scheduled periodic server maintenance period
Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2017 from 9:40 AM to 11:40 AM (KST/GMT+9).
The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours.

* Details *

1) Black Cube sell Start

2) Hanbok costume Box sell Start

3) X-Trap version update.

4) Temporary Web CS maintenance
Maintenance period : Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (KST/GMT+9).
During the maintenance, web CS might not be able to write a CS.

Additional Notice : If a player trades an item and it is against to Kalonline operation policy, these players may be disadvantaged.

Thanks for playing Kalonline,
Community Announcements - termit
- Fixed performance issues on Windows 10 Aniversary
Community Announcements - DomantasOn5

Hey everyone!

We've just pushed a small update that should fix a couple of irritating issues.

They are:
- Fixed trains moving all over the place when another player is using mouse control mode.
- Quests have been reset. Previous system didn't allow adding/remove quests.

Well, one is irritating for you, and one for us.

All for a better tomorrow.

See you on the field!
Community Announcements - StormCube Games
We are currently working on these improvements:
  • upgrade option: auto repair vehicles near war factories and heal soldiers near barracks, one by one
  • player can team up with the AI in skirmish
  • replenishing gas option in skirmish
  • building hotkeys
  • building rotation
  • airstrike bombs won't fall in strict lines

We plan to release this update in the upcoming weeks.
Thanks a lot for the feedback!
Community Announcements - White Wolf

PANZAR suffered a recurrence of the gold rush! Discount on gold coins and Good Luck Horseshoe - 50% ! The best opportunity to equip and equip their characters to the maximum - to miss it is not necessary. Go for gold and luck, let Krom turn yellow with envy in their second-rate treasury!

See you on the fields of battle PANZAR. Refund your colleagues and new victories!
Community Announcements - XO_Team

In the latest Crossout update 0.3.14 we are adding a number of new decor elements. These are interactive parts — ‘Horns’, each has its own unique sound and will further help you stand out on the battlefield.

Each item not only has a unique sound, but also additional bonuses. Due to numerous player requests, all new decor items will be featured in news updates in the form of ‘coubs’, where you can hear how they sound.

See all the coubs here
Community Announcements - European Games Group
New Features
• The whole Hero Zero client has been reworked and is now larger in the browser and on Steam. In case you experience any problems in the browser version, please clear your browser cache. If this does not resolve the problems, please contact the support.

• The work feature has been removed from the game.
• Rewards for work-related heroic deeds which have been completed, but the rewards have not been claimed yet, can still be claimed.
• Work-related heroic deed which have not been completed yet cannot be completed after the update.
• With one of the next updates, the work-related heroic deeds will be taken out of the heroic deed overview.
• Hero Distress Calls, that require work, have been taken out of the game.

Hero Hideout
• All players who reached at least level 8 now have access to the hero hideout.
• You can find the hero hideout in the main menu, between the training and the special missions.
• 67 new heroic deeds have been added for the hero hideout.
• Expand your hero hideout throughout the currently 4 underground levels.
• As of now, 10 different rooms are available, each can be upgraded up to level 20.
• Produce Super Glue and Zeronite to further expand your hideout.
• Collect Coins and Experience Points in the respective rooms and make your hideout safer against unwanted guests with defense posts and defense robots.
• A new ranking list for hero hideouts has been added to the ranking lists.
• Send attack robots to other hideouts and try to snag some unsecured Zeronite and Super Glue stock, and to raise your Glory for the hero hideout ranking list.
• The work booster remains, but it now boosts the coin yield in the hero hideout.

• The smartphone and tablet version has been completely reworked.
• From now on, this version offers the same functionality and the same appearance like the browser version.
• The friend list can nor be hidden/shown by using the small button at the bottom left.
• Item actions like buying, selling, equipping, whip stitching etc. can now be executed in a new more comfortable menu. Drag & drop however, is still possible like in the browser version.

Your Hero Zero Team
Community Announcements - Spilt Milk Studios
We're very excited to announce not only the first Dev Livestream of Lazarus, but also a bit of a special event we're running to celebrate it!

We've named it "The First Stand", and we're hoping you'll help us make it an event worth remembering. Heck, we're so excited, we went and made a trailer specially for you:

The First Stand:

If you come and join us in-game this Saturday - or if you can't play, at least watch over on our [twitch channel]( - we'll give you an unlock code for an exclusive skin. The only way to ever get this skin will be to play with us.

Here's the Recycle in all its green glory:

But there's more! If we all manage to gather 50 pilots at the same time, then we're going to bring another exclusive skin to the game, only this one will be unlocked for everyone who ever gets the game - the commemorative Phoenix:

So it'll be a group effort, and we'll need as many pilots to sign up as possible, but I know we can do it!


28th Jan 10:00-12:00PST (18:00-20:00 GMT)

Ingame! [Sign up here]( if you haven't already!
But if you can't play with us, watch the madness over on our [Twitch channel](

If you join in, you get the exclusive Recycle skin.
If we manage to get 50 pilots playing at once, then we all unlock the other exclusive Phoenix skin for everyone, forever!

We've set up a Discord channel here so we can all chat away during the event:

We can't wait to see you in there, please do share this with your friends - after all it's free to sign up and join in the fun!
Community Announcements - GoldenMik
January 7 our game server has been hacked. At the moment, we have fixed the problem but part of the players progress was lost. If you are the victim of a hacker attack please write to our e-mail and will receive the keys to access the dlc to compensate the inconvenience. Thank you.
Community Announcements - WolfgangIs
Today's Deal: Save 35% on Grand Pigeon's Duty!

Offer ends Sunday 10AM Pacific Time

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