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Helloo all ,

Info/Changed -

- Now you have compass system and notice system for know where the player is located
- Now the quest symbol is disabled if the player takes the quest and if the npc has no more quest to give
- Changed dammage in creature ghoul 0.01 to 0.1
- Changed dammage in creature samapos 0.01 to 0.15
- Changed dammage in creature Mini samapos 0.05 to 0.2

New Content -

- Add 23 new name location in the map
- Add New system location in map for player
- Add New system compass
- Add Few new particule in the map
- Add Few new model in the map

Fixes/Improvements -

- Fixed bug Canvas Shelter dont show for remote players
- Fixed bug Stamina is not in the right place for players have 1920 x 1080 - 16/9
- Fixed bug Canvas weather dont show good for for players have 1920 x 1080 - 16/9

Thanks for your support

Forgotten Lore - Coty
Been hacking away at raw content for the game! Here's 6 more cards added to the Forgotten Lore card pool!!

New cards!
  • Comor, the Unique - Soul Charge, Grants the summoner 1 soul each turn this card is in their field.
  • Mort, the Cursed - Curse Mark, When the targeted card is destroyed, add 1 to every attack, defense, and health.
  • Grue, the Wise - Damage Recall, When damaged, add 1 attack and defense to this card.
  • Zengu, the Undying - Skeleton Resurrection, When an ally card falls, a skeleton minion will be summoned.
  • Bone - just a bone nothing to see here
  • Vamar, the Fragmented - Bone Slinger, When used, this card will leave behind a bone on the enemy field.
  • a few minor bugs have been fixed
  • there's now a system in place for RNG sync between clients. The game is completely deterministic, so the RNG uses the timestamp from the start of each match +1 for each request for RNG. There still aren't any RNG cards, but we finally needed it for the cards being generated mid-match to have unique IDs.
Project Zomboid - nasKo

Hello! Let’s get down to zombie business.


Quite an intriguing update to the Public Vehicles Tech Test build today – but first off a quick Public Awareness Notice that the ‘engine ignition’ key has been changed to ‘W’ as that should feel more natural for new players. We’ve also taken the password off the beta channel, as everyone knows it’s WIP content now.

So what’s in the new build? Previously all vehicles had their wheels in the same place so, following Animator/Modelling man Martin’s guidelines, Yuri has been making sure each car has its tyres spinning in the correct place.

This, temporarily, made the vehicles fly – which was not the desired effect. Yuri, then, has now gone back in to debug each vehicle individually and also used the opportunity to experiment and improve handling/feel on each of them. They should feel a lot more distinct now, but we’re still at an experimental stage so you may well like some changes more than others. Early feedback is really good, but sounds like we need to finetune sports cars and vans a little more in terms of turning circles and spin-outs.

In terms of performance, things are a lot more stable now but there’s certainly still room for improvement in terms of FPS. As such with this build we’ve also introduced some new caching to the LightingJNI interface which should make things smoother game-wide.

To make life easier for our amazing testers (who are providing so much good feedback) we’re also now addressing various ‘irritation issues’ that have crept into the Tech Test that prevent ‘proper’ PZ playthroughs – stuff like the loot table being messed up on reloads, rain somehow breaching ceilings on anything above the ground floor etc. These will be added to build during the week.

The most pressing however, the ‘survivor is stuck on top of a flipped car until they starve’ bug, should be fixed in this new release.


Those who were struggling to send/receive Steam invites to private servers should now find the issue fixed via a recent Steam update. If you’re still having issues then please try restarting Steam to make sure you’ve caught the latest version.

Our thanks to Sergei from General Arcade for all his investigation work into the issue, and to Valve for being on the ball in terms of the fix that remedied the situation both for us and a variety of other games.


RJ’s work on Build 38 continues – as mentioned last week at first it’ll introduce a bunch of new sandbox options, experimentation with darker nights, negative consequences for survivors who let fetid corpses stack up outside their safehouse and new ways to bury/burn/dispose of corpses.

Mash is currently creating new sprites for graves, pyres and RP-enhancing memorials and crosses. We should have news on when the IWBUMS public beta will be ready in the week ahead. It’s also a fair bet that Mash’s next map update, including the Knox Heights Country Club, will be a part of Build 38 – although it’s unlikely to be a part of the initial testing.

Elsewhere our new workers are getting used to the new codebase. GA’s Stas is ready for his deep-dive into the MP code and his warm-up ‘introduction task’ is to look into some of the crashes our server hosts face. NewChris, meanwhile, has begun investigations into improving the single building cutaway system and making interior cutaways while inside buildings to be more Sims-esque. This, in turn, should lead into his wider mission that we’ll discuss a little later down the line.

Mark’s work on streamlining the foundations of the animation system, meanwhile, has brought him up to speed with the ins and outs of the code – and with his expertise on board we feel we’ll finally be able to bring you good news while vehicles are finished off elsewhere. In the background Animator and Model Man Martin hasn’t been resting easy, and recently has been polishing weapon and weapon upgrade visuals according to community feedback and getting ready for the time at which Mark requires everything re-exported under the improved export/format system. [Away from this Martin has also been creating some awesome-looking military vehicles for implementation further down the line.]

At this point we’ve got double the bodies working on PZ that we did at this point last year (it really has been like ‘London buses all turning up at once’ in terms of the talent that has become available) and, much as we know that PZ development has been slow, we hope that the introduction of The New Batch will bear more and more fruit as the year goes on.

In final news, if PZ Modding Hero Nolan ever wants to create a Back to the Future Part II flying car mod then the opportunity is now here! Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

This week’s car lot tragedy from Ellihow. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
Robot Incursion - MobileFusion VR
New 'Train' level added.
ARK: Survival Evolved - Jatheish

Patch v258 finds its way harpooning onto the ARK with an entire boatload worth of content! It'll introduce five new creatures to the game, a new way of travel in the form of a gas-powered motorboat, an interactive toilet for when you just can't hold it in anymore, a harpoon gun for all your under the sea adventures, and not to forget; two new hairstyles, optimisations, and a greater Achievement set!

With this update, ARK: Survival Evolved has officially released 100 creatures to the base game, not including bosses, events, or specialised variants! Now let's say hello to our new friends!


Hyaenodon dirus, a carnivore most often found across the mountains and tundras in packs of 3 to 6. The Hyaenodon is a very intelligent predator. Before engaging, it determines if the payoff for a fight is worth the risk of injury. Hyaenodon often prefers not to fight unless there is already weakened prey or a fresh carcass nearby.

Despite being too small to ride, Hyaenodon are still popular pets. Their intelligence means they train well, and their natural pack mentality makes them excellent hunting dogs. Their ability to quickly recover health by consuming raw flesh off the bone ensures they can take punishment yet continue to fight, and they can efficiently preserve meat in specially-crafted saddle-bags.


Megatherium formipavor is one of the larger mammals on the Island. Despite primarily being a herbivore, a typical Megatherium is very intent on consuming the Island’s many insects. It is particularly adept at removing their insides without damaging much of the shell, maximizing extraction of chitin. The otherwise slow and peaceful Megatherium becomes faster and aggressive in the presence of these creatures.


Megalania muruspede is found throughout the Island’s complicated cave networks. Reaching up to three meters long, it can traverse vertically up cave walls with little difficulty thanks to its powerful claws. Like other Varanidae, Megalania is a venomous creature. Its poison is slow-acting but will drain the victim’s effective strength and health until death unless cured by a rare antidote.

The rare ability of Megalania to effortlessly climb sheer environmental walls makes it a highly sought-after mount. While it is by no means the fastest, strongest, or toughest mount, the manner in which it can effortlessly scale mountains, clamber up barricades, hide in trees or upside-down, ensures it will always have a place in any tribe’s stables!


Hesperornis avenatantes is a medium-sized, fish-eating bird, common in the rivers and lakes of the island. It would be about two-thirds the height of a human if it stood tall, but it rarely does. Hesperornis spends most of its time gliding along the surface of the water, where it is much more maneuverable. It can easily hunt down fish and other small water-dwelling creatures. Hesperornis is primarily kept for the eggs it produces after consuming much fish. Every so often it will lay a golden egg which tribes often desire for the dietary needs of their tames, as it has proven to greatly assist in the training of all creatures, especially those which are too small to be ridden.


Yutyrannus saevus is believed to be related to the Tyrannosaurus rex, but it is noticeably different upon first glance. Feathered creatures are not necessarily viewed as dangerous predators in the same light as other theropods. It is also the only creature I’ve seen to consistently induce a state of panic in opponents with its roar. Upon hearing it, most creatures in the area will flee for safety.

A domesticated Yutyrannus can be a powerful offensive or defensive addition to war parties.Yutyrannus can be trained to develop a confidence-boosting Battle-Cry which counteracts enemy attempts to induce fear, while also bolstering the resolve of allies, and may even draw wild Carnotaurus to its aid.

There's still more to come! In ARK update v258, Survivors have become more civilized and have managed to invent their own version of indoor plumbing. Survivors can now go to the toilet when their characters are ready to defecate, and by doing so they'll get a special 'refreshing' buff which will grant them an experience boost!

Plus, with all the dangers and terrors that have recently become apparent in our seas, Survivors can now craft a Harpoon gun which can be used for all your under the sea adventures!

As well as a new speedy gas-powered Motorboat!

...there's so much in this patch that we haven't gone through yet! In addition to everything above, here are the rest of the notes:

- Brand new Achievements with cosmetic, emotes, and hairstyle rewards for obtaining them!
- More UI overhauls!
- New Hairstyle and Facial Hair!
- New Explorer Notes!
- A major Primitive+ update:
Patch Notes!

You can check out the full patch notes here:

and for those who want to know all the juicy details about the latest ARK Patch, you can check out Jen's Everything You Want To Know thread!

Steam Sale

From now until June the 5th at 1PM EST, Survivors can purchase both ARK: Survival Evolved and Scorched Earth at their largest discounted price ever, for 68% off! Hurry and grab it whilst you can!

The patch will be releasing later today, it's a few hours out still. Be sure to follow us on @survivetheark for all the latest information!

Thank you Survivors! We hope you enjoy the update!
The Crow's Eye - Amezqueta
We want to let you know that we'll be adding free extra content to The Crow's Eye soon!
Aside from the main story, Many secrets lie hidden behind Crowswood University.

Stay tuned to know what's going to happen in The Crow's Eye!!
Crimson Nights - Spiky Fish Games
On Friday we will be releasing 1.2!
This will include the magic species' weapons as well as completing the magic species' load out with a new Large mob, Mini Boss, and Main Boss. As Well as a new armor set.

We will also be addressing some bugs and balancing that players have been experiencing.

Thank you for your patience everyone!
Soulblight - abraksil

We've recently started designing NPCs you will be able to meet in Soulblight. Here are some early drafts :)
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder ™ - [ACE] abordeu
Hi guys,

We're running a new Rock of Ages themed giveaway. This time we'll draw a cool 3D print of the game's lovely boulder lead! Ideal for your videogame collection.

To participate all you have to do is be a member of the Rock of Ages 2 hub. In addition, if you wishlist the game on Steam your chances of winning are twice as good!!

To join the hub press "Follow" on the Rock of Ages 2 Steam store page:

We're also running this contest on some of our other social media sites. Join our Facebook and Twitter pages and share our posts about this giveaway if you want to increase your odds:



We'll be drawing 3 figurines in the RoA2 hub. Winners will be announced on Friday June the 9th. Good luck to everyone! Don't forget to tell your friends!
The Ember Saga: A New Fire - Forthright Entertainment
Hello, Ember fans!

Well, there are a few obvious changes that have happened, but we are pleased to announce that the entire system has been completely redone and works so well. We are excited to get your feedback on the new gameplay and direction!

Our change log only covers some of the changes, but there is one MAJOR thing to note. This completely resets the game. You will have to start over from the beginning, but don't worry. There is a lot of new content even at the start. Our team has been working really hard to make sure this game is not an amazing story with amazing characters, but we have taken to heart all the positive and negative feedback from our players. If you run into any bugs now, at the main menu you will find which beta build you are currently playing, enabling us to eliminate these bugs even quicker!

We are excited to get your feedback on the title and look forward to delivering, even more, content in the days to come.


The Ember Saga Team.


New Intro
New Title
New Icons
New Fonts
Maps Redone
New Quests Added
Enemies Added
Enemy Skills added
Gameplay Changes
All new skill system
All new stat system
States added

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