Community Announcements - KrazTheCorvi
On Monday, our weekly maintenance is postponed until Tuesday at 11:00 AM EDT due to it being a holiday for the GM Team.
Community Announcements - Eat Create Sleep

The new AI has been added at last, though we will keep it in our experimental debug branch until next week. But you can try it out already! Read the update here.

Have a nice weekend!
Community Announcements - dwCrew
This week, we added additional special zombies and we fixed the bugs that you reported.

New Features

Special Zombies
  • Bomber - He loves hugs but gets too excited about them!
  • Vomiter - This zombie ate something bad and it's eager to tell you all about it.
  • Brute - You see it coming, you better start running.
  • Mini-Vomiter and Mini-Brute - Like their bigger brothers, but only smaller and cuddlier.

Fine tuning / Bug fixes
  • The main menu music volume is set to the selected value when opening up the game.
  • Fine tuned the AI directors to spawn more zombies in multiplayer games depending on the number of users.

As always, let us know if you find any bugs and if you like/dislike the new changes.
Community Announcements - Mercury1337

Elves and humans from every place, wouldn’t you like to play something strange?

Lost souls of heroes past are returning to the towns and dancing around gruesome trees risen from the ground to celebrate the days of the dead. Halloween is coming to Althea! To avoid drawing unwanted attention, it is time to don your deadliest outfit and scare your fellow adventurers on dimly lit streets.

Of course there is also time for enjoying pumpkin drinks and eyeball candy while the wind howls forlorn stories into your ears.

Halloween Login Events

Log in every day to collect Little Ghost Coins that a certain Pumpkin Count is more than willing to collect in exchange for ghastly Halloween goodies.

Daily Attendance Rewards

* you will receive all items above.

Halloween Coin Shop Offers

So what does that undead Pumpkin Count have in store for you? See for yourself!

* all items can be purchased with Little Ghost Coins in Count Suckurblud's Halloween store

There is a special Halloween Lucky Box? What might be in there? Let’s see what the whispering willow has told us about these Lucky Boxes. 

* you will receive one of the items above.

Halloween Pumpkin Fireworks
Movement Speed +50% (15 sec); can be used in world zone/dungeons.

Bat Tophat
All stats +50, Max HP/MP +2000
* The Bat Tophat has two types, set up for specific jobs.
* No set effect for the Bat Tophat.

Magical Candle Hair Accessory
All stats +80, Max HP/MP +3000
* No set effect for the Magical Candle Hair Accessory

Halloween Will-o'-the-wisp Spirit
Elemental Defence +1%, Immobilise/Stun/Critical +200

Shy Pumpkin Spirit
Elemental Defence +1%, Immobilise/Stun/Critical +200

Hungry Hollow Pet (7 days duration)
Max Level: Lv.20, Max Level Stats:
All Stats +45, Max HP/MP +1200, Physical/Magic Attack +45
* Horn of Life can be used to extend the duration

Friendly One-eyed Betty (7 days duration)
Max Level: Lv.20, Max Level Stats:
All Stats +45, Max HP/MP +1200, Physical/Magic Attack +45, Critical +100
* Horn of Life can be used to extend the duration

Jack o' Lantern of Dream and Hope Mount
Movement Speed: + 70%

Halloween Chat Mission

A certain court sorceress sensitive to the spiritual realm has received messages from the lost souls during the past days. It appears that the deceased want to say something to us, but their voices are long gone and the messages that came through are broken.

Free the souls bound to Althea's physical realm by first decoding and then saying out loud what the wandering souls cannot say anymore.

Here is what they have to say:
  • *ri*k *r *re*t!
  • *m*ll *y *ee*!
  • Give *e some***** *oo* *o **t!

Figure out the messages and give them a voice by saying them out loud in the general (/s) chat.

You might even get a Spooky Halloween Box per correctly decoded and said message!

New PvP Mode : Game of Ghoul Thrones

Play every day the Game of Ghoul Thrones once to get additional Little Ghost Coins during the Halloween period.

Set out for ghoulish glory in the all new Ghoul Mode coming in October! Take away the Ghoul King's crown and make it your own to become King of the Ghouls yourself! Take to your heels once you have it or otherwise you will be the next to lose your crown to an angry mob - it's all fun and games, until you get the crown yourself.

Entrance: Colosseum
Level: No restriction
Players: 8 -16
Respawn: Yes
Late Join: Not Allowed
Show HP: Selectable
Item: No Drops
Rewards: Medals, Tokens of Cooperation, Surprise Gift Pouch

Community Announcements - Stolen Couch Games
We've added something completely new to Castaway Paradise: Dailies!

These Daily Challenges require some hard work, but the rewards are worth it!
Can you beat all the challenges and become the number one Castaway Paradise player?

What do you think of this new update? Let us know in a comment below. Like, Subscribe, Pin, +1, Snap, Tweet, Twitch, Stream, Meerkat, Vlog, Grind, Skype, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Line, Vine, Flickr and Steam about Castaway Paradise!
Community Announcements - Disparity Games
XBox One Controllers and Windows 10
After much installing, testing and very mild profanity ("Flip it!") we have a solution for users running the game on Windows 10 using XBox One controllers.

If you navigate to Options -> Controls (using the keyboard or mouse as your controller doesn't work) there's now a handy toggle that fixes the issue. We were going to have Ninja Pizza Girl try to auto-detect and auto-fix the issue but realised that this might interfere with the more creative solutions that some of our players have already implemented.

If you're Japanese and like to read patch notes in English - this announcement is for you! We have implemented Japanese builds for Ninja Pizza Girl. Just right click on Ninja Pizza Girl in your library, go to properties, languages and select either Japanese or English.

If while playing the game in Japanese you find any scenes offensive or jokes not funny, that's probably a translation error... probably.
Community Announcements - Frozen Dev

Walking Dead
It's finally Friday and to celebrate that a new mini game has been added. So grab some beers and invite some friends and start the fiesta! :D Restart steam client to get the update.

If you have any feedback or ideas then post it in the discussions :)
Community Announcements - Reel Big Kris
Hi everyone,

A new update has just gone live which includes a major addition. Players will be able to construct their own buildings by crafting a selection of items. We have decided to share the crafting recipes with you, but first we have a brand new video which will share some of the constructs you can make in the system

Crafting recipes
Wooden Plank = Wood Stick + Wood Stick + String + Tie
Wooden Post = Wood Stick + String + Wood Stick + Tie
Wall = Post + Post + Post + Tie
Slope = Plank + Post + Wood Stick + Tie
Window = Plank + Plank + Cut + Tie
Door = Post + Post + Plank + Tie
Floor = Plank + Plank + Plank + Tie
Pillar = Post + Post + Tie
Fence = Wood Stick + Post + Tie

To help with the large amount of wood that players will need to find to construct these buildings, we have added a new item, an axe! The axe will be found on the island and can be used to chop down a new type of tree which will have significant amount of wood sticks. You can still gather wood sticks from shaking trees but chopping down these dead trees will give you a greater amount of wood.

Additionally, players will begin each game wearing a random clothing item. Sometimes they may be wearing jeans, other times they may be shirtless.
We hope you enjoy building and please share your construction in the steam forums!
Community Announcements - Helmut

Alpha access:

  • Reactors now have a “destroy” label above them
  • Added an option to disable text animations

  • Changed the design of holes (should be more distinct from walls)
  • The pause menu is now real pause
  • Made the controls permanently visible while the game is paused

  • Fixed item name generation not being enough random
  • Fixed flame thrower flames not being displayed properly on the ground
  • Fixed fragmentation weapons being too powerful
Community Announcements - cavit.ozturk
This is a small update.
- We fixed in issue in with the Settings. In some cases they weren't always saved.
- Fixed an issue with the completion difficulty level. Brutal and Legendary achievements weren't given when it should.
In order to get these trophies just load your save and make your choice again at the portal.

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