Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Last Updated April 4, 2018 with additional fixes.

  • Reduced CPU usage of Steam when redrawing the UI, such as when the mouse is moved back and forth over part of the Library view
  • Improved behavior when re-installing from retail discs or backup files, preferring to avoid downloads whenever possible
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt workshop items could be re-downloaded endlessly
  • Fix for new Steam Workshop item requests not being downloaded due to the “Only Allow Auto-Updates During Specific Hours” feature being enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game overlay could crash or become unresponsive in some Vulkan-based games
  • Improved some cases where chat text was incorrectly treated as a clickable URL when it should not have been
  • Fixed an issue where games could no longer be launched in offline mode if Steam had previously started or scheduled an update
  • Fixed a crash when packets in a UDP connection were malformed in a particular way. Thanks to Tom Court from Context Information Security for reporting this issue.
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed bugs preventing workshop items or newly installed DLC from showing up on the downloads page
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed some rare crash-on-start bugs reported via support tickets

  • Added high-DPI monitor support when running under Windows 10 with the 2017 Creators Update
  • Added a checkbox under Settings - Interface to disable high-DPI scaling (applies to Win10 only)
  • Added window transition animations when opening, closing, or minimizing Steam windows
  • Improved taskbar handling of Steam windows on multi-monitor systems
  • Added detection and support for exFAT-formatted drives
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed low-quality library grid images under Windows 8.1 and previous operating systems
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed incorrect mouse cursors when resizing windows in the overlay

  • Added support for turning off or restarting the system from Big Picture mode
  • Improved native OS integration of Steam client windows. For example, Steam windows can now be dragged up past the menu bar to trigger the Spaces UI.
  • Improved reliability of the Steam Input and Streaming Audio drivers for macOS
  • Added a custom kernel driver for Sony DS4 controllers which allows use with Steam Input when connected over Bluetooth
  • Improved checks for case-sensitive APFS file systems. The Steam client only supports case-insensitive file systems on macOS, and will continue to warn users when running with an incompatible file system
  • 4-4-2018: Added support for restoring Steam Controller firmware when the controller has gone into recovery mode

  • Added a 2X-scaling mode with high-res text and graphics when running the Steam client in desktop mode on 4k-resolution monitors. You can also force 2X scaling with the "GDK_SCALE=2" environment variable, or disable it with "GDK_SCALE=1".
  • Added a checkbox under Settings - Interface to disable 2X scaling regardless of environment variables.
  • Improved window-resizing interactions with the window manager
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam client could prevent some desktop sessions from shutting down

Big Picture
  • Fixed a browser hang when a web page transitions to or from full-screen mode

Steam Input
  • Added "Exit Application" controller action. When this action is used within a game, it will prompt the user if they actually want to quit and if confirmed will immediately close the application.
  • Added Chorded Press Activator. The Chorded Press Activator requires another input to be active for it to fire. This can be combined with other activators and either interrupt them or not based on those activators settings. So a regular press can optionally fire or not based on the chorded state, while a long press can optionally interrupt both for example. Chords require the chord button to be pressed first to activate (like shift or control would on a keyboard).
  • Added the ability to unique-ify configurations across Xbox and generic controllers. While the actual hardware cannot be differentiated, we treat them as unique controllers based on connection order. So if they elect to use unique configurations, configurations will be applied based on first, second, third, etc. identical controller.
  • Added hardware Joystick Calibration section in Controller Settings. This allows customizing the controller joystick deadzone on a per-controller, per joystick basis. There is an auto-calibration system that attempts to determine the ideal deadzone, as well as manual sliders for overriding those values. As Xbox controllers can’t be differentiated beyond type, they will only rely on controller order. Different device types, such as an Xbox One vs and Xbox One S controller, will be differentiated.
  • Made previewing state much more obvious when previewing a configuration.
  • Opted-In 3rd party controllers will now detect launchers and use a launcher specific configuration that is the same as opted-out controllers.
  • Improved compatibility with PS4 controller remapping programs – controllers no longer need to be reconnected when starting/exiting those programs. Also users will get a warning dialog if they are launching a game which is using the Steam Input API to support PS4 controllers while a remapper is running.
  • Fixed a bug where non-Steam games would use a desktop configuration when streaming if the controller wasn’t opted into Steam Input support.
  • Fixed using non-tracked gamepads in SteamVR’s Big Picture Mode overlay
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode’s Disk Management screen to accept gamepad/keyboard input on the disk selection dropdown
  • Fixed stuttering in some games due to excessive rumble updates
  • Fixed non-Steam games not being able to take screenshots from the controller
  • Fixed several layer bugs related to change layer bindings
  • Added a mouse movement threshold when determining if the Guide button is being used for a chord or to hold down the button to bring up the Big Picture menu
  • Fixed various On-Screen Keyboard issues including Non-Steam Controller dual cursor mode, improved language accent and modifier key support, and input immediately upon invocation
  • Made Controller Options always visible in the Big Picture Mode library page, even when no controller is currently active; users will be prompted to connect a controller if none can be found.
  • Fixed navigating multiple action sets via the bumper buttons when previewing a controller configuration
  • Fixed a case where the Big Picture Mode overlay could receive input when not active
  • 4-4-2018: Allowed the use of touch/radial menus in native-controller-support games without going into Advanced settings
  • 4-4-2018: Added support for displaying Mouse Regions in the Big Picture Mode Controller HUD for all input sources. The regions are either circular or rectangular matching the input source.
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed issues where layers would have incorrect settings or UI in native-controller-support games
  • 4-4-2018: Fixed an issue where an erroneous dialog would prompt the user to migrate configurations

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed AMD hardware capture support on R9 200/300 cards
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: this client was released again on Dec 15 with additional fixes for newly reported issues.

  • New feature: Shader Pre-Caching. Whenever possible, depending on hardware and driver support, Steam can download pre-compiled shaders for your specific video card. This reduces load times and in-game stuttering during the first few launches of OpenGL- and Vulkan-based games on supported hardware. This feature may use a small amount of additional bandwidth as Steam uploads and analyzes a shader usage report after each run of the game. The feature can be disabled via a new entry in the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed issues with full-screen mode not scaling video content correctly in the Steam Client
  • Fixed a UI issue that made it difficult to install new games if a previous installation dialog box was still active
  • Fixed several rare crashes and hangs reported by customers
  • Updated web views to Chromium v62.0.3202.62

  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR drivers would sometimes not install correctly
  • Fixed a bug where launching a game could cause the primary monitor to switch as if Big Picture mode were active, even though it is not

  • Fixed a crash on startup that could occur if a different application was previously set to autostart, and then did not clean up its autostart entry correctly

  • Fixed creating desktop and application menu shortcuts
  • Added detection and a workaround for certain titles that shipped with broken Steamworks SDK libraries

  • Fixed the occasional brief appearance of a blank console window when starting Steam or launching a VR game.

Steam Input
  • Changed Per-Game Steam Input opt-out setting to allow Force On or Force Off per game in addition to the global controller type based settings. This means you can turn on configuration for a single game while globally leaving configuration settings off.
  • Added “Launcher Mode” for controllers which are not opted in to Steam Input Configuration. If we detect that the game is in a launcher, the right stick and right trigger will act as a mouse/trigger respectively, allowing the user to navigate the launch with a controller until they get into the game proper. This feature can be disabled by selecting the “Force Off” option in controller settings for the game in the Big Picture controls.
  • Added "Always On" binding for setting bindings to take effect when an action set or layer is enabled. This can be used to set up modifier keys that are always active in a layer, changing LED brightness or color based on a set or layer, etc. and can also interact with activators to do start press behavior or turbo, for example.
  • Added new tab in Configuration Browser for configs exported by your Steam Friends. These configs will now also show up in the community tab even if they would otherwise not qualify to be shown when ranked by votes or playtime. Note that only exported configs will show up, not personal configs.
  • Added an "Empty Binding" binding action intended for use in layers. Essentially this is a special binding that does absolutely nothing, so bindings can be removed from a layer, as the default state of layering "nothing" means use whatever is below that layer. This special binding can also be detected by radial menus and will eliminate that item from being available in the menu.
  • Added a “Remove Icon” option to the radial/touch menu icon selection screen.
  • Added a binding to set LED color according to Xinput slot
  • Reworked detection of windows requiring Lizard Mode for the Steam Controller. Also added a bindable Lizard Mode toggle action.
  • Added support for several dozen Xbox-compatible controllers via data collected from users. These controllers are now treated as Xbox controllers instead of generic gamepads.
  • Added support for several PS4 controllers: HORI TAC4, HORI TAC PRO, Hitbox PS4 Arcade Stick, and Venom PS4 Arcade Stick
  • Fixed a configuration UI error where native actions could be selected in non-native games
  • Fixed a bug where source-specific default changes weren't propagated correctly through layers
  • Fixed game actions buttons being able to navigate off of their own list of actions
  • Fixed some issues with typing accented and other non-english characters via the On-Screen Keyboard
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard becoming stuck on-screen when controller is disconnected
  • Fixed many UI focus and flow issues when configuring or personalizing a controller
  • Fixed a bug with the dialog for first time config selection when a game doesn’t have a recommended config.
  • Fixed several save bugs involving configurations with deleted action sets
  • Fixed a bug where new developer configurations would show no buttons available to be bound.
  • Fixed a bug where layers of native mode types could stack incorrectly with other layers
  • Fixed Big Picture configurations not accepting changes to the Face Button assignments
  • Fixed Big Picture Parental PIN Pad not responding properly to controller input.
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: The client was re-released on October 31 with additional fixes for reported crashes and other minor issues.

  • Improved stability based on top crash reports and support tickets
  • Reduced CPU usage and battery impact when Steam is running in the background
  • Removed notification popups when friends are using software from the "Tools" category

  • Removed the need to enable special accessibility permissions for Steam
  • Added full support for game engines using the Metal rendering API
  • Fixed compatibility issues with some older games that crashed on startup
  • Improved overlay support for games running at high resolution on Retina displays

  • Fixed excessive blurriness in Big Picture mode on high-DPI monitors under Windows 10
  • Improved in-game overlay compatibility with the latest Insider builds of Windows 10
  • Added DPI-based scaling for text and basic UI elements in the in-game overlay

Steam Input
  • Added Action Set Layers feature
    • Action Sets can now have layers nested within them. These act like Photoshop Layers on an image. Layers allow for quick modifications both big and small of an existing action set.
    • Each layer can draw from the actions that are defined by that action set.
    • Layers can be stacked arbitrarily deep.
    • Each layer can modify settings or replace modes/bindings of the action set or layers below it in the stack.
    • Changes made to the base Action Set are treated as the "default" for a layer, so modifications to a setting of the Action Set will be reflected in the layer unless it specifically modifies that setting itself. Settings within the layer that are "reset to default" will use the setting of the base action set.
    • Action Set Layers will be available as an option to developers creating Native Steam Input API games in a future SDK.

  • Transitions across action sets, layers, and mode shifts will now maintain state if applicable. As an example, if the same action/output is bound across the boundaries of these sets, rather than being un-pressed and immediately pressed on this transition, it will continue to be held if bound to a pressed button in both sets.
  • Activators which have matching Activators across action set/layer/mode shift boundaries will also carry over state, so if the same activator exists across these boundaries, a "long press" which has been pressed but not yet activated will maintain timing information. Likewise, if an output is already active coming from a previous set, a long press/double press/start press etc. which would fire the same output won't be restarted across those boundaries.

  • Action set/layer activation binding now fires on the activation, rather than deactivation of the input it's attached to. The old behavior helped to prevent feedback loops of action set/layer changes, but was not in line with other input. This may be a breaking change for certain configurations, as activators like long presses will engage the action set change when the activator activates instead of when the button is released after activating, but it also matches behavior of all other bindings and fixes a number of issues with regards to various activation types. Prevention of feedback loops is now handled automatically, buttons which share action set changes on the same input will not fire when entering the new set/layer.

  • Fixed unexpected D-pad right button events when other directions are rapidly tapped
  • Fixed using On-Screen Keyboard on desktop Steam Login Screen.
  • Fixed DS4 Gyro when streaming over a Steam Link
  • Fixed modeshifts not properly reconciling held bindings
  • Fixed incorrect battery readings from third-party controllers
  • Fixed activators from different inputs being able to interrupt each other
  • Fixed missing Calibrate button under Steam controller settings when multiple controllers are plugged in
  • Fixed a few cases where Xbox 360 origins would not show for games using the Native API to get glyphs and text descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue when combining gyro input with trackpad or joystick input on Linux
  • Added A/B/X/Y buttons as options for enabling gyro input
  • Fixed an issue where disconnected Steam Controllers that had been connected via the wireless receiver could continue to show up as connected

  • On Windows, Xbox controllers not present in our current USB VID/PID Whitelist will now be detected as Xbox controllers and will fall back to using the “Xbox Configuration Support” checkbox instead of “Generic Gamepad Support”. The list of officially support Xbox and PS4 controllers can be found here on our support website. If you have a controller that is missing from this list please report it in the Steam Controller bug reports forum.

Client Update - Valve
Update: Re-released with additional software compatibility fixes on October 4

A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed a crash on startup due to interference from certain antivirus or "system protection" tools
  • Skip showing additional command line parameters if game is launched via local 3rd party tool
  • Fixed forwarding command line options to running game (eg to connect to lobbies or show items)

Broadcast and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed color distortion issue when recording from an ultra-wide monitor

Steam Video
  • Fix download of additional components required to playback encrypted content
Client Update - Valve
A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

  • Updated Web views to using CEF/Chrome version 60.0.3112.40
  • Fixed an unintentional issue where Steam clients could experience sluggish frame rate if the Steam Web Helper process could not connect to our error- and crash-reporting servers
  • Optimized logic for selecting the best local server to connect to on initial Steam connection or reconnect after a disconnect
  • Steam will now use library folders on other drives to download game updates if the primary drive doesn ™t have enough space left
  • Fixed some cases where the Steam UI would not notify users about the availability of a new Steam client update as promptly as it should
  • Fixed web views that pop out in new windows sometimes failing to render
  • Improved startup behavior of web views on slower machines
  • Fixed a crash when launching games via steam:// links
  • Fixed allowing non-Steam games to be added to Family Games if they were selected as part of a multi-selection

Big Picture
  • Fixed a bug where if you had set Big Picture to use a monitor that is no longer connected to your computer it may fail to start

In-Home Streaming
  • Added streaming audio drivers for microphone support and seamless 5.1 surround sound on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (a reboot after update may be required to activate driver installation feature)
  • Added command line option -skipstreamingdrivers to skip audio driver checks if needed
  • Fixed black screen or client crash when streaming from PC with NVIDIA hardware encoding to a Mac

Steam Input
  • Added Mode level Haptic Override setting to ABXY and DPad modes which can either defer haptic settings to the activators or override the setting for all activators in that mode
  • Fixed a bug when adding an action set when working from a community workshop file not showing up until the configurator had be exited and re-entered
  • Fixed controller detection in Final Fantasy XIII and other games
  • Fixed a bug where PS4 controllers connected via streaming would be ignored due to a local instance of DS4Windows or Inputmapper
  • Fixed Edit Controller Configuration option appearing for controllers which weren't opted into configuration support in desktop Steam
  • Fixed a bug where natively supported games could appear to have an x-input controller connected if unused x-input bindings were in their configuration
  • Fixed a bug where rumble in native SCAPI games did not respect the per game rumble settings
  • Fixed a bug where some Direct Input controllers would disappear after defining their layout for the first time
  • Fixed bug where controller templates for non-Steam Controllers would be duplicated in the template list
  • Fixed some cases where a "Configuration disabled for unknown controller" message would be shown when trying to edit a controller configuration
  • Fixed Launchers in Steam games not using the Desktop Configuration
  • Fixed a bug with controller configuration conversion from one controller type to another where some modes such as DPad wouldn ™t be active after conversion
  • Added support for the Desktop Configurator for when a game asks for the Configurator but the user has disabled the overlay or Big Picture overlay
  • Fixed bug with On-screen Keyboard in Big Picture Mode ™s web browser losing input
  • Fixed stability issue with multiple Steam Controllers being connected concurrently
  • Fixed Steam Controllers staying in Lizard mode after exiting Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed Lizard mode not working with Steam Controllers after pairing to a Wireless Receiver
  • Fixed issue w/ Steam Controllers staying in lizard mode when reconnecting wirelessly
  • Fixed some cases where Steam Controllers would not turn off due to inactivity
  • Fixed bug where PS4 controllers using Bluetooth would not apply personalization or rumble
  • Fixed Joystick Move mode for the PS4 gyro

  • Added basic Steam Overlay support to games using the Metal graphics API (macOS 10.11 and above). Screenshots and Streaming support for Metal games not yet supported.
  • Fixed a bug where non-existent GamePad-1 could appear in subsequent launches of Steam after using a Steam Controller

  • Updated STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES logic to still prefer Steam Runtime libraries if they are more recent than the host system
  • Updated Vulkan loader in Steam Runtime to version 1.0.54, which provides all the extensions currently needed for SteamVR
  • Added support for shader cache management on supported drivers (Mesa 17.1 and NVIDIA 381.26.08 or 384.59). Shader caches for games launched by Steam are placed in separate folders next to their Steam Library folder and are deleted when each game is uninstalled, or when switching drivers or graphics cards. Individual shaders are tracked and catalogued by the Steam servers in preparation for distributing pre-compiled shaders. This tracking can incur slight additional bandwidth use. The system can be disabled by setting the environment variable STEAM_ENABLE_SHADER_CACHE_MANAGEMENT=0
  • Fix handling of XDG_DATA_DIRS and .desktop files with command-line arguments when adding non-steam games to your library
  • Fixed adding arbitrary binaries as non-Steam shortcuts
  • Fixed game support for DualShock 4 controllers when using recent kernels
  • Fixed games using the ISteamHTMLSurface interface failing to display content on Linux if they created their browser object too quickly
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATE: This client version was re-released on July 17 with some additional fixes, listed below.

  • Updated web control to CEF v60.0.3112.10
  • Removed requirement of having a saved credit card when purchasing in-game recurring subscriptions
  • Fixed missing game names for users with large Steam libraries
  • Fixed custom launch arguments not applying when launching 3rd-party Half-Life or Half-Life 2 mods
  • Fixed games failing in offline mode with errors such as "servers are too busy" or "currently no licenses available"
  • Decreased latency for some network operations in the Steam Client
  • Improved Steam client connectivity on networks where custom UDP/TCP ports are blocked
  • Fixed a crash when handling steam:// URLs launched from a browser (July 11)
  • Added detection and workaround for crashes on startup caused by certain antivirus/anti-malware programs (July 13)
  • Fixed an issue where Store and Community pages could forget your Steam language settings after a while (July 13)
  • Fixed multiple issues where the Steam client could hang or crash on startup (July 17)

  • Fixed a rare crash on shutdown or when exiting Big Picture mode (July 11)

Steam Input
  • Added Enhance Small Movement Precision setting to Mouse Joystick Mode. This allows for a fine tuning of low end movements so you can balance between fine grain control and minimum speed cutoff, resulting in a smoother response and less jumpy movement at slow speeds. Should be used in tandem with Minimum X/Y Output. This feature is enabled by default, but previous behavior can be restored by setting to the minimum value.
  • Added Custom Curve setting to Mouse Joystick Mode. This allows for compensation for game joystick response curves to more accurately dial in Mouse Joystick feel on a per-game basis.
  • Reworked the first time controller setup process for games without a recommended config provided by the publisher. We will now suggest the top community config if it meets the required confidence threshold.
  • Re-enabled layout definition of DirectInput controllers. The new interface uses the “Define Layout” button in the Controller Settings Page.
  • Added battery level indication for Xinput and PS4 controllers. When the battery is below 25% a low battery indicator will show in the Big Picture main menu. Clicking this indicator will rumble or play an identify chime on the low battery controller.
  • Fixed a bug where controllers using Xinput could have rumble output swapped.
  • Fixed a bug where controller configs would be applied to the last used controller instead of the selected one.
  • Fixed available offline personal and template bindings not appearing in the config browser when offline.
  • Improved XBox One default deadzone.
  • Removed Toast stating “Using Configurations for [X]” when the user was opted out for said controller.
  • When changing XInput slots for a controller which isn’t registered, show the controller type rather than trying to use a name.
  • Added Overlap Region setting to 8-Way and Analog Emulation D-Pad modes. This region specifies what proportion the diagonal overlapping region takes up relative to the cardinal directions.
  • Improved gyro precision and stability over time
  • PS4 Controller Gyro now uses hardware calibration instead of software calibration. This should improve general drift performance and no longer requires the Calibration step in Steam.
  • Added check for InputMapper and DS4Windows on connection of PS4 Controllers. If either program is running Steam will ignore the controller until it is reconnected.
  • Fixed a bug where configurations might not be applied if a controller went from being wireless to wired or vice-versa within a single session
  • Fixed a bug where configurations wouldn’t be saved if controller identity couldn’t be established properly
  • Fixed bug in Big Picture Overlay which prevented users from switching between which controller was being configured when multiple controllers were connected
  • Fixed bug in Big Picture Login Screen where On-Screen Keyboards would lose touchpad input on the password entry screen
  • Fixed bug where only Mouse/KB prompts were shown in the Desktop Client’s Controller Configurator
  • Fixed bug where PS4 Controller registrations would not carry over from MacOS to Windows or Linux and vice-versa
  • Fixed several bugs with settings and configuration UI
  • Fixed several issues with XInput emulation when using Steam Controllers and streaming controllers (July 11)
  • Fixed multiple controllers sharing the same XInput slot in some circumstances (July 11)
  • Fixed controllers changing what slot they occupied when removing and plugging in new controllers - this preserves the behavior that the first controller used ends up in the first XInput slot, the second in the second slot, etc. If 4 controllers are connected while Streaming and a local controller is available, if a remote controller is disconnected, the local controller will seamlessly drop into that slot when used. (July 11)
  • Fixed desktop Configurator running slowly while simultaneously running a game. (July 11)

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed Rumble when streaming using a PS4 controller which is opted out of Steam Controller Support
  • Fixed Guide Button not always working properly to engage the overlay
  • Fixed desktop Configurator running slowly while simultaneously running a game. (July 11)
  • Fixed black image during 2D cutscene videos in some games (July 13)

Video Playback
  • Fixed "initializing video decoder" error that occurred on first playback of a video
  • Added a prompt to install the 360 video player when watching a 360 video for the first time
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATE - June 7: This client build has been re-published with additional bugfixes for reported issues.

  • Updated web control to CEF v58.0.3029.81
  • Improved launch error messaging in case the OS failed to create the game process
  • Fixed installing games from multiple retail discs (June 7)
  • Fixed optional DLC automatically being installed (June 7)
  • Fixed some dedicated gameservers being unable to log in with certain game-specific parameters (June 7)

Steam Input
  • All Controllers types now can assign Guide Chord actions when opted out of further controller support. Similar to the Guide + Trigger for screenshot, additional actions can be bound or reassigned to Guide + Button via the Controller Settings. Additional options include mouse and keyboard support, changing volume or other media keys, turning off the controller (on supported hardware), and so forth
  • Fixed PS4 Controllers showing inappropriate art and text in the button diamond
  • Fixed XBox controllers potentially having a second phantom controller when not opted into Steam Configuration support
  • Fixed a crash when closing a game after previewing a controller config
  • Added Desktop Settings panel for configuring controller settings and editing base configurations
  • Fixed a case where native games requesting the configuration screen wouldn't work
  • Opting in to Steam Configuration Support for 3rd Party Controllers is now set for the user rather than the Steam Install. Users who have opted in to 3rd party Steam Controller Configurator Support will have to opt back in for their specific controllers
  • Fixed long-press activator toggle option not functioning properly
  • Fixed a case where closing the on-screen keyboard in Big Picture would not return to the proper controls
  • Manual registration in Big Picture is no longer required for new controllers. Personalization and changes to registration can still be made via the Controller Settings in Big Picture
  • Games which use the Steam Configurator natively for 3rd Party Controllers can now opt those controllers into support without the user having to manually do so
  • Fix for a case where a cache for offline configurations could be corrupted
  • 3rd Party Controllers no longer have to be disconnected and reconnected when opting into/out of Steam Configuration support. Games can still be individually opted out of support via the game's controller settings panel
  • Fix for In-Home Streaming from Linux PC to Steam Link or another Linux PC with Steam Controller Wireless Receivers connected to both devices
  • Fixed Linux mouse button assignments for Forward and Backwards
  • Fixed On-Screen Keyboard being disabled in windowed non-Steam Games
  • Fixed Non-Steam game configs not being applied if controller is power cycled
  • Fixed unexpected input when importing Gyro configs for devices without Gyro
  • Simplified UI for DPad mode on DS4 Dpad
  • Changed "Add a Steam Controller" button to only appear when a Wireless Receiver is present
  • Added "Recover Steam Controller Firmware" button to walk users through recovering a device via mass storage update
  • Fixed configuration showing incorrect controller type of the configuration being previewed (or presenting an error message in some cases)
  • Fixed a case where previewing a configuration with a mode shift could make inputs editable
  • Fixed non-Steam shortcuts not respecting the per-game opt-out of Configuration setting
  • Fixed configurations not being saved properly in offline mode
  • Fixed controllers not registering in offline mode if the account didn't match its existing registration
  • Removed online-only configuration browser categories when loading or saving configurations when in offline mode
  • Fixed Steam Button in the Big Picture Overlay being delayed when using a 3rd party controller (June 7)

Steam Link and In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed Sony PS3 Controllers acting incorrectly via streaming
  • Enlarged the capture area for windows with menu bars to include the menu bar when streaming (June 7)

  • Desktop view support for SteamVR dashboard
  • Fixed overlay not working for Vulkan applications

  • Enabled Microtransation confirmation dialog from VR applications
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Note: An update to this Steam Client has been released on April 26th to fix an issue related to Tales of Zestiria.

  • Fixed video content not playing correctly (black screen or corrupt image)
  • Fixed an issue with some older games which resulted in a cloud file conflict immediately after installation
  • Improved detection and recovery after receiving corrupt file data from a download server

  • Fixed a chat-related crash that could be triggered by malicious users
  • Fixed blank screens when running from a folder-mounted partition which does not have a traditional DOS drive letter
  • Improved font rendering for Unicode chat text to better match with other platforms

Steam Controller
  • Fixed non-Steam Shortcuts displaying incorrect configuration when accessed via the Game Details page
  • Added desktop mode Detail View Link to edit Controller Configuration if a controller is connected.
  • Added time-stamp to personal configurations in the configuration browser.
  • Improved precision of Gyro.
  • Fixed a bug with localized Title and Description of official configurations.
  • Fixed Select Cursor Position helper screen appearing opaque when used in-game.
  • Fixed Analog Trigger range being incorrect.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when creating an entirely empty touch menu or radial menu.
  • Fixed PS4 Glyphs in Big Picture appearing incorrectly in SteamOS/Linux.
  • A copy to the link to the configuration is now automatically copied to clipboard when uploading a community configuration.
  • Fixed mouse joystick visualization resetting to default pad rotation when selecting it.
  • Fix for pairing controllers sometimes failing to be able to enter their code properly when multiple controllers were attached.
  • Fixed a bug where if the configurator was open in the browser, time wouldn't be accumulated towards being able to save a configuration.
  • Changed the time limit before posting a configuration down to 5 minutes.
  • Fix for button presses and other inputs leaking through to big picture when using a Guide-Chord combo. This primarily showed up as a Turn Off Controller action resulting in launching a game.
  • Fixes for unique/shared configurations not always being set properly
  • Fixed a bug during controller registration where network hiccups could cause no configurations to be received until Steam was restarted.
  • Fix for Shortcuts to Non-Steam Games whose names were entirely blank or composed of only path unfriendly characters resulting in bad configurations or a crash.
  • Fix for conflict between stick and touchpad when using on-screen keyboard with a PS4 controller.
  • Made on-screen keyboard exclusive to a single controller, so whichever controller initiated the invocation will be used.
  • Fixed autosave behavior not being immediately reflected when leaving/re-entering the configurator when a response from the backend isn't received quickly.
  • Fixed saves not showing immediately in the configuration browser.

  • Fixed an issue where you could continue to be marked "in game" after closing all VR applications
  • Internal changes for forthcoming SteamVR 360 video playback

Big Picture
  • Fixed broken icons for In Library and OSVR headset support
Client Update - Valve
A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. In addition to all of the changes from March 9, this minor update includes the following fixes.

Updated March 30:
  • Fixed video playback issues resulting in a black screen or corrupt graphics in the Steam client

  • Fixed a bug preventing non-Steam game shortcuts from being saved across restarts
  • Fixed several rare crashes and hangs

  • Fixed a bug with multiple Xbox controllers where one controller could register double-input and the other would register no input

In-Home Streaming
  • Reduced stutter and delay when streaming from a computer with a Gigabit network interface to a computer with a 100 Mbit interface
  • Added support for hotplugging headphones on the streaming client computer
  • Added support for the third-party VB-CABLE virtual audio driver for improved 5.1 surround streaming
  • Fixed a source of occasional frame stutter when capturing video from the host computer
  • Fixed limiting the video framerate when using the Steam Link just to stream audio or for remote input
Client Update - Valve
Update: this patch was re-issued on March 13 with additional fixes and improvements for issues that were missed in the initial release.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added a setting to disable group event and announcement notifications
  • Removed sign-on notifications for friends who are already online/in-game when you first sign-in
  • Fixed several reported crashes and hangs
  • Fixed an issue where some workshop items would be downloaded repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games missing from the task-bar menu
  • Fixed an issue with recently played games appearing in the wrong order
  • Fixed scheduled future game updates being invisible on the Download page
  • Fixed install dialog getting stuck while preallocating disk space
  • Fixed Windows taskbar showing pending progress even when there are no updates available
  • Fixed video player failing to start for Windows users with non-ASCII user names
  • Improved error handling when game files are locked by other programs during updates
  • Improved library sort order for games that start with punctuation or Unicode characters
  • Updated Web control to CEF v56.0.2924.51

Big Picture
  • Added confirmation before Restarting/Suspending/Shutting Down from the system menu
  • Fixed an issue causing some controller navigation actions to be ignored
  • Removed unintentional navigation input coming from racing wheels and flight sticks

macOS / OS X
  • Fixed an issue which caused some games to crash immediately under OS X 10.9 or earlier
  • Improved color fidelity in the Steam UI on newer 2015 iMac and 2016 Macbook Pro displays

Steam Controller
Added better offline controller support. Controller Configurations and Pesonalization will now download for offline use after the first online game launch. When offline, edits are local only and will not be uploaded to the cloud. When returning to online mode, the previous online configuration will be restored, but your saved local edits will be available for selection

Added Controller Config Preview. When importing a configuration, it will now be previewed first and then it can be accepted or backed out without applying the configuration. While previewing a configuration, all its settings can be viewed, but not changed

Added Steam Controller Configuration Links. When browsing configurations, a link can now be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Start button or Control+C. Following this Steam link will how the configuration and it can be optionally applied to the game it corresponds to. This link can be opened via a browser or at the commandline. From the command line, use "start [link]" in Windows, "open [link]" in OSX, and "xdg-open [link]" in SteamOS/Linux. Note that a controller must be active to apply a configuration. Links will be shown in the controller type they were created for, but will be converted to the controller type they are being applied to on application

  • Changed configuration sorting to use a rolling 30-day window. The most popular configurations over the past 30 days are sorted to the top.
  • Added voting to configurations, and added support to optionally sort configurations by votes instead of usage.
  • Added Lock Gyro at Extents option for Joystick Move. When turned off, the controller will no long lock at the full extents, matching old behavior from October
  • Fixed dead-zones on some controllers being too small when using joystick mouse, resulting in drift
  • Fixed a bug where multiple non-Steam Controllers could control the same player
  • Added support for multiple additional PS4 and third-party PS4-style controllers
  • Added audio support for official DS4 v2 Slim controllers
  • Added power-off timeout functionality for PS4 controllers connected over wireless
  • Disabled controller power-off timeout while the configurator is open
  • Added mouse dampening option for Mouse Region mode
  • Fixed XInput controllers getting bad configuration settings if connected prior to Steam login
  • Fixed a bug where configurations for guests could be saved under a generic guest account rather than under the signed-in local user.

In-Home Streaming
  • Increased desktop capture to 60 FPS on Windows 8 and newer
  • Added an option to change desktop resolution to match the streaming client under advanced host settings
  • Added a separate option to enable NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture under advanced host settings
  • Added a recovery path if your graphics driver crashes or resets during streaming. Graphics driver resets may still crash your game anyway. If you experience frequent crashes, we recommend that you disable hardware encoding.

Steam VR
  • Fixed green screen when capturing a multiple-monitor desktop with NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture in VR

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