Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

Steam Controller
  • Fixed an issue where modifying controller bindings would cause loss of input. Bindings that have been edited since yesterday will need to be re-authored.
Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Updated Web control to Chromium version 45.0.2454.85
  • Added a notification bar for users who haven't yet added a phone number, to let them know what a good idea it is to have a secure means of recovering their account
  • Added a separate library category for SteamVR-enabled games
  • Improved UI responsiveness when adding a firewall rule for a game you are installing
  • No longer show a top level dialog box for a group event, if you are in game or your friends status is 'busy'
  • Fixed occasional crash when trying to view users without tags in the friends list
  • Fixed getting a login dialog in Steam when trying to watch a video that you are already watching in another location
  • Fixed Workshop downloads being stuck in some cases
  • Fixed bug causing category info to be missing from the Library in Offline Mode, and sometimes cleared permanently when going back online
  • Fixed failing to load external Steam content libraries when they shared path names

Big Picture
  • First phase of UI refresh including the Home screen, Library, Community and Friends
  • Added ability to search inside of your Library
  • Added native Big Picture UI for viewing your achievements, leaderboards, screenshots, artwork, videos, and Workshop Items
  • Moved access to the Web and Friends panels to the Left and Right shoulder buttons on the controller
  • Added ability to move the on screen keyboard position when using the Web Browser by pressing the X button
  • Added additional communication around controller support when viewing games in your library
  • Added game badge progress in Library detail view
  • Improved the interaction when using only a mouse in the Library view
  • Block game controller events when using the Overlay while in game
  • When using the mouse only hide the cursor once we see keyboard or gamepad input
  • Fixed URL entry into the Web Browser not submitting correctly
  • Fixed crash if you mashed the A button on a game controller while accepting a EULA for a game on launch
  • Fixed situations where Big Picture did not receive focus correctly after exiting a game
  • Fixed being unable to remove favorites in the web view
  • Fixed games not installing correctly if you did several in a short period

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed failing to reconnect to a host that you were previously streaming from
  • Added streaming controller support for Fairy Bloom Freesia and Ys Origin
  • Fixed graphical issues streaming Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -
  • Temporarily disabled support for Mac OS X as a streaming host
  • Fixed a recent bug which could cause the screen to stop drawing while audio still plays

  • Fixed audio port selection not changing when sound cards change
  • Fixed audio settings wizard to correctly handle unavailable ports
  • Fixed duplicate entries in audio output selection

Mac OS X
  • We are deprecating support for OS X 10.6 in November 2015

Streaming Video
  • Localize video controls and messages to match current Steam Client language

  • Added support for FLAC, OGG Vorbis, and M4A (both AAC and Apple Lossless)
  • Added the ability to seek within a playing track
Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed choosing “Retry” on connection issues dialog to retry immediately without losing saved credentials and requiring you to re-type your password
  • Fixed Workshop downloads not starting in some cases while being in game.

Big Picture
  • Added the ability to select the On-Screen keyboard style you want to use by default (Daisy-wheel or the traditional layout)
  • Fixed continuous error dialog on login if you entered your SteamGuard token incorrectly

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed NVIDIA hardware encoding for ARK: Survival Evolved and other games using R10G10B10A2 backbuffer format

Streaming Video
  • Added a Videos filter to the Big Picture Library
  • Added clearer identification of videos in Big Picture Store and Library
  • Added support for adding free videos to library in Big Picture

VR Mode
  • Added a title bar button to switch in and out of VR mode.
Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Improved video playback compatibility on Windows 7

Big Picture
  • Fixed styles on system menu while Family View is active.
  • Fixed inventory viewer not being blocked while Family View is active.

  • Fixed issue repeatedly trying to download older Workshop items and in-game guides that cannot be downloaded properly (e.g. proxy issues)
Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

Big Picture
  • - Enabled new community and profile features. Market, game hubs, workshop, and inventory are now available natively in Big Picture mode
  • - Made holding down the Guide button on a game controller for more than a second jump you right to the Exit menu
  • - Updated the Friends interface to make more options natively available
  • - Updated the System Menu (accessed by the Guide button on a game controller) to let you more easily navigate within Big Picture
  • - Added support for German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian keyboard layouts in the on screen keyboard
  • - When holding either trigger keys with the on screen keyboard the shifted mode now stays set

  • - Updated the web component to CEF version 43.0.2357.81
  • - Updated the downloads page to show disk usage as MB/sec
  • - Fixed the friends menu items in the right click system menu not setting state correctly when selected
  • - Fixed some cases where audio in other applications would get muted by Windows when using games with Steam Voice
  • - Fixed showing launch option for additional DLC before content finished installing

Steam Video
  • - Added a custom video player for watching streaming videos
  • - Enabled playback in Big Picture including controller support

In-Home Streaming and Broadcasting
  • - Fixed crash when video recording starts in some D3D11 games
  • - Fixed minimizing game window when live broadcast starts

  • - Improved the friends UI performance with very large friends lists

  • - Fixed bugs when maximizing windows on a secondary monitor which is larger than the primary monitor

SteamOS, Linux and Mac OS X
  • - Fixed having to unlock the web player when watching broadcasts each time Steam is launched
Client Update - Valve
An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added integration with Steam Refunds and Support Site
  • Reduced the delay when reconnecting to Steam after waking from sleep or changing networks
  • Reduced the amount of disk space necessary to decrypt a preloaded game
  • Fixed the "Quit" option in the offline-mode startup dialog box not quitting Steam immediately
  • Fixed showing launch option for additional DLC before content finished installing
  • Fixed odd menu behavior when clicking between Steam windows while a menu is visible
  • Fixed a bug where AltGr+Key on non-US keyboards would trigger Ctrl+Key shortcuts
  • Fixed bugs when using Alt+Left/Right (Mac: Cmd+Left/Right) to navigate main window history
  • Fixed keystrokes in web views being diverted to the Find popup even after it is dismissed
  • Fixed choppy framerate when watching broadcasts or videos in a background window
  • Fixed situations where the Status menu checkmark could disappear or otherwise not match your actual online status
  • Reduced length of the suggested folder name for backups of multiple games

Big Picture
  • Fixed a bug where the web browser would not scroll to the top when "Home" is pressed
  • Improved support for collecting information during pre-purchase checkout
  • Fixed a rare bug that could block users from completing Big Picture login after a password reset
  • Fixed a bug that could cause disabled UI elements to incorrectly appear active

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed a bug that blocked reconnection to the host for a short time after ending a stream
  • Fixed a bug where attaching a Xbox 360 Controller mid-game could generate unexpected controller input

  • Fixed a bug where Steam windows could move completely off-screen if maximized on a secondary monitor which contains the taskbar and is to the left of the primary monitor

Mac OS X
  • Fixed a bug which rendered black pages instead of web content for some users
  • Added Command-[ and Command-] hotkeys for forward and back navigation
  • Reduced energy impact of leaving Steam running in the background

  • Improved font appearance of cross-language CJK characters when running with Japanese language settings
  • Fixed an issue under network settings that would show invalid/missing networks as configurable
Client Update - Valve
(NOTE: This update was re-released on May 15 to include a new security fix.)

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Updated the web control to CEF version 41.0.2272.104
  • Improved CPU and memory usage in the web control
  • Changed the "Verify Integrity" progress box to permit access to the rest of the Steam client
  • Fixed cases where the server browser did not respect the current pings-per-minute limit
  • Fixed bugs which caused CD key receipts to print incorrectly
  • Fixed failure to back up all game content in certain cases (eg. for FSX)
  • Fixed a denial-of-service exploit that could be used to crash Steam remotely. (Thanks to Elvis Collado of HP DVLabs working with HP's Zero Day Initiative for reporting this exploit.)

Big Picture
  • Added the ability to filter your friends list
  • Added a disk management page to settings that lets you view and delete installed games
  • Stopped displaying daisy wheel for checkboxes and other non-text inputs on web forms

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the streaming client

  • Fixed compatibility issues preventing Steam from starting on older Athlon XP CPUs
  • Fixed a bug which could result in two screenshots for a single key press in games which process input via both DirectInput and Win32 messages

  • Fixed double-triggering of the Enter key when typing in text fields on web pages
Client Update - Valve
NOTE: this update was re-released on 4/13 to address a crash which affected dedicated servers for some multi-player games.

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added the ability to set command-line launch options for non-Steam game shortcuts
  • Fixed crash when taking screenshots in some games launched from Big Picture mode
  • Fixed non-responsive UI buttons in the Steam Overlay music browser
  • Fixed loss of mouse input in the Steam Overlay after visiting certain Web pages (such as Vimeo or YouTube)
  • Fixed situations where selecting a game from Downloads would not navigate to the correct Library page

Big Picture
  • Fixed incorrect rejection of password-protected beta entry for certain games in Big Picture
  • Fixed non-responsive mouse on Web pages with small amounts of vertical or horizontal scrolling
  • Fixed bad image placement and text layout in game descriptions which contain inline images

In-Home Streaming
  • Improved compatibility and performance when streaming fullscreen DX9 games
  • Improved compatibility with additional games using DX10/11
  • Fixed mouse input for Metro: Last Light, Kerbal Space Program, and other games
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the mouse cursor to drift or snap back to old positions
  • Fixed bugs with desktop streaming when the top-left monitor is not the primary monitor
  • Fixed crash when quitting a streamed game while a game controller is connected
  • Fixed crash when using NVIDIA hardware encoding on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Fixed occasional pauses/hangs in some games that use Steamworks peer-to-peer networking features

  • Fixed bug that re-enabled WiFi adapters when launching the Steam Client (intended for SteamOS only)

  • Fixed a Steam client crash when inputting advanced network settings
Client Update - Valve
Steam Client Update Released

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed loading Workshop items in offline mode
  • Fixed rare corruption of downloaded workshop content
  • Removed out of date chat dialog notice about "new" item trading feature on first use
  • Hid unrelated Steam Overlay UI when authorizing an in-game transaction

  • Added automatically lowering encoding settings if machine is unable to encode at the minimum required frame rate
  • Added mini mode for viewing a broadcast so viewers can continue to watch a broadcast while also using the Steam Client window
  • Added pop out button to move viewing a broadcast from the Steam Client window to a new window
  • Added viewing a broadcast through Big Picture
  • Added support for recording only game audio from 64-bit processes on Windows 8
  • Fixed needing to approve the first viewer of a broadcast twice

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed regression recording audio on Linux
  • Fixed crash when In-Home Streaming host machine failed to initialize Nvidia hardware encoding or had SLI enabled
  • Fix capture logic for windows which span multiple monitors
  • Add support for games which directly set the mouse cursor position
  • Implemented streaming controller support for Far Cry 4 and Gone Home

In-Home Streaming & Broadcast
  • Fixed audio crackle and audio loss experienced by some users after 20+ minutes of streaming on Windows
  • Extended DirectX 10/11 video recording to support additional games, including Cities: Skylines
  • Fixed recording audio on computers that have been running for a significant amount of time without a reboot (multiple weeks)
  • Fixed rare crash when audio recording device returned incorrect timestamps

Big Picture
  • Added support for the new Steam controller. The older generation Steam controller is no longer supported.
  • Fixed current view in the web favorites page being incorrect if you closed multiple tabs at a single time
  • Fixed possible process hang when stopping video playback
  • Fixed regressed layout of movie player controls
  • Fixed rare blank UI if you hit escape at the wrong time during the splash screen
  • Added hardware pages in Steam Store
  • When launching a game that is already running, attempt to switch to that game instead of showing an error message

  • Fixed blocking problem affecting some uses of peer-to-peer networking API

  • Fixed some web pages not displaying if the content was static
  • Fixed some games failing to draw text
Client Update - Valve
Steam Client Update Released

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added UI listing your owned DLC in the library details view
  • Changed recent games lists to include recent purchases as well as recently played
  • Added a new Browser settings page with new option to delete the cookies use by the built in Steam browser
  • Fixed some cases where certain long chat messages could cause long client hangs
  • Fixed drop down options in settings dialog initially showing as blank
  • Fixed a crash in OpenGL games when taking a screenshot or recording video
  • Fixed multiple crashes on shutdown & client restart for update
  • Fixed check boxes in list panels flickering or not rendering immediately after mouse wheel scroll of the list
  • Improved responsiveness of library details view for games where you have many friends who play
  • Fixed case where running a game that has Cloud Sync disabled, when in Offline Mode, could cause existing Cloud files to be overwritten
  • Fixed rare crash updating task bar icon jump list contents on Windows
  • Changed menu item to use web site to find driver updates for AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed bug detecting Windows Compatibility mode set on the Steam Client

Big Picture
  • Improved scroll bar behavior when dragging or clicking the bar/thumb regions with the mouse
  • Fixed potential out-of-memory crash when changing from Steam to Big Picture mode or back again
  • Improved slider control behavior
  • Performance improvements for situations with many UI panels updating/painting
  • Fixed a case where the activity feed could fail to load the right pane contents for roll ups with a large number of items
  • Fixed a bug where font styling on ranges within labels could be invalid after a resolution change
  • Fixed video playback over SSL
  • Fixed a rare crash trying to load zero byte image content
  • Fixed a crash when playing video
  • Fixed rare hang on launch or when switching from Steam to Big Picture on Linux
  • Fixed some text not rendering on Linux

  • Added option to record only game audio (new default for all broadcasts)
  • Broadcasts are now more resilient to failures with system audio recording
  • Improved mixing of game/system audio and microphone
  • Fixed some games minimizing when full screen and a broadcast starts
  • Fixed broadcaster not seeing chat messages if broadcast was stopped then started again during the same game session
  • Added video encoder tuning setting (prioritize video quality or capture performance)
  • Fixed regression which would result in broadcasts unexpectedly stopping, usually with "Missing Keyframe"
  • Fixed changing between push to talk vs. voice activated microphone recording during a broadcast
  • Don’t show Broadcast notifications in-game if user is offline
  • Audio from games that require exclusive access to the sound card can be recorded when using the record only game audio setting
  • Fixed scaling when recording video in OpenGL Core games

In-Home Streaming
  • Optimized slice encoding for client decoding capabilities
  • Fixed crash if Big Picture is opened while streaming
  • Fixed possible crash when starting a stream

  • Improved caching of downloaded workshop items
  • Fixed a bug publishing a Workshop item with a preview image when using an external tool

Virtual Reality Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Steam Client could crash when launching certain VR games

  • Fixed a bug causing Elder Scrolls Online to crash on startup when run through Steam

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