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Not everyone has the best graphics card and there are some poor souls who play games on Macs. This week's Top 10 list is for you as I count down the Top 10 Low Spec Games for PC. Some of these games could probably even work on Nintendo Switch! Games Mentioned: Faster Than Light, The Binding of Isaac, Darkest Dungeon, Rogue Legacy, Torchlight II, Bastion, Endless Legend, Shovel Knight, Day of the Tentacle, and SteamWorld Dig. You'll have to watch the video to see where the games rank and which game took our top spot!

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Kim Swift, lead designer of Valve's Portal puzzler, joined EA's Motive studio as a design director (via Eurogamer).

Swift will be working with Motive boss Jade Raymond. The duo will, in turn, collaborate with Amy Hennig on EA Visceral's still-to-be-revealed Star Wars game.

"We've devoted much of the past year at Motive to building a team of amazingly talented people to work on our new IP and Star Wars projects," Raymond said in her announcement welcoming Swift into the EA/Motive fold. "I could not be more excited to welcome an all-star like Kim, who shares our enthusiasm for building exceptional games."

Aside from Portal, Swift has worked on games across a range of genres including Left 4 Dead and L4D2, Soul Fjord, and Quantum Conundrum.

Not much is known about Visceral's Star Wars game, other than that it's likely to feature multiple protagonists and will be "in the style of Uncharted." It's also due to release in 2018, so an E3 2017 showing seems likely.

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Once you complete the tutorial in the beginning Gravity Rush 2 and Kat's gravity powers are returned, you'll get to roam around Banga freely, and at that point, you can take on the game's first side quest. The first side quest in Gravity Rush 2 involves a group of ducks that have escaped from their cage. One of the ducks has also stolen Cecie's Angel Doll, one of her prized possessions. You have to find the ducks and return them to the cage while finding Cecie's doll to complete Dream Doll, Angel Doll successfully.

To start the Dream Doll, Angel Doll sidequest, you need to find Cecie and speak with her. Cecie is near the bird cage, and when you interact with her, you'll see a cutscene with Cecie talking to Angel Doll. In the middle of Kat and Cecie's conversation, Kat will see that the bird cage is open and that a single duck has escaped. As Cecie tries to catch the duck, the duck will fall off the edge of the walkway. You'll need to run to the side of the walkway and drop quickly. Once you've caught the duck, trigger your Gravity Float and return the duck to the bird cage.

Once you've returned to the birdcage, the second part of Dream Doll, Angel Doll will start. Kat will be noticed that the other ducks have managed to escape too. Now you have to find them. Additionally, one of the ducks took Cecie's Angel Doll and ran off with it. You need to help Cecie find the six ducks and retrieve her Angel Doll to complete the quest.

The key to finding the ducks is to listen. The ducks make quaking noises when you're close to them, and this is the best way to detect them. When you hear the quacking, start looking around the immediate area for any little white ducks.

First Duck

The first duck can be found behind the bird coop. Just listen, and you'll get a message on the bottom of your screen. Drop down to the platform below the back of the coop, and you'll find the first duck.

Second Duck

To find the second duck, make your way to the platform with the flags hanging from ropes. You can tell you're in the right place if you see three citizens standing near the front of the platform talking. Drop down onto the walkway, and you can find a duck near the back of the building.

Third Duck

The third duck is on another platform near some stacked crates. Make sure to listen for the quacking to know if you're in the right place or not.

Fourth Duck

Duck number four is on a larger platform. Look for a big platform with people walking around on it and a group of pigs proceeding along the walkway. Once you've found the right platform, the duck can be found on top of the platform near a group of planters.

Fifth Duck

The fifth duck is to the left of the mining airship. Use Gravity Float to hover and look at the top of the tower looking structures to find the duck.

Sixth Duck

The last duck is perched on an awning on the left side of the mining ship. Look towards the cage that lowers miners into the Gravity Storms, and you'll spot the duck on the awning.

One all the ducks are found, you can return to Cecie. Interact with her to complete your first side quest, Dream Doll, Angel Doll. You'll earn a trophy for completing this mission: Day in Kat's Life.

For more great Gravity Rush 2 walkthroughs, tips, and guides visit our Gravity Rush 2 guide hub.

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From rounding up precious gems to styling and profiling in Kat's assortment of attires, Gravity Rush 2 is brimming with activities competing for your attention. You can barrel through the story if you want, but treasure hunts reward you with items that give you a leg up as you play.

Starting a Treasure Hunt

Patience is a virtue in Gravity Rush 2. As you play, you'll receive notifications about assorted goings-on, including treasure hunts. When you get a notification, press the Options button on your DualShock 4 to open the main menu, then open the Announcements tab. Filter out excess news posts by choosing Treasure Hunts.

Begin a treasure hunt by highlighting one of your treasure notifications and activating it. The game will transport you to a new area specially designed for a hunt.

Completing a Treasure Hunt

Once you enter the new area, you should notice a picture in the lower-right corner of the screen. It's a snapshot of the rough location where the treasure can be found. You can enlarge the image by pressing the DualShock 4's Touchpad if you need a closer look at the environmental clues contained in the image.

Explore the area and listen for a telltale beeping noise. Think of this as a game of hot-or-cold: the beeping grows louder as you get closer to a treasure, but when you begin moving away, Kat will speak up and recommend that you return to the sound.

Treasure chests can be located almost anywhere: perched on rooftops, secreted away near entrances to buildings. You'll need to make use of Kat's vast repertoire of moves to get to them. Once you've got a treasure chest in your sights, hold off on grabbing all your spoils. Instead, take a picture using Photo Mode. Upload it, and another player will receive it as their hint picture. Make the photo clear if you want to help them out, or be crafty and take a cryptic picture to make them work for their loot.

Follow these tips to build a repertoire of treasure-hunting skills that put Lara Croft to shame. If you need help in other areas of Gravity Rush 2, hit up our guide hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. 

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Nintendo's Switch portable console won't support video-streaming services at launch, but the company is keeping the door open for a later update.

"All of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo Switch system an amazing dedicated video game platform, so it will not support any video-streaming services at launch," a Nintendo representative told IGN. "However, support for video-streaming services is being considered for a future update."

Switch's lack of support for streaming services at launch mirrors that of the Wii U. When Nintendo's soon-to-be-defunct console launched in the fall of 2012, the company planned to support Hulu Plus, Netflix, and similar platforms, but delayed them for several months.

Nintendo recently provided concrete details on Switch, including a March 3 release date and MSRP of $299.99. The system will launch in two SKUs, both priced the same and packing the same hardware. No game will be included in either bundle, a decision Nintendo made in order to keep the price at just under $300.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch for Wii U and Switch on March 3, day and date with Nintendo's new console.

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Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games and chief architect of the inaugural Unreal engine, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's GDC Awards ceremony.

The ceremony will take place on March 1 at 6:30 p.m. Pacific at the San Francisco Moscone Center, the backdrop of the Game Developers Conference.

Like many pioneers who got their start during the 1990s, Sweeney co-founded Epic MegaGames along with Mark Rein as a shareware publisher. His first product was ZZT, a game made from text characters that gained enough notoriety to be featured as the subject of a book published by Boss Fight Books.

As Epic MegaGames grew, the company produced other hits such as Jazz the Jackrabbit and eventually changed its name to Epic Pulling double duty as founder and CEO, Sweeney took point on building a new game engine called the Unreal engine. UE was first used in 1998's Unreal but quickly became the foundation for iterations embraced by other games from BioShock and Batman: Arkham Asylum to Assassin's Creed and, of course, Epic's own games such as Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Sweeney and Epic' engineers refined Unreal engine over time, leading to four iterations and extensibility made possible by UnrealScript, a successor to the language Sweeney used to write ZZT.

"The engine is now being adapted by non-game development teams across the automotive, aviation, architecture, VR/AR, complex data visualization and film sectors," per a press release sent to Shacknews.

Other awards will be presented at this year's GDC Awards, including recognition for categories such as Best Audio, Best Design, and Game of the Year. The awards will be streamed on GDC's official Twitch channel

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Gravity Rush 2's costumes are all about style over functionality. None of them change the core gameplay; they're purely cosmetic, giving you total freedom in how you look as you play. Finding all of Kat's outfits gives you more ways to express your fashion sense, and every outfit is stylish enough to try on at least once.

How to Unlock Costumes

There are 16 costumes available to unlock in Gravity Rush 2. Some outfits return from the first game; you get these by importing a Gravity Rush Remastered save file from your PS4. One costume is a pre-order bonus. Others become available as you progress through story missions, and by tackling side missions.

  • Military Uniform: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Maid Outfit: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Spy Outfit: Import your save from Gravity Rush Remastered.
  • Shifter 2.0: Kat's default attire.
  • White Kat: Pre-order bonus.
  • Jazz Singer: Complete the "Like a Radio" mission to claim this slinky red dress.
  • Mining Outfit: Unknown.
  • Nurse Outfit: Complete side mission "A Legend is Born," located in Auldnoir: Old Town.
  • School Uniform: Unknown.
  • Waitress Uniform: Unknown.
  • PS02 Crazy Kitten: Unknown.

We're still making our way through Gravity Rush 2 and unlocking more of Kat's costumes. We'll be updating this guide as we go, so bookmark it and check back often.

How to Equip Costumes

You can change into any costume you've unlocked by entering photo mode. Press up on the d-pad to bring up the camera, then press Circle to open the costume menu. You need to finish the mission "Like a Radio" to unlock this menu.

The costume menu tells you how many outfits you've found out of the grand total. Highlight the costume you want to wear and equip it to change Kat's attire.

Follow these tips to fill your wardrobe with stylish costumes in record time. If you need help in other areas of Gravity Rush 2, hit up our guide hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. 

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brings back the survival horror feeling of the original title in the series, and you'll have to be on your toes to make it out alive. Unlike the last few Resident Evil titles, Resident Evil 7 is all about using your wits instead of your guns. This article will be a hub for our Resident Evil 7 walkthroughs and guides, where you can find the info you need to survive the Baker family and uncover the mysteries of Dulvey, Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Hints and Tips

  • Don't always think the next area contains the answer to a puzzle or a new passageway to explore. Resident Evil 7 involves a lot of backtracking. Doors in areas may remain locked for hours until you can find a matching key, and paying close attention to your map is the key to knowing when you need to turn back to a previous location if you find yourself stuck.
  • It's easy to find yourself getting comfortable if you accrue a sizable stack of ammo in Resident Evil 7. However, never fight unless you have to. Dumb enemies can't open doors, and rarely follow you far, so unless they're in the path of an objective, your best bet is to rush past them. The smarter enemies in the game will give chase, though, and sometimes your only choice is to put them down with gunfire.
  • When you are forced to use your weapons in Resident Evil 7, you want to make sure your bullets count. It's easy to panic in the face of a strong enemy, or multiple weaker ones surrounding you, but take a breath and aim carefully. Headshots usually do the most damage to enemies in Resident Evil 7, but a well placed shot to the leg or arm of an opponent can slow them down long enough to let you slip away or put some more room between you and your foe before you take the next shot.
  • Item management is an essential component to Resident Evil 7's gameplay. You have eight item slots, and four equipment slots available when the game starts, so you have to be wise when you're collecting items. There are item boxes scattered throughout the game in save rooms that allow you to drop as many items off as you want. A rule of thumb is to drop off any items you don't think you'll immediately use. Keep any keys you find and at least one melee weapon and one firearm plus ammo with you at all times.
  • It can be tempting if you've only taken a small to moderate amount of damage to just keep moving without healing. However, different enemies in the game do differing amounts of damage. One enemy might have to hit your five or six times to kill you, while another may only take two.
  • When you enter a room, make sure to quickly access the entries and exits, as well as obstacles to movement. If there are enemies in the room, knowing where to escape to is essential. Additionally, never get comfortable in your surroundings. The environment, enemies, and triggers change in areas as you progress in the game, and places that seemed harmless can turn deadly when you least expect it.

Walkthroughs for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Here you'll find our Resident Evil 7 walkthroughs. If you're having a tough time on a boss or a puzzle, this is where you'll find the steps you need to take to keep moving forward in the game. We'll continue updating this section as time goes on so check back often!

Guides for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In this section, you'll find guides on collectibles and secrets in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. If you're having trouble collecting Mr. Everywheres or Ancient Coins, or you just want a guide to find out how to get a particular weapon, we've got you covered.

With these walkthroughs and guides, you'll have everything you need to survive the horrors of Resident Evil 7. We'll continue to update this hub as time goes on, so make sure to check back for more tips and tricks, hints, guides, and walkthroughs to help you solve the puzzles and mysteries of the Baker estate.

Visit the Shacknews guides section more info on other great games!

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Respawn Entertainment senior designer Mohammad Alavi scoffed at the idea of porting Titanfall 2 to Nintendo Switch during a recent interview with YouTube channel Drunk Tech Review (via VG247).

The interview was casual, but Alavi made no bones about the possibility of Titanfall 2 gracing Nintendo's upcoming portable console.

"F*ck no! No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch," he said when the host asked after the possibility. Alavi clarified that while he is looking forward to using the console, he believes third-party support will suffer due to the Switch being "underpowered."

Earlier this week, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford said that Borderlands 3 won't be released for Switch, though for reasons left unclear. "I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities," Pitchford said.

Nevertheless, plenty of developers have pledged to support Nintendo's new hardware, due out on March 3. Bethesda formally announced Skyrim: Special Edition for release this fall, and Electronic Arts is working on games for the console's launch window specifically out of interest in Nintendo's "slightly different approach" to hardware.

Nintendo is well aware of the importance of third-party support, and wants to avoid making the same mistakes it made with the Wii U. "What third parties want are a large, growing install base, a development environment that’s easy for them to work in, they want the ability to monetize their content—whether on the initial sale or downloadable content. That’s what they want. And we were not able to deliver that fully on the Wii U," Fils-Aime said in an following last week's Switch event in New York.

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Precious Gems are the currency for Power-Ups for Kat in Gravity Rush 2. If you want to make Kat more powerful, you need to collect Precious Gems, the more, the better. These gems aren't exactly rare, but the key to leveling up fast is to find them in vast quantities. This guide will show you the best ways to use your Precious Gems to level up Kat faster.

Getting Precious Gems

Precious Gems aren't hard to come by, and in fact, you'll start getting them right at the onset of the game. To collect gems, you have to kick and punch the Ore deposits you can find in the various Gravity Storm locations. When you break open a deposit, Precious Gems will fall out, which you can then use to level up Kat's skillset.

Spending Precious Gems

To use your Precious Gems, you have to navigate to the Power Up menu via the Options menu. Once you're in the Power Up menu you can choose from the following six categories to upgrade Kat's skills:

  • Fighting Skill: If you upgrade this category, your regular, non-gravity attacks will get stronger.
  • Gravity Kick: Leveling up this category will increase the strength of Kat's Gravity Kick ability.
  • Stasis Field: If you want to increase the area the Statis Field ability affects, as well as how many items it can pick up, upgrade this category.
  • Evasion: If you want Kat to be better at dodging enemy attacks, upgrade this category to be able to use quicker evades and counterattacks.
  • Gravity Slide: If you want to gain the ability to do the Gravity Slide and use its special attacks and jumps, spend some Precious Gems in this category.
  • Special Attacks: Spending Precious Gems in this category will allow you to use new special attacks. There are also upgrades in this category to increase the usefulness of your new special attacks.

Farming Precious Gems

To make sure you're gathering Precious Gems most efficiently, you want to take on Mining Expedition sidequests. To obtain these sidequests, speak to Misai on the Banga Mining Boat, and he'll list the areas you can begin mining.

To get the most Precious Gems as quickly as possible, you want to choose a location to mine that has the most Gravity Ore available. To tell how much Gravity Ore is available at a location, read the number by "Current Mining Population," to the right of each Mining Site listing. If the number reads over 100, that means it's a good place to choose.

Just follow the tips above, and you'll maximize your Precious Gem gathering so you can level up Kat's skills as fast as possible. If you need help with other aspects of Gravity Rush 2, check out our guide hub for more walkthroughs and tips.


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