Islet Online - morenori soft
Hello Everyone~


The half-block

There was a suggestion to lower the half-block material.
So we modified it to create a double quantity when creating a half block.

Eco system

Wild animals are extinct on local and global servers. We've improved it.


Chinese is improved.
Thanks for reporting!!!”Greygod”


Fish dish

Other items were installed when fish dishes were installed in the world.


A small event

The small event has ended.

Satiety Experience
Time: 20 minutes -> 10 minutes,
Exp : 4 times -> 2 times

Replace resource map

The old resource map is replaced with the new resource map.

The shops in the old resource map will be dismantled by us, and all items in the stall will be sent in gift box.
Armello - [LoG] WordSlice

Heyo Armellians,

Here's another hotfix to set you up for the weekend.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an NMA that could occasionally occur when the Stranger was recruited by a Hero.

Known Issues
  • Purchasing chest and key bundles through Steam is having an issue going from cart to purchase, we're looking into this.

Thanks folks, hope you have a lovely weekend and we'll see you on the other side.


<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad
Sword and Shield: Arena VR - inovisio
In this update you can try the first demo of soon to come Viking Sea Quest.

For now what is enabled is controlling the viking ships, navigation, crashing ships, sounds.

In a couple of weeks I will start to introduce combat there. The combat will include both trying to sink enemy ships and when that fails or if you need their cargo fighting them with sword and shield.

Please share your first impressions of the Sea Quest on the forums or in review.

I will create trailer tomorrow of what is in the Sea Quest demo so far for those who don't yet have the game.
Distrust - Alawar Premium

Protonwar - gozu
Hi Guys!

This patch, while it may seem small has had a lot of backend work gone in around bug fixes and performance improvements.

We also now have a flash podium at the end of the match!

Here is a list of the notable changes:
New podium for end of match!
Improved visibility of self on scoreboard
Increased sniper scope resolution
Added smoke to most muzzle flashes
Added smoke to all shell casings
Improved Reaper effect
Decreased wall run length (non vr)
Improvements to DM-Castle
Lighting improvements on Aerowalk, Ruins-Night, Hazardous
Balance tweaks on AI, and AI performance improvements.

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - doctordekker
The first Dekker update is incoming! Here's the notes:

- New help video
- Slider for background music
- Several forum led keyword improvements
- Prevention of accidentally choosing the answer to a yes/no type question before hearing the question.
- Fixed possible game freeze during save
- Fixed act 2 Jaya hint (from forum)
- Fixed potential continue problem when all suspects leave
- Added confirmation dialogue to continue button
- Reduce save game size to improve performance

Thank you for all your helpful feedback and suggestions so far!

Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! - ColloseusX
Hey Guys

Hope you have all had a great weekend, the weather has been amazing in the UK!

So let's get to it, this update adds the first iteration of raiding, raiding is a new feature which basically does what it says on the tin, you can face off against the strongest enemies in the Creature Clicker universe

At the moment you can only face off against the first raid boss but i will be adding more and more soon

I will be adding special loot that you will be able to obtain for killing these raid bosses next week

You can get to the Raid Boss page at the top right on the Trainer profile page

The Raid bosses are going to be part of the end game content, when you beat all of them that will be part of the completion of the game

Thanks guys!


Get the game here:
Path of Exile - nazazzza
To close off this week of news, we've created another preview of upcoming content in The Fall of Oriath! In Act Five you'll leave Wraeclast and return to Oriath to face new enemies and witness its fall. Upon your return to Wraeclast, you'll find it changed. Some of the challenges you face will be unfamiliar to you, and some obstacles will vary depending on your actions from the past. In this preview video, you'll discover some of the familiar faces you can meet in Acts Six through Ten. Click here to watch it!
Friday the 13th: The Game - ThePraetorian
Hey all!

Happy to announce that the game has launched on Steam! Get it now and get murdering counselors and all that noise. Or get not murdered by Jason.

Everyone at Gun Media and IllFonic are thankful to all of you and your support for this project from conception to launch. We hope you enjoy the game and we'll see you all around Camp Crystal Lake!
Tip 02: Stamina

When your stamina level is down, stop runnning or you will lose health.
The warning red icon on the bottom left of your screen will show you when to stop pressing the Shift key.

It is the same underwater, if you swim fast for too long you will lose health as your stamina will be down.
Check the oxigen bar on the top of your screen, when it reatches the stamina icon, then you can swim faster by pressing Shift.


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