Community Announcements - [GM] Kyrie
Greeting Footballers,

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience due to the network
problems since the game launched.

The development team is working hard to resolve the current network

We will prepare to compensate you for the inconvenience.

We will update you about the specific compensation after with
troubleshooting version of network.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

- Team FreeStyle Football
Community Announcements - [GM] Kyrie
Greeting Footballers,

We would like to inform you about the error of the client and camera zoom.

We need information from users who have encountered these errors for fast processing.

We would appreciate error information thru email in the format below.


1. Client does not work
- Specific situations and screenshots
- Account number / Avatar ID / Server location

2. Camera that did not zoom in
- Screenshot
- Account number / Avatar ID / Server location

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

- Team FreeStyle Football

Community Announcements - Wizard_fu

Songbringer has had a private, closed beta in progress since February 2016. Backers of the Kickstarter and others that have preordered have been sent keys to unlock the beta version. Anyone can obtain a key immediately by preordering the $32 version at or by raffling points gained by watching the live stream
-=: Beta Version 0.9.F :=-

[NEW] Areas have sloped terrain
[NEW] Cactus reveals dungeon secrets
[NEW] Meditation reveals some secrets
[NEW] Explosive resistance: bosses have it so they cannot be cheesed so easily
[NEW] Bosses flash when low HP
[NEW] New cutscene before getting the teleporter
[NEW] New story elements: the Archway, Homecoming, Rosenbow, Guildenstern, etc.
[NEW] Believe blocks
[NEW] Audio for the Drobth miniboss' homing drone
[NEW] HUD quantities flash when changing
[NEW] Attract mode plays a few scenes if there is no input on the main menu

[+++] Jib can scan from a little farther away
[+++] Deeper-looking water on the overworld
[+++] AI system more deterministic per area: should make RNG more manipulatable

[FIX] Fixed all tree trunks accidentally having the same image
[FIX] Fixed Brutus sometimes being silent
[FIX] Fixed minimal HUD option not showing teeth
[FIX] Fixed Drobth miniboss bone arches sometimes blocking the path
[FIX] Rockface no longer stops world music
[FIX] Fixed lightning reflections too bright
[FIX] Fixed little dark lines of shadow out in the sky
[FIX] Fixed a bug when using two Xbox controllers (Windows only)
Community Announcements - Gaddy Games
I've just pushed the v0.3 into the beta branch. It's not complete: there are still bugs and a lot of things to optmize. But the v0.3 main content is finished. I'll now continue the minor improvements (help texts, balance, etc.), improve the netcode and fix the bugs, until it's good enough to be released.

As I did for the previous major updates, when the v0.3 will be released the game price will be increased to $10. For the v0.4 (to become final v1.0 after bugs fix), the price will be increased to $12.

Sorry again for being so late with this update, this multiplayer development is more complicated than I had anticipated... But I hope that this beta shows you that it is still progressing and that I'll definitely finish it.

To play this version, go to the "beta" tab of the steam properties of the game, and activate the "beta" branch (no password). The game should update to the beta version. The saved game are not compatible, but you can revert to the previous "default" branch anytime to continue playing with your v0.24 saved games.

The multiplayer is for coop play, and is mostly designed to be played with friends. But don't hesitate to check the game steam chat to see if there are other people who wish to play. Be careful of the ping, high ping will make a very bad game experience for sure.

To discuss about this beta, please use this post :

Here is the current change log of this v0.3:

v0.3 Change Log (BETA branch, Build 489)
- Multiplayer: play the campaign in coop with your friends.
- Player customisation in multiplayer
- Add a Parameters system to customize the games (rain quantity, ore quantity, monsters damages, etc.)
- Move saved games folder, now in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Dig or Die\<SteamId>\Saves. Old saved games are incompatible (use the steam v0.25 branch to play them)
- Steam Cloud for saved games
- Players can throw items out of their inventory (drag & drop)
- Right-clic on devices icons to use them, "use by shorcut" option improved, quick heal option removed
- 3 new night musics
- +1 to use, miniaturize and pick distances
- Give flashlight at start in peaceful and easy difficulties
- UI graphic makeover
- Fix electricy bugs: signal powered items caused some bug in some electricity network configuration
- Fix spike turret (target ground monsters much better)
- Fix some bug in minimap player coordinates
- Fix Load/Save and Help panel titles
- Repaired blocks stop burning after being repaired
- Update Polish localization
Community Announcements - Mastfire Studios
A very small handful of you have PC specs above the minimum. Yet have FPS permanently low even at the menu screen and even switching it to low settings.

1. Please make sure your Nvidia GPU is not in "Power saving mode" and set to max performance instead. As seen here:

A few of you have said this has fixed the issue.

2. Gaming monitors above 60hz may cause crashing consistently unless you have Vsync turned ON.

- We are currently looking into the server browser, connection issues as we have fixed those other 2 major bugs of FPS drops and server freeze.

- 21:9 and a few other issues

- Custom server support coming soon
Community Announcements - Rocketcat Games
Doing some small things. Still trying to track down the Visual Studio problem some people are having. We're about to give up and instead revamp some underlying systems to fix the problem. Pretty annoying, it's been holding some things back.

HOW TO INSTALL: Right click Death Road to Canada on Steam. Go to Properties. Go to Betas. Select Testbranch, no password necessary.


- Fixed a NOT NOT typo in AI logic that was messing up their former ability to switch to guns when fatigued
- Cheevo popup for skills should now show the skill icon

- Special case for taking a car detour with a car that takes no gas
- "chosen character" stat changes will also check for new stat cheevos
- farmer event mechanic check now should no longer get messed up by the charm check

- Special case for taking a car detour with a car that takes no gas
- Rambeaux now likes his knife more
- Fix for the mechanic cool-it event actually giving mechanic skill, rather than medical.
Community Announcements - NewHopeGames
First off I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has purchased this early access version. Without your support this project would not happen! As always if you want to support it further simply tell a friend.

Now about the update, here are the details...

-The Avalonpedia is now in the game and functioning, although a bit limited with information. I will be adding to this and polishing it more within next few updates.
-When jumping out, the blue colored screen for warp effects will now work in all sectors
-Dead creatures are now shown as bones rather then the bodies.
-A new creature has been added that can appear on ice planets, I won't say what it is so you can find it ;)
-Increased chance of finding an electronic data chip in loot after killing creatures
-Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the game to crash right after starting
-Keyboard command list no longer shows on top of gui panel at top left.
-Added 24 new planet names to the random database
-Planet names now have 1 to 18 after their name for a bit more variety. For example, Novario 3.

Ok this concludes this update. Not sure exactly what the next update will consist of but I have some great things in mind as always. Cheers!
Community Announcements - Bex_GGG
Tomorrow at 1pm (PST), the Breach Challenge Leagues will end. At this time the Stormcaller Mystery Box, free mystery box promotion, and Rogue Exile Outfit Sale will also finish. Today's news post reveals five new Divination Cards, explains what will happen when the leagues merge tomorrow and has information about what to expect this week!
Community Announcements - Lasso Games
With 0.2.6 we focused on making the ragdolls more dynamic and bloody. We added a few new visual effects and increased performance by reworking some of our drawing methods (also fixed a few minor bugs).

Ragdolls v3
  • Changes to ragdoll physics; not all body parts are weighted against each other equally, and now torso joints or joints closer to center of mass have more pull on satellite parts. Adjusted several player melee moves so their maximum enemy velocity caps out higher.
  • More states for all ragdoll heads and chests to show extreme physical damage. Ragdolls generate additional blood upon creation based on damage of upper chest/head region.
  • Certain sufficiently damaged ragdoll parts will generate tiny meat bits that fly out on creation.
Other Additions
  • Added shockwave effects to muzzle flashes, explosions, and shield hits! Also added a selector in video options to turned these up, down, or off.

  • New smoke effects to levels and are produced when a bullet hits the environment.
  • New calculations for chance to dodge bullets; at close range to point blank they are virtually impossible to dodge, although the further out you are, the easier the bullets become to dodge, based on player agility skill.
  • Made enemy bullets a bit more accurate so they are more on target over long distances.
  • Player aim animation works differently; instead of jumping from point to point, the arm wavers in a sin wave depending on current gun recoil, and jumps and skips during gun operation.
  • Swinging chain objects will all bounce off of terrain now.
  • Changed the way a lot of effects are drawn in level. Bullets, door indicators, muzzle flashes (and their brightness effects), verlet objects, blood, blood hits all draw to a single layer.
  • Adjusted the way background tile darkness is drawn;resulting in slight performance increases.
  • RJ hacker now becomes slightly more visible when performing attack actions.

Bug Fixes
  • Player hit animation plays faster with moveboost, and ends the hit state when it reaches the last frame.
  • New checks to ensure two perps don't have the same generated names.
  • Adjustments to make buy/car menus work more like they used to (more accurate mouse clicking control) with new control scripts.
  • You can no longer reload while climbing.

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Community Announcements - Frittata
Dear Players,

Following our weekly maintenance on Tuesday 28th February, we will be opening a new North American server (East Coast), while also addressing a number of existing connectivity issues.

Existing NA West player data will be copied to NA East so that players can continue immediately on the new server, however from then on player data will not be synced between servers.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Tiger Knight!

For more fun please follow us at
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