Community Announcements - Jen

We’re excited to announce the second set of teams (from the June 2016 Survivor League qualifiers) that were able to successfully qualify for the Summer Cup Semi Final Match! The winning teams from the Final Match this Sunday (July 4th) will be invited to be flown out to the ARK Survival of the Fittest Season One: Summer Cup in Shanghai, China at ChinaJoy 2016 and get the chance to compete for over $40,000!

To read more details about the Summer Cup just check out:

And without further ado, the teams which have successfully qualified for the Semi Finals are:

Members: Vayne, Jason TaTane, Sk0_-, and ReDz

Tribe: The Killer Inc is Back
Members: X Hunter, DentilZha, Razorbread, and Tazzpro

Tribe: #BeChampions
Members: FluffyB, EnemaOfTheStates, Swordfish, and MPG Resi

Tribe: VictoriousSecret
Members: StalkinU, Rene, IceBox, and Mathrandril

Tribe: HailKappa
Members: DdayDrasin, Messy, Toast, and Voxsic

Tribe: Chinese Storytellers
Members: Narco Polo, RealNapalm, AlethaUK, and mistercrime

Tribe: e-LEMON-ators
Members: DeyLo, Nes, VelociREKTor, and antihero

Tribe: Holy Church of RNGNESS
Members: Rockette, Soprano, Sols, and D e l u x e

Tribe: Grabuge
Members: patpanik84, Chyminliv, Alexette, and dantuan

Tribe: S.PLH
Members: Pepper, JEPPE, Grypee, and Haydnz

These were the teams who had the collected highest points following June's Survivor League Qualifier Rankings! We’d like to congratulate them on their valiant play and look forward to them participating in the upcoming match on Sunday!

The invited teams will be sent a special group invite and friends request on Steam from so make sure you accept the invites from that account.

Good luck to all Survivors out there and let’s see who gets crowned the Season One Summer Cup Champions of ARK: Survival of the Fittest! Don't forget to join July 2-3 at 11AMEST on our Twitch to watch the competitions!

Much love,
Wildcard Jen and the ARK: Survival of the Fittest Team
Community Announcements - Luminaire
We’re getting ever closer to the beta build. We are currently aiming to get into beta on July 18th and have the final build by mid to late August. In this current build, we’ve finished up the mainline storyline, you can go all the way from start to finish. It’s not polished yet, so for the people waiting to get into the story, please wait a bit more. We’re still adding in bits and pieces of the side quests.

For the next build, the focus for us is to better lead players into the game. We’re finding that a lot of players have little idea what to do once in the game, so they never get to the point of actually discovering all the systems. We see too many telling us that the game doesn’t have much content, which has us doing a lot of head scratching. Another major thing we’re work on is the linking up of the comfort, strength, animation speed, weapon weight, weapon types, armor types (and perhaps temperature) systems, this will solve several problems that you guys have mentioned before, such as players not using all the weapons and armor or jumping directly to the one with the most ATK or HP. We are also adding more code for NPC behavior when in battle, such as maybe a follower with a start up knife shouldn’t be waving it at a giant robot.

Here’s a new poster, once we hit beta, this will become the new image for the game on Steam.


Fixed player falling through blocks when reloading
Fixed laser gun not being accurate
Fixed arrow number display
Fixed enemies respawning when fast traveling in adventure mode
Fixed having to press cancel twice when reviving
Fixed animation problem when picking up bullets without a weapon in hand
Fixed shotgun giving too many skill points
Fixed crash created by alt-tab and right clicking with gun equipped
Fixed not giving skill points for gun kills
Fixed battle music playing when hitting the ground
Fixed electric numbers issue for guns using electricity
Fixed colony sleep UI being able to gather mainline NPCs as followers
Fixed followers asking for repairs without a weapon in hand
Fixed Tariq repeating a statement throughout the game
Fixed being able to enter the dodge animation while on a glider
Fixed turrets not showing up on the small map
Fixed some animals not being able to land range attacks
Fixed adventure mode not having ocean bg music
Fixed NPCs getting attacked by animals and ignoring them
Fixed NPCs running into chests
Fixed NPCs with exclamation marks on the small map not giving a mission
Fixed Chen’s eyes
Fixed near clip problems with climbing ladders
Fixed the player becoming bald for a second when going from first person to third
Fixed no sound when in melee combat when in the air
Fixed no sound when in multiplayer
Fixed some issues with male and female specific clothing in the replicator
Fixed broken axe always broadcasting that it’s broken
Fixed digging in the GRV ship mission giving the wrong item
Fixed factory replicator workers stopping work when the player talks to them
Fixed being able to call a follower even when the follower is dead
Fixed the upgrade machine not being able to upgrade the axe
Fixed the energy shield not working for the follower
Fixed still being able to pick up items when the inventory is full
Fixed some fish and bird attack issues
Fixed animals spawning within the colony shield
Fixed the Paja not being able to get up after entering ragdoll state
Fixed Peter and Ava falling to the bottom of the desert tower when reloading on a slower harddrive
Fixed not being able to click the materials in the build menu with the mouse
Fixed issue with the tutorial level elevator when heading down
Fixed too many dungeons spawning in multiplayer
Fixed player not able to use own colony upon returning to server in multiplayer
Fixed the gather icon not showing in tutorial
Fixed colony NPC change cloth UI
Fixed tree billboards in water showing up above water
Fixed AI not gradually appearing when spawning
Fixed land AI spawning in water
Fixed ragdoll for hexapod
Fixed various UI bugs
Deleted the R&D skill
Deleted the World Editor button for Mac and Linux machines, the World Editor is Windows only
Changed the wooden bed to a sleeping bag to better fit the theme
Increased the draw distance for trees in adventure mode
Optimized ragdolls in oceans
Tweaked fog color for several biomes
Tweaked water gathering to holding the left mouse key
Tweaked NPC camp behavior so that they’re not eating and sleeping at the same time
Tweaked mineral scanner colors
Tweaked battle music for slow in and out
Tweaked tutorial missions to be more precise and clearer
Tweaked tutorial tips speed
Tweaked repair machine time to much lower
Tweaked recycle machine time to much lower
Tweaked the size of the plant root area when planting
Tweaked the colony building location so that it cannot be placed in caves or underwater
Tweaked all font to thick font
Tweaked the speed at which weather changes between biomes
Tweaked some animal turn animations
Tweaked the height and speed of aircraft
Tweaked sound output for animal groups
Tweaked animal speeds
Tweaked some NPC animations
Added all mainline story missions (bugs and all)
Added tooltips for options
Added followers using ISO weapons
Added new NPCs
Added new rivers
Added water in dungeons
Added more enemy types in dungeons
Added lights to some static models
Added lights to dungeons
Added water waves for animals
Added new ocean plants
Added new volcanic plants
Added the grappling hook, Hitomi sells it
Added many animal sounds
Added hit sounds
Added gun sounds
Added vehicle sounds
Added turret sounds
Added new cg intro (it might be a bit choppy for some, still working on that)
Added easy mode for story mode
Added pause when pressing esc
Added several new story locations
Added new terrain features to the world map
Added Puja and Paja kneeling animation for when firing weapons
Added using player made ISOs as loot for dungeons
Added levels for dungeons
Added more cutscene animations
Added sleep behavior at night for animals
Added 12 types of new animals
Added Ava’s little robot
Added placeable storage box
Added duel wield swords
Added colony warning for low coal
Added minirobot missile effect
Added followers being able to switch weapons when out of ammo
Added having Nan sell the laser pistol
Added ocean sounds
Added footstep sounds
Added canceling follow missions when entering a dungeon in single player
Added a new custom map
Community Announcements - LilyHammer0709
Hey guys,

Here is a quick patch to fix most of the major issues that popped up over the last couple days. It fixes the auto save bug, the problem with doors not opening, and the bug where terrain would disappear upon loading games. Here are the full patch notes on everything we fixed and improved:

  • reduced creature raids aggressiveness
  • added scaling to difficulty on creature raids based on play time
  • balanced poacher tent spawning to increase in difficulty over time
  • doubled time in between creature bite attack
  • reduced potency of tranquilizer darts
  • reduced damage of tranquilizer darts to creatures
  • adjusted tree block and stone hit points to break easier
  • branches can now be found inland
  • adjusted structure block hit points
  • added developer command /teleport x y z
  • added developer command /timescale to change day speed
  • added developer command /scenario # to test scenarios
  • autosave now saves active chunks
  • fixed error with stucco wall
  • fixed problem with doors not working
  • fixed bug where torches did not light when placed
  • improved fruit spawning
  • fixed bug where player would respawn still on fire
  • fixed bug that caused swings and other events to not fire
  • saving while dead sets the player to their last spawn point
  • fixed up pathfinding on breakable objects
  • added missing nutritional values to life blocks for when a creature eats
  • players no longer pick up items on death
  • fix to creatures ignoring food thrown at them when chasing when trying to eat the player
  • fix to throwable objects colliding with the player
  • fix to cave lighting not being reset on death
  • fixed issue where restarting a new game would cause the terrain to disappear
  • fix to creatures being scared of bombs
  • spawn a sack with contents of a chest if it is removed

Let us know if you are still having issues. Thanks for your patience while we fixed these bugs! Have fun hunting those poachers!
Community Announcements - AlphaBeard
  • We added more modding support.
    • Added scripting (.cs) support for the following things.
      • parts
      • skills
      • mutations
      • effects
      • part builders
      • zone builders
      • encounter builders
      • inventory builders
      • conversation scripts
      • quest scripts
    • Mods that use scripting require manual approval on the Installed Mod Configuration screen. To navigate to that screen, you need to enable the overlay UI.
    • .rpm maps can now be fully or partially modded by including a map of the same name in the root of a mod folder. A load="Merge" tag combines cell elements instead of overwriting them. You don't need to define all the cells when modding an existing map.
    • Added two new tutorial mods, "Two Ctesiphus" and "Hued Ctesiphus".
    • Added a bunch of new modding documentation:
  • Added a separate overlay UI option to enable overlay buttons: From the Options menu, choose Overlay UI > 'Show overlay button bar.'
  • Drinking enough wine or cider gets you drunk again.
  • Our top sludge researchers have published their new findings.
    • When a sludge catalyzes a liquid, it now gains some levels, HP, and quickness.
    • Added lush and spiced sludges. Some arconaut in a hookah tent is telling everyone to let them hit you and you'll get a buzz.
    • Added sludgy sludges. Sludgy sludges attack with sludgy pseudopods and rust your stuff with sludge.
    • Added gooey sludges. They're probably poisonous.
    • Added putrid sludges. Don't fight them on a full stomach.
    • Added oozing sludges. These guys don't have any sort of negative effect so you should go introduce yourself.
    • Added luminous sludges. They're also friendly.
    • Added homogenized sludges. Findings redacted.
    • Added neutronic sludges. Then all the researchers died.
Community Announcements - ZekeTheDefender
Hi all,

In this update we added checkpoints for use in the Platformer, ARPG, and FPS players.
When you walk over these and then die, your character will respawn at the last one you walked over.

We also added some properties to start and end locators.
To see these properties, open up the Properties window and select a Start or End Locator.
The start locators have a property now called a Start Tag.
These can be useful for setting specific transitions between levels, such as entering and exiting buildings.
The end locators now have a property called Target Level. Enter a level name into this field, and if you have a scene saved as that name it will become the next scene loaded.
The end locators also have a property called Target Start Tag, while the Start Locators now have something called a Start Tag. If you write something in this field for the end locator, and a start locator in the next scene has the same tag, that will be where you start.

If you own the Drone Kombat DLC, you may have noticed the automatic doors. These used to only work in the external players. They now also work in the internal players.

Lastly, in the FPS internal player used to jump into the air when you first spawn. This has been fixed.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for object properties, feel free to let us know!

Community Announcements - DavidSchPT
Indie Game Reviewer rates "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" 4.5 out of 5...

"DINO-MYTE... outstanding expansion... replay value considerably high"
Community Announcements - Good Mood Creators
Dear Dearest Beta Testers,

First off, thank you for your interest in Mekazoo, and time you are going to commit to it being as good as we all hope.

If you didn't get in we are still accepting participants! Visit to get in to the action!

The main purpose of this Beta is to get testing for all of our objectives. There are 100 gears to be earned, 210 gems to be found, and new costumes to be worn, as you make your way through the 25 levels, and 6 Bosses.

Mekazoo is still under construction, so not all art, SFX, or music is implemented at this point, and you will notice that right off the bat in our introductory stage. Don’t worry we are getting that all done, and there is plenty of beauty to be seen and heard.

We want to hear from you, so get into the community hub on Steam and get into the discussions.

What we want to hear most is your input on this content. (ie what will get you a free copy of Mekazoo)

- How many gears can you collect, which ones can you not get?
- How many gems can you collect, which ones can you not get?
- Which of these objectives are too Hard, or too Easy?
- Did you ever get stuck? (couldn’t move, see the character, or had to die to reset an event to pass it)
- What level sections did you get stuck in?
- Are there any levels or Bosses you can’t beat, or find to be unsatisfying?
- How long did it take to beat the game, or stop playing?
- What level made you quit?
- Which level sections had noticeable frame rate drop?
- What are your system specs? (dx diag would be great here)

(all we want is your honest answer, completion is not a requirement for getting a copy)

Bug Tracking is also important, but is not something we expect any of you to do. If you happen to see a bug, we would appreciate, an image (private video link is even better), a description of how it happened, and a description of how easy it is to do.

ScreenToGif ( is a great tool we use at the office to create small embeddable videos. These uploaded privately to imgur would work great.

Please only use the discussion forums on our official community hub via Mekazoo in the steam library or by this link:
The discussions marked BETA are for product owners only and should fill all of your needs.

Non-Disclosure Agreement that you must agree to will appear after installation and before you can play. All we ask is that any information shared about Mekazoo be kept private to our Community Hub and Discussions. Image and video links should be set to private with access through link and posted only in our discussion threads.


First try Pausing the game, and Restarting the level
If that doesn’t work try quitting to the Main Menu
If that doesn’t work please contact us you have found a very bad issue we have not yet encountered.

Game Save Issues?
Go to app data > local low > Good Mood Creators > and delete all files in this folder. WARNING this will delete all save data, but will remove any bugs occurring because of previous data. Testers from our other betas should do this before starting. We are looking into how best to deal with any issues getting caused by this.

Known Game Breaking Issues
No game breaking bugs known of at this time.

We will be looking at everything that is posted, but with the amount of work we are still trying to get into this game, we may not be as responsive as we were in the past. If you need to contact us directly you can e-mail for any questions or troubles that may arise.
Community Announcements - jimbo2go

Community Announcements - Kingkat
-Shield can now break
-Regen only works while standing still or near by the Sun
-Fixed Abominator not moving
-Abominator damage is less
Community Announcements - NxA_OneLetter

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

Thanks for your patience!


July 5, 2016
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Central European Time: 12:00 AM [July 6] – 4:00 AM [July 6]
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: 8:00 AM [July 6] – 12:00 PM [July 6]
What will be unavailable:
  • All Riders of Icarus game servers.
Changes and Updates:
  • Preparations for Open Beta.

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