Community Announcements - darkmadegames
- fixed tree chopping bug where trees would stay up after completion
- added "heart beat" system that avoids not responding on load
(may still have this pop up for a short time between menu and scene transition if you're clicking off the window/hitting alt tab)
- fixed flag bug that would cause buildings to not load
- fixed equipment bug showing tainted crown (lich) as massive
- fixed script timing causing null errors after reusing units
Community Announcements - alex
As the in-game Sales season is over take your chance and claim a steal deal available with the Black Friday Bundle!

Community Announcements - Gametek Brasil
Fix Cannibal 0.1

Patch notes 0.1
• Save option added (when sleeping in tents or completing quests);
• Considerable improvement in game performance;
• Fixed Instability problems during the game;
• Improved lighting effects for night time;
• Revised subtitles implemented.


This version (0.1) uses the CryEngine 3.6.10 EAAS. For the next game update (0.2) we are already using version 3.8.5 EAAS, allowing us to work with better quality lighting effects and improved textures, processing and overall performance.

What can you expect for the next update (version 0.2)?
• More traps, buildings and accessories;
• Freedom to carry out missions;
• Increased performance;
• More Cannibal infested areas;

Thanks for all feedback and a big hug to everyone!
Community Announcements - CSN:Z Official
Zombie Scenario Season 5 - Pursue: Revenge

“As the sound of a gunshot rang throughout the air, Laser Wing was killed as he was about to give Jennifer some information…”

Jennifer, who realized that there was yet another force at play, set out to find the force that may potentially be a threat. While she was on her way to the suspicious lab, Jennifer came into contact with a familiar zombie, and recovers her lost… no, her unwanted memories.

Now it is time to join the second mysterious installment of Zombie Scenario 5. Jennifer sets out on a mission to find the killer of her informant, Laser Wing. While exploring a suspicious laboratory she will encounter a familiar zombie, and begin to uncover memories she thought were long buried.

In order to obtain more info, you must install a radar satellite receiver.

A monster that knows Jennifer appears:

You must cope with lots of obstacles leveraging many gears.

Reveal the identity of Jack in ‘Revenge’!

Having introduced a huge range of new modes revamped and Zombie Scenario Season 5 this week, we have introduced a variety of weapons and have decided to ratchet up the action with a fresh range of weapons.

Two new weapons, Fire Vulcan and P90 Lapin, are now set into the mileage decoder to show off both their appearance and power, as well as a long list of variants that are more enjoyable for all users.

Fire Vulcan
Compared to any other shotgun, Fire Vulcan has a very high magazine size, high rate of fire and low recoil. And for a shotgun, it can be used at a far range. This fire vulcan spews out 40 rounds of 12 gauge ammo at an extreme rate of fire that exceeds the limits of normal shotguns. In addition, it has a long barrel that gives it superior accuracy.

P90 Lapin holds 50 5.7mm rounds for each magazine. It holds 20 more bullets than other submachine gun which reduces the risk of reloading bullets in the middle of a heated battle. It also has 1% higher accuracy and lower recoil. The gun comes in pink and is decorated with rabbit-themed accessories to celebrate the year of the rabbit. How lovely!

From 29.11 until 06.12, the probability to receive those weapons from a Decoder are doubled!

Facebook (English):
Community Announcements - Mawhrin-Skel
The latest ship design, the PLC Battlecruiser 'Homan' is up over on the blog complete with 3D turntable! We can expect this puppy to arrive with UPDATE 6 within the next few days. Checkout the annoucement over on the blog.

"The problem with XL weapons in turret form is that with so much energy being pumped into the base, often the turret needs a long recharge time in between cycles to ensure that its operation can be sustained. The XL fixed weapon has no such concession; sporting cooling solutions, focal apparatus and energy capacitance that the XL turrets cannot afford the space to fit. The end result is an overcharged and oversized cannon capable of a sustained and contiguous firing solution over a far greater range."
Community Announcements - Racing Bros
Bugfixes and Updates to Animal DLC: more maps and new soundtrack
Community Announcements - Michal Brzozowski
  • Fixed crash involving playing sounds left over from a previous game.
  • Fixed a UI crash and added diagnostics to trace another crash.
  • Added some hints to team UI.
Community Announcements - Genetix
- New Weapon Fire Wand!
- New Weapon Bunny Wand!
- Time of Day graphic added!
- Enemies now drop their Souls! (Magic Ammunition)
- You can now hold & drag when building objects.
- Items will now snap to the grid while in Build Mode.
- Mining Gravestones now give Souls.
- Enemies no longer steal Gold, Silver, Stone and other items.
- Fixed Craft button for Oven not showing it available to Build.
- Bonefire now last longer, and can be place on floors.
- The Intro can now be skipped by pressing any Key after it's been seen at least once.
Community Announcements - Boomstick_King
Good news! The game has made enough that we can expand the audio and add even more new music tracks :). Our composer, Dan Dombrowsky is very excited to get started! Hopefully, the game continues to do well to the point that we can add more cool new features as it develops :).
Community Announcements - DoctorChocolate
I am very excited about this weeks update. Personaly I have been waiting a very long time, and the wait is finaly over. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a vegitation feature! The feature looks great, runs great, and has smooth animations aswell. This will soon be accompanied by Shadmars Day/Night/Rain cycle shader.

It's just me here for a few weeks, so progress will be cut in half.

I am also pleased to announce PAC now has over 500+ paid players! This may not seem like much, but to us it's very special. We went from nothing, to selling over 500 copies in under a year! We can't wait to get this new build rolling.
This audio track isn't featured anywhere in PAC, but it gives a great example of the type of music I would love to feature in a final build.

Also, for those of you curious to know more about us as developers:

drarem - (Lead Programmer, Animator) Grew up in the 70s and 80s as video gaming technology started in it’s infancy. Computers owned/played with in historical order: Tandy Radioshack MC/10, TRS-80 Color Computer 3, Atari 800, Atari STE, Commodore Amiga, AMD/Intels. Coding skills: C/C++, Java, Lua. Tools used: Linux x64 LXDE 12Mb Intel I7, Leadwerks 3, Blender, Gimp, MyPaint, Krita.

"Hi, It's been a dark and wonderous venture down the rabbit hole of 'Lua'. I joined DoctorChocolate a little over a month ago both in the interest of learning lua, providing some help, and publishing something out there rather than having unfinished projects laying around. Initially I thought this would be a simple game to slap together, but of course not. The deeper I went down that hole, the more I realized how powerful this game engine and lua can be. Like a snobby C++ programmer I admit I poo-pooed lua in the past, but I can see how it can help bring a game to production quality very quickly.

We have accomplished many things in the month and are very close to the alpha release. As we get closer to the end of kickstarter and working feverishly to get the alpha pushed out, I know I'm growing more excited. I'm ready to kick some monster butt. - drarem"

DoctorChocolate - (Lead Artist, Lead Designer, Animator) 2D/3D Artist and game developer, modeler, animator and enthusiast. GUI designer for the hit web game SUPER SMASH FLASH. Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier. Macromedia Flash, Autodesk Softimage XSI, Digicell Flipbook. Pixologic Zbrush, Mudbox, Leadwerks 3, Valve Hammer Editor. Favorite games: Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, Marvel V.S Capcom, anything Bethesda.

"Pump-Action Captain is a great source of passion and inspiration for me. Most of my free time now is spent creating content, instead of playing games myself. Before I was a gamer, I was an artist. So working on PAC is a combination of both things I love to do. I hope this love will show through when you play the final version."

Ask the Creator:

High Concept Document:

Caleb'z Key Grab!

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