Force of Nature - Artem
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization. All thanks to Vitor Monti (Rivenex)!
  • Added night vision potion (available on the cooking table from level 5)
  • You can now switch the language in the chat
  • Increased production of water in the well: maximum stack size increased from 5 to 6, production time reduced from 25 seconds to 20
  • The amount of energy required for a stone axe, stone pick and digging stick has been reduced
  • Added the ability to plant a random mushroom and a random plant (for those who accidentally spent all seeds of some kind)
Glyphs Apprentice - inSPIREgames
Yes Glyphs does indeed have keyboard configs and now you can set them to what you want as well as if you want to see the Tool Tips or not. Find the Settings Panel on the Main Screen or in the Game Screen when you click the blue Menu Button to leave the Game Screen.

As always if you have questions or problems then please post them here in the Community Hub and I'll get to them as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your comments on and your interest in Glyphs. It means a lot to me to see this community growing. :-)

Scott Kingdon
Glyphs Dev
Reversed Dreamland - DearDream
Update new version 1.1 and add key binding support. now you can bind keys in control setting.
Masked Shooters 2 - Lich
Added Reverse Y-axis toggle in Controls tab (In Game).
Have Fun!
V - Creability
OldMaidGirl - Yudai Senoo (Vrai)
+ Support Vive controller vibration
Orake 2D MMORPG - adambrosio1
Orake will be down for a bit, we are trying to fix the multi-server. We do not have a time the servers will be back up.
Solar Settlers - BrickRoadDX
Top Weekly Challenge Score: Vivafringe

Best Stream Commentary: ponycarnival

Best Card Design: Bayushi/Byron

Warrior's Spirit Award: Allan

Thanks for playing everybody, that was a ton of fun!
Breach of Contract Online - Noodles

I understand there maybe a few concerns about this project.
First to mention, I'm 18 years old so this project is on a low budget and more so just about myself and my programming abilities. All in all, I have been working on this project for many months so I expect people to be a little more understanding of the current situation. Breach of Contract is an amazing game with quite a lot to offer, but more to be known upcoming

I'm going to be adding more features to Breach of Contract Online
Currently working on the following :
  • Single Player/Bots
  • 2 New Maps
  • 32 Player per Match

Single Player/Bots will be expected soon. This is due to the fact that it can be much more convenient for a player to hop in a private match to just get their skills up!
Additional maps give the game more content which is always a plus!
Breach of Contract will also be receiving many bug fixes too. Any that you can find please be sure to post to a forum! ːsteamhappyː
Black Squad - bs_bryan
Dear Players,

Our Closed Beta test has finally ended! thank you everyone for participating Black Squad. All your feedback during CBT is very important for us to improve the game upon release.

See you everyone in Early Access!

- Black Squad Team

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