Community Announcements -
Hi all, we have now released version 0.35 which sees more of the storyline added and a huge upgrade to the artwork, sound effects and music included within the game created so far.

Characters now have more animation between dialogue sentences and also some basic cg scenes have now been added to the gameplay as well.

New update will be coming in two weeks time, which include more cg scenes, some minor adult sections and more story content.

Our main script is also about 50% complete at this stage, slightly behind our original schedule, but we still believe we are on track to finalise the script by mid June, so that it is just CG scene delivery left. Which we still are hoping to remain on target for a July release.
Community Announcements - Zeritum
There's just 21 hours until the game releases! I am very excited for this and I do hope that when you play this game it does not let you down! Here is a list of the release times in the different time zones:


A few people have mentioned that this game should be up for sale for more than it is. You are generous people! I set the price at £2 ($3) because I wanted to make it as accessible as possible. If you do believe that this game is worth more, I thank you for generosity and you may donate to my PayPal here:

Here's to a good launch!

Community Announcements - Valkyrie_Neocore
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing III v1.0.1

Major changes include:

  • Acheivementy will be apllied on Steam as well
  • In multiplayer you could start Neverending Story mode, it has been fixed.
  • Battle Royal PVP mode received a map picture
  • Aura’s secondary skill can be unlearned properly from now
  • Several spots have been fixed, where you could fall off from the map
  • Chests which were unreachable have been fixed
  • Defence enchantment on items will be applied to your global defense rate from now.
  • Rocket Barrage’s damage won’t decrease when upgrading from lvl4 t lvl5
  • Missing strings have been fixed
  • Potion related tooltips have been modified
  • Metacritic link at chapter’s end will point to Van Helsing III page instead of II
  • Trophy table used wrong strings
  • Pathing error when you tried to reach your stash has been fixed

  • Steam overlay related issues have been fixed
  • Above 1080p trap build menu won’t appear offscreen
  • Impending Doom debuff will work as intended.
  • The Skill reset option will save the changes from now on

Community Announcements - dalerank

Probably the last update of May consists of several fixes for severe bugs and some new textures and animations.

- Fixed a crash when trying to build a plaza;
- Fixed a crash when trying to build a road block;
- Fixed Emperor's relations worsening if a city does not pay to the Emperor;
- Fixed the influence of the Ceres temple on the surrounding buildings, now in case of favorable attitude of the goddess - farms productivity will accelerate, this works backwards as well;
- Fixed Senate flags rendering, now they correctly indicate the life parameters of the city;

+ Added sawmill textures;
+ Added a hot key for your city's Health layer;
+ Added textures for wealth (taxes) layer;
+ Added temples animations, fire bowls are now animated near working temples;
+ Added ability to display the number of goods in the metric system of the ancient Rome;

* Mercury's temple now affects stores / shopping centers located near by.

June is going to have more new content and of course we won't stop fixing bugs you are reporting. Thank you all!
Community Announcements - PlayGrid_BranchNorth
We've received some feedback that occasionally users are having trouble registering for Victory Command. Our own Jeffrick spent a lot of time working directly with users and the dev team late into the night to find a temporary workaround for you. We are also aiming to get a permanent fix in place soon. But, until then, Jeff created this step-by-step guide for you.

If you purchased the game on Steam but are unable to create the PlayGrid account needed to log in, follow these 8 steps.
  1. ​From the PlayGrid homepage ( click on "log in or sign up."
  2. Instead of entering a beta code, look for "Or login with:" and click on the Steam logo.
  3. This redirects you to the Steam site. Enter your Steam credentials and grant access to PlayGrid. Then you will be redirected back to the registration form where you can complete registration.
  4. Try launching the game from Steam again. If you are still unable to log in or see the Victory Command launcher, follow the next steps for a temporary walk-around.
  5. Go to the PlayGrid homepage and under the Game menu select Download
  6. Game (
  7. Download and install the non-Steam version to a different directory on your computer.
  8. Once the install is complete, launch this version directly without going through Steam.
You should be able to login using the email address and password you used when you registered.

This is a temporary workaround until we resolve a rare authentication error.​ NOTE: Once fixed you should be able to launch through Steam again, but until then, any purchases from the Steam store will not appear in the game. You will still own those purchases, as they are attached to your Steam account. They will appear again once the issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working on a patch for this.

Thanks again
Team Victory Command
Community Announcements - Braxt

- Event Card Intuition Sound
- New Quest Event Type (NPC's, Locations)
- Quest Chains (there are only a couple now, but more are being worked on)
- Context sensitive instructions. There are still some bugs with it.
- More story elements

- Reworked Combat UI
- Quest Mechanics (Taking Damage ends the quest)
- Acedemy InfoPanel changes.
- Tons of verbage.
- All pages from an Info-Message will be entered into your journal when found... not just the pages you've read.

- You no can longer lose your last health point, or last inventory item when in the Academy.
- You can now teleport in the Academy if you have the gold.

Lots more to add!!

There may be some bugs, so please report liberally. :)

Have fun!

Community Announcements - Zarkonnen
I used to devour "Making Magic", the game design column written by Mark Rosewater, then lead designer of Magic: The Gathering. I never got into playing Magic itself, but I found the inside view of game design and balancing interesting nevertheless. Probably the most famous column is Timmy, Johnny and Spike, where he introduces three archetypal player profiles that the game caters to.

Airships isn't much like M:tG in its details, but there are certain similarities: it's a 1v1 game that is played in two distinct stages of preparation and combat. In Magic, the preparation is the deck building, whereas in Airships it's the ship design. Victory is secured by some combination of good preparation and being able to use your assets effectively. With that in mind, I think that Timmy, Johnny and Spike are applicable to my game. I'm going to first explain what each of these player types is about, and then how I'm working to accommodate the interests of each of them.

Player profiles form a loose categorization system for different motivations and styles of play. Not everyone falls neatly into one category, and beyond the Timmy/Johnny/Spike system, there's a whole bunch of other categorizations that draw the lines in different places or are applicable to different kinds of game. TVTropes has a decent overview.


This player likes things big, and dramatic. Sure, winning is nice, but spectacular wins are so much more satisfying than subtle ones. This is the guy who wants to take you out with the really dramatic finishing move, or crush you with the giant battleship.


To Johnny, playing the game is a form of self-expression. What matters is cleverness and innovation. Sure, winning is nice, but winning in a clever way is so much more satisfying than doing it in an obvious fashion. He will try out the obtuse combos and weird tactics that take you by surprise.


Spike wants to win. He doesn't care how he does it. Tactics don't have to be clever, or exciting, they just have to work. He's the one who will happily kill you by using a perfectly executed punch 57 times in a row.

(Note of course that these archetypes apply to all genders - their names are male, and so I'm using "he" throughout for grammar reasons.)

What does Airships currently do to cater to each of those archetypes, and what future improvements can I make?

Big airships, big weapons, flamethrowers. Ramming! The most recent update, 6.4, was very much one for Timmy, adding more visual spectacle and visceral destruction. There's still a bunch of things I want to try out for increased spectacle:

  • Temporarily panning the camera for particularly large explosions.
  • Adding crew portraits to the shouts so you can see their faces, lit up by fire, screaming dramatically.
  • Better and more varied audio for all things smashy and explodey.
The ship editor is Johnny's domain, of course. What makes a game like Airships work long-term is a wide variety of viable strategies: high-altitude snipers, rammers, boarders, swarms of grenade ships, etc. What matters for Johnny is adding new options that expand the space of interesting things to do.

This is trickier than it sounds, because each added option needs to be *situationally* dominant rather than *globally* dominant or inferior. If I add a new gun that's better in all situations than two existing weapons, I've actually shrunk the space of interesting designs. And if I add an option that's just not very good, well, it just clutters up the game's design.

So what's definitely planned for Johnny, apart from a continual search for interesting new weapon concepts?

  • Landships: Not as flexible as airships, but cheaper and a bit more durable.
  • Most likely, small auxillary craft. This is a concept that's been worked out in some detail by people on the forum, and I think it's a good one.
  • Diesel engines: More powerful, easier to operate, but more flammable and expensive.
Winning is what matters to Spike, and especially winning against other people. Airships has had online multiplayer for a long time now, but we haven't reached a critical mass of players where you can play a match when you want to. The multiplayer calendar sees the occasional flicker of activity, but it's kind of cumbersome. This may get better over time as more people discover the game, and old players revisit it at the time of major releases, but it's clear that Spike needs some love, in the form of:

  • Tournaments! Players are self-organizing one at the moment, but it's something I want to build support into the game for.
  • Relatedly, a ranking system where players can compete for the top spot by winning multiplayer fights.
  • Practical improvements to the multiplayer calendar like being told further in advance that you have an upcoming match, and the ability to opt in to being told that there's an unmatched slot available in the near future.
All of these improvements are going to come in over time in the next three versions of the game or so. As you can see, I have a vast quantity of things I want to do with the game to make it more fun for players, as well as finishing up the list of large game features. So stay tuned, let me know your feedback and ideas, and fight me in multiplayer some time!
Community Announcements - Furiously Inactive Games
We're back on twitch in a few minutes, doing some art this time!

Stop by and visit with the devs/artist and see cool stuff being made. You know you want to.
Community Announcements - OfficialTigerStudios
Here is the weekly update showing you all the new content this week!

-Extended Cave Scene.
-Extended Jungle Scene.

-Added new creature Shroom slime.
-Added new creature Worm.
-Added new creature Bat.
-Added a bunch of new items.

-Made the Red Bird catch-able.
-Added audio to the Zeeloo creature.
-Did a few tweaks to save and load to make them more stable.
-Updated Dream scene.
Community Announcements - TB Games
- Added: new carbine De Lisle (for low levels).
- Added: new rifle (FN-FAL).
- Added: visual dirt on weapons: MAS56, Bizon, De Lisle, FN-FAL.
- Changed: way of quiting the game (against re-loggers)through the Esc key.
- Changed: scope of MAS56 (regular sight sample 1953).
- Changed: performance characteristics of some types of weapons.
- Finalised locations.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

- Изменен выход из игры (против релоггеров), на клавишу Esc.
- Доработаны локации.
- Исправлены некоторые мелкие ошибки.
- Добавлен новый карабин De Lisle (для начальных уровней).
- Добавлена новая винтовка (FN-FAL).
- Изменен прицел у MAS56 (штатный прицел образца 1953 г.).
- Добавлено визуальное загрязнение у оружия: MAS56, Bizon, De Lisle, FN-FAL.
- Изменены ТТХ у некоторых видов оружия.

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