Community Announcements - br33dlove
A new Absolver gameplay trailer debuted during the PSX keynote today showing off some new gameplay, combat sets, and sequences so we wanted to share it with the Steam community as well.

Absolver PC fans can rest assured that the game will launch here on Steam alongside PS4 with a full compliment of features. Enjoy and if you so desire, please add Absolver to your Steam wishlist to keep track of its release next year!
Community Announcements - CannibalInteractive
Hello everyone! There's a small fix to a problem several players were having, as well as a couple changes to in-game things. Here are the notes:

-People were getting a "black screen of death" after certain cutscene fights. While you could still access the menu and move around on the map, you couldn't see what you were doing. That has been fixed; if it still happens for you, please post here and let me know!
-Party members that aren't participating in combat now gain 75% Experience, up from 50%. There's a few situations in the end-game that called for different party members, but several players didn't like how unbalanced their party became since they stuck with their favorite setup all the way through. This should make that less painful.
-New Item category: Directions! It's easy to get lost when traveling, so now certain events and NPC's will give you directions to places. Just select the town name you want to go to, and you'll be told which direction you have to travel to get there.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or further issues. Thank you for playing, and I hope you continue to enjoy Legend of Moros!
Community Announcements - TheMiddleGray
Hi everyone
We are working on the maps now and updating the current version according to players' suggestion as well.
Hope we could release 1-2 new maps in next update, for this time we have:
  • Added tower type descriptions.
  • Adjusted difficulty ramp for first 5 maps.
  • Allow player put down the boulder if have picked it up but don't want to throw it for some reason, without losing one boulder.
  • Fixed some tiny bugs.
Thanks a lot for your support and suggestions.
Community Announcements - TsuyoiRaionGames
Congratulations to Eli Iris, you win the giveaway for helping vote "Highly Anticipated" for the steam awards! Thanks so much for your support, it really means to world to me!

All giveaways will be handled via email so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

There will be more chances to win a free copy of the game in the near future so stay tuned!
Community Announcements - mjr711
You can now earn trading cards while playing one more night! Use those cards to craft badges and earn steam experience. Also, with every badge you craft you will unlock one of 5 steam background images and one of six One More Night emojis!
Community Announcements - vikingvrstudio
We sincerely apologize for some players' lagging problem in level 2.
Fortunately we guess we'd somehow solve it several hours ago(the team can get some sleep now:).

It is not perfect though, we will keep collecting the feedbacks and make other updates very soon. Thank you guys again for playing the game!
Community Announcements - Mindwalker Games
Built on 12/3/2016

Currently in Beta, will become current build after a bit of testing has been done.

The concept of supply has been removed, and you will now receive a number of structures upon assault changes. This not only simplifies the game a bit overall, but removes the requirement for you to place supply based structures within an assault to maximize damage output (game was a bit overly hectic because of that I think).

Pacing and tuning have gone through significant changes. Previously the number of enemies that spawned per wave increased fairly linearly, as did their health, resulting in a ton of enemies in later missions in endless modes. Now enemies increase in health only on assault changes fairly dramatically, and the number of enemies will be pulled back, such that you will have a greater ramp-up in enemies per assault but not that crushing stream of enemies in later waves (very notable in endless modes).

Both of these changes make the concept of Assaults more central to the game mechanics. Please let us know if you feel this needs more explanation in the game or if it is feeling fairly intuitive.

Added overcharge system for activatable structures like Meteor Storm, increasing effectiveness by 25% up to 4 times as long as structure is on cooldown. This is in an effort to make sure we do not require you to use a structure when it’s off cooldown as part of a ‘rotation’ to maximize DPS, rather, if you wish to use it for maximum damage, using it as soon as available will be the way to do that. However, strategically you can also allow a structure to charge up and use them for defeating important groups.

Note that overcharge is disabled for a few of the starting missions, and the intent is to explain it in the campaign eventually. Play an endless or challenge mission to ensure they are enabled.

Various bug fixes (also, water still wet)

Community Announcements - Scott
Hey guys, I wanted to update you all on the progress of Golden Freddy Mode. I've been holding something back; and there will be an update incoming.

The V. Hard mode, as it is now, it is most likely unbeatable, as I've said before. The thing that makes it unbeatable is that it lacks sufficient power to survive the night. But I wanted to let everyone have a stab at it until I completed the final cutscene.

When the final cutscene is ready, I will give Very Hard Mode a little more juice to help dedicated players make it to 6am.

Then we can finally see what becomes of Eggs Benedict.

Then our story can be complete. :)
Community Announcements - Volomist
Hey guys here is a new update for our Prequel Enhanced Edition!

Patch notes

* introduce persistent save; data should not get lost over updates anymore
* improve notification behavior
* improve save/load screen behavior
* optimize load game code
* fix unobtainable achievement bug
* fix ui bug on restart game after completion
* fix various typos

Please keep supporting us! Your comments and suggestions have been incredibly amazing so far!

You are awesome!
Community Announcements - cprince
Hey there, Puppyfans!

Give Us Your Filthy Cash!
So... you want to play something like Revenge of the Titans, but multiplayer in a massive persistent online world, I hear? I have just the game for you... Battledroid.

Progress has been made, and all sorts of shiny things have been added - but there is still so much more to do and I can only work on it in the few hours of an evening I get after work. Behold:

That's right, I have a real job doing something sucky, and I only get to work on Battledroid in my spare time which is why it's taking so long.

If only we had more funding, I could develop this game a whole lot quicker.
We only need a paltry pledge of just $1 a month from 5000 fans to make this happen.


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