Elemental World Part 1:Rise Of The Guardians - wiseowlstudios
This is playing from the unity editor as this is what is being uploaded in the next few hours.In the video it is using fraps to show the FPS while i play
The video is mostly showing the new weather/day night and new zone and i do some of the quests

My dev pc specs:
cpu: amd FX 6100
Ram: 16GB ram
OS: win 7

The lowish FPS and load could be from old cpu but i aim to get n ew pc soon and ideally would like some feedback from players

Some quick timecodes:
01:00 Player create new models
03:00 New options menu
04:16 Quest Board
06:32 Crypt
11:20 Necro Village Loads
16:17 Necromancers Mansion and the weapers
26:50 Lauras house,Rain and forage spots
27:24 Find the ring for quest
30:00 Find rat tails and quest hand in
36:45 Find QTrain

ARENA GODS® - bihaiko
EA | 39.22.40 | Win
* weapon colliders bugfix
* minor settings bugfix
Tales Of Glory - unityraptor
Main game and demo were updated with the following changes:

- NPCs now fall from ledges with damages. They will be able to get up and continue fighting. If you hit then while on a ledge, they will die
- NPCS can unblock themselves when stuck in stairs
- Horses will now stop more quickly
- Some bug corrections
AlterVerse: Disruption - Nibiru
AlterVerse ThanksGiving Day Game Update! Ver.

Hello everybody, Happy Thanksgiving! Today we released an updated AlterVerse Game client with many exciting New Features, VR Readiness and of course many performance fixes!
Here’s some of the exciting highlights!


Customizable Disrupter Ships.

The Disrupter Ships have been overhauled with a brand new customizable outer hull and fully personalizable interiors!
That’s right! Customizable Disrupter Ships are here! You can now pick from eight different outer hull colors! Plus with the new easy to use in-game Ship Customizer you can even personalize the interior walls, Bridge floor, Mess Hall floor, Lounge floor, the Crew Room’s bed cover, pillows, rugs and wallpaper all throughout your ship!
You can also change your Disrupter ship’s location in the AlterVerse by switching the outside skybox with just a couple mouse clicks!
Log in today and personalize your own Disrupter Ship and stand out in the crowd! err, outer space? lol

New Tap-Link With Ranks And Stats Pages.

From the Tap-Link you can now send and receive messages from other players and even invite them to be your friend to get them to join your Alliance.
Checking your Networth, rank and game stats has never been easier! You can check them all right from the Tap-Link! Soon we’ll also be adding them to the website.
You can view your Personal Networth, Level and Rank. View overall Quest Ranks, Raid Ranks and Alliance Ranks and see the stats and rankings of other players!

Here’s a breakdown of how the ranks are calculated.

Networth Ranks
Networth = My Arns + 10,000 for each Ship/Kingdom owned + 100 if Citizen.

Level Ranks
Level = Successful Raids + Keys Acquired.

Alliance Ranks:
1 point for every 1000 in treasury. (Partial amounts don’t count. For example: 10999 is still only 10 points.)
3 points for every successful Raid.
5 points for every successful Defend.


All of the HUD elements and GUIs that are available in-game are now working on the VR overlay. It could still use some polish, but it’s all functional. It saves separate layouts for on-screen or in HMD and you can select which HUD elements are shown or hidden from the general tab of the options menu.
Ctrl-h (left controller button 2) works to show/hide the HUD on-screen and in the HMD. When the overlay is visible, you can move it closer or farther with the mouse scroll wheel.
We’ve found keeping the overlay on, but very close (so you have to look up for the compass and down for the pouches), really helps keep you oriented in the tracking space.

We now have oculus support (dk2/cv1 and basic binds for touch controllers).

You no longer need to restart the game to activate VR mode, you can toggle it on and off between level loads. In fact, for now the best VR experience will be had by launching the game in normal mode and running the halls once to cache all of the shapes and effects, then returning to the select level screen and reloading in VR mode.

The tracked controllers can be used to interact with any object the mouse or huddot would.
To activate, press the interact button (button 1 on right hand). Your controller will appear with a laser beam pointer emitting from it. When the pointer is on an object that you can interact with, it will turn from blue to yellow. Release the button and the object will be activated.

We can now experience VR standing or seated. The seated/standing toggle can be found on the options General page. There are a couple areas that still need a little work, the in-game avatar customizer and flight controls, but it’s getting there. Some more testing and a little polish and it’ll be all good!


XR75 Fighter Jet Adjustments.

The latest XR75 changes add auto-leveling, so after you bank into a turn or roll it will level you back out faster. It’s a slightly tighter turning radius but less mouse movement force so it feels a little more natural.
We went back to one of the sound effects we used before that’s called space engine, vs the motorcycle and car engine sounds, so now the XR75 engines sound more like afterburners vs a high pitched whine.
When flying an XR75 you will now be equipped with a space helmet, safety first, as they say! Also, flight controls have been fine tuned so you can now fly a back row Stinger out of the hangar without hitting the other ships if you’re careful of course.
We made adjustments to the XR75’s projectiles that will prevent explosions from ejecting players from the XR75 and keeps us from a gruesome death in space!

Quality Of Life Improvements.

Easier to understand GUI/HUD windows and gameplay instructions.
Added some verbage to the Quest Tracker Screen to help clarify the objective of the quest.
Changed the color and font on all of the words on the walls to a more readable font to help make it easier to know where you are.
Changed the Game Basics screen to include info on how the Compass works.
Added Bridge arrow decals pointing to the Bridge from the Teleport Center to help newer players find their way to the Bridge.
Modified the Map to make it easier to read and understand.
The Crew rooms are now numbered to make them easer to find and help you know where you are when running around in the ship hallways.
Separated the Button Menu from the Metrics Menu and made them both collapsible.
VR can be toggled between mission loads without requiring a game restart.
Fix to prevent tracked laser pointer from passing through static objects.
Players won’t be crouching after dying in aircraft.
Made Keys glow to make them easier to see.

Plus many many more fixes and changes that can be viewed on our official changelog here.

See you in the AlterVerse,
Exoplanet: First Contact - bijou
Hey gang, the latest update is out! It is an important update for us, because in it we have reached not one, but two major milestones, which open big possibilities for the future updates. The characters have received a makeover, with new faces, facial hair customization as well as skin tones. This should help a lot with making them more memorable as well as move away from the feeling that they are identical clones with different hats. The second big change, while invisible to the naked eye, is no less important: the switch of all non-aggressive NPCs to the new AI system, which should finally allow scripting believable behavior in the future updates. We hope that you’ll enjoy playing this update!


  • Improved performance due to shadows calculation optimization
  • Loading is 10-30% faster depending on your PC specs

  • Added Jack’s new voiced lines in certain places
  • Added a small new area to the Windscream Canyon
  • Added cut and broken variations of trees
  • Added seedlings of palms and trees

  • Overhauled most of the NPC’s appearances with new faces, skin tones, attire and accessories

  • Equipping weapons is now animated
  • Using a scanner is now also animated
  • You no longer have to stop to reload a shotgun
  • Polished reloading animations to get rid of jerking
  • Added more variety to the ‘getting damaged’ animations
  • Added a variety of character impact sounds
  • Added reloading sounds

  • It is now possible to start the Lost Arphant quest by talking to Juggo first
  • You can complete Getting Rid of Scalp Hunters quest if you killed the Scalp Hunters on your own
  • Account for the player killing off the scalp hunters on his own
  • A couple of adjustments to the starting scene
  • Bribe is now a valid way to get into the fort
  • Added dialogs to the fort’s gate guards

  • Non-aggressive NPCs play different animations when turning towards the player depending on how much they have to turn to face the player
  • Added talking animations to the NPCs that missed them

  • Added global sound effects volume control slider to options menu
  • Tutorial popups (if not turned off in the options) should be more spread out and less crowded

  • Hotbar corner key overlays correspond to set key bindings
  • Fixed a couple of dialog bugs
  • Fixed several errors which led to crash

  • Some players still can experience crashes on random areas
  • Sometimes the game can crash if you click mouse keyboard buttons during loading
  • Sometimes the game can crash during autosave

We are working hard to get rid of every single bug but some of them are really hard to fix because due to their strange behavior it is hard to reproduce them.

If you experience any critical bugs, please let us know via our Discord channel. We will try to fix everything as soon as possible.

You can also report about bugs on technical support forum or send us your log to support@alersteam.com with description of the problem and your PC specs.

You can find your .log file here: Documents\Alersteam\Exoplanet First Contact\system.log

Also, if you have any other questions or need help (game crashes / freezes / can't launch), feel free to add me (@bijou) and I will try to help you.

As usual, we recommend to start a new game.


As you know, we are always looking for your honest feedback and ideas which could help us to improve the game. But there's an important thing I would like to talk about — the RECENT REVIEWS section.

The thing is, it is very important for us to show potential buyers that Exoplanet is evolving with every update and this is not the same bare-bones game as it was on the release. Thus, your reviews not just allows us to get some additional coverage but also helps to get new players.

I know there are a lot of good people who don't care about leaving a review or didn't do that so far. But if you do like Exoplanet, please, help us with an honest review. It is very important. And it is really helpful. Thanks a lot in advance for understanding.

P.S. Despite the fact, that some people's review doesn't affect the score of the game (if it was gifted or reedemed with a key), your feedback is still priceless. Thanks for your support.

Operation: Polarity Hook - Cronoforge Studios Inc.

Our first update is now live!

- Added Analytics
- Fixed Bullet sometimes going through walls
- Fixed Wall collision so Drones less likely to go out of bounds
- Campaign Clear Drones on Death to increase performance
- Added Punch Voice Queue to first door
- Minor Bug Fixes to stages

We are also accepting beta tester applications. If you like first person shooters and would like to be a part of the multiplayer beta test send us an email at contact@cronoforge.com. Tell us a bit about your experience with FPS and Virtual Reality, only those selected will be contacted.

La Tale - Vertigo_NJ
Hello Heroes!

Return once more to the magical world of La Tale! After its successful mid-summer relaunch on Papaya Play, La Tale is coming back to Steam bigger and better than ever. Through Papaya Play, La Tale has experienced its highest concurrent player count since its initial North American launch, and introduced three exciting content updates, including Call of the Goddess, Aki City, and Agni, the latter of which introduced the fiery new Agni Class!

La Tale’s Steam launch on Papaya Play will be accompanied by a number of in-game events to help new Heroes get their start, the details of which will be released very soon. Check out the La Tale website for more information on the recent updates and stay tuned for more Steam details:

La Tale Website

*Please be aware that La Tale accounts created through Papaya Play cannot by accessed through the Steam Client, and vice versa.*
Sphere Frustration - GreatherGames
3 winter arena's now available in the new "Winter Survival" game mode.

Contains 2 modified arena's and 1 new arena.

Collect all the gifts, avoid the human!

Winter Survival is playable via;
Single Player > Survival > Winter Survival

Like the update? , Want to see more winter maps?
Let me know.

Any Problems, let me know.
Oldage - Farage

Hey guys, here are the patch notes:
* Added a bunch of new achievements
* Achievements are now redeemable as "Quests" in-game
- Each Quest has a certain prize
- You can only do each Quest once

* Added pretty new flags to indicate when good things happen

* Added a new "RapidFire" mode (that is super fun, please try it)

* Added a chance of getting an "Inverted" mode

And thats it!
Let me know if you guys are liking where this is going, this patch is kinda special because it might be the last one before we go out of Early Access
Thank you all for playing!
Community Announcements - [Trynitz Dév] Valentin Mapping
Hello new change log Tryintz game version 1.3

Main Menu
New Logo game
New Sound
New Server Security

Zombie Land Survival
New Fix beug
New Descriptions
New Building
New Fix beug craft system
Other Build
New Chat system
New Version 1.3
New Server Comunity (Discord(https://discord.gg/VZzDrc2)

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