Community Announcements - trgassa|orangevalley
News from "Orange Valley"!

Dreaming's Patch 1.02 has been canceled.
Instead, we're working on an update called "Dreaming Returns". This will include:
- Chapter Two
- A modified version of Chapter One
- Russian and Ukrainian localization.

"Dreaming Returns" will be available this Fall. It's price is expected to be about $10.
Community Announcements - Sergei
Fix for Windows XP
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike
Due to community request we've made a small update: The default gamepad controls are now more sutiable for a race game (no more automatic forwards movement when using the left stick)

To spice this post up, here the first cool GIF i found on the community hub ;)

Community Announcements - RaptorM60
We’re happy to announce that after almost 2 years of Alpha development, our team has successfully pushed the first BETA marked build of Take On Mars to Steam. While this suggests that we’re closing in for the final release of the game later this year, there is still a lot to be done and polished: including additional features we’re considering for further development.

In that aspect, we see the first BETA release as an important milestone that sets the basic boundaries for the game – meaning that from the gameplay perspective, no radical changes (such as the additional multiplayer mode or the manned missions were in the past) should happen in future.

From a player perspective, the main task of this BETA release is mainly to provide a set of stabilizing fixes: for example the texture crash bug that was causing a lot of pain recently, as well as several other crashes, should now be resolved.

Looking ahead, we will keep adding content until we reach a feature complete BETA, and we will also be looking at some refinements to the content that already is in the game. The first iteration of these refining efforts can already be seen in this build, where we’ve reworked most of the user interface, including the one in our in-game editor.

Announced earlier, we will of course keep working on the redesign of building blocks (there are still several tasks that need to be done) and with some additional help from our fellow game designers at Bohemia Interactive, we will also think about possible tweaks regarding the overall experience players have with Take On Mars.

With the first BETA release, we’re also changing the price of Take On Mars a little bit – from now on, new players will be able to buy our Early Access BETA starting at 21,99$/19,99€/15,99£, while of course nothing changes for those of you who already own the game.
Community Announcements - BossConstructor
- You can now filter ships by 'type', i.e. default ship, custom ship etc.
- You can now have a look at the AI ships in the hangar.
- Ships generated by the evolution (and exported) are now separated from your normal custom ships.
- Fixed a crash which could occur when winning an exploration mission.
- Fixed a crash caused by concurrent modification in the particle system.
- Fixed a crash which could occur in the tutorial stages 9-11.
- Fixed a bug causing the background to flicker in evolution mode.
Community Announcements - pinkerator
- Last achievement fixed
Community Announcements - DTG_Kevin
Phase 6.1 content is now available in game!

Full 6.1 patch notes are available below, Phase 6 patch notes are available HERE, and you can watch either our Phase 6 Summary Video or our 70-minute-long Twitch preview, complete with Q&A Session to know everything you need to know about Phase 6.

You'll find the central feedback thread HERE


The DTG Team


New Features - Freedom Fishing Synchronized Multiplayer

Player Names (Steam ID) now appear in Multiplayer
Text Chat System Implemented in Multiplayer
Press ‘/’ to type a message
Press ‘C’ to toggle chat window on and off
Press ‘/’ to type a message and then ‘/W PLAYERNAME message text’ to send a private message to a player in your session

New Content - Boss Fish Names Added

The following boss fish now have names:
  • Bream Boss 1 = Golenia (named by nundgg)
  • Bream Boss 2 = Little Dipper (name by dupont.bart-2206)
  • Bream Boss 3 = Reinhold (named by Lennart)
  • Carp Boss 1 = Warrior (named by Pixelated Warrior)
  • Carp Boss 3 = Big Al (named by The Yak)
  • Carp Boss 4 = Bumba (named by Volkira)
  • Carp Boss 5 = Dyleyon (name by The Lost Pariah)
  • Carp Boss 6 = Carposaure (named by Djoko)
  • Carp Boss 7 = Sorayuki (named by MegaGaara23)

Carp Boss 2 hasn’t been caught yet and remains to be named. The first player to catch Carp Boss 2 and post a picture HERE will get to name the fish.

Bug Fixes

Freedom Fishing Synchronized Multiplayer
  • Fixed a number of crashes in multiplayer, especially related to connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting

Netting A Fish
  • Character no longer walks after catching a fish
  • You are no longer able to catch a fish before the net has completely gone into the water

Linear Complex - St John's Lake
  • Landscape bugs in St Johns for anything less than Ultra settings
  • Removed “Press F to Fish” location in St Johns
  • Collision fixes in St John's lake
  • Fish presentation tweaks

Updated Audio
  • Audio mix tweaked for Training Lake and St John's lake

Known Issues

  • The character will keep "auto walking" if chat is opened whilst walking.
  • There is still the issue with hotkey commands in chat if the user presses Enter almost simultaneously with the key.
  • If players characters are too far apart from each other in game they will not see chat messages. The host will see all messages but if guests are over 100 metres away from the host they will not see hosts posts and if guests 100 metres away from each other they will not see each others posts. As our lake is only 130 metres or so long this should be too much of a problem.
Community Announcements - Orange Pascal
A lot of fixes and improvements have been pushed over the last few days, so here's a list of changes:

  • resolution fixes, mostly Windows related
  • TimeLord achievement fix, will unlock now (if you know what to do!)
  • Daily challenge leaderboard fixes
  • Arcade mode high-score uploading fixes

happy fraggin!
Community Announcements - oleg-kazakov-1990
New update just released on steam, featuring:
  • two new maps
  • new weapon
  • two new enemy types

Stay tuned!
Community Announcements - BartBear_[PL]
It has been planned as ClanWar between Ger-Rus teams (firstly just clans, but as always there was man shortages, so more clans joined....and it was still not the event turned into public...fightnight(?))
As it was agreed whole event had been being streamed live at and here is just cut-edition of it

and happy grenade crowd by the participant view ;)

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