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BarbaraIan screenshot

BarbaraIan! What is best in life?>

Crush your enemies. See them driven toward you. Hear the lamentation of the player.>

There are some puns that not even I will go near. “Barbara-Ian” [official site] is henceforth to be counted among that number. Name aside, though, this glass-cannon dungeoneering experience looks like it could be a giggle if it makes it out of Greenlight.

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The current game is not saved.Do you want to save the game before you load another game?>


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Sundays are for contemplating those who are gone and those who go on.

  • Darkest Dungeon is a brilliant game. Dingy, but brilliant. Austin Walker’s thoughts on the sanity system – and sanity systems in general – might be the best response to Red Hook’s gothic masterpiece so far.
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AdventureJam logo

Game jams! They’re pretty great, though personally I prefer a nice home-made game chutney. It takes all sorts, mind, and I’ll concede that jam’s a lot better spread on toast than a chunky old chutney. Also game chutneys aren’t a thing, I guess. Game jams, such as next month’s AdventureJam, very much are, of course.

The brief is wonderfully inviting: participants should create games that “embody the spirit of adventure”. That might mean your classic point and click adventure games, text parser or IF adventures, or any of the many modern spins on the adventure game concept. … [visit site to read more]

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As half of RPS swan off to GDC the other half the good half remain in the UK, beavering away and looking at links. Like beavers. Beavers who are building a dam out of URLs. I don’t know why the beavers would do this instead of using logs. Logs have worked really well for years, beavers. This is a stupid and unnecessary embracing of technology. Anyway, I like those idiot beavers who don’t exist outside an analogy which went wrong have built a URL dam in the flow of this blog.

Shut up, Pip.

This is not the Sunday Papers.

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Los Santos in grayscale - 01

Ever wondered what Los Santos, the setting of Grand Theft Auto V, would look like if you stripped out the game’s textures, replacing them with shades of black and grey?

Wonder no longer, because artist Kim Laughton has done just that. More images below the fold.

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The Deer God screenshot

And another Kickstarted game gallops over the finish line!

I really, really wanted to lead this news post with more deer-related puns, but when I looked back over our past coverage of The Deer God [official site] I realised I’d been beaten to the punch. Life is such a cruel and terrible thing; all the easy terrible jokes have been done already.

Still, it could be worse. I could be a flannel shirt-wearing hunter whose soul has somehow become trapped within the body of his preferred prey. I too could be subject to the capricious whims of the god of deer. Or knowing I was recycling puns could be enough to stop me. Sorry, chums. … [visit site to read more]

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A Druid's Duel screenshot

Druids used to be pretty important in England. Their influence faded long ago, but things might have turned out differently if they’d possessed the ability to turn into animals and do battle on floating islands. Then again, would the legions of the Roman Empire really have been bothered by a few eagles ineffectually pecking at chainmail? I suppose not, but dropping a floating island would probably have the desired effect.

We may never learn the truth of that entirely stupid scenario, but in the meantime it’s possible to pit druid versus druid in bloody turn-based combat thanks to A Druid’s Duel [official site], which was released this week. Peer through this ornate torc and a trailer you shall see.

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Happy happy joy hoy

We Happy Few [official site] brings The Prisoner> to mind. It’s set in an odd, colourful urban area where everyone is behaving strangely and some weird omniscient character sure is trying to keep you eye on you. While nonconformity in the classic English spy-fi show mostly got Patrick McGoohan a good gassing or drugging, it looks like We Happy Few’s protagonist will be met with a little more violence. I’d rather be bopped with a nice big ballon than be twatted with a shovel.

It’s the next game from Contrast developers Compulsion Games, the one they’d teased with talk of masks, drugs, and memory loss. Here, tell me this trailer it’s not Prisoner-ish:

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Hearts of Iron [official site] is the one Paradox grand strategy series that I’ve been unable to befriend. Partly that’s because it’s a more guided experience, a game about a specific war rather than a historical sandbox and it’s partly because of the micromanagement involved in production and resource chains. Hearts of Iron IV might change that, with its cleverly streamlined factory operations and improved minor nations. More on that later this week.

First of all, I wanted to discuss the difficulty of playing the bad guys.>

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