Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a client crash related to the game UI
  • Updated the localization files
Product Update - Valve
* In ranked matches, the average MMR of each team is now shown during hero selection, and the top MMR on each team is shown next to that player’s hero portrait.

* Fixed Keeper of the Light's Illuminate occasionally revealing Fog of War incorrectly

* Fixed Control Groups not saving for heroes that the user has not played before
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed some props flickering when shot
  • Fixed a listen server crash when setting mp_tournament 1 on the command line
  • Fixed clipped Preset button in the Quickswitch panel
  • Fixed some .mp3 sound script entries that were missed in the previous update
  • Fixed self-made taunts not displaying the community-sparkle particle effect
  • Fixed a Taunt Workshop bug related to looping animations
  • Fixed item levels not displaying during trading sessions
  • Added UGC Highlander Season 13, Highlander Season 14, 6v6 Season 15, 6v6 Season 16, 4v4 Season 2, and 4v4 Season 3 medals
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
  • Mannpower update
    • Added powerup icons to the HUD deathnotice reports
    • Fixed Thunder Mountain not showing up in the Quickplay dialog's list of maps
    • Fixed the intel getting into a bad state and becoming unreachable under the ground at the cap point
    • Medics now move slower than their heal target while their heal target is using the grapple
    • Removed random weapon damage spread
    • Removed crit immunity from the Resistance powerup
    • Removed random melee critical hits
    • Increased all melee damage by 30%
    • Knockout powerup
      • Removed melee damage critical hits
      • Added double melee damage multiplier
      • A Half-Zatoichi kill now refills to base health only, not buffed health
    • Updated ctf_thundermountain
      • Fixed being able to get to rocks in the death cliff intel areas
      • Fixed being able to escape the playable part of the map
      • Fixed being able to get on top of the center tower roof
    • Updated ctf_foundry
        - Added nobuild brushes to the tops of the inside white tankers
Product Update - Valve
Fixed various assortments of pathing
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Announcing the Taunt Workshop!
    • Steam Workshop taunt submissions can now be "Certified Compatible" and are no longer tagged as Beta
    • Check out the blog post for more information
  • Added 3 new community-created taunts to the Mann Co. Store
    • Scout taunt: The Boston Breakdance
    • Sniper taunt: The Killer Solo
    • Sniper taunt: Most Wanted
  • Added Crate #92 to the drop list
  • Updated sound vo files to use .mp3 files instead of .wav files to reduce hard drive space
  • Fixed a bug related to jiggle bones and cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff
  • Fixed an exploit related to material .vmt files and playing on servers using sv_pure
  • Fixed the game not running for some dual GPU machines (Mac OS X)
  • Fixed a dedicated server crash caused by a Soldier with Mantreads landing on a player with the Warlock powerup equipped
  • Fixed an exploit related to Highlander mode and changing teams with instant respawn
  • Fixed a bug with the vote system UI when sv_vote_ui_hide_disabled_issues was set to 0
  • Fixed an exploit where clients could bypass the name change timer
  • Fixed a bug that caused some particles to not draw correctly
  • Fixed shadows drawing on some wearables while in first person
  • Fixed an exploit related to the Gunslinger and hitting teammates to generate a guaranteed third hit that is critical
  • Fixed the Killstreak icon not being positioned correctly in the HUD targetID panel
  • Fixed not being able to activate the Phlogistinator's buff using alt-fire when ammo was below the cost of an airblast
  • Updated the Mann Co. Store and Armory to not display item levels
  • Fixed the Phlogistinator's bottle not getting the crit-boost material effect
  • Added a "no helmet" style for the Antlers
  • Added the tournament medals
  • Added the Florida LAN tournament medals
  • Reduced the latency of voice audio
  • Updated the equip_region for the Black Knight's Bascinet
  • Updated The Little Bear so it can get assists in Pyrovision
  • Updated weapons sounds for the axe_hit, blade_hit, and cbar_hit sound effects
  • Updated Mann Co. Store prices for foreign currencies to current USD equivalents
  • Updated the description for The Gunslinger to include the three hit combo
  • Updated the localization files
  • Mannpower update
    • Added new map ctf_thundermountain
    • Added new powerup: Knockout
      • Restricts the carrier to Melee and Grappling Hook only
      • Max health increased by 150
      • Immune to airblast and damage pushback
      • Melee weapon always crits and forcibly shoves the victim away
      • Melee hit forces the victim to drop their powerup or the flag if they have it
      • 4X melee damage to buildings
    • Grappling Hook changes
      • Added hook jump– hit the jump key while being pulled-in to detach and jump extra distance (jump velocity convar "tf_grapplinghook_jump_up_speed")
      • Added support for hooking into enemy players
        • Release the fire button once the hook has hit an enemy player to draw yourself to them
        • Hooked victims will bleed for 2 health per second
        • Unhook at any time by switching back to the grapple, or firing it again away from your victim
        • Force detach if the hook is not in line of sight of hooked in enemy for more than 1 second
        • Sound cue added when hooked by an enemy's grapple
      • Added new Grapple weapon sounds and grapple projectile
      • Reduced max firing distance to 4000 units (convar "tf_grapplinghook_max_distance")
      • Increased hook re-fire delay from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds
      • Re-enabled fall damage for the grappling hook (convar "tf_grapplinghook_prevent_fall_damage")
      • Fixed grappling hook rope drawing as the wrong color for friendly disguised Spy
    • Added Revenge temporary powerup
      • Activates and spawns when a significant game imbalance is detected
      • Temporarily grants crits, increased fire rate and increased clip size
    • Added unique powerup pickup sounds
    • Random Melee critical hits are now enabled in Mannpower (ConVar "tf_weapon_criticals_melee 2")
    • Strength: Fixed sentries inheriting the double damage multiplier
    • Reduced the time it takes a dropped powerup to become available for pickup by 0.5 seconds
Product Update - Valve
- Various Pathfinding Fixes
Product Update - Valve
* Added an upgraded wolf pup style to Crystal Maiden’s Frost Avalanche (existing Arcanas will be updated shortly)
- Unlocked by destroying 50 enemy wards
- Upgraded wolf pups have an alternate skin, and several new behaviors

* Dropping an item onto another item on the ground now properly places it where clicked
* Made various fixes to pathing
* Fixed a case where Winter's Curse didn't credit the kill properly
* Fixed autopause in league games having a countdown instead of being instant
Product Update - Valve
* You may now peek inside a charm to see the contents of the treasure you can win
* Fixed problem where client would occasionally fail to connect to a gameserver, with the error message “bad challenge”
* Earth Spirit will correctly move into range when casting Boulder Smash
* Fixed heroes with undroppable Aghanim's Scepter Upgrades being able to gain their upgrades from Scepters owned by other players (Meepo, Ogre Magi, and Treant Protector)
* Fixed Duel and Supernova Aghanim's Scepter upgrade interaction
* Fixed top bar buyback indicator sometimes being inaccurate
* Corrected an issue where the combat log was not being displayed
Product Update - Valve
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is Now Available for Mac and is 40% off!* The Original Soundtrack is also now available, at a 30% off!*

Built in partnership with the Alaska Native community, Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that explores the harsh and vibrant world of Alaska Native stories. Delve deeply into the traditional lore of the I upiat people of the Arctic for a game experience like no other.

The Never Alone soundtrack features a 33-minute audio journey from composer and sound designer Brendan J. Hogan. Re-mastered music from the game as well as new and unreleased music are combined with 3D audio soundscapes and sound effects to take the listener on a guided journey back through the story of Kisima In itchu a. To make the most of the 3D audio technology, headphones are recommended.

*Offer ends March 5 at 10AM Pacific Time
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed flying units not moving correctly when issued move orders off the playable area of the map.

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