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First things first, walk up to the metal grate and interact with it to actually begin the first objective the chapter. Now that the actual mission has begun, cross over to the pipes in the wall and climb up them until Blazkowicz falls back into the cell. Once you regain control, look down and pick up the Pipes to gain your first item.

With the Pipes in hand, turn and cross to the broken piece of wall, and interact with it to begin climbing up. You’ll find quite a few of these areas as you move through the coming chapters, so keep an eye out for them.As you climb someone will move into Wesley’s cell. You won’t see it actually happening, but after listening to the encounter your mission objective will update and you’ll need to find Wesley.

Finish climbing to the top of the cell, and make note of the patrolling Supersoldier ahead of you. These guys are strapped to power cables in the ceiling, which means you’ll need to turn the power off if you want to get past him.

Look to your right, and interact with the power switch here to disable the power to the Supersoldier. Once he is kneeling, it’s time to perform a Takedown on him, and put him out of commission for good. Always perform Takedowns on the Supersoldiers, otherwise they’ll get back up after the power reboots.

Once the Supersoldier is down, move forward and use the power switch to turn off the power to the door, and then open it with your Pipes.

The next switch is directly to your right as you enter the next area. Crouch behind the generator to hide from the soldier, and switch it off before taking him down. Once that metal thug is down, simply head through the cell on your right and switch off the next power source to continue the process on the second Supersoldier. Now disable the power to the gate and move through it.

Grab anything you need from the table nearby, and then crouch walk across the bridge. Watch out for the napping hounds around here, and take them out silently to remove them from the equation. Once they are napping eternally, head to your right and watch out for the nearby Supersoldier. There are a total of four Supersoldiers in this area, so carefully move forward, deactivating power generators, and disposing of hulking metal guards until the only Supersoldier left is the one patrolling the corridor. Wait for him to head back towards where you entered, and then sneak up to the gate and deactivate the electricity so you can open it with your Pipes.

With the corridor of death behind you, turn left and climb onto the pipes running along the wall. Grab the armor at the end, then drop down on the stairs and continue down them and to the left. Here you will find a dead end with a climbable wall. Head up it, and into the vents, and continue through them until you reach a room with two more Supersoldiers.

The simplest way to make it through this area is to hop down, break open the crate in front of you, and murder the Supersoldiers using the minigun inside… However, if you’re more into the whole stealth thing, wait until the soldiers aren’t looking at you. Drop to the ground. Run to the left, turn both switches to power down both Supersoldiers, and then perform Takedowns on them to get them out of your way. Once both suits are down, head down the tunnel to the gate, power off the electricity to it using the switch, and head into the next area.

There is a hound here, so carefully turn down the side platform and move to the second archway. He’ll be napping by the time you get there, so simply sneak up when the nearby Supersuit isn’t around, and kill the dog. Once the dog is dead, continue across the tunnel into the next vent, and follow it down past the gate. Make sure the patrolling Supersoldier isn’t looking at you, then power it down and move through it.

This new area is actually without power. Go ahead and take down the Supersoldier in front of you, then head around the elevator to turn the power back on. Now ride the elevator down to the next level.

As soon as the elevator stops, run out and to the left, around to the back of the elevator. Wait for the patrolling Supersoldier to get into a good position, then cut the power and take him down. Watch out for the second suit, patrolling further down the corridor to your right, and then move into the vents on the right-hand side of the hall. Follow them until debris keeps you from going any further, and then sprint across the tunnel to the next vent, and follow it until you reach the end. Now wait for the solderis to move away, and then cut the power and pass through the next gate.

Keep moving forward into the small storage room ahead of you. Look around and you should spot the climbable wall. Head up it, and into the vent to your right.

Once you hit the end of the vent, you’ll want to wait for the two dogs in front of you to look away. When they do, drop down, and take them out silently. There are other dogs in the cages around you, so move quietly into an empty cell, and drop through one of the trapdoors into a sewage area.

From here, follow the sewage tunnel until it places you on a metal platform with three exits. Take the exit without another in front of it, and drop down into the next area, which is a circular room with some broken bricks in the wall to your left.

Follow the room to the bricks, then move through them and up the wall to another series of sewage pipes. Follow these until you reach another climbable wall, and then move up the wall.

Be careful in the area as there are several hounds, and a Supersoldier patrolling the level above you. Take the dogs out quietly, then move into the air ducts at the front of the room on the left-hand side. This will lead to a ladder, which will deposit you on the upper level.

Now you need to wait for the Supersoldier to get into a good enough position, then switch off the power and take him down. Once it is dead, continue across the bridge, and into the stairwell on your left. Move to the first landing, then use your Pipes to open up the vent above you and climb in.

Continue forward until you drop into a cell, then exit to the left and follow the path until you reach a door requiring your Pipes to open. Once you interact with it, you’ll need to get a running start, and then crouch-slide under it. Get used to this, as you’ll have to do it several more times throughout the game.

Once you’re through to the next area, follow the circular path to the right and into the cell with the blood stains to find a floor vent that you can open and pass through.

From here, exit the cell and locate the security booth doors to the right of the B gate. Open up the doors, and then finish off the guard who ambushes you inside. Once he is dead, listen to Jäger talk for a moment, and then interact with the vent in the ceiling to continue forward.

Drop from the vent into the next area, and wait for the large metal hound to pass by you. Now beeline for the door in the middle of the left-hand wall, and use your Pipes to open it and slide under.

By now the dog will probably have made his rounds back to this area, and will begin taunting you from the floor below. Ignore him, and run around the upper level until you locate the ceiling vent lodged above the middle door on the other side of the room. Use your Pipes to open it up, and continue through.

You’re getting closer to the end of the level now, and Jäger and his goons are just ahead. Follow the vent to the next area, where you’ll be introduced to Commanders. Watch Rudi ride off on one of the boats with Wesley, then drop down and take out your first Commander just below the vent you arrived in. Your mission here is simply, restore power to the barge, and continue following after Rudi Jäger and Wesley.

Carefully make your way through this area, and take out all the enemies. Once the enemies are dead, move along the opposite side of the room from where you entered. Move past the barge, and continue around the two large spinning wheels. After passing the second wheel, you should spot a stairwell leading up to a bridge. Follow the stairs up, and then locate the power booth and switch the power back on to continue forward.

At this point in time you’re going to run into more opposition. We suggest using your assault rifle, and holding out with a good bit of cover. Once you’ve taken out most of the enemies, clean up for the extra ammo and armor, then hop into the barge, activate it, and then interact with the minigun.

You’re going to need to do a bit of shooting at your enemies, as the barge moves forward on-rails towards your destination. This is the final part of the mission, however, so just shoot your enemies as best you can, and wait for the barge to reach a gate, and dock with a platform.

Once you dock with the platform, hop up onto it, and interact with the switch here to trigger a cut scene and bring Chapter One to a close.

Continue on to Chapter Two: Docks, or head back to our main walkthrough page for more guides, tips, and collectibles.

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Those that picked up the Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat X got a special treat yesterday. The first of the game's DLC characters unlocked in the form of horror movie icon Jason Voorhees. Jason isn't the first movie character to appear in an MK game (and hopefully not the last) and he does not disappoint. His three variations all utilize a different aspect of the Jason mythos, as do his Fatalities. You can check out his finishers in the video below.

Kombat Pack owners also got some new skins for Mileena, Ermac, and Reptile, so we here at Shacknews decided to take a look at those skins. And we set it to music, of course. Check that video out below, as well.

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Although we've highlighted Dragon Age: Inquisition's cooperative multiplayer in the past, the mode received a considerable amount of new content with the free Dragonslayer expansion pack that released recently. The pack adds three new characters to the roster, one of whom is the ever recognizable Isabela, a possible companion and romantic interest from Dragon Age 2. Like most of the other multiplayer characters, they must be unlocked, and getting them requires gold (earned through playing) and a bit of luck.

The Dragonslayer expansion, as its title indicates, also has dragons. A fourth map called the Ferelden Castle, is added to the rotation. A mix of both Red Templar and Demons impede your path to the top, and they seem more concerned with killing you on sight than taking cover from the High Dragon flying overhead. That's their mistake, and one that you shouldn't repeat, since the dragon isn't just there for looks. It circles overhead and occasionally spits flames, ice, or electricity down on adventurers while they're busy fighting. Although players are often the victims, they can sometimes benefit when the dragon decides to light a whole line of enemies aflame.

Although the fundamentals of Inquisition's multiplayer haven't changed - you're still part of a Inquisition agents sent to infiltrate a location, kill all enemies, and confront a large boss - the new characters add a renewed dynamic to the group. So far, I have only been able to play alongside the Zither, the lute playing Virtuoso, and Isabela, the high-speed duelist and Queen of the Eastern Seas. I have yet to encounter Awar Skywatcher, who combines elemental magic with melee attacks, but after playing the other two I'm certainly looking forward to trying him too.

Zither changes up the group balance in a huge way by addressing one of the game's biggest challenges: health. With a few exceptions, players can only bring two health potions with them, and there is no healing mage class. Although the power of music doesn't heal, it adds another layer of protection and resistances. But players will have to unlock abilities and play the notes in the right sequence using the magic lute. Giving the party barriers, for example, requires Zither to play the Cold chord three times. Just a few of these protections can easily turn the tide of battle, but his musical talents also branch into Battle Hymns, which give the party offensive bonuses or fires a unique musical attack.

Isabela is the fast moving duelist that specializes in hitting without being hit back. Given her high damage and unique ability to come out almost unscathed in many situations, it's not uncommon for her to be the first fighter in and be the last one left standing if the mission falls apart. Including when confronting a High Dragon head on.

Most Inquisition players are pretty much used to taking on groups of Red Templar and demons, even when they spawn to flank the party. But the dragon adds a new wildcard to the familiar dungeon crawling formula. Dragon projectiles stay on the ground for a while. A fire breathing dragon leaves a burning patch and electrical ones drop mines. Stepping into them damages characters, which can often leave them trapped when fighting enemies. On the bright side, players can try luring enemies to these spots, but dragon fire more often acts as an impediment, especially when it lands in the middle of a narrow walkway or staircase. The dragon also forces the group to scatter and seek cover, making it easier for enemies to single them out and kill them.

The trek through the ruined castle culminates into a final confrontation with the dragon in a wide open courtyard. As Inquisition players already know, dragons are extremely tough to take down, and the multiplayer version is no different. Players have to coordinate and focus all their firepower to cripple the dragon and take it down. In the meantime, it will fight back with various attacks that include blasting fire, summoning a group of baby dragons to eat you, and flapping its wings to draw everyone in for the kill. It's not uncommon for the dragon to incapacitate or kill weaker characters with a single move. A team of low level players might have a very rough go at defeating the dragon, but that pretty much describes every boss in Inquisition's multiplayer.

Dragonslayer shows that if there's one thing that can make Inquisition's dungeon crawling multiplayer more exciting, it's an element breathing dragon and a host of characters that are both familiar and new. While it doesn't change up the game's fundamentals, it adds enough variety to make it worth revisiting if you haven't played in a long while. So, gather up your blades, bow, staff and lute and go dragon hunting.

There's nothing like the thrill of competitive multiplayer, but sometimes it's better to kick back and play alongside your friends and family instead of against them. With Co-Optimized, we highlight and discuss games that are best played together.

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Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion will soon be upon us, and Bungie has been revealing information surrounding what it’ll include over the past few weeks. Just last week, the developer highlighted all of the PvP options players will have in House of Wolves, and this week they focus on PvE.

Destiny’s House of Wolves will feature an endgame “horde”-style experience called the Prison of Elders. The Prison of Elders will support matchmaking and will throw enemies at Guardians within increasingly difficult waves. A total of four different setups will be available to take on. The first is the standard Prison of Elders arena that’s meant for level 28 Guardians to tackle and will have randomized elements and is completely combat-focused.

Three additional challenges will also be available with an increase in difficulty: one for level 32 Guardians, another for level 34, and the last at 35. The first two arenas will rotate through a group of five on a weekly basis, while the last that requires level 35 Guardians will always be a Skola’s Revenge. Guardians can complete Prison of Elders challenges as often as they like, but will only be able to receive rewards from each of them once per week.

The Prison of Elders will offer exotic and legendary gear, some of which will only be available exclusively by taking on its challenge. Bungie also previously shared Prison of Elders will reward Guardians with the Etheric Light, which is a new material needed in order to upgrade existing legendary equipment.

Destiny: House of Wolves will be available on May 19.

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If a deal sounds too good to be true, chances are that it is. Yesterday, one of our Chatty posters found an amazing deal from Green Man Gaming that's offering The Witcher 3 for a staggering $38.99. For a pre-order deal, that falls under the "too good to be true" category.

The problem is, CD Projekt RED doesn't know where these codes are coming from.

Earlier today, a CD Projekt RED representative indicated to GameSpot that any keys Green Man Gaming is offering are coming from an "unknown source." What this means is that since these keys are essentially unauthorized, none of the revenue from these sales will go towards the developer.

CD Projekt RED has previously been in collaboration with the folks at since 2011, with both parties collaborating on marketing efforts that included a joint press conference. The Witcher 3 will also be one of the first mainstream releases to release on the new GOG Galaxy client, currently in beta.

Shacknews has reached out to representatives for CD Projekt RED,, and Green Man Gaming for full statements. This story will be updated as those statements come in.

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Today is a big day for trading card game players, as The Pokemon Trading Card Game has received its latest expansion, XY - Roaring Skies. To celebrate this occasion, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are throwing a little something to 3DS Pokemon players, as well, in the form of a leveled-up Dragonite.

Starting on June 22, anyone that owns Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, or Y can walk into a GameStop today and pick up a special card with a code for a level 55 Dragonite. This Dragonite will come equipped with the move "Extreme Speed," the Normal-type move that always attacks first for a base 80 damage. With Dragonite's high Attack rating, this is a devastating addition to the Dragon/Flying-type monster's move set. Its other moves include the stat-boosting Dragon Dance, the flinch-inducing Hurricane, and the powerful Dragon-type attack Outrage. It'll also carry a Lum Berry to take care of any nasty conditions.

The promotion will run from June 22 through July 12, so it'll be a while before you can pick this guy up. In the meantime, the Pokemon: TCG game on iOS has a new update today adding about 100 of those new Roaring Skies cards. For more on the Dragonite, check out the video below.

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Sony will not be holding a press conference at Gamescom 2015, and instead, will be making any formal announcements at Paris Games Week. The Paris Games Week takes place between October 28th to November 1st, which is over two months after Gamescom 2015.

“We’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting an international media briefing at Paris Games Week on October 27,” Sony shares in a statement sent out today. “With the changes this year of E3 taking place a week later and gamescom taking place earlier, we feel that both PlayStation and the wider industry would benefit from a major news milestone later in the year, during the most important period for gaming.”

Sony makes a valid point to forego making any announcements at Gamescom considering the Cologne, Germany show takes place just a few weeks after E3. The company will probably make all of its big announcements at E3, and instead of having maybe one or two more things to discuss at Gamescom, would rather wait until later in the fall to reveal anyting noteworthy.

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Blizzard has revealed Kael’thas Sunstrider has been confirmed to be the next hero to be playable in its soon-to-be released MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard made the announcement on the official Twitter account for Heroes of the Storm yesterday afternoon. Sunstrider is known as the Lord of the Blood Elves and has shown up in both Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Sunstrider is a powerful mage and a member of the Six, which is known as a shadowy high council of the Kirin Tor.

Along with news of Sunstrider’s inclusion, Blizzard has opened the floor for questions regarding his inclusion over on Reddit. The Q&A will take place on May 12 and will feature Hero Designers John Hodgson and Ken-Erik Hagman who will answer questions for roughly 1 ½ hours.

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Grim Fandango Remastered has made its way to mobile devices as iOS and Android users can now play the classic point-and-click adventure while on the go.

Grim Fandango Remastered was originally released on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 earlier this year, but today marks its official release on mobile. Fans of the original Grim Fandango will be able to play through the entire game with either its remastered or classic graphics on display while also enjoying a re-recorded orchestral soundtrack and new touch controls. Just like its Steam and PS4 versions, players will be able to listen to developer commentary throughout the game, which we felt made this a worthwhile experience to play through again.

Grim Fandango Remastered will sell for $14.99, but is currently on sale for $9.99 during its launch week. To celebrate its availability on mobile, Double Fine has discounted the game on Steam and PlayStation Plus by 33% this week.

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EA plans on releasing Mirror’s Edge 2 on consoles and PC during the first quarter of 2016, the publisher revealed prior to its conference call to discuss its latest earnings report.

Mirror’s Edge 2 was first announced during E3 2014, although EA didn’t provide any additional information regarding it. With the news of EA’s plans to release it early next year, we at least know we should now expect to hear more about the title during E3 2015.

That’s not all EA revealed as a new Need for Speed is expected to release during the 2015 holiday season and a new Plants vs. Zombies game is also expected to release during the first quarter of 2016.

The original Mirror’s Edge didn’t sell as well as EA would have liked, which means fans of the game were unsure if they’d ever get a proper sequel. The game certainly has enough of a cult following for EA to proceed with a sequel, although we hope its sequel performs better to keep the Mirror’s Edge hype train rolling for years to come.


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