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Even months after Dragon Age: Inquisition took several Game of the Year honors (including from Shacknews), content continues to roll out. Today at PAX Prime, Electronic Arts and BioWare announced the final piece of DLC to hit the game, titled "Trespasser."

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser will act as an epilogue to the main Inquisition story. It'll be set two years after the events of the main story, revealing what happens to world-saving heroes when the world is already saved. There is a threat looming, however, which may call these heroes back into action one last time. Because of the DLC's setting, this will actually require players to have finished the main Inquisition story before they can access it.

For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC, as well as the upcoming patch fixes and free additions coming to future updates on all platforms, visit the Dragon Age website. And of course, the trailer is below.

Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia

Nintendo and Monolith Soft brought Xenoblade Chronicles X along to PAX Prime 2015, showing off some more in-game footage of the game, as well as some concept art and sketches. And of course, Nintendo had some new goodies to unveil in the form of a Special Edition for the upcoming Wii U adventure.

The Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition will include the game, a 100+ page book of concept art, a "Lifehold Unit" USB drive containing ten music tracks, and a limited-edition matted 5x7 art card from illustrator Takashi Kojo.

The Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition will be priced at $89.99 and will release the same day as the full game, hitting Wii U on December 4.

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With ArenaNet ready to launch Guild Wars 2's upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion in October, that will leave plenty for new players to catch up with before then. Fortunately, it now appears that newcomers will have less of an entry barrier to worry about, since the developer has announced that the base game will now be free to all users, starting today.

The formal announcement came during ArenaNet's panel at PAX Prime. To this point, Guild Wars was a free game for anyone that purchased the base software for roughly $40-50. However, since the base game is coming packaged with Heart of Thorns, it now appears that such an entry fee for the original adventure is no longer necessary.

There will be a few restrictions, though. Free players will not have as many character or inventory slots. There will also be chat and economic restrictions that will be put into place to prevent abuse of the real money trade system. World vs. World will also open up to free players only at Level 60, as opposed to paid players getting access out of the box.

The other big reveal at the panel was 10-player Raids. This will be instanced content that groups can jump into using new Mastery system abilities. Groups will be put to the test, as Raids will require quick weapon changes, combos, and dodge rolls to succeed. While enemy hordes and platforming will be a major aspect of the Raids, so will massive boss encounters, designed specifically to take on 10-person teams. The first of these raids will come in three parts, set to release shortly after the release of Heart of Thorns.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will hit PC and Mac on October 23.

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Coming off his big screen debut, Agent 47 is ready to return to games later this year with his next effort, simply titled "Hitman." Originally announced at E3 2015, Square Enix and IO Interactive are now offering a glimpse of what the actual game looks like with 15 minutes of footage.

The demo opens in Paris, with Agent 47 on the hunt for fashion mogul/IAGO agent, Viktor Novikov. It then shows that players can take their weapon of choice into each stage, ranging from stealthy to not-so-subtle. Just as with the Hitman series as a whole, the objective is to blend in as much as possible before finding the right time to strike.

IO Interactive states that the stages will be the largest in series history. Get a look at the locales, as well as the reactive NPCs, in the video below. Hitman is coming soon to PC and next-gen consoles, with PlayStation 4 set to get the game's first beta.

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Gearbox Software is presenting its upcoming multiplayer shooter Battleborn at PAX Prime, but they're taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to the Shacknews Chatty directly. Today at 9 AM PT / 12 noon ET, creative director Randy Varnell will be joined by several other lead designers to answer your questions. Just hop into the Shacknews Chatty and ask whatever's on your mind about Battleborn, Gearbox Software, game development, or favorite gentlemen robots. (It's Marquis, of course. The answer is always Marquis.)

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WWE 2K16 is looking to introduce the largest roster in series history and that roster certainly wouldn't be complete without Dolph Ziggler. The "Show Off" was present at the pre-Summerslam festivities. In-between talking about WWE 2K16, Ziggler also took some time to discuss his gaming pastimes, his old-school library, and the other members of the WWE roster that are knowledgeable about the world of video games. If you need a hint as to who those guys are, just start clapping and chanting, "New... Day rocks! New... Day rocks!"

"They're smart guys with families who do other activities, but killing at video games," Ziggler said. "They're so into it, they bring their games on the road and play. [Xavier] Woods has a suitcase that folds out."

Catch the full interview below.

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The "Tales of" games represent a long standing series dating back to the 1995 release of Tales of Phantasia for Super Famicom. Similar to Final Fantasy, each Tale tells an individual story that (with the exception of a few direct sequels) have no connection to the other games. To mark the 20th anniversary of the series, we're getting Tales of Zestiria this year, which is a medieval fantasy game that looks to get back to some of the roots of the first game.

Since each game tells a self-contained story, you don't have to play any of the previous games to understand what's going on in Tales of Zestiria. The story takes place in a fantasy world being torn apart by war, and only a prophesized Shepherd can save everyone from evil. Players take the role of Sorey, a young man who grew up in a small village dreaming of adventure. He also happens to be one of the few humans able to see and communicate with an ethereal race called the Seraphim. He also happens to be the storied Shepherd who will deliver humanity from evil, evidenced by how he is able to pull a sword stuck in a pedestal in a true Arthurian Sword in the Stone style. However, there are those who are skeptical of Sorey's abilities and the role of the Shepherd, so there may be critical points where players will need to make hard choices about what to do.

With artists and designers with a background in manga and anime, like Kosuke Fujishima (creator of the Oh My Goddess! series), Tales of Zestiria has a distinct, brightly colored, quality to its environments and characters. Zestiria has the largest world of any Tales game, and players explore it in a traditional JRPG way. The world is generally open, with moving icons representing monster encounters. In this way, players can more-or-less choose how many fights they get into so that they can balance between gaining experience and progressing the story.

Tales of Phantasia made a big impression in the 90s by having a real-time combat system, while most other JRPGs were turn-based. Since then, real-time combat has been a key feature that has been refined with each new addition. Generally speaking, combat involves switching between party members to hit an enemy creature with a series of melee attacks and spells until it drops. Tales of Zestiria adds an additional layer of complexity with a system that strategically fuses to characters together into a more powerful form for bigger attacks. Furthermore, combat sequences have been streamlined compared to previous games, with shorter transition animations, so that players can jump straight into the action without staring at repetitive cinematics.

The game also has a limited degree of 4-player cooperative play. Although Tales of Zestiria is essentially a single player game, three friends can join in the battles through local co-op play. I'm not convinced that a system where nearby friends can only join in during battles - and must watch one player explore the world the rest of the time - is a necessarily useful feature, but I suppose the game should get points for trying. Especially since the game promises massive environments with plenty of ruins, forests, and mountains to check out. Perhaps that means there will be a lot of fighting to do.

You can tell, just by looking at Tales of Zestiria, that it's a game that's deeply rooted in classic gameplay. There's a high degree of familiarity with its characters and presentation. Perhaps it's because Tales games have been releasing for 20 years across a multitude of platforms. Or maybe it's because it's the bright anime art style and a story that is heavily influenced by classic Western literature and mythology.

We'll find have a chance to follow Sorey's adventures when Tales of Zestiria releases on October 20th for PS3, PS4 and PC.

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Just as was the case for PlayStation 4 users last week, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta has opened up to everyone. This time around, it's open to all Xbox One and PC users.

And just like last week, the level cap has been upped the level cap to 34. Plus, the Uplink game mode is playable, the new Stronghold map has been thrown in the rotation, and the mechanical Specialist known as Reaper is now available.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta is set to run through the end of the day on Sunday.

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Telltale Games is showing off the beta for Minecraft: Story Mode at PAX Prime 2015 this weekend. And as they open the door for attendees to give it a look, the first bit of news surrounding the game has emerged. Minecraft: Story Mode will represent a lot of firsts for the developer and that includes the first chance to select a playable character.

Players will get to select from various appearances of protagonist Jesse. This includes different skin colors and even female variations of the character. Telltale did not make clear whether the voice will change upon switching to a female character... unless lead voice actor Patton Oswalt can pull off an amazing female voice.

(Update: Telltale Games has since informed Shacknews that the lead female character will be voiced by Catherine Taber.)

Minecraft: Story Mode is set to come this fall to the usual Telltale platforms, which includes PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android. It is also set to hit Wii U at the same time, which not only represents another first for Telltale, but also marks the first official Minecraft game to hit the Nintendo console.

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The end of the month is here and that means it's the last chance for the monthly freebies before they get rotated out. In particular, Xbox One owners will probably want to grab Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to help prepare themselves for next week's The Phantom Pain. As for this week's sales, Xbox celebrates the indies, PlayStation celebrates the old-school, and Nintendo is offering a big Capcom sale on 3DS. Check out the full list of deals below.

Here's our selection of this weekend's console deals:

Xbox One

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PlayStation 4

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Nintendo Wii U

Xbox 360

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PlayStation 3

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Nintendo 3DS

PlayStation Vita

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