Every activity in Puzzle Pirates is a uniquely fun puzzle: be it sailing, gunning, or hauling treasure, your own puzzling skill determines your success!
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Release Date: Aug 31, 2011

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August 19

We've Booched!

They’ve done it again! Pesky, rumsick monkeys have run amuck with this box, resultin' in color combinations that nature ne'er intended! Monkeys, Spiders, Pets, 'n more can be found in random seasonal colors.

Even more alarmin', we’ve spotted a strange new creature rolling around eyin' the sugarcane suspiciously. While adorable, this unpredictable creature is prone to lurin' in unsuspectin' greenies who just want to pet it’s head. It's Panda-monium!

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on August 29th, 2016 you'll receive a free Booch Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

For more information about the full contents of the Booch Box, as well as the official rules, please click here.

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August 5

The Pirate Summer Games!

Welcome Pirates!

The Quadrennial Feats o' Strength 'n Agility are upon us once again - The Pirate Summer Games 2016!

Compete against yer fellow pirates in one-on-one challenges or ship first t' third in PuzzleCompetitions t' earn points fer yer team - 'n a chance at Eternal Glory! Yer crew needs ye, so get out thar 'n show off yer well honed pirate skills.

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About This Game

Brace yourself for swashbuckling puzzle action as you pillage your way to glory across the briny deep!
Create and customize a pirate, collect booty, and join a player-run crew of cutthroats! Every activity in Puzzle Pirates is a uniquely fun puzzle: be it sailing, gunning, or hauling treasure, your own puzzling skill determines your success!

Key features

  • Co-operative Piracy: Sail the seas with your friends and pillage brigands and merchants aboard your very own pirate ship!
  • A Plethora of Puzzles: Play more than 20 puzzles and mini-games, representing various piratey exploits, such as Swordfighting and Sailing!
  • Sail to Adventure!: Explore a living world filled with thousands of other players! Hunt dangerous Sea Monsters and voyage to lost treasure-filled realms, such as the Haunted Seas!
  • Booty!: Customize your pirate with a bounty of different clothing items and equipment!
  • Player-Run Economy: Run your own shop and produce weapons, ships and other goods for sale. Band crews together under a mighty “Pirate Flag” and become governor of a pirate haven.
  • Free to Play!: Puzzle Pirates is free to play, no subscription is required to enjoy everything the game has to offer!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista, 7
    • Processor: 500 MHz
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
    • Java: Version 1.5
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: 500 MHz
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
    • Java: Version 1.5
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Very Positive (962 reviews)
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I am Hey Look⭐️-_-💧
27.4 hrs
Posted: September 24
This game is 10/10 would ♥♥♥♥ if i could
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Bartender Jones
116.9 hrs
Posted: September 23
Absolutely one of the best games around.

Community is fantastic. Super friendly, and piratey rp abounds.

Puzzles that you can liken to Bejeweled, Bust-a-move, and Puzzle fighter plus some unique ones

It's kept me interested off and on for ten years now.
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1.2 hrs
Posted: September 23
The good stuff I like:
- if you do manage somehow to get some in game currency, customising your character, decorating your house, ship and if privileged enough your island can be fun.
- Running a shop can be fun and a tidy profit if you have good business sense but be prepared to be committed as you will be charged island tax and your shop and all items closed and removed if your tax is left unpaid over time
- The puzzles can be fun provided you're allowed by the captain to do one you like
- Most of the community players are friendly and awesome, if small (I'm still friends with a bunch of them.)

The reasons I don't recommend this:
- There's not enough players on subscriber oceans to make paying subscription worthwhile
- dubloon oceans will have you working your knuckles off or paying out real money if you want to buy anything or do anything besides basic puzzles (and the stuff you do buy does eventually decay to dust!)
- You usually can't choose what puzzles you want to do on a ship, you're assigned by the ship's captain.
- Your status page stats are compared to everyone else and their alt and do not reflect your actual abilities which ships rely on and you're judged on this by anyone recruiting you for a job offer
- You're pretty much forced into social co-operation as you can't profit from solo play, or if you do its so pitiful its not worth your time. Based on this, its a bad idea to buy a ship; which is kind of sad because anyone who plays this dreams of having their own ship!
- If you do run a ship, you have to be good at typing commands quickly - some of the time other players cost you supplies/money because they stand on your ship doing nothing or leave during a battle with another ship
- Joining a job could be a waste of time if the captain messes up with battle navigation
- Loads of items which are no longer obtainable - this is a pet peeve of mine, its like being punished for being new to a game!

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455.2 hrs
Posted: September 21
It's one of those games you play for a week then get tired of it, but you always come back.
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24.9 hrs
Posted: September 9
Ooooh, spoicy!

This game was the first MMO I ever played, and I'm so glad it was because it's amazing, and I've sank so many hours before this came to steam. It's exactly what the name says; if you like puzzles and/or pirates, please play this game.
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173.5 hrs
Posted: September 8
This is a good game, it just needs more players. Join plz!
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6.5 hrs
Posted: September 7
I played the crap out of this game a while ago.
People in the reviews complaining about them selling stuff
its free, its good, whether or not you buy crap.
Im not gonna say ive spent money on it or anything, but if you play
and enjoy a free game, when you get some free dough you should totally
throw some at it. Devs made something special with this one.
Obviously its not for everyone. but hey its a piece of nostalgia for me.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
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Not Recommended
107.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 17
It's a great game if you like puzzling. However as it stands without throwing money at it it's hard\time consuming to actually make some Poe (Ing currency) And you'll find yourself struggling to buy badges to do something other than just the normal pillages. I mostly use it to simply play some Poker. The inflation of the paid currency (which you need to unlock certain activities within the game) is also a downside. Back in the day 1 Doubloon (Paid currency) could be bought by 1K poe. Right now it's over 3k. Which makes it even harder for new or returning players. So unfortunately I would not recomend this game to others. Unless you're a puzzle and pirate enthusiast I'd say don't even bother trying. If you are however, come right in and join the comunity.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
26.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 10
Grew up playing the game and still play it every once in a while. The playerbase has died off quite a bit in the past few years. There used to be SO many people that were playing this. Great game, low playerbase. Give it a 9.5 out of 10. Would be a 10 if the playerbase was back to the way it used to be.
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117.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 4
Did ye hear the cannon shots last night?
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5 of 9 people (56%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 25
I got banned cause i was born today.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 16
Played this game many years ago. Just took a look at it again and it has become gated more by additional pay walls. You cannot pillage and roll with others without paying or grinding.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
237 of 288 people (82%) found this review helpful
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
Fact is...
its better then CoD Ghosts.
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106 of 127 people (83%) found this review helpful
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870.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 27, 2015
Made pirate. joined crew. made money, left crew. joined new crew. got scammed. left crew. joined old crew. made loadsamoney. left crew. made my own crew. allied with old crew. lost money. got members in my crew. made money back.
lost social life somewhere in between all that.

11/10 would lose social life again
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358.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 11, 2015
Puzzle Pirates is an excellent MMO puzzling game that is past its prime, yet still very playable and a good way to amuse yourself for hours. It is also a game I have played on and off for over 9 years now.

You get to be a pirate, and you perform your tasks(Sailing, carpentry, navigation, swordfighting and many more) by playing puzzles. The puzzles done interact with eachother, making it a unique challenge to run a functional ship together with others. While you can play it for the social aspect of puzzling together and having a great pillage among friends, it is equally possible to just puzzle on your own, or to join easily accessible pickup groups('Jobbing') just for the puzzling.
Sadly, due to its age it is now unlikely that you'll find a large amount of people - An issue in any social game.

With your rewarded or pillaged money you can buy outfits for your pirate, customising your pants, hat, shirt and boots with plenty of different clothing and colour options - As well as allowing you to buy a fancy house, paint it, furnish it, and just have yourself a humble abode, a shack, or a magnificent mansion. The customisation in the game is excellent, with many years of content to keep you busy furnishing, clothing, painting and customising every bit of your pirate, house and if you have the money even your ships.
But sadly, you won't be able to do too much with it, as the ingame economy has almost wrecked itself. This game has a very good economy model, with supply and demand, freight trips, and commodities being produced and moved all by players, fashioned into their end products by players, and bought by players. However, to deliver anything but the most basic of goods you need to pay a delivery cost. There are two currencies, Pieces of Eight(PoE), and Dubloons. PoE are the money of the world, you get PoE from your pillaging, from working for the navy, and as payment for labour(Also a puzzle!), and Dubloons, a currency you can only buy with physical money from your own wallets outside of the game.

Of course, nothing is ever truly fully free, is it? There are two kinds of servers for Puzzle Pirates. The first is a subscription ocean, where you have to pay a monthly fee to have access to just about anything(But you do get to play and puzzle for free as an unlimited trail), the economy on there is actually pretty decent, but if you aren't subscribed and do not plan to subscribe you will be locked out from a large amount of content. The other is dubloon oceans, where you are free to play - But you need dubloons to deliver anything more fancy than a broken crate and a bedroll, and you need to buy badges with dubloons to unlock content such as anything rank based in your crew(Read: Pirate version of a guild/group), Sea Monster Hunting, and playing some of the puzzles and parlor games(All shipboard working puzzles are always free. On-shore labour and parlor games are free only a few days a week depending on the specific puzzle).
Luckily, dubloons can be bought using PoE in a market system, so you can technically get everything without ever paying anything for a dubloon but your ingame currencies. Sadly, this means that you will need to spend -A LOT- to get them. As demand for them is set incredibly high, with almost everything of any note costing you dubloons and a large part of the remaining playerbase being rich their prices have gone up to nearly 4000 PoE. To give that some context, you gain about 20 for an average performance with the NPC navy for one league point, on a trip that lasts 20 or so minutes. At this rate, you have korean MMO levels of grinding just to be able to afford the basics for your pirate, and it is not at all uncommon for an item's cost in PoE to be negligible compared to the dubloon costs. Dubloon costs for everything has sunk the economy for all but a few, but at least the puzzles themselves are enjoyable, even if the MMO part of the game is a mess.
As long as you have your expectations right this is not a problem, with well designed puzzles you can surely find ways to enjoy yourself
Edit: I wrote a guide to help you enjoy the game, all the way at the bottom

As you might tell from the economy bit up there, it is not very friendly to newcomers, mostly thanks to the prices becoming impossible. Aside from that though, it is a very friendly game and easy to pick up. Easy controls, easy to learn but difficultt o master puzzles and an appealing artstyle are part of the draws. The population on server is friendly, helpful, and tries their best to enjoy a good game, but without reaching for your wallet it is unlikely that you will ever get far these days - And if you plan to make your own crew you are out of luck as this is one of the most expensive (in dubloons) things one can do. In addition, if you do not buy dubloons or subscribe, you have around 6 weeks since your last login to come back. Else your pirate will be deleted.

As amusing as the chatfilter is with pirate-y-fying your swears, and as amusing as the puzzles are, as friendly as the community on server are, and as satisfying it is to build up your home and move somewhere bigger over countless pillages, Puzzle pirates is on a straight track to the cliff of abandonned old games and nobody seems to know if the developer has plans to slow down and save it, or given up hope to just let it fall while hoping to get some final payments out of it for dubloons.
If you do join the game, please get on the Emerald Ocean, it's getting lonelier by the day

Edit: A guide to get you started

Edit2: A guide by me on how to make the best of a dubloon ocean
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60 of 71 people (85%) found this review helpful
166.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013
The game stays fun even after years playing the game
The minigames challenge you in a very enjoyable way
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